Beat the Heat, Have a Margarita

Our feature in the General Store right now is called "Margaritaville".  With these ridiculously hot days we've been having in Alabama, doesn't a cool Margarita sound good?  We have everything you need right here at Bass Pro Shops, well almost everything...our mixes are non-alcoholic.  From Uncle Buck's Margarita Mix, regular or sugar free, to our "Margaritaville" Bahamas Frozen Concoction Maker.  You'll also find a variety of other items, including A@@ Kicking Margarita Mix, A@@ Kicking Margarita Mix Gift Packs, which include the margarita mixer and two (2) margarita glasses.  We also have Uncle Buck's Zesty Bloody Mary Mixer and Bloody Mary From Hell Mix (Habanero) if you're feeling more like a Bloody Mary.  

While you're here you might as well pick up some of our snack foods, located adjacent to "Margaritaville". 

Whichever way your taste buds are directing you, we've got what you need right here at the Leeds Bass Pro Shops.


Jan Denard

Gift Department Team Lead

Bass Pro Shops, Leeds, AL

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