What does 2012 have in store? Farmer’s Almanac and Old Wives Tales

Some of my most favorite times spent growing up in the country was with some of my more seasoned relatives.  My grandparents and parents often passed down several old wives tales and always seemed to have the Farmer's Almanac on hand at any given moment.  I also remember begging my dad to take me fishing.  Often, he would live by the Farmer’s Almanac; to plant his garden for the year, but to also check and see what was predicted about the weather and when would be the best times to go fishing.  So curiosity set in and I was thinking to myself the other day which dates would be the best fishing dates this year.  These are the dates that the Almanac told me would be my best bet (days between when the moon is new and full):

  • January 1–9
  • January 23–February 7
  • February 21–March 8
  • March 22–April 6
  • April 21–May 5
  • May 20–June 4
  • June 19–July 3
  • July 19–August 1
  • August 17–31
  • September 15–29
  • October 15–29
  • November 13–28
  • December 13–28


Thinking back, my dad would also make a comment about old wives tales and the darn east wind; saying we wouldn’t catch anything – but I always thought he just didn’t want to take me fishing.  Well, it was funny because he was always right – we would never catch fish in an east wind.  I included some old fishing and hunting wives tales.  Can you tell me if I missed any that you have heard of??


If the cows are laying down the fish won't bite.

Wind from the east fish bite the least. Wind from the west fish bite the best.

I also heard that if the wind was from the north, don't venture forth. If the wind was from the south, it would blow the bait right into a fish's mouth.

Pink sky at night, sailors delight. Pink sky in morning, sailors take warning.

Throw back the first fish you catch then you'll be lucky the whole day fishing.

If you count the number of fish you caught, you will catch no more that day.



If the cows were up eating the deer would be up eating. If the cows were bedded the deer would be bedded.

Deer never look up so tree stand hunters have it made

When the smoke comes out of the chimney, then goes down -- go hunting. (barometer is falling)

When the moon is full the deer will feed all night and lay-up during the day.

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