Womans Fall Footwear


Woman's Fall Footwear

Tough-girl, trendy-girl, comfy-girl - which ever mood you’re in Natural Reflections Footwear has you covered at Bass Pro Shops Independence!


Check out our newest Ankle Boot the Averee Buckle Size Zip for only $39.99 for a night out on the town the Faux leather upper and 1.5” heel will have you turning heads where ever you go.


If keeping warm is the order of your day Natural Reflections Veruca Sweater Bootie in taupe color for $39.99 is sure to get the job done.  With a cute lace up with a 1” heel and a sweater cuff is sure to keep the chill away.


Maybe the day calls for lounging around in your Natural Reflection Tina Moc Slip-On for  only $24.99 the suede leather upper and memory foam foot-bed. .

No matter what your style is Natural Reflections Footwear will make you a stand out for all of your Fall Fashion needs.  Comfort, Style, Quality and always excellent one-on-one customer service can be found at your local Independence Bass Pro Shops.

Santa's Yule Blog #1: Natural Reflections Moc



Keeping Up With Cast Iron


There are special and specific ways to keep up with maintenance of Cast Iron Cookware.

Seasoning -

Is the process of treating the surface of Cast Iron with a stick-resistant coating formed from polymerized fat and oil on the surface.


For best results on cleaning your cast iron, rinse the pan with hot water immediately after cooking. If you need to remove burned-on food, scrub coarse salt, and a nonmetal brush to prevent the nonstick surface to dissipate; for rougher messes you can use mild dish soap and a scraper to get a deeper clean. If the pan gets a sticky coating normally is a sign of over seasoning of your cast iron a quick fix to help reduce is to rub with coarse salt and a dry brush to help remove access oil from your pan. If your cast iron starts to develop rust over time, scrub it with steel wool and mild dish soap. After scrubbing dry the pay thoroughly and use your favorite oil pour on to pay and evenly distribute with a lent free towel. When storing your cast iron put a paper towel on top to prevent dust from getting on it and store in a dry location.

Restoring rusty cast iron

  • Scrub thoroughly with a steel wool brush until all rust is gone
  • Wash with a no metal brush to get rid of excess rust
  • Apply a small amount of mild dish soap and clean thoroughly
  • Wipe dry the fully apply with oil throughout the pan covering every area
  •  Set oven 350° place upside down and bake for 1 hour
  • Let cool in oven

Now you have a fully restored cast iron pan

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Written By:  Ryan Griffin, Camping Lead


Exploring RedHead



Summer is coming to a close and fall is right around the corner which means it is a perfect time to fall in to our wide selection of 100% ultra-comfortable flannel shirts.  If you’re playing or working outdoors check out our large selection of Bear Creek flannels starting at just $24.99.  Our RedHead Ultimate Flannel is our heavier flannel that is 100% cotton and virtually shrink-free.  Available in 8 colors you’re sure to find one just for you!  Leaving summer shorts behind is much easier when you know that RedHead Denim has you covered.   Starting at just $29.99, 5-Pocket Demin Jeans in classic fit, easy fit, relaxed fit, or utility are sure to have you covered.  High quality, durable and soft are a few words to best describe RedHead denim. Looking for a soft, comfortable quality long sleeve layering shirt for the cooler months?  Stock up on the Three Creeks Crewneck and long sleeve henley.  These tops are very easy to layer and look great alone or with a Redhead flannel and they are the perfect go to shirts. You are sure to find the color and style that fits you in our Redhead brand here at Bass Pro Shops!


RedHead Denim: A Southern Tradition

cooler days: Quickly and Easily



Beat the heat with Under Armour!

Under Armour – Heat Gear

With the weather turning much hotter this next week (some places reaching up into the triple digits), we need to have all the bases covered. 

Have you ever been outside on a hot day baking in the sun and feel like your clothes are weighing you down and making you even hotter or you just feel plan wet and sweaty?!? Well here at Bass Pro Shops we have the answer for you! It’s Under Armour Heat Gear. This product is designed to be lightweight and keep you feeling cool and dry - that's right - no more yucky sweaty shirts! With the sweat wicking capability, the product helps to regulate your body temperature - thus keeping you much cooler when it is so darn hot outside!  Heat gear is available in a variety of forms and many different colors for men and women. Under Armour Heat Gear comes in many forms; anywhere from shirts and shorts all the way to hats and socks. So if you want to stay cool and dry this summer make sure you pick up some Under Armour Heat Gear so you can face the heat in style!  Remember, July and August tend to be the hottest months of the year!


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Worldwide Sportsman Clearwater Shirt Review

World Wide Sportsman Clearwater shirt for women.

When you’re fishing, you worry about finding the perfect spot on the river or lake and about the weather. You try different kinds of bait and casting techniques until you find what works for you. After factoring in all the variables, each fishing trip is a different one. One item that shouldn’t vary while you’re on the water is your apparel. It’s easy to get distracted or discouraged outdoors when you’re wearing the wrong clothes; a common lesson learned is that short sleeves may seem cooler, but offers little in sun or bug protection! World Wide Sportsman fishing apparel is designed with the fisherman in mind, and the Clearwater shirt for ladies is one of the items that is both comfortable and practical for many outdoor activities, not only fishing.


The Clearwater shirt for ladies has several great features that make fishing, hiking or trekking through the rain forest less about perspiration and more about enjoying the experience.  For starters, the Clearwater shirt has mesh vents in the back, for air circulation, and has moisture wicking fabric, which guarantees a quicker drying shirt, be it from sweat or water. The long sleeves offer protection from the sun, bugs or rough terrain, but can also be rolled up and held in place by buttoned straps for a short sleeve look in fair weather. Customers have commented that the princess seam of the shirt holds its shape after extended wear, and certain colors offer up to 50UPF protection from the sun.  Wear it with World Wide Sportsman’s Sarasota Convertible Pants, another versatile item with sturdy comfort, and finish the outfit with a visor, and you’ll have breezy sun protection from head to toe.

Fishing, Not Just For Men Anymore!

"What to Wear Fishing this HOT Summer”

Fishing Tech Apparel: Ladies

Written by Sarah Ambriz

Apparel Associate


Islamorada Fish Company + Summer = Fresh Patio Beats


The month of June promises to be exciting at Islamorada Fish Company. Father’s Day is fast approaching and we are open extended hours from 10:30 AM to 8:00 PM.  Boy do we have some great specials for you. We’ll of course be featuring our number one best selling off the menu item Mahi Portofino. It is blackened Mahi Mahi, topped with Cajun seasoned shrimp and finished with our signature lobster cream sauce. My mouth is water just telling you about it. We’ll also be offering a Mixed Grill featuring our succulent ribs, teriyaki chicken, and grilled shrimp skewer.  Bring dear old dad in, and treat him to a meal he truly deserves.  Don’t forget our amazing Bread Pudding for dessert. We make it right here in house from a secret from scratch recipe. If you haven’t tried it, oh my, you are in for a treat!

It’s summer time, and the patio is open!!!  We are kicking off our live music series on Saturday afternoons from 1:00 to 4:00 beginning June 4th with local alternative folk band Sticks and Stones. The other Saturdays will feature Aaron Lucero on the 11th and the 18th, and Angie Huff on the 25th. We’ll also be featuring all you can eat catfish during that time for 14.95, so come hungry.

If you are a craft beer lover, I have some great news. Our revolving craft beer tap has an amazing offering for the month of June. KC Bier Dopple Alt is a copper-colored ale with a malty clean-taste and a distinct level of hop bitterness, and balanced by toasted malt and caramel flavors. Enjoy the great taste of a really great craft beer for the price of a domestic all month long.

We will be partnering with BLUEGREEN Outdoor Traveler, through June 26. Be on the lookout for promotional information on every table when you join us for lunch or dinner. BLUEGREEN has some really great deals on travel and amenities, and when you sign up for an excursion, you get a Bass Pro gift card that can be used right here in the restaurant.

Here at Islamorada Fish Company we put our focus on cooking quality products and giving friendly, attentive service to create a truly enjoyable dining experience. Please contact us at 816-795-4200 with any questions, comments, or banquet booking needs.




Pitching the Perfect Tent

Spring is upon us, which means it’s time to consider going camping!  Whether you are looking to start camping and need a tent or simply looking to replace or upgrade, the camping department here at your local Bass Pro Shops has your back. This year we are releasing a new line of Bass Pro Shops and Ascend tents. These will be featured in our upcoming GO OUTDOORS Sale! 

Tent Buying Tips

What you should know before buying a tent

For now we want to discuss a tent that has been a consistent seller in the camping department. The hooligan 3 tent by Coleman is a perfect tent for a small family or a couple looking to get out and explore the great outdoors. It costs only $99.99 so it won’t break the bank but really stands up to wear and tear. The dome tent sets up in just ten minutes tops and provides lots of airflow through the large mesh screens that make up the sides.  When the weather takes a turn or you just need more room. The vestibule included in the tent can be set up in a few minutes and provides the tent with an entry area perfect for storing your gear and freeing up space inside. The tent is pre seam sealed and guaranteed under Coleman’s Weather Tec system.


The 8’ x 7’ interior provides plenty of room to fit three oversize sleeping bags with space to spare. Plenty of room to move around and even stands over four feet tall enough that one doesn’t have to crawl in and out of the tent. Overall it is a spacious tent for a great price and definitely worth checking out here at your local Bass Pro.  The tent is perfect for car camping and at 11 pounds could be separated into three peoples packs to work as a great starter (albeit slightly heavy) backpacking tent that comes in at a fraction of the price of other brands backpacking tents.  So come on down to the camping department and chat with any of the camping associates who will be able to answer any questions you may have about tent camping and other camping areas.

The Ultimate Camping Checklist



Take the Waders to the Water

                The term Wader refers to a boot that extends from to foot to the chest. Traditionally waders are made of rubber but are now made of Materials ranging from PVC to neoprene.  The two main types that you will see are stocking foot and boot foot waders. Basically boot foot waders have a built in boot and stocking foot waders require a wading boot to be worn over the neoprene stocking. Whether you’re waterfowl hunting, angling, or off-roading waders are probably just what you need to stay dry throughout your trip. 


                Here at Bass Pro we carry a wide variety of waders for all applications. Whatever you need them for we have you covered. Hip waders all the way up to full chest waders, we have them all. The classic series neoprene is by far our top selling line as far as boot foot waders go. You really can’t beat the price for what you get. Whenever it comes to stocking foot waders the White River Osprey is the biggest bang for your buck. Costing only one hundred and thirty nine dollars it has the features of high dollar companions. Just to list a few; it has reinforced knees, zippered pockets and a magnetic pouch and considered one of our best selling waders.   

White River Breathable Stocking-Foot Waders

Buying Fly-Fishing Waders

Wading Around For Spring?


Go Outdoors Classic Events

Join us for some amazing events and our largest camping sale of the year!

May 21-22


Please join us for the Catch and Release Pond.  If you have never experienced our indoor catch and release pond before, this is something you won't want to miss.  We ask you fill out a waiver to begin.  We have some events staff here to help you or your child learn how to both catch and release panfish!  We have everyone from wanting to take it off the hook to not touching it at all!  It is a great learning experience for our future anglers!  After you finish make sure to grab a free photo download to share with all your friends and enjoy a free craft (while supplies last).


At 1:30pm on Saturday only, we will have a local Boy Scout Demo on Backpacking!

We will have some yummy samples including Funnel Cakes from 11am - 2pm and Fried Catfish Samples from 2pm - 5pm both days!


Memorial Day Weekend (May 28-29)

Memorial Day weekend will be one you won't want to miss out on!!!  On Saturday, May 28th we will have a couple of local BBQ groups in offering free samples!  This will occur from 10am - 5pm!  Come check out Theslabs.com (10am - 2pm) and JaeStar (1pm - 5pm).

We will also have some free how to seminars!

Saturday 11am - Best Barbeque - Learn how to choose the right grill, rubs, sauces, and best technique for a great family BBQ!

Saturday 2pm - Conquering Campfires, Cooking and More!  Learn what it takes to build a campfire properly and how to cook a tasty meal outdoors!

Sunday - 11am - Kids, Camping & Comfort:  Learn about the proper equipment, tents, outdoor activities, and how to make camping fun, comfortable and exciting for kids

Sunday - 2pm - Kayaking:  Keeping It Simple - Learn the simple steps for fun family kayaking; and how to choose the best kayaks and local waterways.

We are always having some fun events here in the store!  Please make sure you check out our local events page or Facebook Page every so often so you don't miss out on all the fun we have here!  Happy Memorial Day and please be safe when out on the water!


Crappie From The Shore - The Float Retrieve

Crappie from the Shore – The Float Retrieve

I have only been crappie fishing for a few years now in Missouri and thought I would share the different retrieving techniques using floats that I have had success with fishing from shore. There are a few different styles of retrieving your bait, each of them work very well. First one is for, the lethargic light biters, and it is to cast out and just let it sit for at least 30 seconds with no rod movement at all. After that make a few twitches and let it sit again. Watch your float very carefully for any unusual rotation or slight lateral movement. Upon movement, what is happening is they have mouthed the bait and are still suspending, set the hook with a firm and steady rise of the rod tip. Second style is a steady retrieve. There is really no guessing on this one, because your float will either submerge rapidly or dart to the left or right. Third one is a reel-stop-watch retrieve, where you make a few cranks and stop, and watch your float. Crappie will either hit the bait during the fall or at the beginning of a retrieve. Repeat all of these retrieve styles until your bait is literally at your feet. I have caught many fish right at the shoreline.


If you haven't had a chance, please check out the other two blogs from this series:  Crappie - From the Shore and Crappie from the Shore - Bobbers and Floats

With all of the proper equipment, styles of baits and techniques, the search for evasive slab can be the most aggravating fish to find, or it can be literally like fishing In-A-Bucket where you just can’t keep them off your hook. Good Luck and wishing you all Tight-Lines!!!


April Showers Brings Spring Turkey Season

Turkey Season is right around the corner. Youth season is April 9th and 10th and then we kick off the regular season from April 18th through May 8th. This is currently a hot topic around these parts so I thought I would talk a little more about it.  The main topics include the following:  Ground Blinds, Vests and Camo Clothing.

Let’s talk blinds first. Ground blinds come in two basic types: Spring Style and Hub Style. I prefer hub blinds for a couple of different reasons. One, I think Hub blinds are much easier to disassemble and move around and they also have a lot more space inside - which comes in handy for any archery hunters or if your taking a youth hunter or a buddy along. Since most of us deer hunt as well as turkey hunt, I like to have a blind that has dual purpose. But if your just in the market for a turkey blind this spring make sure you check out our Blackout X72 ($139.99). This blind stands 68'' tall and 72''x 72'' from hub to hub and coming in at only 13lbs it is a great option for both the youth and regular season. It will accommodate two hunters comfortably and with the built in brush holders you can make it vanish into thin air. If you are thinking you might want a little bit more room try our Blackout Hybrid 180 Blind ($169.97).  It is slightly bigger at 73'' tall and 83'' x 83'' hub to hub.  This blind is slightly heavier at just under 23lbs but with extra room and the adjustable windows. The windows will allow you to customize your setup for the situation at hand which will help tip the outcome in your favor. One of my favorite dual purpose blinds I have ever used is the Primo's Club XL ($159.99) at 73'' tall and 77'' hub to hub and with the brush deception holders and the Dura Matte HD no shine fabric mixed with the Ground Swat Grey open terrain camo pattern makes it disappear in any situation.


Next we will cover some camo:

If you are looking to upgrade some older clothing look no further.  Whether you’re a Mossy Oak or a Realtree fan, we’ve got you covered. I would start out with a form fitting base layer because of all the spring ticks.  A good base layer does wonders for helping you keep ticks down to a minimum and for the money it’s hard to beat Redhead's EnduraSkin all season clothing line ($19.99 to $34.99). They are a great spring or early fall base layer because of the AXE Anti-Odor Technology and it works awesome for deer hunters to. It’s available in Black, Realtree Xtra, or Mossy Oak Country patterns. If you’re looking for a new outfit to go over your base layers then check out RedHeads Stalker Lite II 1/4 zip shirt ($29.99-$34.99) or pant ($39.99-$44.99). For those really hot days check out the  shorts ($29.99-$34.99).  All are very comfortable and light weight with moisture wicking fabrics. These are available in Mossy Oak Obsession or the New True Timber HTC Green patterns. But here's a little tip for everyone hunting out of a ground blind. I always wear camo to and from the blind of course but when I am inside I wear Black from the waist up. This is because most of the blinds on the market today employ some sort of a Blackout Interior and as long as you leave a portion of the windows closed the black clothing will vanish against the black walls allowing you to go unseen. Camo clothing on the other hand being made with a lot of Greys and Browns will most of the time silhouette you inside making every movement you make visible to those sharp eyed turkeys. Also, when you open every window in the blind your body will stand out against any light that comes in. Try it! You will be surprised on how much it helps. 



Finally, turkey hunters can collect a lot of items over the years and it seems we need to pack them all. So you need a vest to carry it.  RedHeads Striker vest ($69.99) has tons of pockets inside and out to carry any type of call or product you can find.  It also has a  nice thick memory foam fold down seat. This is a great addition to any hunter’s arsenal. It is available in Mossy Oak obsession, Realtree Xtra, or True Timber HTC Green - one size fits most.  Another blog that might help you with vests can be found here:   How To Choose the Perfect Turkey Hunting Vest That's all the time I have for now. From all of us at your local Independence Bass Pro - have a fun and safe turkey season and don’t forget to share your photos with us!



Anthony Alkire

Hunting Lead




Crappie from the Shore - Bobbers and Floats

If you haven't had the chance to read Part 1 of Crappie from the Shore, check it out:  Crappie - From the Shore

I have been crappie fishing for a few years now in Missouri and thought I would share the different styles of bobbers and floats that I have had success with fishing from shore. The uses of bobbers, corks, or floats tend to be the easiest technique when fishing from the shore for crappie.

Two float styles include slip and fixed. Slip Float fishing allows the float to slip up and down the line, then pegged to a fixed depth with a bobber stopper, also allowing the float to bottom out at the bait resulting in longer casts. Once the float hits the water, the bait will then pull the line through the float and with a few twitches of the rod tip, this action will simulate vertical jigging that will attract fish. This rig is perfect for fishing with Bass Pro Shops Squimin’ Squirts, Bobby Garland Baby Shad or Swim’R, or a Lunker City Fin-S Shad. With a fixed float, or spring type, the bait distance from the float does not change. This is a good set up for using Crappie Maxx Paddletail Minnows, Bass Pro Shops Squirmin Grub or Triple Ripple, or a Blakemore Roadrunner where a slow steady retrieve will allow the natural action of the plastic. My favorite fixed float is the Mr. Crappie Rattlin Pear by Betts. Whichever type of float style you tend to use, any style of soft plastic can produce great results.


With all of the proper equipment, styles of baits and techniques, the search for evasive slab can be the most aggravating fish to find, or it can be literally like fishing In-A-Bucket where you just can’t keep them off your hook. Good Luck and wishing you all Tight-Lines!!!

Paul Stover

Team Lead - Fishing Department


Family Easter Event

Hop on down into Bass Pro Shops Independence to see the Easter Bunny!!  Starting Saturday March 19 and running until Sunday March 27!

Get your photo taken with the Easter Bunny himself!


FREE 4x6 Photo with the Easter Bunny:
Monday March 21st –Thursday March 24th at 6:00pm-8:00pm
Friday March 25th at 2:00pm-8:00pm
Saturdays (March 19th and March 26th) & Sundays (March 20th and March 27th) from 11:00am-4:00pm

Packages available for $10 and $20.  Make sure you check out the site for a coupon!

FREE Crafts:
March 19th-20th 1:00pm-4:00pm: Create an Easter door hanger.
March 25th 4:00pm-7:00pm: Make a Bunny bookmark.
March 26th-27th 1:00pm-4:00pm: Create a tree stump bunny box.

FREE Easter Egg Hunt:
Weekends March 19th-20th and March 26th-27th
Sign-up begins at 1:30pm. Egg hunt begins promptly at 2:00pm. Find 5 different colored eggs and return for candy. Ages 2-10


We hope to see you in this upcoming weekend!  We always strive to have fun family friendly activities in our store! 


Fire up the Grill!

We’re quickly approaching grill season, as the weather continues to warm up we know that  many of our customers are excited to go out and light their grills for the first time this season. For those who may be new to grilling or curious on what’s out there grills can be relatively confusing. Here at your local Bass Pro Shops we have your back and today were going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of charcoal vs. propane grills.


The first thing we are going to discuss is charcoal grills. Charcoal grills are the original. They infuse a deep smoky grilled flavor into all the food they cook thanks to the natural charcoal fire.  This is the true benefit of charcoal smokers. Every time you get delicious grilled food. The downside is that charcoal can get expensive if you grill frequently.  They take a while to get to temperature and can be pretty messy. .These are things that tried and true charcoal lovers will overlook in their shopping process partially because Charcoal grills tend to be cheaper than their propane counterparts and is something people can have preference for

Propane grills on the other hand can light instantly and be at cooking temperature in a couple minutes. They tend to be more versatile with extra side burners where you can cook a side dish or even fry. They tend to be a bit more expensive. But they make up for the cost in flexibility and efficiency. Some people argue that because the burning of propane that the grilled food does not get the same flavor. This is something that is purely up to the taste of the individual but steps can be taken to minimize this such as buying a propane wood chip box to help infuse a smoky flavor into the meat or simply adding a rub.

Today, companies are making combination grills that combine both space for a charcoal fire and a propane grill. This allows ultimate versatility.  Come down to your local Bass Pro Shops camping department where we have examples of each of these types of grills. Any of our friendly associates would be happy to pair you with the perfect grill for you this grilling season.

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Boots taking on the cold weather

There are many amazing brands that have awesome Cold Weather Gear technology in them. First to come to mind would be our home brand, Redhead. There are many boots that have high quality insulation inside of them; along with amazing waterproofing sealant.


For the Hunting season and winter season, the Independence store found that the best sellers would have be 400 grams to 1000 grams. Fortunately our Expedition camouflage boot which has the 1000 grams was our best seller this last Holiday season. This boot was bought on and off sale. Next to that, we have had a lot of good sellers of hunting boots. We sold a lot of Big Horn II, Tracker, Tracker Leather, Ultra Hunter, and the RCT Boots. These boots had either the Gore-Tex or the Bone-Dry waterproofing sealant and ranged from 600 to 800 grams. We were very surprised at how well these sold.



The next style boots that has sold well this season were the All Season snow boots in both Men’s and Women’s. Even though these were on sale multiple times throughout the Holiday season, customers were continuously purchasing them. Regardless of how they looked, customers of all ages were buying them, on and off sale.  

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Preparing for Spring - Marine Department

Marine is gearing up for the season!  Unusually mild weather has brought a lot of foot traffic into the Marine Department.  Everyone is gearing up to get their boats out on the water soon!


We had our electronics classes, with all classes having great turn-outs.  Garmin had around 20 for their Feb 16th class, Lowrance had around 45 for their class, and Humminbird class had a turnout of around 97 people. 

Our Marine Team Lead Pat is working with the Fly Fishing Department and the University of Missouri - Kansas City's Comm-university Program to offer an introduction to Fly Fishing class on March 12th and an Into to Fly Tying class sometime in April. 

We hope to see you in soon!  Items for the spring are getting stocked up quickly!  Before you know it Memorial Day will be here and it will be necessary to talk about Life Jacket safety. 

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The North Face - Springing Into Spring



As the days of cold winter winds start to dwindle down, the warm and sunny spring morning’s loom on the horizon. With the explosion of color and life that arises from the once frozen ground, there is no better way to enjoy the beauty of nature than to experience it firsthand. To help you feel comfortable and stylish while taking in the full feeling of the new season the men and women of The North Face clothing company have brought you a revolutionary variety of clothing that matches the colors, and atmosphere that will make this spring one to remember.

No matter what the weather brings, The North Face has many new styles and technologies that enhance the way your outdoor exploration is experienced. From jackets like the Apex that provides a breathable and wind resistant outing, to the iconic North Face Thermoball which excels in shielding the wearer from any cold temperatures mother nature may throw your way while keeping the mobility needed to enjoy the aroma that is brought by spring. With these new styles coming to the forefront as the season changes, there is no better place to get what you need than at Bass Pro Shops.


Hats and Gear to Heat Your Head


PBR Arrives in Independence

Come in and join us for some fun with the Professional Bull Riders on Saturday, February 20th.  We will be having several different activities from 10am - 3pm. Each year this event is more and more fun here at Bass Pro Shops - Independence!


Autographs - Noon - 1pm

Join for a fun autograph session and meet and greet.  Riders will be on hand to sign your memorabilia.


Fishing Seminar by PBR Announcer Clint Adkins - 1pm-1:30pm

Join us at the main aquarium at 1pm and watch Clint teach some great fishing techniques! Clint always draws a crowd in with his fun fishing attitude! 


Mechanical Bull 10am - 3pm

Do you have what it takes to stay on for 8 seconds?  Must fill out a waiver to participate.  This is popular with both the children and the adults and it is much harder than it looks!


Kids Activities 10am - 3pm

Join us for some bull roping and stick bull riding as we set up a mini arena for the little ones! A perfect spot for them to run off a bunch of energy.


We hope to see you in to join us for this fun event!  Also, we will also have several other activities going on during our Next Generation Weekend for our Spring Fishing Classic.  For more information on events, please visit our website


Keeping Feet Warm - The ThermaCELL Heated Insole

ThermaCELL Heated Insoles

ThemaCELL heated insoles are perfect for anything outdoors from hunting to a cold day to on the job. There are two different styles we would like to cover in this blog posting. The original, ThermaCELL Heated Insoles Or the ThermaCELL Heated Insoles ProFLEX.


The original ThermaCELL Heated Insole has built in rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Each charge can last up to 5 hours on constant heat. Car charger sold separately.  There are three regulated temperature settings with heat up to 111°F. Each insole features internal thermostat to regulate temperature.  They can be controlled with their wireless remote control with a range up to seven feet.  Each insole is engineered to keep your feet warm, not hot, to prevent sweating and freezing.


The ThermaCELL Heated Insole ProFLEX is made with cushioned removable rechargeable lithium ion batteries.  Additional batteries sold separately.  They can be recharged from any powered USB port, wall outlet, or car charger which is sold separately. There are three regulated temperature settings with heat up to 111°F. Each insole features internal thermostat to regulate temperature.  They can be controlled with their wireless remote control with a range up to seven feet.  Each insole is engineered to keep your feet warm, not hot, to prevent sweating and freezing. Perfect for on the job.


Check out a couple other blogs about keeping your feet warm!!

Got Cold Feet??

Is the cold stopping you from going hunting or out to your blind?


It's all about the base (layers)

Base layers are the most popular of our cold gear, especially as our temperatures continue to drop.

We have base layers for both men and women. For men the brands we carry are XPS, Under Armour, Columbia, and the Redhead Military Fleece. For women we carry XPS and Columbia.

Base layers come in several different weights depending on the temperature. XPS brand comes in 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0. The 1.0 for more mild weather and 4.0 for more harsh and extreme weather. The XPS base layers utilize Zone Ventilation Panels in order to keep the individual warm. In Under Armour we have 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0.  It is midweight and utilizes ArmourBlock which is anti-odor technology. Columbia comes in midweight and in heavyweight and uses Omni-Heat which reflects heat back. Lastly the Redhead Military Fleece only comes in one weight. Military Fleece is very lightweight and breathable.



Pictured:  XPS Extreme Base Layer and Under Armour Base Layer

On your next visit to your local Bass Pro Shop apparel department stop by and visit with one of our knowledgeable and friendly sales associates and let us help you find your perfect base layer. This is a fantastic gift idea for anyone who might enjoy hunting, fishing, or even if they work out in the elements during the wintertime. Don’t let the elements keep you or a loved one inside this winter!

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Jacob - Apparel Department, Independence Missouri