Keeping Feet Warm - The ThermaCELL Heated Insole

ThermaCELL Heated Insoles

ThemaCELL heated insoles are perfect for anything outdoors from hunting to a cold day to on the job. There are two different styles we would like to cover in this blog posting. The original, ThermaCELL Heated Insoles Or the ThermaCELL Heated Insoles ProFLEX.


The original ThermaCELL Heated Insole has built in rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Each charge can last up to 5 hours on constant heat. Car charger sold separately.  There are three regulated temperature settings with heat up to 111°F. Each insole features internal thermostat to regulate temperature.  They can be controlled with their wireless remote control with a range up to seven feet.  Each insole is engineered to keep your feet warm, not hot, to prevent sweating and freezing.


The ThermaCELL Heated Insole ProFLEX is made with cushioned removable rechargeable lithium ion batteries.  Additional batteries sold separately.  They can be recharged from any powered USB port, wall outlet, or car charger which is sold separately. There are three regulated temperature settings with heat up to 111°F. Each insole features internal thermostat to regulate temperature.  They can be controlled with their wireless remote control with a range up to seven feet.  Each insole is engineered to keep your feet warm, not hot, to prevent sweating and freezing. Perfect for on the job.


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Got Cold Feet??

Is the cold stopping you from going hunting or out to your blind?


It's all about the base (layers)

Base layers are the most popular of our cold gear, especially as our temperatures continue to drop.

We have base layers for both men and women. For men the brands we carry are XPS, Under Armour, Columbia, and the Redhead Military Fleece. For women we carry XPS and Columbia.

Base layers come in several different weights depending on the temperature. XPS brand comes in 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0. The 1.0 for more mild weather and 4.0 for more harsh and extreme weather. The XPS base layers utilize Zone Ventilation Panels in order to keep the individual warm. In Under Armour we have 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0.  It is midweight and utilizes ArmourBlock which is anti-odor technology. Columbia comes in midweight and in heavyweight and uses Omni-Heat which reflects heat back. Lastly the Redhead Military Fleece only comes in one weight. Military Fleece is very lightweight and breathable.



Pictured:  XPS Extreme Base Layer and Under Armour Base Layer

On your next visit to your local Bass Pro Shop apparel department stop by and visit with one of our knowledgeable and friendly sales associates and let us help you find your perfect base layer. This is a fantastic gift idea for anyone who might enjoy hunting, fishing, or even if they work out in the elements during the wintertime. Don’t let the elements keep you or a loved one inside this winter!

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Layer, Layer, Layer

Cold Weather Fly Fishing

Columbia Omni-Tech Apparel - the Cold and Wet Don't Stand a Chance!!

Get Ready for Cold Weather - Under Armour Has You Covered!

Jacob - Apparel Department, Independence Missouri



An Eventful February Is Headed Your Way!

There are so many exciting things coming up in the next month at your Independence Bass Pro Shops store!


Our Crappie Madness event kicks us off January 29 - February 15.  We will have several fun events and activities going on.

Friday February 5 - Join us for our kids casting challenge from 5pm-8pm or get your photo taken with a trophy fish!  At 7pm, Kevin Rogers - Crappie Professional Fisherman will be presenting a seminar on Crappie Techniques.  You won't want to miss it!

Saturday February 6 - Kevin Rogers will be back again to give us more Crappie Techniques at 11am and 2pm.  Our kids casting and photos will be going on from 1pm - 5pm that day.  We will also have fried fish samples from 2pm - 5pm while supplies last!

Friday, February 12 - Join us for tips and tricks for Crappie Fishing from an area local professional at 7pm!

Saturday, February 13 - Join us for tips and tricks for Crappie Fishing from an area local professional at 11am and 2pm!

Be one of the first 50 to join us for the seminar and receive a BPS logo tote bag!  Also - attend the seminar and you can enter our sweepstakes for the chance to win a 2016 Tracker Pro Team 175 TF boat with Rod Holders!

Be one of the first 100 to do the kids casting and photo each day and receive a bobber draw string bag!


Spring Fishing Classic:

The spring fishing classic kicks off on February 12 - February 21.  Outline of the event planned for this event are below:

Local Fishing Tip Seminars by Local Pros:

Friday February 19 - 7pm

Saturday February 20 - 11am, 2pm, 4pm

Sunday, February 21 - 11am, 2pm, 4pm

Please keep an eye on our webpage for more information on topics and who will be speaking at each seminar!

First 25 people to attend a seminar will receive a Spring Fishing Classic Logo soft cooler.


Fried Fish Samples:

Saturday February 20 from 2pm - 4pm while supplies last

Women's Workshop:

Saturday February 20 at 1:30pm - Fishing basics and how fishing can be fun!

First 25 women to attend will receive a tumbler.

Next Generation Weekend:

Saturday February 20 & Sunday February 21 - 12pm - 5pm

Free Photo Download

Kids Workshop:  4:30pm only!!!


Catch and Release Pond (live fishing indoors!!!)

First 100 kids to finish their punch card will receive a fish drawstring backpack!


Professional Bull Riders

On Saturday, February 20 we will also have our Professional Bull Riders event going on in the store as they invade Kansas City and the Sprint Center for the Invitational!  Stay tuned for more details via our website and Facebook page as they become available.



We hope to see you in for one of these fun events!!!  For any questions related to what is going on in the store, please feel free to contact April at (816) 795-4307.





Crappie - From the Shore

I have only been crappie fishing for a few years now in Missouri and thought I would share the different styles and colors of baits that I have had success with fishing from shore. Like some crappie fisherman will tell, it doesn’t really matter what color of bait you use, as long as it is chartreuse. There is some truth to that statement and most of my baits are, or have some chartreuse in them. For example “Electric Chicken”, in recent years, has become a popular color, and yes, it does have a touch of chartreuse in it. Baits used in crappie fishing include live minnows, small spinnerbaits and crankbaits, small flys and soft plastics. From curly tail grubs to small paddletail swimbaits, soft plastics have the most styles and colors available of all the crappie baits and I use them under a float. Bass Pro Shops have a great selection of soft plastics, and my favorites are Bass Pro Shops 1” Squirmin’ Grubs, Bass Pro Shops 2” Triple Ripple Grubs, Crappie Maxx 1/32” Paddletail Minnow and Fle-Fly Brand 1” Go Go Minnow. For 1” plastics I use a 1/64 ounce jighead and for the 2” plastics I will either use a 1/32 or a 1/16 ounce jighead.



Something else I never leave home without is additional fish attractant. Attractants include Berkley PowerBait Crappie Nibbles and liquid attractants. Either type will greatly increase a strike. Nibbles are used to tip a jighead hook and come in a variety of colors. Sprays can include Berkley PowerBait for Crappie, Chompers Formula G, my favorite, or Kick’n Crappie. Simply just give your plastic a couple of drops or squirts.


With all of the proper equipment, styles of baits and techniques, the search for evasive slab can be the most aggravating fish to find, or it can be literally like fishing In-A-Bucket where you just can’t keep them off your hook. Good Luck and wishing you all Tight-Lines!!!


Advanced Crappie Jigging Tactics

Spring Crappie Tactics

Written By:  Paul Stover - Fishing Team Lead


How To Choose The PERFECT Winter Sleeping Bag


If there is one item of winter gear that merits a spulurge, it is a good sleeping bag.  Few things are as luxurious – or as essential for an enjoyable cold-weather camping experience – as a cozy and warm night’s sleep.  A winter sleeping bag is a significant financial investment, however, making it all the more important to find th perfect bag for your needs.

How Warm?

A subzero sleeping bag is recommended for winter camping.  As a general rule, a bag rated between minus 10 and minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit will provide adequate insulation for even the coldest of nights.  A zero-degree bag will often suffice in less Arctic conditions (especially if you are a warm sleeper) and can also be used during the cooler shorter seasons of spring and fall, when a warmer bag would be overkill.  On really cold nights, however, you will almost certainly need to layer up inside a zero degree bag to stay warm.

Down vs. Synthetic

Invest in a down winter sleeping bag if at all possible.  A down-filled bag weighs significantly less – often a pound or more – and compresses significantly smaller than a Synthetic-Down version, which will consume a huge portion of your backpack even when maximally squashed.  Down bags are also a superior long-term investment; they last for decades with little to no loss in warmth.  Synthetic bags, on the other hand, typically lose a noticeable amount of loft and warmth after only a season or two of use.  The lightest winter bags use high fill-power down, which provides warmth with less weight, but can easily add several hundred dollars to the price tag – worth it only for the most serious winter enthusiast.

Fit to be Warm

If at all possible, climb inside and test drive a winter bag before you buy.  Once cocooned inside, first evaluate the length.  Your feet should not push against the end, which compresses the insulation and reduces warmth.  Unlike three, season bags, a little extra room in the tail is often desirable in winter bags to provide space for storing clothes or boot liners at night so they are drier and warmer in the morning.  Next, consider the girth of the sleeping bag, the dimensions across your chest and hips.  You want the bag to be large enough so that you can move easily inside the bag and war extra layers comfortably when necessary.

Nice Features

A water-resistant shell fabric helps prevent outside moisture from entering the bag and is useful for guarding against the inevitable front that will collect inside your tent at night.  A compression stuff sack is particularly useful for bulky winter sleeping bags and can save a significant amount of space in your pack.  Lastly, look for a stiff layer of fabric alongside the zipper, which greatly helps reduce the amount of time you spend dealing with material snagged in the zipper pull.

Shop our great selection of sleeping bags here.


Selecting a Sleeping Bag


Come find your own Island

Come and enjoy a unique island dining experience at Islamorada Fish Company where you can enjoy a 10,500 gallon saltwater aquarium filled with fish native of Hawaii or enjoy the warmth of our 12 foot fireplace. When Independence, Missouri turns warm, you can sit outside in our 125 seat patio overlooking an 18 acre lake with a waterfall. If you are looking to book a private party or hold a very important event we have two separate banquet rooms that seat 35 and 75 people and an excellent banquet menu for you to select from.  Islamorada Fish Company serves a variety of foods including seafood, steaks, chicken, pasta, sandwiches and delicious desserts. 


Starting January 15th through March 31st you can enjoy all you can eat fish and chips for $16.95.  We feature other promotional menu items throughout the year that will get your taste buds going.  Our experienced staff will ensure that your requests are accommodated to the best of our ability.  Here at Islamorada Fish Company we strive on quality product, friendly service and a truly enjoyable dining experience.  Please contact us at 816-795-4200 with questions, comments or banquet booking needs.



JR Sutton

General Manager

Islamorada Fish Company Restaurant


So much in store in our Marine Department

Independence Missouri Bass Pro Shops Marine Department is gearing up for the Thanksgiving Day/5 Day sales tab.  We have a good selection of product and have been priming our customers for the specials.  That is a heck of a deal on the Garmin 73SV units!


We sponsored a fall Lowrance electronics class.  While the turnout was a little light, several members of a local bass club got some great insight and one-to-one tutorials from our Lowrance pro-staffer and one of our tech-savvy associates!

We also have a new associate that has joined our team in the Marine Department.  We would like to welcome Joy Waters.  Joy worked for a number of years at our Hampton, Virginia store and brings a wealth of salt water knowledge with her.  It is great to have her on board!

Stop by and see us soon!  It is never too early to get ready for Spring fishing or do some Winter fishing on the side!!








Finding the right pair of rubber boots

With fall officially here and temperatures dropping that can only mean one thing... Winter is quickly approaching and snow will be on the ground before we know it.  Time to gear up!

What better way to get prepared than with a new pair of rubber boots? Rubber boots have many benefits and are very versatile. They are easy to slip on, easy to clean, completely waterproof.. the list goes on and on. 

We have many choices when it comes to rubber boots: Various brands, colors, heights, and insulation factors. As you can see there are many things to consider when looking for the perfect rubber boot.

First you want to decide on height... height ranges from clog style all the way up to a 16” (knee high) boot. Next you want to consider insulation. Do you want thinsulate which is an insulator or Neoprene that works with your body to keep you warm and cool you as needed.  The third most important is print. Do you want camouflage or a solid color? Once you have decided these 3 main things your search will become easier.


Like before mentioned, Rubber boots are a great winter boot because of there versatility and ease of wear. They can not only be used for a wet snowy day but also for your hunting excursions. They are extremely easy to slip on and off and they also offer the feature of being able to tuck your pants in so they also stay dry.  For more information and help with getting the perfect fit in the perfect new boot stop by your local Bass Pro Shops of Independence where we would be happy to assist you!  AND as always enjoy the great outdoors.

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How to Insulate Properly: Hunting Boots

Chelsea McDaniel

Team Lead of Footwear


Fire Starting 101

With summer coming to an end and the temperatures dropping it is starting to feel a lot like fall.  Though we are thankful for the cooler weather, the temperature drop at night can put a damper on many fun camping trips planned for the next couple of months.  A campfire is a perfect way to put you into the camping spirit as well as stay warm as we continue into the chilly nights ahead.  Luckily here at your local Bass Pro Shops, we have a selection of great fire starting materials from many top brands:  Light My Fire, Coghlan's, and Ultimate Survival Technologies.  Not only do the brands create great products, you can own one yourself without having to break the bank.  All the products we will discuss are under $15.00.


Light my Fire is a Swedish Bran that specialized in camp mess kits and fire starters.  Their Firesteel 2.0 Scout is one of the more popular fire starters that we sell. This is a set that consists of a ferro rod and a metal striker that when slid across the rod creates a spark that is over 5,000 degrees!  The unit itself is durable and will last over 3,000 strikes.  The striker and the starter rod come attached on a string so you don't have to worry about losing one or the other.  In addition to strikers, Light My Fire also sells a collection of fire starting materials which they call Tindersticks.  These Tindersticks are natural wood that has a high resin content that makes it highly flammable and long lasting. 


Another popular outdoor brand is Ultimate Survival Technologies.  They take the system of a sparking rod and a striker and simplify it into one concise package.  This combination they call the Sparkie.  The Sparkie can shoot sparks with a simple push allowing one to sart a fire by simply placing down kindling and pushing the Sparkie towards it.  Unlike other brands where you have to fumble with making sure you shoot the sparks in the correct direction and with enough force, the sparkie ensures that every time you strike it you get a spark.  In addition Ultimate Survival Brands has fire starter tinder titled Wetfire.  Wetfire as its name suggests can light under many harsh conditions and will ignite with just one spark even when wet.   


Tired and true brand Coghlans provides the standard for fire starters.  Their fire starter is the standard rectangular system people might recognize from survivor and many survival television shows.  The block is used with a knife to create sparks.  White this is not as simplistic as the systems created by other brands, this is the original design for fire starters and has lasted for many years.  Coghlans has a collection of tinder as well.  Their firesticks are waterproof and will quickly ignite and stay lit to ensure you have the best change of starting your fire.  


So as you gear up for you fall camping excursions come down to Bass Pro and check out these great products that will help you create a fire fast and a fire that will last!


How to Build a Safe Campfire


Fall Hunting Boots

It sure is a beautiful time of year, fall is quickly approaching. The leaves will soon start changing, crisp cool air, and of course HUNTING SEASON! What better way to gear up for the season than with a new pair of hunting boots.

With hunting boots there are a few things you need to consider. First consider what time of year you will be wearing them:  Early season, mid-season, or late season. This will affect how much insulation you need. Also consider the terrain you will be hunting on and how much walking you will be doing, this will affect height as well as how aggressive of tread you will need.

Last but not least you will want to think about socks, a good sock with a good liner is very important. We have many choices when it comes to socks and liners, but my favorite is our RedHead lifetime warranty wool sock. It sports 82% wool to keep you warm and comfortable as well as reinforced heel and toe stitching, and the BEST part of all is the LIFETIME WARRANTY. Paired with a polypropylene sock liner you are sure to keep warm, dry, and comfortable on your outdoor adventure.  What gets better than that?!?!


We have MANY choices as far as hunting boots are concerned so I will only highlight a few. We carry several different brands here at your Independence Bass Pro Shops: Danner, RedHead, Rocky, SHE, and Wolverine.

Within these brands we have many choices to meet the needs of any hunter. We have insulation ratings from non-insulated all the way up to 1600 grams. All of our hunting boots are 100% waterproof and some may be available in wide widths. We also have heights ranging from 6 in to 12 in with many different types of tread. As you can see we have many great options.

Stop by your Independence Bass Pro shops to see our full selection, we would love to help you find the perfect boot to fit your needs! See you soon!

Must Have Footwear For Your Hunting Adventures

Hunting Boots for Women


Bow Review - The BlackOut Intrigue

For years, Bass Pro Shops has offered premium bow packages at attractive prices.  Though, the most recent models including the Kronik XT, Toxik XT, and Blackout SS were marketed for taller, more seasoned archers.

This year, Bass Pro Shops presents the new BlackOut Intrigue, a competitive, single-cam, grow-with-you bow with an IBO of 313 feet per second, 80% let-off.  It maintains its performance at all points of the spectrum, whether it is the shortest, lightest setting, middle of the road, or longest, highest setting.    


The wide range of draw settings makes it appealing to archers of all ages and sizes.  The draw weight has a whopping 50 pounds of adjust-ability, from 20-70 pounds.  The draw length is just as flexible, starting at 23” and peaking at 30”.

The Intrigue is extremely convenient for all hunting environments, whether out of a ground blind or from the midst of leaves in a tree stand, even if you have to trek to reach your secret hunting spot, as its axle-to-axle measures 31 and it weighs in at only 3.3 pounds.

What might be even more exciting than its variability and convenience is the fact that the Intrigue is offered in purple accent, and in case you’ve been hibernating, purple is the new pink of the archery world.  The riser dons Realtree Xtra with carbon fiber patterned limbs.

Along with all Blackout bows, the Intrigue comes in a complete bow package: easy to use 3-pin Apex sight, 3-point contact Hostage arrow rest, Octane 5” Ultra Lite stabilizer, wrist sling, D-loop, and self-aligning peep sight.

Compound Bow Buyer's Guide

Archery Season is Here and We Have a Bow for You!


Deer Management Part 2

Food Plots


This can be a very tough subject to talk about because of the many levels of food plotting. But I get more questions on what options hunters who do not have access to heavy equipment or a 4-wheeler have. There are tons of seed companies out there that have great plotting seeds. But in the hunting industry the two most popular are Evolved Harvest and Bio-Logic. You can’t turn on a hunting show without seeing one of these two industry giants. Evolved Harvest has several no till formulas available for sale that can be planted in the spring or fall of the year. Most of which will come packaged in a 5lb bag that will cover 1/4 acre or approximately a 25yd by 50yd patch of ground. This is an ideal size for a nice personal plot within bow hunting distance. Their throw and grow line is one of the most popular seeds on the market with hunters today from their original Throw and Gro ($15.99) which is a combo of ryegrass, forage clover and brassica mixed in. They also have Throw and Grow Extreme Radish ($21.99) which has everything that the original has plus the addition of a great late season draw:  Radishes. A fairly new addition is the Throw and Gro Extreme Oats ($13.99). Oats, clover and brassica all mixed together is a great all round seed.

Now to address the name - Throw and Gro. You can just throw it out on some bare ground and get some growth. But you will have a tremendous amount of better luck if you take the time and prepare the seed bed beforehand. At the very minimal, you should clear your intended area of any rocks, log, weeds that you can. A weed eater, machete, rake and a spray bottle with weed killer is your friend. You want to make sure your seeds have every possible chance to make contact with the soil. If you can go through the area several days in advance of planting with some Round-up or something of the same category. It will make the job of weed eating 10 times easier. Then you can Rake the area clean before planting. Also before planting, take a look at the weather and if possible try to place the seeds out right before a nice soaking rain. The rain will help push your seeds to the desired depth of about 1/4 inch or so under the surface. Remember this basic - if you do everything as above you will get modest growth. The better plants will come if you apply the right amount of fertilizer and lime to the soil. A soil test is the proper way to figure out how much of each you need to apply. It’s not as hard as you may think. You can go to your local MFA or COOP and they can get you going or there are plenty of websites available such as or you can subscribe to a magazine like Farming For Wildlife. Any of these will give you loads options for your new food plot. If you do not want to do a soil test then most of the company's will recommend you use 75 lbs of 13-13-13 Fertilizer and 500lbs of lime per 1/4 acre. Which in most cases is a little more then you need.

BioLogic has countless seed combos on the market but two of my best and most attractive to deer food plots every year is Winter Bulbs and Sugar Beets $21.99 and Maximum $19.99. Both come standard in 2.25lb bags that will cover a 1/4 acre. These are not no till formulas. So tilling is the proper way to get the most out of these two seeds. I know some of you are thinking. I need to get a Tractor or ATV. It is nice having access to them but here is a cheaper trick to get you by. There are a lot of company's small and large that for a small fee you can rent a very nice rear tine tiller. Yes a tiller. Think of it as gardening for deer. As long as you already have the area clean of debris and mowed. A 1/4 acre plot will take no time at all to till up. A tiller gives more options on how to plant. I like to divide my fall plots and plant two different types of plants like the maximum in one and sugar beets in the other. Plants like these are a dual purpose plot. You get that early push where they are eating the green tops of the plants and then later in the year when everything is getting thin they will start digging up the big root bulbs and beets and in turn allows you to have a great late season food source. After your plants get to about 3'' in length, I like to go back and spray BioLogics M.E.E.N Green Fertilizer on them. For $24.99 you get a 15-40-5 mix that comes in a 5 lb bag that will cover up to 1 full acre. By mixing 5 oz of Meen Green with 1 gallon of water you will be well on your way to a much healthier food plot. 

 Food Plot 101

It's Not Too Late to Plot                                                                                         

To Be Continued

Up Next. Game Cameras


Smithville Fishing Report

Fishing Report


Morgan McLain and I fished a tournament on Smithville on Sunday.  We got 6th place with 14.11 pounds and our biggest fish weighed 4.85 pounds.  The crank bait bite is on at Smithville.  If you find a point with a bunch of fish on it, just start cranking.  Square bills are always a good choice on Smithville.  I even caught a 22” walleye and a 15” white bass on a really old medium diving crankbait that I have not used in 10 years.  We caught all these fish but our big one on main lake points.  Later when the sun came out, we switched to flipping flooded willows to catch our big fish.  Look for little points or pass ways through the willows, just like when you look for points and saddles on a lake.  These will be your more product willows.  I try to put the bait in the middle of the tree if possible.  If the lure doesn’t go through the leaves right away, shake it a little and then it usually falls through.  Be aware of how deep you are fishing and count the lure down to the bottom.  If it normally takes 6 seconds and the line stop before 6 seconds or keeps moving after 6 seconds, set the hook!  I leave the lure set for 5 seconds and gently tighten the line to move the bait.  If there is a heavier than normally feeling, set the hook and get the fish out as fast as you can.  Hopefully the whole bush will shake and the water will boil with a good fish. Listed below are the items I used for each pattern.  The core is expected to start releasing water on Saturday which should make the main lake point bite even better.  You can get current lake conditions here. This page is updated daily.  If you visit the page often, you may need to refresh the page (F5 in Internet Explorer) to get retrieve the most recent information.  Good luck fishing and may all your fish be keepers!


Rod: 6’ 6” Medium action Bass Pro Shops Crankin’ Stick

Reel: 6.4:1 Johnny Morris Signature Baitcasting Reel

Line: 15 pound XPS FlouroCarbon

Lures: Bass Pro Shops XPS Square Bill in Pearl Splatter Back

Bomber Fat Free Shad (Green back and white sides)



Rod: 7’6” MH Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris CarbonLite Micro Guides Casting

Reel: 7.1:1 Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier Baitcaster

Hook: 4/0 TroKar Tube Hooks with TroKar Barb on Shank

Weight: ¼ ounce Tungsten Bullet Sinker pegged with Bass Pro Shops Bobber Stopper

Lure: 4.25” Watermelon Bass Pro Shops River Bug with tail dyed Chartreuse with SpikeIt.


Aaron Olsen - Fishing Pro Staff for Independence Missouri Bass Pro Shops


Gear Up For Summer!

The kick off to summer has officially begun with the Memorial Day weekend.  If you collection of outdoor gear is ever growing, organization is always a constant struggle.  Such as packing for a trip, keeping gear together, or just a day at the lake, the solution is the line of Redhead Deluxe Gear Bags to ease the clutter and to make your journey as easy as possible.


Redhead has designed three bags to fit the needs for all outdoors people. The medium measures 24” x 12” x 12”, large is 32”x15”x15” and the extra large measures 36”18x18. All of these bags come in Realtree Xtra and come with a lifetime warranty.

Some other features include: 

  • Heavy-duty water-resistant fabric
  • Large loading capacity
  • U-opening with heavy-duty two-way zippers
  • 2 large side pockets
  • Weather-resistant storm flap-covered zipper closures
  • Comfortable webbed shoulder harness
  • Handy pull wrap handle on each end
  • Water-resistant extra-heavy-duty bottom
  • Compatible with Tech-Lok accessories

You can keep these bags fully loaded and ready to go for your next outdoor adventure packed in the back of your vehicle or in a closet. They are a great value and they look similar to a premium product but are priced well below what one would often pay.

RedHead Deluxe Gear Bags


Hunting Season 2015 - Part 1

It is that time of the year again. It is the time to start getting ready for the upcoming deer season. I know what some of you are thinking. It’s June and I should be fishing. You are right; it is a great time to be out on the water. But what you do now could really help you come fall. This will be Part 1 of 4 of Game Management 101.


Let’s start with mineral. (Followed by) Food Plots, Game Cams and Tree Stands.

They are in my opinion 3 types of hunters: You have the hunters that want to attract deer, Hunters who want to grow deer or hunters who want to do both. I like to do both. There are a lot of products on the market that will draw deer in like a magnet. But they do nothing for them other than make them really thirsty. What I look for in an attractant is a product that has as many proteins and minerals that you can cram in it. Not just salt that a lot of them have. It is a proven fact that if given the right amount of food, protein, and minerals a whitetail buck can grow 1'' of Antler a day. With that said, you take that buck you had on your farm last year that was about 130'' that you passed looking for a bigger one. You can do the math. I bet it is safe to say you wouldn't pass him again. And that's why I feed mineral year round on my farms. 

The most iconic mineral on the market is The Trophy Rock. For $17.99 you will get a 12lb block full of over 60 trace minerals that is 100% natural.  It is legal to hunt over in the Show Me State. I place 2 of these Rocks on each of my 3 farms in 2 separate locations. Depending on deer consumption and weather, I only have replace them every 6 or so months. WARNING: Do not place mineral blocks where you do not want to have holes. On 2 of my hunting spots I have holes knee deep from consistent Trophy Rock placement. I have game cam picks of deer up to their shoulders in the hole. It is really a fantastic product.


Another product I have great success with is Big & J Products. I have used their BB2 Supplement $19.99 for 20lbs for the last several seasons and have had great luck with growing and attracting. It's a great standalone attractant.  If you are wanting to make it last try mixing it with corn. The product I had the most luck with was there new item - Liquid Luck. $12.99 for 1/2 gallon. Don't be scared by its look and aroma. It’s great at pulling in deer from afar and quickly. I placed it out for the first time on my brand new area that I had no clue what was there or where. I had the first trail cam picture within 4 hours of it being there and that continued for almost a month before it lost its luster and I had to refresh it. Reminder, unlike the T-Rock, Big & J products are grain based. Which means under Missouri Law it is considered baiting. Make sure they are removed 10 days prior to your planned hunt. These are just a few suggestions and I hope they help. There are many great products out there. Just remember if you want to attract and grow big deer, buy products with good protein and mineral content and you will be on your way to growing that buck of a lifetime. From all of us here at your local Independence Bass Pro Shops -- Have Fun and Safe Hunting Experience....................


Whitetail Mineral Sites

Deer in the Midwest getting big on Trophy Rock



The choices in hiking footwear

Spring is in full swing! That can only mean one thing, lots and lots of RAIN. Don’t let rain put a damper on your outdoor activities and invest in a pair a waterproof hiking boots. Hiking shoes are a wonderful shoe option, especially this time of year, because of their versatility. They come on many different brands and styles with features to fit any ones needs.



Deciding what you need out of your shoe and what features are necessary is the first step to picking the right hiker for you. The first decision you will want to make is between a Mid and low top. Mids reach just above the ankle and will offer ankle support for those who need it. They are great for the aggressive hiker or anyone that likes to have that added support. Low tops are a tennis shoe height  and while offering great foot-bed support do not offer ankle support. One more big decision you need to make is whether you need/want waterproof or not. Waterproof is an awesome feature but not necessary for everyone. We have a variety of styles that are full leather with waterproof as well as several that still offer breathability. After those 2 decisions everything else will fall into place.

Now to highlight some of our top styles this season; RedHead offers many great styles of hikers that will give you more bang for your buck. The first I will talk about is the RedHead Ranger Ridge; this particular shoe comes in a mid as well as low top version. Both are waterproof and rated highly for comfort, support, and durability. It is also available in woman’s styles. Another great style in RedHead is the Trekker Low Trail Shoe. This shoe is great for everyday use and light hiking. It is a lightweight breathable shoe that still offers the waterproof feature.

Now for our top selling brand, Merrell is the best of the best as far as hikers are concerned. They are durable and rated the highest across the board in comfort. We carry SEVERAL styles that are sure to please but I will just highlight a few. The first is the Moab Mid Waterproof. This shoe sports a 100% waterproof membrane while still being extremely breathable. It is light weight with an aggressive Vibram rubber outsole that offers shock absorbency and last ability. Just try it on and it sells itself!  We also carry this same style with all the same features in a low top, and they both come in womans styles!!

As you can see we have many great hiking options to fit anyone’s needs, and to think these are just few. Come in to your local Bass Pro Shops to see our full selection and to receive expert help in deciding the best shoe for you!


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Chelsea McDaniel

Team Lead of footwear


Spring Means Chacos!!

SPRING HAS SPRUNG, so of course that means it is time for some outdoor adventures. But, don’t forget the most important thing…. You guessed it, a good pair of outdoor sandals. Here at your Independence Bass Pro Shops we have MANY wonderful choices to say the least. Although, there is one brand that will be sure to be a hit this year, CHACOS! They have many great features that will meet your needs for your family’s spring and summer adventures.  We carry a wide selection of Men’s, Woman’s, and Kid’s in a variety of colors and style choices.

Now, to highlight a couple of ladies styles; The Z Volv2 Orbit is a great choice featuring fully adjustable straps to achieve a “custom” fit, 25% recycled rubber outsole, and “LUVSEAT PU” heel cups for superior comfort.


$99.99 Z Volv2 Orbits

Another great ladies option is the Z Volv X2 pink diamonds, this sandal sports a stylish toe ring design as well as all the before mentioned features which are sure to please.

            To point out some the Men’s Styles; we have the Z/Volv, this sandal design will deliver superior performance for all of your outdoor activities, Giving your feet and body comfort all day. The men’s chacos also provide the LUVSEAT PU heel cups, and great arch support. 


$99.99 Z/Volv

            We can’t forget those little kiddos! For the girls we have the ZX/1. This features the double strapped webbed uppers making for a truly customized fit. There is also a durable foot beds specialized for those young feet, making sure that the alignment and support is just right.

Having sandals for youth that are just as supportive and durable as adult styles is very important, and something that Chaco does well. In the Boys we have the Z/1, they have a diamond pattern surface to help prevent slipping. The outsoles are made of 25% recycled rubber featuring 2mm lugs to help with walking on land and in water.


As you can see, Chacos have out done themselves and are definitely a top of the line sandal. Stop by your Independence Bass Pro Shops to see our full selection of not only Chacos but many other great brands. We hope to see you soon!!


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Summer with Sanuks

With summer starting up, and all kinds of outdoor adventures on your mind, it’s time to gear up! Starting with your footwear!


Sanuk Sandals are the shoes to get for your summer! It’s made out of comfortable yoga mat material, and fits the summer time feel! Too many people are venturing out without comfy foot attire! Give your feet a rest this year; come in and get yourself some Sanuk Sandals today!  

We have a very unique collection of sandals for men and women both!

For women, the hot item this year is the “Yoga Sling”. A flip-flop like footwear, without the inconvenience of a flip flop! They have the luxurious yoga mat feel with sturdy fabric straps that comfortably wrap around your foot. Not to mention the multiple colors and patterns available!

The popular Sidewalk Surfers, “These are not shoes, their sandals!”, are available in women and men styles! How many times have you wished you had a more comfortable slip-on without the stiffness of a regular shoe? This Sneaker-inspired shoe is easy to slip on and lightweight for an everyday wear. Sanuk uses an antimicrobial insole, which helps with odor control. The insole is also rubber for easy cleaning. For all the men and women that want to have fun in the sun without the hassle, these sandals are for you!

And of course, we can’t forget about the men and women’s classic Flip-Flop. Like every sandal from Sanuk, you are guaranteed to have the best quality! This sandal provides their signature comfy yoga mat feel with the easy slip-on feature, along with the various colors and patterns available!

All of these Sanuk brand selections and more are available at your Bass Pro Shops in Independence, MO! If you stick with them for your footwear this summer, you are bound to enjoy the summer a little more this year!


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Camo Choices in Spring Weather

Spring has arrived and has brought with it some rainstorms. Our camouflage department has hunting clothing for any sort of weather, to prepare for the springtime showers that lie ahead it may be a good idea to invest in a waterproof jacket and pants.


Squaltex II jacket

Our camouflage department has a variety of new styles of camouflage rain suits. For supreme protection from the elements, keep a lookout for the RedHead Squaltex II Jacket and pants. The Squaltex II jacket combines our waterproof, windproof and breathable BONE-DRY membrane with the camouflage designs of Realtree Xtra. This rain suit will not only keep you dry but will keep you comfortable while on your next great hunt. Staring at $69.99 or the jackets and $59.99 for pants, his option will is relatively affordable and worth every penny.


                For the Female hunters out there The SHE outdoor brand has a good selection of rainwear that keeps you dry but also breathes to provide a comfortable hunt, no matter the weather. SHE strives to make Premium hunting gear for women. The jacket and pants are a Realtree Xtra design. The jackets start at $79.99 and the pants start at $69.99.

                Come on down to your local Bass Pro Shops and stop by our camouflage department. The associates will help pair you with the best hunting clothing for you.  Hope your turkey season goes well and happy hunting.

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Beginners Guide to Hiking

Spring is here! The warm weather has finally arrived and if you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether it is hiking one of our local trails, kayaking on a pond or stream, or even just sitting out and enjoying the weather, Bass Pro Shops encourages you to go out and have fun.

                Your local Bass Pro Shops is your go to destination to prepare for fun outdoor activities. If you need to upgrade some of your old gear or even purchase a whole new set of outdoor equipment our friendly associates at bass pro shops will be happy to pair you with the product that will work best for you.

                One fun activity that anyone can do outdoors this season is hiking. We have all the essentials you will need to have a fun and successful hiking trip. Whether you are new to hiking and need to start from scratch or you’re an experienced hiker with lots of equipment, Bass Pro Shops has gear that will help you enjoy your hiking experience.

                For those who may be new to hiking we have created a set of products perfect for the new hiker.  With these products anyone should be properly prepared to take an overnight hike.  When hiking there are a few essential things you will need those are, shelter and sleep systems, water, food, storage,  first aid and illumination. These are the most important factors that you must take into consideration when purchasing gear and preparing for a hiking trip.

                The first group that most people explore when getting into hiking is storage.  For storage of all your hiking essentials you will need a backpack. We recommend that for an overnight trip you bring at least a 35 Liter Pack just to be sure that you can fit everything.  The most recommended pack that we sell in our store is the Kelty Redwing 50L pack. The Redwing 50 is an all-around perfect backpack. The fifty liter capacity makes it perfect for one to two overnight stays. The pack opens up like a duffel bag making it easy to load and unload and removes the need to top load the backpack with the most essential gear.  This bag is on many magazines top lists and is one of the bestselling backpacks in our store.



                Once you have your backpack the next logical step is to look for a tent. When looking for a backpacking tent you must look for light and small tents. Lighter tents are much easier to carry and many backpacking tents are made to be extremely light and portable. We recommend the Eureka Solitare tent.  It is a single man tent and weighs only 2 pounds and nine ounces making it perfect for a single hiker.  If you are hiking with friends or family you can buy a two or three person tent and split it up between two or three back packs to help keep the weight down.


                Sleeping bags are another important part overnight hiking.  Having a good sleeping bag and sleeping pad can make a big difference on the quality of sleep you have while hiking. We recommend a self-inflating Thermarest sleeping pad. Thermarest fuses the comfort of an air mattress with the heat retaining properties of a closed cell sleeping pad. The result is a comfort able pad that will keep the heat or cold from seeping up into your sleeping bag. Pair this sleeping pad with a The North Face Wasatch 30 sleeping bag. This sleeping bag will keep you warm through even the coolest summer nights. It also compresses very well and will not take up much space in a backpack.

                The next sections are about your survival in the woods.  Hiking can be a very strenuous activity so it is important to stay hydrated. It is important to bring lots of water with you while hiking. For water storage we recommend purchasing a couple Nalgene Bottles or a water bladder for your pack. If necessary you can purchase a water filter and filter your own water from streams and ponds as you go. This can decrease the amount of water you have to carry on you at all times and filtering water can provide you with a nice rest from hiking which is very important.


                Food is another important thing to remember while hiking. Keeping your energy up is very important. Even on short day hikes always pack a nutrition bar or trail mix to give you an extra boost of energy. For longer overnight trips a camp stove is a necessity. The easiest way to get protein and energy while hiking is freeze dried meals. Companies such as mountain house and backpackers pantry create delicious meals that you simply have to boil water and rehydrate. To heat your water re recommend purchasing a small camp stove such as a MSR pocket rocket stove and a set of cooking pans such as our new Ascend 3 piece cook setJetboil also makes the flash unit which combines a cook stove and a cookware set.  All of these sets will provide you with great heat and cookware all while being ultra-portable and lightweight.

                It is important to remember to bring a first aid kit on whatever outdoor adventure you may go on. You never know what sort of situation might arise. For hiking first aid we sell a great day hiker and family first aid kits that should be able to treat many outdoor injuries.

                Lastly you cannot forget your flashlight. For hiking we recommend a headlamp. You can wear it on your forehead so they are out of the way. They can be very bright and are extremely important. You can even combine a headlamp with a Nalgene bottle and make a makeshift lantern to light your tent or campsite. We recommend the byte headlamp. It is inexpensive and provides a great amount of light and versatility.  It last s over 80 hours on one set of batteries and even has a red light function which can help keep bugs from being attracted to it.

                With these recommendations you can go out and have a fantastic hike in our great outdoors. Many of these items can be replaced with items you may already have. If you already have a great backpack, feel free to use that instead.  A handheld flashlight can work just as well as a headlamp. Use what you have to create a backpack system that works perfect for you. These recommendations are great if you are looking to upgrade what you already have. These products are selection of some of the best the camping department has to offer.

                Come on in to your local Bass Pro Shops and check out these products. Our friendly camping staff will be able to help you chose the products that will work best for your needs. So go get out and enjoy the great outdoors and we hope to see you soon!


Camping Associate

Bass Pro Shops, Independence Missouri


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