3 Questions to Ask Yourself - Canoe or Kayak?


If you want to get on the water and fish, but want to keep things as simple as possible you may consider purchasing a canoe or kayak to fish out of this summer. 

Here is an offering of a couple crucial things that may be considered prior to purchasing a new canoe or kayak:


How many people will be going?

If you are intending to bring a family fishing (this includes dogs), you want to make sure you are buying a craft that is made to handle the load.  We get many people asking if they can put their children with them in a single person kayak and often it is not a safe idea. Small dogs may be an option on a single person boat with a larger weight capacity but if you want to bring children or larger dogs it is wise to purchase a craft made for more than one person. Tandem kayaks offer options for two people and more weight capacity, Canoes can often fit 3 people and some gear, and often have significantly higher weight capacities than kayaks that only weigh a few pounds less.


 Can I transport it out of water?

Most canoes and kayaks are swift and nimble on the water, but not so much out of water, before you buy a boat, make sure you can handle it, or have the means to move it about.

10 foot kayaks are small and light, and often fit into the bed of a pickup truck without much hassle or equipment, larger kayaks and canoes can often be transported in longer beds with flags, or you can purchase trailer hitch carriers that carry the longer boats roof height and balance the load between the roof and the carrier on pickups.

Getting a larger boat on the roof of a car or SUV can be more difficult, Roof Racks help with loading kayaks and minimizing damage to vehicles roof, but even with these, the boat still has to be lifted up to the roof - often this can be eased by going out with another paddler, and assisting one another with the boats.  If you go out by yourself, especially with a large kayak or any canoe, make sure you can safely lift the weight of the boat before you find yourself struggling underneath it.

 If you have physical limitations, this needs be considered prior to purchasing a boat, be realistic, because if you cannot move it about out of water, you cannot get it to water. 


A cart can greatly assist moving any boat, but especially larger boats to water.

I personally, have started using a cart to get my boat to water when I go solo paddling with my 17’ Canoe, and it has improved my enjoyment with the launching of the boat a great deal.


Can I store it?

Make sure you have a safe place to store the boat, outside is not usually the best option, especially with rotomolded boats.

Pick a place in your home to keep the boat before purchasing, even if you really like a 12 foot fishing kayak, if you are unable to store or transport that boat, consider compromising for a 10 foot fishing kayak.

No matter what you choose , remember to lift safely, don’t rush, and always wear the appropriate PFD’s on the water, if you choose what suits your needs best, you will find yourself experiencing the outdoors in a wonderful new way.

Jeff L. Camping Lead


Important Marine Electronic Update Seminars Coming Soon

Once again, we are proud to announce our electronics classes for Spring 2015:

Humminbird – Tuesday, February 24th at 5pm


Garmin – Monday, March 2 at 5:30pm



Lowrance – Tuesday, March 17 at 6pm


Classes will be held in our Conservation Room and will feature techs and representatives from the manufacturers.  The classes feature “hands-on” training and overview of the systems including chirp technology from Lowrance, the new side view entry from Garmin, and a host of new bells and whistles sure to make our fishing trips more productive and fun!

Preregistration is advised.  Simply call 816-795-4300 and ask for the marine department and we will get you squared away!

Impressions from this year’s marine university which I attended down in Florida a couple of weeks ago:

Really impressed by the following:

Minn-Kota Ulterra Trolling Motors with auto stow and deploy and power trim control both functions with IPilot (Pre-Installed) or IPilot Link. 

Garmin SU Series Fishfinders:  Features built-in downvu and sidevu sonar with preloaded lakevu maps

Lowrance Elite Chirp Series:   Chirp Sonar with Down Scan Imaging makes it easier to identify and distinguish bait and game fish.  Compatible with Navronics, Insight and a host of other mapping programs.

Humminbird Helix Series:  Super affordable units with 5” screen and down-imagining side imaging with or without GPS.  Compatible with LakeMaster, Navionics and Auto Chart PRO.


Choosing the Right Broadhead for Your Setup

With all the Broadhead choices on the market, it’s easy to get caught up in all the “latest and greatest” technologies, advancements and applications. The thing to remember is that EVERY broadhead on the market will kill given the right tuning and setup. The challenge is making certain that you are matching your broadhead with the capabilities of your bows setup. My goal here is not to beat a dead horse, or even to offer my own personal preferences. We see far too many people coming in with stories of poor penetration or performance. My hope is that by pointing the reader in the right direction, perhaps we can minimize the disappointments and maximize our results.Steel Force Sabertooth Broadhead

    Steeply angled fixed blade broadheads (eg. Muzzy Phantom, Steel Force, etc.) will offer very little resistance as they penetrate, making them ideal for lower poundage (40# K.E. and under). There are a couple of expandable broadheads on the market designed for lower kinetic energy bows as well. The Grim Reaper Whitetail Special and Fatal Steel, will perform well at lower poundages. The new Rage SS is another that is specifically designed for shorter draw length, lower kinetic energy bows. A good guideline is 40# minimum draw weight for large game. Can it be done with less? Yes. In most cases, these are young, new shooters. I want the experience to be one that sticks out in their minds for years to come. I’d personally rather see that be due to an efficient, quick kill rather than an injured animal and questionable recovery.

   Stepping into your higher poundage bows opens up infinite possibilities. The decisions here are really based on the game you’re after and the ability to tune your setup into optimal performance for that broadhead. The personal preferences are going to vary greatly here. We all have a favorite. If it fly’s well, you like the results and it’s reliable…shoot it!!

Stay Sharp With The Right Broadhead Style For You

Shoot Straight!!


Let's Talk Hunting!

It’s that time of the year again. Archery season is fast approaching and time to get last minute prep work finished.  Mother Nature has been very nice to us with the abnormally low temperatures this summer. It has been perfect weather to get out in the woods and do a little bit of trimming around your stands or put out some trail cams, mineral or even build a food plot or two. With the increase of big buck sightings on my farms this year, I think it’s going to be a great season for us all. The deer numbers have really bounced back from the die off we had a few years ago. I still don't have the numbers on my north Missouri farm as I did before the event but it has improved dramatically. My farm here in central Missouri has improved even more. It depends on where you hunt, but I think it will be a much improved year. With more rain to come, hopefully we can put the drought behind us for now. Make sure you pick-up a copy of the 2014 Fall Deer & Turkey Booklet here at Bass Pro or visit the Missouri Department of Conservations website for all of the harvest changes here in Missouri. It will mostly affect gun hunters.  It’s still a great idea to grab one and catch up on all the changes so you are not surprised when you go buy your tags this fall.

A few pointers to get your season started: If bow hunting is your passion, my best advice I can give you is to HUNT EARLY!!!!!!!!!!! I used to be really bad at not spending enough time hunting September and early October. I got caught up in watching all the hunting shows of Bucks chasing Doe's all over the place during the rut. So I thought that would be the absolute best time to hunt. I would take my vacation around that time every year. Here in Central and North Missouri, the rut is right around the 1st and 2nd week of November. Don't get me wrong, it is a great time to be in a tree and there are a lot of really big deer harvested every year from trick or treat day (Oct 31st of course) to November 14th. But, and that's a big but, little do most bow hunters know that they have past some of the best hunting of the year in September and early October. Mostly because of the hot temps that are present at that time of the year. But the deer are still there and they have to feed and drink. When archery season starts on September 15th, you can bet that this guy will be in a tree or ground blind overlooking a food source or water hole. The best thing about September that you don't normally have in November is that you can pattern that big ole buck in daylight hours near a food or water source. Sometimes you can set your watch by it. In November that same buck is up on his feet during daylight but he more than likely is running all over God’s green earth looking for that perfect girlfriend. That could take him right off your farm and into someone else's sights. Spending some time now with the help of a few game cams, like Bushnell's Trophy cam ($229.99) or Moultrie's M990i ($199.99) you should be able to get a good idea of when, where and what time those deer are coming through and still have plenty of time before season to get a couple of stands or ground blinds set-up and ready to go. Tips for Game Camera Placement

Ground blinds can be really effective this time of the year because they will help control your scent and cover any movements. Redhead Blackout Hub Blinds are a great choice to help your blend right in ($139.99 - $279.99). There are three different models to accommodate multiple hunters if you decide to share your experience with family or a friend. Also, always try to give yourself options for different wind directions. Early season can be full of surprises. I have seen 3 different winds in 3 days. Always play the wind and brush in those stands and with a little luck your taxidermist will have a little more work this fall. That's all the time I have for now.  From all of us at your local Independence Bass Pro Shops, have a fun and safe hunting season.


Must Have Footwear For Your Hunting Adventures

With summer on its way out that can only mean one thing…. Yep, you guessed it hunting season is just around the corner! With Archery and Rifle season coming up so fast it is safe to say that it is time to get geared up, and what better way to do that than with a new pair of hunting boots. Here at Bass Pro Shops of Independence we have many choices to cater to all of our Hunters and Huntresses.  We carry many different brand options all the way from Danner to RedHead to suit anyone’s needs. One example is the Danner Pronghorn. We carry this boot in a non-insulated, 400 gr, and 800gr. Danner is well known for quality as well as comfort and is sure to make your hunting season warm, comfortable, and dry.












We also carry our RedHead line of hunting boots we have many styles that range in height and insulation, I could talk about them all day but for now I’ll just have to choose two great options that any hunter would love. The first is our Redhead 7” RCT, this boot is non-insulated and GORE-TEX making it both Waterproof and breathable, what a perfect match! Some other features include a non-slip outsole, reinforced toe, and a lug outsole.


The next RedHead boot I would like to tell you about is the Bighorn. The RedHead Bighorn has Bone-Dry waterproof technology along with 800 grams of Thinsulate providing you with a warm dry boot that is sure to keep you comfortable into the colder months of the season. This boot is made out of tough abrasion resistant cordura so, those pesky twigs and corn stalks that try to snag you won’t stand a chance!


And now for all our Huntresses out there let’s talk about our Line of SHE boots exclusively made for woman, we have several styles here at your local BassPro Shops but for now I’ll just tell you about two. The first is my personal favorite, the SHE Cami 9” insulated hunting/hiker. As the name states this boot is a cross between a Hunter and a hiker making it perfect for your tracking needs as well. This boot features a 100% waterproof/moisture wicking membrane and 600 gram thinsulate that is sure to keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable so you can keep your mind on bagging that Prize winning Buck or Doe.



We also carry the SHE Expedition. This boot sports 1000 grams of thinsulate to comfortably carry you through the later months of the season. It is also 100% Bone-Dry waterproof with an aggressive non-slip outsole.


And last but not least, I have to mention our lifetime socks. They will pair perfectly with any of our hunting boots. They come in men’s and woman’s and feature 100% itch free wool that is sure to keep you warm and comfortable all the way through the season as well as for everyday use and did I mention they have a LIFETIME warranty? It doesn’t get much better than that.

As you can see, we have many choices to suit any hunter or huntresses needs. Come visit your Independence Bass Pro Shops to see our full selection as well as the before mentioned styles. Happy Hunting everyone and as the famous Ted Nugent says, “Whack em’ Stack em’, and Pack em’!”

-Chelsea McDaniel Team Lead Footwear


New Camo from Under Armour

With hunting season just around the corner in September, we are excited to announce the new camo pattern that Under Armour is now carrying in our store. With light weight 1/4 zip jackets, tees and pants, we are happy to bring in Mossy Oak Treestand to our department in this given brand of clothing. Come rifle season, we also have the perfect heavy weight bibs, hooded sweatshirts and coats to match.

Under Armour® ColdGear® Infrared Scent Control Rut Camo Jacket for Men in Mossy Oak Treestand Camo


Sitting in the freezing cold waiting to harvest that whitetail you’ve been tracking down will not be a problem in this comfortable gear. Containing infrared, scent control and cold gear it is the perfect technology  for hunting down your big game in the woods. We are also offering realtree camo logo hooded sweatshirts for the ladies, something we have not done before.  Which brings us into our new pink camo bibs in toddler sizes. Little girls like to hunt too!

Bass Pro Shops® Camo Bib Overalls for Toddlers


                Our tent sale is coming up in July, and both the men's and women's departments are offering a lot of clearance merchandise. It is never a bad time to shop for a nice summer wardrobe at a cheaper price. Come in and check us out. We would be more than happy to show our customers the new and exciting merchandise that has made its way into our store.


One Less Thing to Worry About

Comfortable Footwear


No matter were you go this summer on vacation it's important to have comfortable socks and shoes to make your experience in the outdoors enjoyable.  Bass Pro Shops in Independence has a great selection of comfortable socks and shoes.  We have low and mid height hiking shoes for men and women and mid height hikers for children.  We carry Redhead, Merrell, Keen, North Face, Columbia, Mountrek, Timberland and HI-TEC brands of hikers.  They range in price from $29.99 to $134.99 and come in various styles (all leather upper, leather/mesh uppers) to accommodate many needs.  So if you need a mid height hiker for long rough trails or a low height hiker for short easy trails we have you covered.

Some of the more popular Men's Hikers are the 

RedHead Caliber Mid ($49.99)

Merrell Moab Mid  ($119.99)

and Timberland White Ledge.

For Women the RedHead Caliber Mid ($49.99)

Merrell Moab Mid ($119.99)

North Face Storm Mid ($109.99)


To maximize your comfort level while hiking it is important to have a good pair of socks on.  We have many socks to choose from and a few are specifically designed for hiking.  These hiking socks are designed to wick any moisture away from your feet and keep your feet dry and comfortable all day.  The RedHead Lifetime Guarantee Lightweight Wool Quarter Socks ($9.99) and Lifetime Guarantee Medium Weight Wool Crew Socks are made of itch free Merino Wool, Made in the U.S.A., and are great options.  We also have the RedHead Ultra Silver Polyester (Quarter of Crew) Hiking Socks and RedHead Merino (Quarter or Crew) Hiker Socks which are thinner sock, however they don't have the Lifetime Guarantee.


My personal favorite socks for hiking are the RedHead Lifetime Guarantee Wool Socks. 


Did I mention that they have a lifetime guarantee?  How would you like to never have to buy another hiking sock again?


So come into the Independence Bass Pro Shops and pick out a new pair of socks and shoes so you can walk around in comfort.



Let's Talk Food Plots!

It is that time of the year again. With turkey season in the rear-view mirror, it is time for all of us die hard hunters to start looking forward to fall. Because what we do now could really pay off for us when the leaves start to drop, it can be hard to get out this time of year and go into the woods and think about deer season. Many think about the hot temperatures and the bugs, but I would rather take my time and get as much done as possible now and give the deer tons of time to forget about that guy they see hanging in a tree or planting their tasty summer and fall treats. With that being said, it is a perfect time to start getting your food plots in the ground if you haven't already.

Mineral is something I feed year round on my farms and I also will incorporate my mineral in or near my food plots. If you can get your deer a good supply of mineral, food and nutrients a Whitetail buck can grow up to 1'' of antler a day. Think about it - that buck that was 120'' last year, Could be 150 or 160'' this year!!  But you will need to supply him with what he needs to grow. If I had to choose between what to spend my money on, between the food plots or the mineral, I choose MINERAL hands down. It’s nice to be able to do both and in most cases you can. There are minerals on the market that are long lasting that do not take a ton of green backs to purchase as well as food plots. Food plots scare some hunters because they don't have a tractor or 4-wheeler to disk and plant.

There are several products on the market that you can simply throw and grow. All you need to do is bare the ground to allow the seed as much contact as you can give it. A weed eater and some sort of trenching tool are handy items to have as well.  It is a lot harder work; however it can be done and the rewards are pretty amazing.

An easy first time plot would be clover.  Clover is a very hardy plant that doesn't need a lot of sun and is a great deer and turkey attractant.  It has a very fast germination period of about 2 weeks and it will look like a golf course. If you use good quality clover and some fertilizer you will be set. You can simply throw it on bare ground and you will get some growth.  However, it may not be as tall and thick as with fertilizer, but it will grow. My best clover seed I have used to date is Biologics Clover Plus. $21.99 for a 2lbs. bag that will do up to a 1/4 acre plot. I will also mix this seed with my other plots like Biologics Winter Bulbs and Sugar Beets which is $21.99 for a plot thickener and for some add on attractiveness.  The winter bulbs and beets are my favorite fall and winter plot to use. They take a little more effort than clover to plant but are a great mid to late season plot. 


Example of a nice clover field


As far as mineral goes, if you want something that lasts then The Trophy Rock is the way to go. It runs $17.99 for a 12lb Rock that has over 60 trace minerals and nutrients packed inside. And since it is 100% natural, it is legal to hunt over. It will also last up to 4 - 6 months in the field.  This is a great way to keep your deer in mineral all year long.  A second mineral I use and have had great success using would be Big and J Products. Their block costs $24.99 or you can get the bag supplement at $19.99 for 20lbs. Both are a great tool for you to grow them big. They both have a real sweet smell that brings them running and they are packed with protein and minerals. They are sure to help you build you deer herd up. Big and J also has two new products out for 2014: The Meltdown and Liquid Lick. These both run $12.99. The Meltdown is a powder that mixes with water and sends out a sweet smell to attract them from afar.  Liquid Lick is how it sounds – it’s a liquid form of meltdown that will be a great item to pour on stumps or the ground for a quick and easy mineral site. The powder form should last a little longer then the liquid, but I would suggest refreshing these products once a month to make sure you have constant source for your herd. Well. That's all the time I have for now. Until next time - have a safe and fun hunting and fishing season from all of us here at your local Bass Pro Shops


Trophy Rock


Anthony Alkire – Hunting Lead


Starting Right

Remember your first bow?  Chances are high that you probably do.  Mine was a bright red fiberglass Bear with matching red arrows.  Even had a fancy little tube quiver.  Yeah, I was hot stuff!  Dad didn't know much about archery, but how hard could it be right?  We had just finished stacking our hay for winter so we had the perfect backstop.  We set up our big paper target, stepped back 20 paces and started flinging arrows.  Pretty sure we had to pull the pickup over to climb up and retrieve a couple of them, but we had fun anyway.  Those were some good times and I would never trade them.  Looking back though, I realize just how much we both would have benefited from an experience mentor.

Properly fitting equipment to the shooter and ensuring consistency in form and release will all help make the experience that much more addictive.  As a mentor, learning proper shooting form and tells of fatigue that affect them are critical for new archers.  If a bow's draw length is too long or too high in draw eight, it can not only create bad form habits, but it can be potentially unsafe for the shooter (and those around them).  Everyone has a specific dynamic range of motion.  Because no two are created the same, it is vital that the draw length, draw weight and peep sight are set to the individual who will be shooting.  This will allow the shooter to develop a solid anchor point (point which you consistently draw to) and is a fundamental requirement for consistent performance.

Regardless of the equipment you choose, be it a $20 fiberglass Bear or a $1,000 set-up, compound bow or recurve/longbow, starting with these small steps will lead to a faster and more consistent development as an archer.  The more consistently we perform, the more confidence and fun we have while shooting.  Finding a qualified technician or Pro Shop to help properly set up your new archer may be the first step to their next lifetime pursuit!

Straight Shooting!

A. Herzog


Who said sandals were for the beach?

Spring has finally sprung and the hot days of summer are right around the corner.  So, if you are looking for a pair of new sandals, water or casual shoes, Bass Pro Shops in Independence a lot of choices to choose from.  We have received many new items this year.  The biggest additions to our assortment are the new styles of women's casual shoes. 

Natural Reflections has a new slip on shoe called the Malibu which we have in four colors, including this color: 




Our Women's Sperry collection has now expanded to over 25 shoes and includes the Katama and Danica styles.  



So along with our other Bahama, Angelfish and Bluefish styles we have many colors and designs to offer.  Within the Angelfish style we now different designs including the "Perforated", "Serape", and "Bretton Stripe".

Bretton Stripe


We also received a few new men's casual shoes including the World Wide Sportsman Balboa Bay which we have in two colors including:  


A few other new shoes we have are the Sperry Seakite, the Merrell Jungle Moc Ventilator which is a casual shoe and the Columbia Bahama Vent which is a casual/water shoe.


So come into the Independence Bass Pro Shops and get a new comfortable pair of shoes to enjoy this summer!



Team Lead in Footwear


Turkey Hunting Continued

It’s that time of the year again.  Spring; even though we just had snow on April 14th. The lakes and ponds are starting to warm rapidly. Already hearing some reports of mushrooms being found and of course the turkeys are starting their annual courtship. The youth turkey season just finished up over the weekend with booming results: A grand total of 4,332 birds taken during the two day season on the 12th and 13th. This is the highest total ever recorded in our great state of Missouri and only the second time ever being over the 4,000 mark. We have to credit the great hatches we had in 2011 and 2012 for all of the luck. I heard mixed results because of the storm that blew through on Sunday. But the numbers don't lie. The regular season opened on Monday the 21st.  It opened with warm temps and clear skies. It was to be another stellar opening day. With that being said, if you are getting a late start on digging all your turkey gear out and you realize that you are missing that favorite call or striker or maybe those decoys don't shine like they once did and you want to upgrade - now is the time!  If a new call is what you seek, Redhead has two special edition calls for this year. One is the NWTF Walnut/Glass Reality Series pot call priced at $49.99. This is a great sounding call that can produce a full range of hen turkey language with easy to control volume. The second Redhead also has is the NWTF Special Edition Purple Heart/ Yellow Heartwood Box call priced at $49.99. This is more of a high-end sweet talking call that is versatile - the double-sided box lets you change pitch and find that right sound. Also, when you purchase one of these great calls included is a free 1 year Membership to the NWTF which is a $35 Value.


If you are looking to upgrade your decoys and you want the best bang for your buck? You have to try our Reality Series Decoys. We have two hen postures and a jake.  Prices run from $22.99 for the hens and $24.99 for the jake.  They include taxidermy eyes and a perfect color scheme and UV-resistant copolymer. With these qualities they will be looking top notch for years to come.

If you are looking for a decoy that doesn't take up much room you should try the line from Montana Decoy Inc.  They have two new silhouette hen decoys, priced at $34.99 you choice! The Dinner bell is in the feeding posture and the spring fling is in the alert setting. The lightweight steel frame collapses in seconds to be easily stored in your cargo pocket or vest. A great way to have that flock set up without sacrificing weight and space. That's all the time I have for now. Have a great and safe turkey season from all of us here at your local Independence Bass Pro Shops.



Spring Clothing Line 2014 - World Wide Sportsman


Bass Pro Shops is gearing up and making it easier on you to make sure you’re fully equipped with the newest clothing options for 2014. The weather is starting to warm up and thoughts of getting back out on the water are creeping back into our minds. Embark on your water adventures with new clothing from World Wide Sportsman for the whole family. WWS offers a wide variety of technical shirts; including polo shirts, button up shirts (long and short sleeve), tees (long and short sleeve), and hoodies; which deliver line-casting comfort, built in capes, venting, roll-up sleeves, and UPF protection. Pair any of these tops with the World Wide Sportsman’s quick drying water shorts, which boast mesh lined pockets and drain holes, while our zip-off convertible pants offer UPF 50+ and quick-dry construction.  Here are a few of the selections that we recommend:

World Wide Sportsman Nylon Angler Shirt


  • 100% quick-dry nylon
  • Built-in UPF sun protection
  • Vented-cape back with mesh lining
  • Two large multi-function chest pockets
  • Handy rod loop
  • Roll-up collar for sun protection
  • Hidden button-down collar
  • Utility loop on the right pocket

World Wide Sportsman Hybrid Angler Pant


  • Wrinkle-resistant 100% nylon
  • NANO-tex® Resists Spills Technology for stain resistance
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Zip-off legs convert pants to 9" shorts
  • Half-elastic waist
  • Total of 6 pockets
  • 2 security pockets with zippers
  • Reinforced belt loops
  • Double-stitched seams

World Wide Sportsman Tech Knit Hoodie for Ladies


  • Sleek, stretchy hoodie
  • Crossover v-neck
  • Kangaroo pouch pocket
  • 100% cotton construction

World Wide Sportsman Sarasota Convertible Pant


  • Multi-functional pant
  • UPF sun protection rating of 50!
  • Zip off the legs for shorts
  • Use roll-up tabs for capris
  • Side-elastic waist
  • Hook 'n' loop pockets
  • Quick-drying 100% nylon


Come down to Independence Bass Pro Shops and let us show you the great quality of our WWS brand! 


It's Almost Gobble Time!

With Deer Season over and Waterfowl season all but over and with old man winter's grasp keeping us from doing to many outdoor activities. Its time for all of us outdoorsmen and woman to start thinking towards springtime adventures. My favorite spring time tradition has to be chasing those big ole long beard turkeys. Now is a great time to staring digging out all of your turkey gear and see what you need to replace. If you are like me then your can bet that you lost a few call strikers or a few shells out of your turkey vest last spring. Seems I can never get through a season without miss placing something. Or maybe you have everything but you just need to upgrade those old decoys that the paint is coming off of or replace that old call that doesn't quite sound as good as it used to. Whatever it may be, I would rather find it now with time to shop instead of the night before and every place is sold out. Plus. shopping now with smaller crowds gives you the time to study all the new products that have come out for 2014. From guns to decoys, the list is long. A couple that I'm real exited about are: Zink's new look hen decoys ($79.99). Have brand new postures and paint for 2014. They by far the most realistic decoys out there with out it being a real bird. A must have for all you die hard hunters. If you are looking for a new turkey load  this year. You have to check out Winchesters new long beard XR.  ($23.99)

Its a lead load with there new Shot-Lok Technology is sure to have your favorite gun shooting Tighter patterns in no time. And another item to go with it is Redheads new Blackout turkey tubes.($39.99)

We have a tube to fit just about any gun you may have in your safe. It is sure to help your turkey gun get all of its BB'S on target your next time out. Redhead also has come out with 2 new calls: A Reality series walnut/glass slate style and Box call.


Your choice ($39.99).


They are special edition NWTF calls that sound as good as they look. With the Reality series turkey logo and the NWTF logo. You wont know if you want to hunt with it or just display it. Also, when your purchase one you will find a card inside for a free 1 year membership to the NWTF. A $35 value. What a deal. Great call and a membership to a great organization. A must have for any serious turkey hunter. 

The NWTF is also helping with an event here at your Independence Bass Pro Shops on  April 5th. The store with the help from the local Jacomo Strutters NWTF chapter with be holding its first ever Turkey calling competition - open to all ages. There will be 2 divisions: Youth Division will be 17 and under and a Open Division for adults. There will be trophies and prizes for the top 3 in each division. Mark your calendars. Its going to be a fun day for all. For info and registration, please check us out on Facebook or feel free to contact April in the promotions dept. here at the store - amvertako@basspro.com. 

Also, here are a couple more dates to put on your calendars. On March 29th at the lake Lotawana Sportsman club, the Jacomo Strutters are having their 13th annual Jakes Event for kids 6 thru 17. It is an all day event that will have every youngster wanting more. They will get to do everything from Trap to archery and even get some calling pointers from someone who hunts for a living. They serve breakfast and lunch to all.  Also, if your are lucky enough, you may get chosen for a giveaway: A fully guided hunt this spring. There is also a fun night for mom and dad. On May 9th, they will hold there 16th annual Heritage Supper Banquet which includes a great catered dinner and live and silent auctions and tons of raffles. It will be a great night of fun and relaxation. It will also be at the Sportsman's club. We Hope to see you at all of the events. For info for the events, you can locate the NWTF Jacomo Strutters Chapter on there Facebook Page. Or stop by the store and pickup a flyer at are gun counter or see them here on the weekends. They will have a table near are hunting dept. Make sure you sign up early as seating will be Limited. As always, from Your local Bass Pro Shops, have a safe and fun hunting season!



Wading Around For Spring?

Spring is fast approaching and now is the time to check your waders and wading boots to see if you need to replace your old ones or upgrade them.  Bass Pro Shops in Independence, MO has a wide selection of waders and wading shoes to accommodate a variety of outdoor activities.  Whether you are trout fishing at the trout parks in the Ozarks or crossing a small creek to get to your favorite turkey hunting area we have many options for you. 

If you haven't been in to our store for awhile come in and browse around and see what we have to offer.  We have stocking foot chest wader/wading boot combinations that can accommodate various needs.  Some of the wading boots even have interchangeable soles you can instantly switch to adjust to the terrain you are walking on.  We carry various waders made with either breathable, neoprene or 3-ply canvas material.  And if you want the basic cleated boot wader we also have them in chest and hip waders.

If you would like to make your outdoor experience more enjoyable then consider our assortment of wader accessories.  For example, if your clothing pant legs move around in your waders and make you uncomfortable we have pant keepers that will help hold them in place.

Or if you need a wading staff to help you walk across the rocks in the water we have one of those also.

We also have various tall socks if you need to add warmth or cushion your feet.

So come in to the Independence Bass Pro Shops and check out what we have to make you next outdoor adventure enjoyable.






Arka Lantern Product Review

One of the latest products from the outdoor company UCO is the Arka lantern.




Priced at $69.99 this product is a cross between a lantern and a flashlight, and also acts as a portable charger. The lantern boasts a 180 Lumen beam paired with a seven to eight hour run time on high. The white light setting is fully adjustable and can dim from full brightness to as little as 20 lumens by holding down the button. In addition to the white light setting it also comes with three red LEDs which can we switched on with a simple long press of the button. These come in handy at night as the red light does not attract bugs. The red light has three modes: a continuous red beam, a strobe, and a SOS signal.



The design of this lantern is very simple, yet very smart. The transition from the flashlight mode to the lantern mode is done by simply pulling the top section of the light upwards. Impressively they have managed to pack both the versatility of a flashlight and a lantern into this product, as well as a USB charger, without increasing the size. This product is about the standard size of a typical D-cell flashlight. A set of feet rotate out of the base for added stability and a simple hook is included on the top of the lantern so it can be hung virtually anywhere. Weighing in at a little under a half of a pound this flashlight/lantern is perfect for car camping and could be included in a short backpacking trip.

The main selling point of this lantern is the USB charger that is built in. Powered by a 4Ah rechargeable Lithium-ion battery this can easily be charged in three to four hours by the included charging cable (this process can be sped up by plugging it into a USB outlet with a higher energy output). With an output of 3.7 volts this lantern has no problem charging most electronic devices. From a full charge you can charge your phone in a couple hours and still have around 5 hours of high output light left.


 Overall, this lantern is a great buy; versatility wise there aren’t many other products like it. The added feature of the USB charger improves this to a sort of all in one product, perfect for car campers, backpackers, as well as fisherman and hunters.

If the $69.99 price tag scares you off we also sell two variants also made by UCO.

The Lumora, a copy of the Arka but without the USB charging capabilities, it has the same 180 Lumen beam and eight hour runtime. In replacement of the Lithium-ion battery it runs off of four AA batteries. The Lumora costs $29.99 and is a great replacement for those who forfeit the rechargeable battery option.

The Clarus, a smaller version of the Arka’s lantern/flashlight design that has a one hundred and fifty lumen beam that will last around two hours and a low setting with a seventy hour run time. It runs off of three AAA batteries and costs 19.99.

All these lanterns are available in our store and we hope to see you soon.


- Mr. Caleb Stockham, Camping Associate


PBR is coming!

One of our favorite events is coming back to the Independence Bass Pro Shops

The 2014 Professional Bull Riders will make their way into our store on Saturday, February 22 from 10am - 3pm.

We will have lots of fun and free activities for families to join!  The newest addition to the line up will be the "Outside the Barrel Show" featuring none other than Flint the Entertainer!  This show will be presented from 11am - 11:45am

If you are a member of the Fan Club, we will have an exclusive autograph signing from 11:30am - Noon with the PBR Riders.  Non-fan members will get to have their items signed from Noon - 1pm.

From 1 - 1:30, Clint Adkins - PBR Announcer and Experienced Angler will take to the tanks and provide us with a fun seminar! 

From 10am - 3pm, we will have a free mechanical bull.  We will ask that you sign a waiver before riding.

We will also have some fun kids activities including:

Bull Roping & Stick Bull Riding from 10am - 3pm


All activities will be held indoors and downstairs near our Fish Aquarium.  For more information regarding this event or other events held at the Independence Bass Pro Shops, please call 816-795-4307.


Camo Patterns for Turkey Season

Cabin Fever?  The perfect time to start planning your Spring Turkey Season!  With turkey season around the corner, here is a little help with the Camo pattern used for Spring Turkey Season.

Mossy Oak Obsession:  Being invisible to turkeys has been a lifelong goal for Toxey Haas, founder of Mossy Oak.  The result of this relentless drive is the single best turkey hunting pattern available, appropriately named Obsession.

Obsession builds on the success of the elements used in Break-Up, like ghost shadows and realistic limbs, to expand effectiveness when the woods are taking on spring colors.  These elements include a digitally enhance, lighter background and the addition of carefully selected leaves and spring tones.


Mossy Oak Obsession

RealTree Xtra:  The Xtra in Realtree Xtra stands for extra effectiveness in the field.  This new camo pattern blends perfectly year round in a variety of habitats.  It blends best from the leaf change of fall through winter, then again in the early spring before green-out. 

Using proprietary printing technology, we layer sharp foreground elements over a progressively ghosted mid-ground and very soft background.  The versatile new camo design includes tree trunks, large and small limbs, leaves of many types and colors, and large open areas. 


RealTree Xtra


Shop online or visit us here in Independence for help finding the perfect pattern for your Spring Turkey Season!


Fish finding 2014 and a little bit of winter

Store Marine Department Update:

The marine department has geared up with winterizing supplies for getting the boats ready for winter.  We also have plenty of boat covers to protect your boat from the weather.

We are starting to get in some of the new fishfinder units this past week for 2014.

We also have several seminars coming up –

Hummingbird will be on February 18 at 6pm.  This class is already full, so we can no longer take reservations.

Garmin will be in on March 5 at 6pm.

Lowrance will be March 12 at 6pm.

If you are interested in these classes that remain open, we ask that you call the store at 816-795-4300 and ask for extension 4081 to be connected with a Marine Associate.  You do need to pre-register for these seminars!  We are excited for these classes as this will be the first time that we will have these large seminar classes and look forward to everyone who will be in attendance.

The classes will make it easier to operate your units especially if you are lucky to get a new 2014 unit.

We have started to carry Ray Marine fish finders now at our location.  Another new item we have started carrying is the new Garmin VIRB HD Action Camera.  This item is easy to use and to play back.  It will hold up to a 64 GB SD card (not included) and the battery will hold up to three hours.


We also have plenty of sleds for the kids who are enjoying our snow fall amounts this year!  We also have the Snowblaster, a fun new item that is a must have for anyone who enjoys playing in the snow!

We hope to see you in soon!

--The Marine Department


Harvest of the Deer

As firearms season comes to a close and the deer have been harvested and processed, many people wonder what to do with the meat that now fills their freezer.  Why not try sausage?  Italian, brats, summer, breakfast, salami, bologna, the varieties are endless.  With the right tools, making sausage is not as daunting as one might think.  Whether using a hand stuffer or electric grinder, the process is actually quite simple. Add seasoning and ground pork (if desired) to your ground venison and stuff in casings. Casings range in size from snack stick size to bologna size- depending on what kind of sausage you want to make.  You may then choose to smoke your sausage or freeze uncooked until ready to use.


Bass Pro Shops Electric Meat Grinder by LEM Products (Reg $269.99, Sale starting at $239.97)

LEM makes a wide variety of seasonings that I found to be quite good. I am particularly fond of the Sweet Italian mix.  Kits are also available that contain the casings and pre-measured packets of seasoning and cure.  With the holidays approaching, sausage is an easy and great gift for family and friends. What could be better than saying you made it yourself? 


Sausage Kit - $69.99


Come in and visit with our friendly camping associates to gain more knowledge on sausage making and meat processing!    



Got Cold Feet??

Our footwear department carries many different products that can help keep you warm during the harsh cold temperatures about ready to hit us in Missouri!  Besides the usual insulated boots and heavy weight socks, we carry many accessories to keep your feet warm during the winter months.


We offer a variety of Heat Max products including Toasti-Toes which are air activated warmers that you wear inside your boots, either as an insole or toe warmers.  Most of the warmers have adhesive to help them stay in place.  They are designed to be worn on the outside of your sock on the bottom of your foot.  They provide a lot of warmth so it is important to read and follow the directions listed on the package.  The toe warmers provide up to 8 hours of heat and the insole warmers provide up to 9 hours of heat.  They are great for helping warm your feet on extra cold days.  Whether you wear them for winter outdoor adventures, work, watching sporting events, or shoveling snow, they will keep you warm. 


Another option we have is the ThermaCell Heated Insoles.  These insoles operate with a remote control and have two temperature settings which provide 5 hours of warmth.  They are powered by a rechargeable battery so you don't have to worry about keeping disposable ones on hand, you just simply recharge them.  They come in 5 different sizes to provide warmth for a range of shoe sizes including women's size 4.5 to men's size 13.  Here is a link to take a look at them: 


One thing also to consider is a boot dryer.  Once you are done wearing your boots for the day it is important to entirely dry them out so you can wear them again the next day and to prevent odors and bacteria from building up.  We have two different boot dryers at the store:  the Original Peet Dryer and the Advantage Peet Dryer The Original Peet Dryer has 2 drying ports and the Advantage Peet Dryer has 4 ports with a fan and timer.  We also carry the extensions and glove dry ports that can be used with them.



So come in to the Independence Bass Pro Shop and take a look at our selection of foot warming products.