The Art of Fly Tying: An informative Interview with our Fly Tying Associates


  1. What does a person typically need to get started with very basic fly tying?  Any person who is wanting to get started in the art of fly tying need some basic things:  A vise, bobbin holder, thread, very sharp pointed scissors, an assortment of feathers {Marabou, Rooster Saddle, Pheasant Tail}, chenille, jig heads, and appropriate hooks.  The very nice thing is that Bass Pro Shops offers 4 different fly tying kits - Jig, Bass, Saltwater, and Trout - to get you started for $79.99. 
  1.   Are there any programs or seminars that Bass Pro Shops in Independence offers to customers who want to learn how to fly tie? We offer fly tying classes year round with the exception of November and December.  Beginner classes have been very popular.  You need to call ahead, there is very limited seating.  These classes are every Monday and Wednesday at 6:30pm.  Folks can reach us at 816-795-4300 extension 4045.
  1. What baits would you suggest?  Baits to use are species specific, environment specific to the water being fished, and also time of day/year specific.  Different fish, different water, and different times of the day can drastically change the baits that are being used.  There are really only two baits that catch all species, in all waters and any time of the day or year – those would be jigs and wooly buggers.
  1. What are some of the challenges you are facing in today’s current environment?  Fly fishing is still growing at a fast pace.  Overcrowding, lack of stream etiquette - especially in trout parks.  There has never been a better time to get into fly fishing.  The quality of inexpensive outfits has improved.  You can get into the sport for just around $100.  Another big change is as of March 1st, you will no longer be able to use felt soles on your waders unless you can seal them to adapt to new regulations. 


The guys wanted me to add that you can visit .  It is a non-profit organization whose primary function is to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness and Protect Healing Waters.  April 27 – 29th is the first ‘Buster event of the year.  If you visit the fly shop, you can see Jim K. or Bob B. and they would love to tell you more about this.

Our fly shop associates always love to help new people learn the trade of fly fishing.  Next time you visit the store, stop by and meet a couple of them and ask them some more questions!

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