Clearance Clearance Clearance

Every where you look you can see clearance right now.  From footwear to our gifts department the savings that you will find will make your pocket book or wallets sing for joy.  Do you want to get an early start on some Christmas shopping? Then now is the time to come in and start that pre-christmas shopping.  Even if you just want to stock up a gift closet so that you always have something on hand for those last minute birthday presents.



Now who does not want to save on some stylish footwear.  Just think with the money that you save from shopping our clearance selection you will be able to get more then one pair.  Your friends will be green with envy when they see your stylish footwear that you just got at a steal.

And don't forget about the apparel department.  The selection of clearance items is great from shorts to pants to even that perfect top to complete the look.  There is even clearance jewelry for the ladies. They always have that perfect out fit those new shoes that you got in footwear.  And just think you will still have enough money to go out on the town with the girls or even that handsome guy in your life.


So don't forget to check out all the great clearance deals at Bass Pro Shops at Leeds, AL.


Short on Cash

Wow, where has the summer gone!  I can not believe that the summer is almost over and that school is about to begin.  It is almost time for all that back to school shopping that we all know and love.  Now if you are anything like me, you are running a little short on money for all those new cloths that are needed for back to school time.  But I know that I can always get some really great deals at Bass Pro Shops.  The clearance sections in the apparel department are great for helping me to stretch that dollar. 

The clearance sections in ladies apparel have always been my favorite because you can find such great deals. Now I will admit that they have a very large selection of items some may be in the smaller sizes but they also have larger sizes.  The men's clearance have just as large of a selection as the ladies and sometimes there are even brand names that have been marked down. 

I know I will always find that perfect outfit to impress everyone on my first day of school.  I will even know that I did not spend lots of money but they sure will not know.  So go check out your local Leeds, Alabama Bass Pro Shops for a great outfit for that first day of school.

You can also always visit our online clearance center at link




Are you ready for July 4th?

Wow where has the summer gone.  Before you know it will be time for the kids to head back to school.  But before that time happens we have one more holiday for the summer and that is July 4th.  Are you ready for this holiday?  It is a time for fun in the sun, grilling with friends and fire works but you also want to look stylish while you are enjoying this day.

Have we got the perfect out fit for you.  From women to men we have the perfect top and shorts to keep you looking stylish while you are having all that fun.  For the men we have several nice shirts that show your patriotic pride.  We even have the perfect shorts to go with that shirt that you just have to have.  Also don't forget that eye wear to protect those wonderful eyes.

Now we have not forgotten the women out there we even have the perfect out to make all you friends envious of you.   Our patriotic shirts come in several different styles and once you pair that with either khaki shorts or even blue jean shorts you have a great out fit.  And don't for get that eye wear to complete that outfit.


Come in and see us today for that perfect outfit for all that July 4th fun.


Camo Summer Wear

What do you get for that guy that loves camo year round and the temperature outside is close to ninety?

You get them camo shorts or the perfect camo sleeveless top.  We have the perfect pair of shorts.  They are cargo shorts with all the pockets that can hold just about anything and everything. These shorts are great for just hanging around the house or out for a night of partying.  These shorts are also comfortable for any of those long days at the ball park.  And boy will your guy be styling with the camo that he loves to wear.

Now there are two different shirts that bass pro shops have for the camo lover for the summer.  They are both sleeveless for those guys that love to show off their guns. One of the shirts is a button up while the other is a pull over. I know my guy really likes the style and fit of these shirts. 


We also have the perfect outfit already put together for those who have a hard time trying to decide what goes well together.  This outfit even has the sunglasses, hat and cooler to complete your all day adventure in camo.


Water Time Essentials

Wow, where has the time gone.  Can you please that is now summer.  I know I cannot but I know that the water is calling my name.  So I need the perfect eye wear and the perfect swim wear.

Now I have heard that Bass pro shops in Leeds, Alabama has gotten in a big shipment of new Costas and I cannot wait to check them out.  From my understanding they have Boga, Cortez, La Mar, Loreto, Luke, Mag Bay, Rooster, Playa, Pawleys, Palapa and Manta.  That is a lot of new sunglasses to choose from and I know that they will help me pick out the right pair for me.  Plus they will make sure I look good while I am wearing them.


The swim wear selection for women and men is really large this year.  For the women there are two styles of tops.  Whether you like the tank top or just the bikini top they have both and the colors and patterns are nice this year.  Also the bottoms that they have work really well with which ever you pick.  They have shorts, shirts and even the bikini bottoms.  So there is something for all body types.  Don’t forget to look at the big straw floppy hats to complete your outfit.





Now men don’t think there is nothing for you because there is a large selection of board shorts just for you.  The patterns and color selection will make you ask which one I should get.  I hear they even have camo patterns for those men that have to have camo for everything.  Don’t forget to get a ball cap to match your swim trunks.







Please visit us at or please come into our store located at Leeds, Alabama.


PBR Family Event - April 2015

Well it is that time again! PBR is almost here and we have a lot of exciting stuff for you to enjoy!

We will be holding this FREE event April 11th and 12th from 12pm - 4pm.


What will be going on?

  • PBR Brazil - The Longest Ride Giveaway          
    • Entry forms will be avaliable at the event, or you may enter online at from 12am CT on April 4th through 11:59pm CT on April 19th.
    • The following are the possible prizes from entering this giveaway:
      • Second Prize - A certificate for one pair of Ariat boots and two The Longest Ride movie tickets
      • First Prize - Private screening of The Longest Ride for the winner and up to 50 guests.
      • Grand Prize - a 7day/6night trip for the winner and one guest to Rio de Janerio and Berratos, Brazil to attend a PBR show and concert.
  • Lots of Activities:
    • Stick Bull Riding
      • Children will be given a stick bull to ride or race through a hay bale track.
    • Bull Roping
      • A bull head will be placed on a bale of straw and children will get 3 chances to get the rope around the neck. It is harder than it looks!
    • Face Painting
      • Get your face painted like "Flint" the Entertainer
    • Crafts
      • Children can come and get a wooden Bull puzzle to color. It comes on a flat piece and they will punch out the pieces in order to put it together. They will have the opportunity to color their bull as well! Supplies will not last forever!
  • Best Cowboy or Cowgirl contest
    • Teh contest will start at 2:30pm and the winner will be selected at 3:00pm.
    • The winner will recieve a $50 gift card!
  • Daily Give Away
    • The first 100 customers on each day of the event will recieve a Bass Pro Shops/PBR logo and The Longest Ride 32 oz. cup.


As you can see there will be a lot of stuff to keep you and the kids busy! Don't miss out on this FREE event!!


Fishing/Date Night stylishness

So I know all the men out in the fishing world have read the blog about the women’s World Wide Sportsman series clothing. So all the men are now wondering what about us.  We need a clothing line that is as good as the ladies and that will leave some money in our pockets for the lure that will help us win the tournament.  Well men never fear bass pro shops are here to help you out.  Bass pro shops do have a World Wide Sportsmen series just for men and it is just as good as the ladies. The only problem you men will have is which color you should choose.  But we have the answers to that also just ask one of the great associates in the apparel department and they will be able to help you pick out that great outfit.

Let’s talk about the shirts in the world wide series.  There are so many types that there is a type for every picky man.  We have long sleeve button ups to short sleeve button ups.  We even have long sleeve pull over shirt and polo shirts for the ones who do not like all the buttons.  All the shirts have built in sun protection for those long days on the water.  Many of the button up shirts have several features that are made just for the fisherman.  There is a rod holder built into the shirt so that you can attach the lure without laying down your rod.  But that is not all.  All the world wide series shirts also look great for that perfect night on the town with that lovely lady in your life.

Now that pants are just as good as the shirts.  There are also shorts for those men who like to show off a little leg now and then.  The pants and shorts also have the built in sun protection for those long days on the water.  Also the color selection on the pants and shorts is really good.  Several of the male associates that work in our store wear the pants and short.  They love the coolness of the pants and the way they move when they move. So you cannot go wrong with the pants in this series.


Now don’t forget the sunglasses to beat the glare of that sun of the water or even off the road.  Our XPS sunglasses are just the thing and they do not cost you a house payment.  They also come in so many styles and lens colors that you will have a hard time trying to decide on what looks best.

Now that you know about the perfect outfit and you have saved all that money.  You can go out and buy either that reel you have been dreaming over or you can take that lovely lady in your life out for a night on the town at you favorite seafood restaurant.

For all these products please check out or stop by our store for the great customer experience.



Staying Cool on the Water

  Ladies are you worried about how to stay cool on the water but you also want to save some money for that perfect bait? Have I got the perfect outfit for you. Our World Wide Sportsman’s series is great at keeping that fisher woman cool and on the water longer without costing so much money that you can get the perfect bait to catch that winning fish. Several of the associates that work in our store wear worldwide and they love the comfort, affordability and the cooling technology that this series offers.

With so many color options you will have a hard time only buying one of these great shirts.  Not to mention the style selection on the shirts.  There is something for every fisher woman.  From button down to polo there is a shirt that you will love.  I know that I like the button down shirts.  They come in short sleeve or long sleeve.  Now I buy the long sleeve even in the summer time.  These shirts have a great feature on the sleeve where when you roll up the sleeve you can have you a short sleeve shirt for the hot times while fishing.  All the shirts have UPF protection of at least 35 which great for that sun that reflects off the water.  There are several other features that make any of these shirts a great buy. Just some of those features are side zipper ventilation and moisture wicking fabric.

Now the pants for worldwide are just as great as the shirts. There long pants, capris and short for you to choose from and all of these come in several colors.  Now the real deal for the pants are the long pants.  It is like having three types in one.  The long pants can be converted into shorts or even capris.  Now that is some bang for your buck.  The fabric that all of the options is made with is very light weight and great for those long days on the water or even camping.  And the technologies in the pants are just as good also.  By technology I mean the UPF protection up to 50 and all the pockets that come on these are amazing. 

Now don’t forget you have to complete the outfit with the perfect pair of eye wear.  So let me recommend our XPS sunglasses.  Once you look through these you will think you have spent tons of money when you have only spent a little.  There are several lens options so you are able to pick the perfect pair for your needs.

So look out men the ladies now have the perfect outfit so that when they win that fishing tournament they will look good doing it.


To see all items mentioned please visit or even come in to our store for your apparel experience.


2015 Easter Event

Easter is approaching quickly, and what better way to prepare than coming on down to Bass Pro and enjoying our Easter event! There will be a lot of fun FREE stuff to do so why not come? There is no reason! The event starts this weekend, the weekend before Easter so that you can come early if you want!


This event will be held from March 28th - April 5th


What can you do at this event? Well I am glad you asked!

You can:

- Get a FREE 4x6 photo with the Easter Bunny (with the option to purchase packages immediatley or to get a digital download and print off whatever you like from home or even Walmart!) Below are the times when pictures will be avaliable:

>March 28th and 29th from 11am - 4pm

>March 30th - April 2nd from 6 - 8pm

>April 3rd 2-8pm

- Make some crafts! In the photo below you can see we have crafts only on the weekends and Friday April 3rd. Be sure to get here while you can because supplies will not last forever!

- and lastly you can participate in our Egg Hunts! We will have an egg hunt for children ages 2-10 on both weekends (March 28 and 29, April 4 and 5) starting at 2pm! But dont be late because the hunt will only last for an hour!! Also, once you find 5 different colored eggs you will get CANDY! What better prize is there? It makes me want to hunt eggs myself!


So as you can see, there is no reason for you not to come to our amazing easter event starting this weekend! I hope to see you all here!


turkey hunting clothes Like A Pro

Are you ready for this year’s hottest fashion trend? We here in the Hunting Clothing department are.  We have the hottest outfits that you could want for your turkey hunting.  From the littlest hunter to your man of the house hunter we have an outfit for each of you.  The hot muggy Alabama weather has nothing on these cloths they are designed to keep you cool and refreshed as you bag that big turkey you have been eying.

For the little hunter in your family we have long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts that are a perfect fit.  The pants for your little hunter have six pockets and are reinforced in the seams so they can withstand all the wear and tear that your little hunter will but these pants through.  New this year we have a turkey vest that is just like the man of the house hunter in your family so you little hunter will feel just as important as you big hunter.  Wow and it does not stop we also have gloves made for the hands of your little hunter. 

For the ladies we have the perfect shirt and pants for all the hot muggy Alabama weather.  The shirts and pants are made out of a light weight material that is perfect for turkey hunting.  The pants have six pockets which is great for all the items the lady hunter will need like their cell phone so that they can brag to their man on Facebook that they caught the biggest Turkey.  Don’t forget the gloves or the Turkey vest to complete your fashion trend.  We have a turkey vest that was made with a lady in mind.  This vest is a perfect fit and it also has all the places to put your turkey calls and bullets that you need for hunting.

Now for the man of the house hunter, two of our turkey outfits have been redesigned this year.  The Stalker Lite and the Tech Lite series have undergone a change and they have some really great features this year.  The Stalker Lite has been redesigned to allow hunters to feel the breeze as they wait for that big Turkey to come into their sights.  The Tech Lite series has been redesigned for a lighter weight and they now have the rubber in the waist to hold your shirt in better.  That is great because so many hunters complain that their shirts do not stay tucked in and this rubber strip will help this that problem. 


for all styles please see



New Items for Spring Turkey Season!

Spring turkey season is about to be in full strut starting in mid February and Bass Pro Shops has all the new gear to help you be more successful on getting that Old Tom. For most of Alabama spring turkey season runs from March 14 thru April 30, but there some counties that vary from these dates. Be sure to check out for the season dates and bag limits.

Bass Pro has several new turkey hunting items this year to aid in making the hunting experience more fun. The list starts out with:

These items are just the beginning of what Bass Pro Shop has to offer for this years turkey season. Be sure to check out our website at  for upcoming new items and events.




Spring Fishing Classic 2015

This year's Spring Fishing Classic is here! Below are this year's activities and promotions:

Bassmaster University: 

          Friday, Feb. 6th
                       5pm - Kendall Newson 
                       6pm - Aaron Martens 
                       8pm - Randy Howell

          Saturday, Feb. 7th
                       1pm - Kendall Newson 
                       3pm - Aaron Martens

          Sunday, Feb. 8th 
                        2pm - Kendall Newson  
Don't miss out on listening to these great professional fishermen!


Local Pros & Seminars:
          Friday, Feb. 13th  
                       7pm Proven Spring Bass Patterns
          Saturday, Feb. 14th 
                       11am Unlock the Secrets of Electronics to Improve your Fishing Success
                         2pm The Baitfish Connection: Understainding Seasonal Movements will Help you Catch More Fish 
                         4pm Stealth Fishing: Successful Kayak Strategies
          Sunday, Feb. 15th 
                      ** Same seminar schedule as Saturday

The first 25 people, 18 years old and older, who attend these local pro seminars, will receive a free mug.


Women's Seminar
Women's class on Saturday, February 14th at 3pm. The first 25 women who attend this workshop, will receive a free giveaway. Don't miss out on these great tips.  

Rod and Reel Trade In February 6-15th  
Are you looking to get rid of that old rod? Bring it into the store and donate it during our rod and reel trade in. We will pass it on to a youth organization.
rod trade in
Don't forget that old reel!
reel trade in


Boat Specials
Don't miss out on some hot boat specials during the event! You could get up to a $1000.00 gift card. Come check out the new deals!
boat specials

Once you get that new boat, check out the Triple Crown bonus going on:
triple crown bonus


Fried Fish Sampling
On February 7th, stop by our gifts/camping area and sample some fried fish using our very own Uncle Buck's batter.
fish samples

FREE Line Spooling
During the classic, don't miss out on the free line spooling Feb. 11-15th. This is the first time we've offered this service.  Purchase a Bass Pro Shops Branded reel $100 or more and receive a free line spooling of XPS 8 30# braid. Purchase a Bass Pro Shops Branded reel $99.99 or less and receive a free line spooling of Excel clear monofilament.  
line spooling

* Bass Pro Shops reels only. Excludes fly reels.

Next Generation Weekend Feb. 14-15th
The Spring Fishing Classic isn't only about the adults. Join us during our Next Generation weekend and enjoy kids activities for FREE. Activities include a casting challenge.

Free picture downloads.

Free kids workshops. Workshops are scheduled both Saturday and Sunday at 2:30 and 4:30.
kids workshops

Don't miss out on this years big event. For more details, go to We look forward to seeing you there.



Crappie Madness 2015

It's back by popular demand! Join us this year for our 2015 Crappie Madness event being held on January 30 & 31 and February 6 & 7. Friday nights will be from 5-8pm and Saturdays from 11am-6pm.

Pro crappie seminars will be conducted here at our store. Don't miss out on Darrell Baker and Gary & Barbara Kendrick the first weekend, January 30 & 31st, Friday night at 7pm and Saturday at 11am and 2pm. The second weekend, February 6 & 7, come listen to tips and techniques from Brad Whitehead and Lee Pitts. Seminar times are the same as the first weekend. WOW! Two weekends with great pros. The first 25 people who attend each seminar will receive a free carabineer handled mug.


Customers who attend the seminars may enter for a chance to win a 2015 Tracker Pro Team 175 TF boat.

After you finish listening to our pros, have your picture taken with a crappie replica. Photos are available on January 30 5-8pm and January 31 Noon-5pm. These will be downloadable photos. We will email them or text them to you. It looks like you are on the cover of a Crappie Madness magazine!


  On Saturday, January 31st, enjoy a free sample of fried fish from 2-5pm. Using our own Uncle Buck's batter and better breader, our gifts team will be serving up a scrumptious snack.

Saturday, January 31st from 1-5pm, kids will be able to participate in the casting challenge. Trying their casting techniques such as flipping and pictching, the goal is to get the plug in the bucket. Participants will receive a free Bass Pro Shops mini flyer.

Don't miss out on all of these great activities. For more information, check out our website at


Get Your Late Season Buck While The Rut Is In Full Force!

Everyone can look at there calendar and see that the season is drawing to a close very quickly. If you want to get that last minute Buck your are going to have to play "The Rut" game with these deer. This is the most vulnerable time of the year for bucks and the hunters best opportunity and bagging a good one.Never forget though we are in their world and they are very smart creatures. There is no such thing as a non-learning hunter we constantly must be better in every aspect. Let's talk about a few sure ways to get these bucks attention in the woods.


Code Blue®  Screamin' Heat™


This little bottle has enough potential to give you the best hunting year of your life. It is made with actual doe secretions which make it all more realistic. My favorite way to use it is on trails because it will make the buck frequent the area more. The bucks are already checking scrape lines but if your hunting a greenfield or somewhere else you need the edge to draw the buck in. Use a scent wick and hang it on the trail or simple spray some around your green field. This is a proven product that is sure to help even the most seasoned hunter.


Tink's® Trophy Buck Lure & Scent Bomb®

Tink's® Trophy Buck Lure & Scent Bomb®

This might be one of the most under rated type of deer attractant available. Not the brand but buck lure in general. There is one thing that really upsets a buck deer and that is an unfamiliar buck messing around his territory with his doe. Just try this around scrapes and rubs that you find and see if it helps. It should double the amount of mature  buck deer you see. If there is a mature buck in the area he will not stand for any other competition and will be coming to address the situation. You will be right there waiting on him.

Hunter's Specialties® Primetime™ Trail Drag;s-Specialties-H-S-Scents-Primetime-Trail-Drag/product/27639/?cmCat=CROSSSELL_PRODUCT


The last stop for the day and this is a good one to end on, because you should use this as the last thing you put on before you walk to your hunting spot. This is a simple product that works wonders. Simply dip it in whichever scent you would like to use and clip it to your belt while letting it drag the ground as you walk. Wait until you are in fairly close proximity to your stand then use it. I have used it before to far away and  come out after the hunt to find big Buck tracks where I was dragging it on the way in. This product really works so use it wisely and go kill a big one.See you in the woods.




Join Us on a Camping Experience

Have you ever purchased a tent only to take it home and realize that you needed more instruction than just pictures? Or have you set up a tent only to realize that you have extra parts left over and you're not really sure where they go? Well, come on out to our "Experience Weekend" and let our knowledgeable camping staff assist you with all of your camping woes. On September 13 from 10am to 5pm and September 14 from 12pm to 5pm, our staff will be outside setting up and taking down various Ascend and BassPro Shops tents. They will be available for any questions regarding the tents or any other camping needs that you may have.


Check out this Ascend H2.2 two person tent that comfortably sleeps two. It's great for hiking, as it is light-weight (5lbs 12oz) and packs easily. Come see for yourself how quickly the set up and take down can be with only one person. The 70D nylon tub-style floor that features a 3000mm PU coating to keep moisture from seeping through from the ground. To get info on this tent before you come experience it, go to /

tent 2

If you are looking for a tent with a family in mind, check out our Bass Pro Shops 8-person Speed Frame tent for only $279.99. This tent has amazing room for large families and can accommodate two queen size air beds. This tent features a speed-frame steel pole frame that is pre-attached to the tent body for quick and easy setup. Come experience the inside of this tent and all of the features that it has to offer. 


Whether you are a family camper or an adventurous explorer, Bass Pro Shops will have the tent you are looking for. Come experience these tents for yourself before you buy them. Our camping staff will be happy to assist you with all of your camping needs. If camping is not what you are interested in, check out the experiences in our other departments including hunting and archery, ( as well as marine, camo apparel, apparel, and fishing. If you can't make the first Experience Weekend, join us for the next one on September 27th from 10am-5pm and September 28th from 12pm-5pm.



Labor Day Event

Come on down for our AWESOME Labor Day Event on Saturday and Sunday, August 30th and 31st!  There will be fun for the whole family!  We will be honoring our Hometown Heroes, as well as having free activities, free food, and giveaways!

On Saturday, August 30th from 2-4 we will be honoring our hometown heroes.  Some of these everyday heroes work tirelessly and seldom receive thanks for their hard work.  We more often complain about some of our heroes, like teachers and police officers, when they strive to educate us and keep us safe.  Veterans, soldiers and military personnel do not receive enough thanks for their sacrifices.  Please come out and thank them for all they do!

There are also many activities all weekend for the kids to participate in!  We will be having a duck pond, a metal detector treasure hunt and casting buckets; all with prizes!  There will also be face painting, crafts and coloring sheets!

Let’s not forget the adults!  On August 30th, from 2-4, we will be having drawings every hour, on the hour!

  • 2:00 – Bass Pro Shops $50.00 gift card
  • 3:00 – Maui Jim Sunglasses
  • 4:00 – Yeti Cooler

There will also be 2 $25.00 Bass Pro Shops gift card giveaways each day!  There will also be Free Hot Dogs from 1-4 and Free Homemade Ice Cream from 4-5 each day.  We will also be a Free #14 show car photo opportunity!  Both days we will have three outdoor cooking seminars! 

  • 1:30 – Stoked to Smoke: How to Smoke Meat Right
  • 2:30 – Backyard Chef: Picking the Right Grill
  • 3:30 – Going Dutch: Dutch Oven Cooking Made Easy

Come join us for a family, fun-packed weekend!


Experience Bass Pro Shops Archery and Hunting department

Are you an experienced bow hunter or maybe a beginner? Have you ever thought about shooting a bow for sport? Maybe shooting a bow hasn't really crossed your mind this year. Well, we would like to change all of that. We would like to invite you to come out to the Bass Pro Shops in Leeds, Alabama on September 13 from 10am to 5pm, September 14 from 12pm to 5pm, September 27th from 10am to 5pm, or September 28th from 12pm to 5pm. We will be hosting an "Experience Weekend" for our customers to allow them to experience products from various departments. The best part about this experience is that it is absolutely free.


bowDuring both experience weekends, you will have the opportunity to shoot the New BlackOut SS Compound Bow. The New BlackOut SS Compound Bow is powered by Throttle Cam Tech, which is the fastest and most efficient single cam system on the market. The draw cycle and energy transfer movement are smooth and precise. To see this bow before you come to experience it, check out


On September 13th and September 14th, while you are in the hunting department, make sure you check out the Oculus 7.0 Binoculars. Customers can experience first hand why the Oculus binoculars are such a great value. These binoculars are sheathed in a protective, shock-absorbing rubber armor for hard-hunting, long-term durability, fogproof, and 100% waterproof. Come experience these binoculars on September 13th & 14th. For more information about the Oculus 7.0 binoculars, go to


scopeThe weekend of September 27th & 28th, our hunting counter will be happy to allow customers to experience the Oculus rifle scope. See first hand how technology brings nature into sharp focus with Oculus® precision rifle scopes. Come experience the brilliant optical quality that the Oculus Rifle Scope has to offer. For more information about this scope, go to


Don't let the hunting season sneak up on you with out coming to the Bass Pro Shops in Leeds to experience all that we have to offer. Our "Experience Weekend" is not just limited to the hunting department, see what other products you can experience in the fishing department, camping department, apparel department, camo apparel, and marine.



My First Ruffner Mt. Hike

Several weeks ago, I decided to go hiking, but did not want to drive all the way to Chehah, which is where I normally hike.  I asked around and the overwhelming consensus was to go to Ruffner Mountain and check out some of their trails.  Before I led a hike, I wanted to get the general feel of the mountain, so I hiked several of the trails and was very impressed with the park.

I parked at the Visitor Center, and began on the Quarry Trail to the hollow Tree Trail.  This section was a little tough, because of the elevation change; it was up hill almost the entire way.  But it was nice, there was a pleasant breeze and at the top there was an overlook that is not marked on the map.  I then continued onto the Buckeye Trail.

The Buckeye Trail was one of my favorite sections on this trip.  It was all downhill, and is located on the front side of the mountain so it blocks the sound of the interstate.  It was just very enjoyable.  This trail has some great views of the wetlands and all the animals that live there.

From there I took the Pipeline Trail to the Wetlands Trail.  This section was flat and really cool.  There were a variety of birds, and insects.  In the pond I could see tadpoles, fish and crayfish.  My only complaint about this section is that there a ton of mosquitoes and flies! I would not suggest people hike these trails in the summer for this reason.

I then hiked the Overlook Trail.  This trail is not hiked very often and was a little overgrown, but it was very nice trail also.

I then hiked back to my vehicle the same way I came.

Since this was a day hike, I just needed a pack large enough to hold water, lunch, and a couple of snacks.  I found that the Bass Pro Shops® XPS® 2L Hydration Pack is perfect for short hikes, longer runs, I even used it during band camp.  It is also very rugged; I have used mine for about four years and it is still in good shape.  It can be found here:

Here is a map of Ruffner Mr. and a link to Ruffner Mountain's website:

Map of Ruffner Mt. Nature Preserve


Adventures on Ruffner Mountain

Since my first hike at Ruffner Mt. Nature Center was so enjoyable, I decided to go on another one, but this time (picture, left to right) Corey Clayton, me (Jon McGinnis), Cobi Boykin, and Emily Shackleton wanted to come along.  This time we parked at the southern most parking spot (almost directly across the park from the Nature Center) since we wanted to hike around the quarry.

I had recently bought a 15” Red Head Machete (found here, and I keep it in my trunk because I had picked up odd jobs clearing brush.  When my friends found out that I had it, of course the guys wanted to cut some walking sticks.  I had not tested it out yet, so I was interested how it would perform.  It did wonderfully!  It truly felt like an extension of my arm!

After we cut some walking sticks, we headed northeast on the Ridge and Valley Trail, toward the quarry.  It was awesome!  The weather was perfect, not too hot with a nice breeze.  The elevation was not very bad at all and we were taking our time.

We then followed onto Overlook Trail.  The overlook was great!  I have never seen such a view of Birmingham in my entire life!  You could even faintly make out Vulcan to the left.  This was the day before the Fourth of July, and I wanted to come back, set up my hammock and watch the fireworks. But it did not work out.  We took some pictures then backtracked to Opossum Loop.

Opossum Loop encircles the quarry, so we hiked it, following a clockwise motion.  Because it was a quarry, the terrain was pretty rocky, but not too tough.  We found a cave while following the loop, and because we were a group of three guys and a girl; we did some “exploring”.  Unfortunately our exploration took us through a massive ant bed.

On the last part of Opossum Loop, I was leading, and I saw a two foot long snake in the middle of the path.  I immediately froze, and everyone almost ran into me.  They could not see it until I pointed it out to them.  It then slithered off into the brush and we continued on our merry way.  (Later I learned that it was a King Snake.)

We then hiked the Quarry Trail north, until the first bench.   We took a break at the bench and Corey decided to climb a tree.  At that point, my fellow trekkers had had enough adventure for one day, so we took the Silent Journey trail back to the Ridge and Valley Trail, then back to the car.  The entire group was hot and tired, so went to Chick-fil-A for snacks and milkshakes.  This hike took around five hours.

The weather was beautiful, and there were not many bugs either.  So we had a great time!  I used my Bass Pro Shops XPS 2L Hydration Pack ( again, but this time I did not carry any food, just water.  And, as always, it performed wonderfully.


2014 Labor Day Hometown Festival

Don't miss out on this years Labor Day Hometown Festival August 30th and 31st, noon until 5pm.

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    • 3pm - Maui Jim Sunglasses
    • 4pm - Yeti cooler
  • Fish Fry Samples


  • Saturday and Sunday, August 30th and 31st
    • 1:30pm - Stoked to Smoke: How to Smoke Meat Right
    • 2:30pm - Backyard Chef: Picking the Right Grill
    • 3:30pm - Going Dutch: Dutch Oven Cooking Made Easy

Product Demos:

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  • Grills and accessories
  • Dutch ovens and accessories

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Family Activites:

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  • Pick a Duck pond
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  • Metal Detector Treasure Hunt
    • Using a metal detector kids will attempt to find hidden objects to win a prize!
  • Casting Buckets
    • Kids will have 3 chances to hit the target for a prize!
  • Face Painting
  • Craft
    • Color an owl back pack clip to take home with you!
    • Noon - 5pm
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