Spring Break Time

It's getting to be that time of the year when all of the kids are getting out of school for a week and moms and dads are wondering what to do with them. If you are looking for something to do with them, why not bring them into the store for a little while? Bass Pro Shops in Leeds has approximately 160,000 square feet of viewing pleasure. We feature a variety of taxidermy animals that are native to the Southeastern region. Our aquarium has a wide selection of fish to look at, including an enormous alligator gar and we have a trout in a pond right in front of the elevator that kids love to watch. There is a small arcade located upstairs in our footwear department. When you all get tired and hungry, just mosey on over to our deli, where our staff would be happy to fix you up and sandwich or salad. Maybe you just need a quick pick-me-up like a scoop of our icecream.

uncle bucks






For those families who are beach bound for the spring break, our marine department offers products that are sure to meet all your beach needs. We have a section in our marine department that is simply "for the kids". We have beach balls, floats to ride on, baby floats, lounging floats, and mats. We also have spring floats that wind up nice and tight for storage. Children's swim floats are a must for the little ones. We have a nice variety  of dive toys and feature stream machine water guns.if you are looking for a game to play at the beach, try Itzasmashball.









If you are interested in finding out what is below the water, check out the goggles and masks that we offer. Masks and goggles are available in youth and adult sizes. We also offer a variety of snorkel sets. We have sets with only the mask and snorkel or a four piece set that includes the fins and a carrying bag. Snorkel sets are available for adults and youth. Don't forget to check them out while you are in the store. aqua sets






No matter if you are staying home with the kids, taking a short trip, or planning a week long excursion, make sure you stop by a Bass Pro Shops!
To find a store near you, visit www.basspro.com






Pre Spawn to Spawn Transition

Spring is finally here, and nothing gets fish moving and aggressively feeding like warmer longer days. As the air temperature warms so does the water temperature triggering the fish to move towards the bank for the annual spawn. This is a perfect opportunity for anglers to target big bass in shallow easy to fish areas.

In the winter months the majority of the fish are slow and lethargic. This happens because a bass has a metabolism that is directly related to the water temperature. This fact explains why slow moving baits such as a Stacey's Finesse Jig are a great option for cold water fishing. But as the water warms the fish become very aggressive, actively chasing bait fish in shallow water. Shallow diving crankbaits are great choices for covering water and finding big aggressive fish, especially on Alabamas numerous spotted bass fisheries. A SPRO Fat John 60 Crankbait is a perfect bait for catching these fish, and remember crankbaits work best when bumped into the bottom or cover, such as brush or docks. 

At this time the fish are still in a pre spawn feeding mode with water in the 51-55 degree range. But as the water temperature climbs into the low to mid 60's the bass begin the spawning process. Shallow points and flats are the areas of choice for for spawning fish. Key pieces of structure such as random stumps or rock piles offer the perfect place for bass to make their nests. These spawning fish can still be caught on moving baits, but there is a better option that seems to really perform well. The rig that I love to throw during the spawn is called the Carolina Rig.

The Carolina Rig was catching big bass long before I was born and is still a deadly presentation today. When fish set up on their nests they are doing it for one reason, and that is to reproduce. While on the nests they are very territorial and aggressive protecting there eggs and fry. This being said they are not very likely to leave there comfort zone to chase a lure. But a slow moving Carolina Rig pulled through their nest is normally too much for them to resist. Here is what you will need to pick up at your local Bass Pro Shops to set up this rig. A Carolina Rig consists of a heavy sinker such as a Bass Pro Shops Premium Brass Weight in a 3/8oz to a 1oz size. The weight is normally followed up with a glass bead for extra noise and then is connected to a swivel. On the swivel you connect about a 3 foot section of leader either monofilament or my preference, 15lb Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon. Attach your hook of choice such as a Gamakatsu 3/0 Extra Wide Gap hook and your favorite soft plastic bait and you are ready to go. This rig in essence creates a bait that is freely floating behind the weight just off the bottom. This slow moving approach is deadly when drug on shallow points or flats.

So give the Carolina Rig a try. And remember when the weather gets nice and we start to move around more, so do the fish. Also remember to practice catch and release when fish are in this vulnerable stage. I know for a fact that when you catch a spawning fish and release it most of the time they will go back to their nest and resume their business, but if you don't release these fish then all the eggs and soon to be fry that the bass was protecting don't stand a chance. So protect the resource for future generations and practice catch and release in the spring of the year. If you do want to put some meat in the freezer wait about a month and then start stocking up with the smaller better tasting male bass.

For more articles and videos get on facebook and go to my Joeyfishing page as well as the Leeds, Alabama Bass Pro Shops page.

I'll see you on the water!

Joey Nania




What's going on this month in the hunting department? Let me Tell ya!

Welcome, Bass Pro Shoppers! Today, I'm going to share a special deal! It's a Stack-On Strong Box Computer Safe with Electronic Lock. It's on sale for $99.97 starting March 11 and ends on March 31. Come on in and get it! Regular price is $114.99. 

Features include

  • Extra-wide opening allows storage of laptop computers
  • Great for pistols and ammo
  • Easily programmable electronic lock
  • Trouble key override
  • Low battery indicator
  • Foam-padded bottom
  • Pry-resistant solid plate steel door
  • Drilled for cable lock
  • Two locking bolts
  • Concealed hinges
  • To check out this product and more, go to www.basspro.com

stack on


New Kayak Just in Time for Spring

Are you ready to hit the water this spring and summer? Why not try out our new Ascend D10T kayak?

This sit-on-top kayak offers great performance without the high price. The wide, flat hull makes it very stable and less likely to flip over. This design is great for beginners and children, but doesn't compromise maneuverability and speed.

Some of its many features include:

  • Deluxe padded and adjustable seat for hours of comfort
  • Foot braces which adjust to fit anyone approximately 5'2" to 6'2' comfortably
  • Large, open cockpit which allows for easy entry and exit
  • Recessed molded paddle holders
  • Multiple drain holes
  • Two scupper plugs for winter paddling
  • Sealed drain plug for draining excess water at the end of the day

This kayak is equipped with plenty of storage space:

  • Watertight removable deck plate with watertight PVC soft storage bag
  • Built-in sternwell large enough for a five gallon bucket, dry bag, or 36 gallon cooler
  • Deep molded port and starboard open storage


  • Durable high density polyethylene construction
  • Length: 10'
  • Width: 34"
  • Weight: 52 lbs
  • Maximum weight capacity: 350 lbs
  • Colors: Red/Black and Titanium
  • Price: $399.99
  • Made in U.S.A.

For more information, please visit  www.basspro.com  or come on down to your Leeds Bass Pro Shops to see one for yourself. We look forward to seeing you.

Until next time, stay safe and GO CAMPING!!!

This information taken from basspro.com.


Start the spring weather off right with a new pair of water shoes

A good pair of shoes is essential for anything you plan on doing. Now that the weather is warming up everyone will be going to the beach, the lake, and camping. The most forgotten item when going out on the boat or down to the creek is a good pair of water shoes. Water shoes keep your feet protected and allows stability around rocks. There are plenty of styles and name brands to choose from, and they come in ladies and mens sizes. http://water shoes

A style that we carry is called the "Campground" for men and the "Campfire" for ladies. These shoes provide toe protection from rocks and stumps. They have amazing arch support which is very hard to find in thesetype of footwear. They also have a molded TPU which stands for thermoplastic polyurethane.

The design of the shoes allow air flow thru the mesh upper. It has adjustable straps at the heel and ankle for a more comfortable fit. The sole of the shoe is siped which allows water to flow thru it more freely allowing you not to worry about slipping. It is quick drying and has drainage holes for maximum water drainage so you can continue about your day noy having to stop and empty the water out of your shoes. They are super lightweight and feels like you have no shoes on what so ever. They also have a non-slip sole which is perfect for any wet or dry conditions.   http://basspro  http://mountrek campground

Mountrek Campground Water Sandals for Men

This shoe can be worn for all your daily activities like fishing, going to the park or even just going to the store. They are not that bad of a price to as compared to some of the big names. These casual water shoes are only $79.99 and the mens come in two colors which are black or brown and the ladies come in a very pretty blue. They come only in whole sizes and do not come in a wide width just you standard medium width.



Jerky...The Healthier Snack

Bass Pro Shops friends, now through March 24th when you purchase a bag of Uncle Buck's Jerky you get a 20 oz. Coca-Cola product free.  That's right...you get a 3.0 oz - 3.25 oz bag of our jerky and a 20 oz Coca-Cola product for just $5.99 or a 6.0 oz - 6.5 oz bag of jerky and a 20 oz Coca-Cola product for $8.99.   What a deal!

Some of our best sellers are Bacon, Buffalo, Peppered and Salt & Pepper but I've never tried any that was bad.

Bacon, Original, Teriyaki and Maple Brown Sugar come in 3.0 oz - 3.5 oz and 6.0 oz - 6.25 oz bags while Turkey, Buffalo, Peppered, BBQ, Jalapeno, Salt & Pepper, Sweet & Hot Teriyaki and Hickory Smoked come only in 3.0 oz -3.25 oz bags. 

All flavors come in resealable bags which makes it really convenient to take along on a trip, to a ball game or just sitting on the couch watching tv.

Our bacon jerky is hickory smoked and made with real bacon and the maple brown sugar is made with lean slices of ham.   We have customers come by and pick both up for a quick breakfast on a camping trip. 

Made in the USA, 96% fat free and low in carbs, jerky is an excellent choice for a snack.

In addition to our jerky we also have Bison and Elk snack sticks, Uncle Buck's Summer Sausage and Roadkill Summer Sausage.


Don't Be Caught Without a Weather Radio During Inclement Weather

If you've been through a tornado you know the importance of having a weather radio.  Let's face it, we may not always have access to James Spann. 

With tornado season upon us, a couple of our best sellers in the Gift Shop are the Midland WR120 Emergency Weather Alert Radio/Alarm Clock and the ACU>RITE Weather Alert Radio.  .  Some of the features of both of these radios include S.A.M.E. digital technology allowing you to receive alerts/warnings for your area, alert override automatically switches from standby to emergency alerts, instant weather information direct from the National Weather Service and Environment Canada, over 80 emergency alerts for dangerous weather and local hazard warning, during power outages, get the important information you need with optional battery backup system (requires 3 AA batteries-not included).  Both of these radios sell for  $39.99

A lot of our customers come in asking for a weather radio with a hand crank.  Bass Pro Shops carries an ETON  FRX3 and ETON FRX2 Hand Turbine AM/FM Weather Alert Radio.  These radios are solar powered and crank powered.   features include AM/FM weather band radio, NOAA weather alert (all 7 channels), built-in LED flashlight, glow-in-the-dark locator, USB smartphone charger,  headphone output, DC input, 3-AAA batteries (not included).  The FRX3 includes an alarm clock and sells for $59.99 and the FRX2 sells for $39.99

A Special Buy that has just arrived is the  ACU>RITE Weather Alert Radio with Flashlight and Hand Crank.  This piece has everything needed when  bad weather hits like NOAA (with S.A.M.E.), 7 digitally tuned weather channels, rechargeable battery with crank generator, and an integrated super bright LED flashlight.  A deal at $24.97.

You can find these items in our Gift Shop today.  Be prepared, don't leave your family at risk during this season or all year long.


The Key to Catching Crankbait Bass

Choosing the right lure can be a difficult task in the sport of bass fishing. With so many different baits and techniques to choose from many anglers simply don't give a certain bait the opportunity to catch fish for them. The technique I want to talk about in this article is crankbait fishing. The great thing about a crankbait is how much water you can cover when using these fast moving baits. Quite often covering water and finding the aggressive fish is the key to fishing success. Now if an angler tells you he has been crankbait fishing, that is a very open statement which really leaves you with a lot of questions that still need to be answered to figure out what specific bait the person is using. Crankbaits come in a variety of different brands, styles, sizes, and probably the most important of all, the depth the bait is designed to dive. So crankbait fishing is something that is extremely versatile and can catch fish in many different situations, and can cover a wide depth range.

From extremely shallow one foot deep water to 25 foot deep offshore ledges, the crankbait can cover it all. When you find fish in shallow water there are a couple of different baits that really get the job done. For fishing shallow flats or points in the spring of the year a tight wobbling slender bait such as the Rapala Shad Rap or a Bass Pro Shops Static Shad is a perfect choice. If you find fish positioned on any shallow cover such as brush, docks, or lay down trees then that changes the game a little bit. Companies such as SPRO, Strike King, Bass Pro Shops, and many others have crankbaits that are designed to be fished through the thick stuff. The SPRO Little John square bill is a great choice in this type of cover. The square bill crankbait was really made famous by professional angler Kevin Vandam with the Strike King 1.5. So don't be afraid to throw it in the thick stuff and let that square bill do it's job and deflect off of the cover. This will create some great strikes from fish that are triggered when the bait crashes into where they are hanging out.

Now if you are targeting fish that are living on deep structure, such as the end of points, or on offshore humps and ledges the crankbait you choose should change. All companies that produce crankbaits have specific designs for catching fish in a wide depth range. For targeting fish in the 8 to 12 foot zone the Little John Baby DD is a great choice. In 15 to 25 feet of water the Strike King 6XD is a great bait to through. So let me give you a tip to make things a little more simple. The true key to catching fish on a crankbait whether in 1 foot or 25 feet is to make your bait hit the bottom, or the structure you are targeting. Just simply reeling a bait through the water column will rarely entice a fish to strike. So figure out how deep the fish you are targeting are hanging out and select a bait that can get to that depth and dredge along the bottom. You will find that almost every fish you catch will hit the bait when the bait is digging in the bottom or slamming into cover. This is what triggers a bass to strike, and this is the key to making the crankbait work no matter what depth you are targeting. So definitely give the crankbait a chance, if you do you will find a technique that can catch fish in all four seasons and in any depth. There is no better place to find all your crankbait needs fulfilled then at Bass Pro Shops

I'll see you on the water!!!

Joey Nania



Are You Prepared?

Severe weather takes on many forms in Alabama-flooding, severe thunderstorms, snow and ice storms, and tornadoes. 

While tornadoes can occur during any month here in Alabama, the months of March and April are considered the "peak" of tornado season. Are you ready?

The next time disaster strikes, you may not have much time to act. You should prepare NOW for a sudden emergency. By  planning ahead, you can avoid waiting in lines for critical supplies, such as food, water, and medicine.


First Aid Kit

Here are some suggestions to help you get started:

  1. Assemble emergency supplies.
  2. Arrange for someone to check on you.
  3. Plan and practice the best escape routes from your home.
  4. Plan for transportation if you need to evacuate to an emergency shelter.
  5. Find the safe places in your home from such disasters as a tornado.
  6. Have a plan to signal the need for help, especially if the phone is not working.
  7. Post emergency phone numbers near the phone.
  8. If you have in-home or home health care services, plan ahead with your agencies for emergency procedures.
  9. Teach those who may need to assist you in an emergency, how to operate necessary equipment like wheelchairs and oxygen. Be sure they will be able to reach you during an emergency.

You should have emergency supplies packed and ready in one place before disaster strikes. You need to have enough supplies to last for at least three days. Below is a very basic list to help you get started:


  1. Weather Radio with battery back-up
  2. Flashlight and/or emergency lighting source
  3. Batteries and/or emergency power source
  4. Basic first aid kit
  5. Emergency food and water supply
  6. Extra blankets or sleeping bags
  7. Prescription drugs, extra eyeglasses or contacts
  8. Change of clothing and shoes
  9. Phone numbers of relatives and friends

Your basic first aid kit should include the following:

  1. Scissors
  2. Thermometer
  3. Tweezers
  4. Needle
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Soap
  7. Latex gloves
  8. Sterile adhesive bandages 

You should have a minimum three day supply of non-perishable food that requires no refrigeration or preparation and little or no water:


  1. Dry cereal
  2. Peanut butter
  3. Canned fruits
  4. Canned vegetables
  5. Canned juice
  6. Ready to eat canned meats
  7. Ready to eat soups
  8. Quick energy snacks
  9. Graham crackers
  10. Non-electric can opener

You should have a minimum of 3 gallons of water per person, plus additional water for sanitation.

Don't forget about your pets: you should have extra food and water, plus food and water bowls, ready for them.

Remember-this is just a very basic list and is by no means a complete list of everything you will need to prepare for a disaster. For more information and more complete lists, please visit  www.redcross.org   www.weather.com  or  www.ready.gov   .

Be sure to log on to www.basspro.com  or drop by your Leeds Bass Pro Shops and purchase your supplies.

Until next time-stay safe and GO CAMPING!!!




It's Easter Time

WOW! March already! That means it's time for the Bass Pro Shops Easter Event! Join us for this nine day event as we get ready to celebrate Easter. The event will begin on March 23rd and end on March 31st, Easter Day! We will have lots of fun and FREE activities for the whole family to enjoy! Here is a run-down of the schedule of events:


egg hunt

Easter Egg Hunt - Ages 2-10 Saturday and Sundays, March 23-24 and March 30-31 only.

Registration will begin at 12:30 at the entrance of the store. Hunting will begin at 1 pm and last for 1 hour. Children will be given a bag to use for collecting eggs. They will travel through five departments to look for eggs. Once they have found five eggs, they will return to the registration table for candy. Children will be allowed to keep the eggs.



Crafts for the Kids Saturdays & Sundays March 23-24 & March 30-31 1-4 pm and March 22nd 6-8 pm

First Saturday and Sunday "Make a Bunny Magnet"

bunny magnet






Second weekend - Friday, Saturday and Sunday "Create a Bunny Frame"

bunny frame


Easter phot

Easter Bunny FREE Pictures Saturdays & Sundays March 23-24 & March 30-31 from 1-4 pm and weekdays March 25-29 from 6-8 pm

Bass Pro Shops Customers will have the opportunity to have their photo taken with the Easter Bunny and receive a FREE 4 x 6 photo. Packages will be available for purchase. Package prices range from $9.99 to $29.99.



We look forward to seeing you here. For more information, check out our store website at www.basspro.com



Great Deals in Marine

Come on down and see the great deals we have going on in the marine department during our famous spring fishing classic. We have so many great items for some great low prices. Here are a few of the items that are great deals that will be going on until March 10th.

                We have some awesome deals on our electronics during this sell. On Lowrances side, we have their new 4, 5, & 7 Series fish finders. The new 4 series includes both Lowrances Elite and Mark series. The Mark series Lowrance offers is their grey scale models. The Mark 4 is a small gray scale model with GPS. Don’t let grey scale scare you. This little unit is the most visible grey scale I’ve seen. It also offers extended mapping such as HotSpots card and the Navionics card. Then we get in to the Elite 4s. In the Elite 4 series, they offer a variety of them. There is the Elite 4x, 4, & 4DSI. The Elite 4X is just a plain color sonar model. The Elite 4 is identical to the Mark 4 but the big difference is that the Elite series is the color model. It offers the same GPS mapping features as the Mark series. Then there is the Elite 4 DSI. This little unit comes with Lowrances Down Scan Imaging. If you’re not familiar with Lowrances DSI then let me explain. We are use to the traditional sonar models and how they read. The DSI will make that mess of a structure on your screen to a readable picture. You will be able to see if that’s a tree or a grass pile, rocks or a road bed.  It really clears the image up that much. Next is the 5 series. The 5 series is the exact same as the 4 just with a bigger screen. Now we get to Lowrances New Elite 7 HDI. This unit is their new hybrid unit. This unit has a 7in screen and features Lowrances DSI along with their great traditional sonar. They also offer this series in a non HDI and a non GPS model.

                Next we have some great Humminbird units as well. To start out, let’s look at the Humminbird 561 fish finder. This unit is a great starter unit for say a Jon boat or a pond prowler. It is a simple gray scale model with a 5in screen. It is a dual beam model with a 60 & 20 degree beam. Next, let’s get in to some of Humminbirds DI or Down Imaging. Humminbird offers there down imaging in several units. The most popular of all of them are the 587ci HD DI, the 597ci HD DI, & The 596c DI. The 587ci HD DI is a 4 ¾ in unit with GPS. This is a great starting down imaging unit. It has all the same options as the big screen model the 597ci HD DI, just a smaller screen and lower price. This unit comes with not only the down imaging but also Humminbirds switch fire sonar. The switch fire sonar is Humminbirds clearer and more sensitive sonar. This is the same sonar they use within their high end models the 8, 9, & 11 series units. This unit also is Navionics and LakeMasters compatible.  Next, we have the 597ci HD DI. This particular model is identical to the 587ci HD DI but with a bigger screen. This unit is still Navionics and LakeMasters compatible. Last, but not least, is the 596c HD DI. This is Humminbirds 5in down imaging unit. The main difference between the 596 and the 597 is that the 597 has GPS. This unit is a great buy for someone not needing GPS and want the bigger 5in screen.

Also, I would like to mention that we have our GORE –TEX Pro Qualifier Parkas, Jackets, and Bibs on sale for a great price. If you don’t know what GORE-TEX is, it is probably the best waterproof material on the market. GORE-TEX will back up their material if it leaks. This is what the pros use while they are out on the lake in the freezing cold and pouring rain. Whether you’re a pro angler, a weekend warrior, or just wanting a great rain suit that’s going to keep you warm and dry while you are out and about I would highly suggest our a GORE-TEX line.

                So come on down to the marine center and see what we have to offer. We are more than glad to answer any questions or clear up any concerns you may have on any particular items. So hurry down and check out the great staff and the great deals we are having down here at Bass Pro Shops.

To see these great products before heading to the store, check out www.basspro.com



The Growth of Fishing

Looking back over the past 50 years it is amazing how much the fishing industry has changed. For starters look at the difference in rods and reels. While the old equipment such as the standby Ambassadeur 6000 model are extremely reliable, the comparison to todays reels is not even close. New reels such as the Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris CarbonLite are incredibly strong as well as lighter then ever before, weighing in at a incredible 5.9oz. With innovations like this the old school products are definitely great collectors pieces but are not practical for use in this day and age. The construction of new lightweight rods has also changed the world of bass fishing with anglers able to buy incredibly light sensitive rods at a very affordable price. Getting yourself outfitted with great products is now easier and more affordable then ever with Bass Pro Shops stores all across the country where you can get all of your outdoor needs fulfilled and still have money left over to put some gas in the boat.

The lure industry has also changed immensely. New innovations are coming out almost every month as professional anglers help companies design exactly what they need to catch more fish and win tournaments. Years ago if an angler was going to start fishing it was fairly simple with soft plastic worms being just about all you needed to put fish in the boat. These days if you walk into a Bass Pro Shops and ask for a soft plastic worm there are over 20 different companies that produce them and 10 different styles to choose from. Look at the choice between a Zoom Soft Plastic Finesse Worm or a Bass Pro Shops Tournament Series Stik-O-Worm. Both of these are great fish catching baits but have different times when they should be thrown and different methods of rigging other then the original texas rig. This can be overwhelming to a beginner looking to get started in fishing. That's why Bass Pro Shops makes sure that they hire product knowledgeable employees that can always point costumers in the right direction to get out on the water and catch more fish.

No innovation in the lure industry over the last five years comes close to what was introduced last year in the FLW Tour event on Lake Guntersville. This is where the bait named the Alabama Rig hit the fan. The rig itself consists of five wires connected to a led or plastic head, on the end of each wire is a swivel where you connect your preferred jig head and favorite soft plastic swim bait, such as the Yum Money Minnow. All of this put together and you have the best imitation of a school of bait that has ever been reeled past the face of a fish. Record breaking 5 fish limits of fish have been caught in tournaments across the country because of this rig. Reports of multiple fish being caught on a single cast are also very common. Make sure to read your state fish and game regulations as some states only allow the use of 1, or 3 baits at a time. Also, when using the Alabama rig or other rigs like it such as the Bass Pro Shops Deadly 5 War Path make sure to fish responsibly and help protect the resource by releasing the big female bass that this rig will surely fool into biting.

As you can see things have definitely changed. While the old school products and techniques still work you can greatly improve your fish catching results by adjusting with the times and trying out these new innovations. So head to your nearest Bass Pro Shops and pick out a new lure you have never used before, leave your confidence bait at home and throw only the new lure for a few fishing trips. By doing this you will increase your confidence in the technique and greatly improve your chances of catching fish no matter what the conditions hold. Bettering yourself as an angler is what it's all about, and this is a great way to do just that.

I'll see you on the water!!!

Joey Nania



Great Coyote Hunt success in Western Alabama!!!

Welcome back Bass Pro Shoppers!It's always a pleasure to see all of you returning to see what's new and happening!Today I'm showing a coyote hunt video shot in Western Alabama. This amazing video was shoot last year, but still a amazing predator kill!So check it out!

 Published on Apr 4, 2012

Episode 1024: Join Terry Denmon and Phillip Robison (a.k.a Coyote Rob) on a coyote hunt in western Alabama.


Thanks again for stopping by and checking out what's going on at your one and only outdoor store, Bass Pro Shops in Leeds, Alabama. thanks Rebecca at the Gun Counter



Have You Tried Uncle Buck's Batters and Such Lately?

If your really haven't tried any of Uncle Buck's batters, you don't know what your missing.  Whether you having a fish fry or cooking breakfast, we have what you need. 

We'll start with our Fish Fry.  It comes in Original, Original Light & Krispy, Mild, Hot & Spicy and Hot Spicy Light & Krispy.  Our Chicken Fry comes in Original and Hot & Spicy.  We even carry Beer Batter which seems to be a favorite. 

I sampled fried dill pickles this past Saturday using Uncle Buck's Original and Mild Batters and they were outstanding. 

If you're looking for something for breakfast, we have Biscuit Mix, Cream Gravy Mix and Pancake Mix.  I've personally tried the gravy mix.  Just add water or milk and a little sausage grease and it's as good as Grandma's, but much easier. 

If you're having a fish fry, we have the Hushpuppy Mix.  If you prefer your own hushpuppy recipe, start with Uncle Buck's Cornbread Mix and add your favorites ingredients.  To make battering that fish a little less messy, try one of our Better Breaders located  in our Camping department.  I'll be using one for the pickles too. 

And we can't forget about desert.  Uncle Buck's Fruit Cobbler Mix is wonderful.  Just add your favorite fruit and you've got desert. 

All these can be found in our General Store and they're a deal at $3.99 each.


Expand Your Fishing Arsenal

When you walk through the doors at one of Bass Pro Shops amazing stores for the average person it can all be somewhat overwhelming to take in. Every department is fully stocked with the latest and greatest products on the market today. If you are an angler coming to Bass Pro Shops for the first time to see the amazing fishing department you will notice it is jam packed with rods, reels, baits, and tackle everywhere you look. This is a lot to take in and the honest truth is that every fishing lure in the store has the potential to help you catch fish.

I have a great system that I utilize as a professional bass fisherman that helps me to expand my options and ability on the water. It's all about expanding your arsenal, and in doing that you will also increase your success rate on those tough days when the fish just won't bite your old stand by, or what we call a confidence bait. Having confidence in a certain lure or technique is great but every fisherman will run into days where for some reason it just flat out won't work.

For all different levels of fisherman it is very important that you don't limit yourself to one bait or technique. Every bait that is on the shelves is there for a reason and that is because it catches fish if you stick with it and also understand how, when, and where to use it. The way I grow as an angler is I choose a bait that I know has potential but I've just never taken the time to experiment with and I go use it all day long. Now this sounds simple, but it's not as easy as it sounds. I've found that if I have my confidence bait sitting right behind me I will continually loose faith in the lure I'm out there to learn about and pick up my old stand by after going through a period of not getting many bites. So for me I have to not temp myself and leave my favorite lure behind for the day. If I do that I've found that sooner or later I will catch fish on the new bait, and better myself as an angler.

The first bait I ever did this with was a  Stanley Jigs Original Casting Jig. A jig is a bait that is notorious for catching big fish, but I had never given it the time that was needed to gain confidence in it so I could feel good about throwing it. After experimenting with the jig on my home lake I got on a pattern catching fish off docks and the rest is history. The jig is now one of my favorite weapons while fishing all over the country. I have done this with many different baits such as the Bass Pro Shops Deadly 5 Shad Rig which is a fish catching machine in the spring and winter but you have to stick with it to ignite a school and make it work.

Being a successful fisherman is all about increasing your options and expanding your arsenal to choose from, and you have to have confidence in the technique to make it work. So this year give it a try, every 2 months go pick out a new bait or style of fishing that you are not comfortable with. Leave your favorite baits behind for the day and you will be amazed at the results. Whether you are a weekend angler or a touring professional this system will help any one who wants to grow as an angler. That's what it is all about learning and bettering yourself as you get older in all aspects of life.

I'll see you on the water!!!

Joey Nania



Meet a Pro!

This year's line up of professional fishermen has just been released! We have an outstanding line up for you! Come on out during the weekend of March 1 - March 3 to meet some of today's hottest pros. Here is a run-down of the professionals and the classes they will be teaching:

March 1st

5 pm PreSpawn Tactics - Tommy Martin

6 pm PreSpawn Techniques - Dave Lefebre

7 pm It's PreSpawn Season - Stacey King

8 pm Springtime Fishing in Alabama - Chris Lane


March 2nd

11 am Fishing Around the Spawn - Tommy Martin

12 pm It's The Pre-Spawn Season - Stacey King

1 pm Ledge Fishing Techniques - Terry Bolton

2 pm Techniques for Pattern Fishing - Roland Martin

3 pm The Little Things that Make Big Differences in Fishing - Scott Martin


March 3rd

1 pm Spider Rigging with Plastics for Monster Crappie - Dan Dannanmueller

2 pm The Use of Crawfish Colors - When & Why - Dennis Tietje


If you are not familiar with these professionals, check out the information below:


Tommy Martin

Tommy Martin

1974 BassMaster Classic Champion

Career Top-10 Tournament finishes 5 

Home: Hemphill, TX




Dave LeFeBre

Dave Lefebre

9 time FLW cup qualifier

2 FLW tour wins

Career Tournament Wins 5

Career Top-10 Finishes 45

Home: Erie, PA




Stacey King

Stacey King

12 time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier

2 time B.A.S.S. winner

3 time FLWChampionship Qualifier

Career Top-10 Finishes 8

Home: Reeds Spring, MO




Chris Lane

Chris Lane

2012 BassMaster Classic Champion

3 Time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier

Career Top-10 Finishes 18

Classic Wins 1

1st Place Finishes 4

Home: Guntersville, AL




Terry Bolton

Terry Bolton

11 time FLW cup Qualifier

Career Top-10 FLW Finishes 40

Career Tournament Wins 2

Home: Paducah, KY




Roland Martin

Roland Martin

9 time BassMaster Angler of the Year

Career Top-10 Finishes 6

Home: Naples. FL 





Scott Martin

Scott Martin

5 time FLW Tour Champion

2011 Forrest Wood Cup Champion

Career Tournament Wins 6

Career Top-10 Finishes 27

Home: Clewiston, FL




Dan Dannenmueller

Dan Dannenmueller

2011 & 2012 Crappie Masters Angler of the Year




Dennis Tietje

Dennis Tietje

Bassmaster Elite Series Pro

Top Ten Finishes 1

Home: Roanoke, LA


For more information about these great fishermen and more, check out the following web sites:



Remember that all classes and professionals are subject to change. For more information follow us on Facebook and visit our store web page at www.basspro.com for all of our event information!







New Camo Pattern For 2013

Turkey season is almost here, the opening date this year is March 15th. Camo apparel has some really neat new colors for the 2013 season.

The new Realtree Xtra and Xtra Green camo bring pattern reality to life. Camo pattern leader Realtree has developed the industry's most realistic pattern ever. Today the company unveiled its Realtree Xtra camo pattern, also available in Realtree Xtra Green.

The breakthrough in camo pattern realism comes from a combination of design and printing technology that delivers three distinct fields within one camo pattern. a foreground, mid-ground, and background.

'New Realtree Xtra and Xtra Green truly live up to their names, giving hunters extra effectiveness in the field, ' said Realtree Designer and President Bill Jordan. 'All through development process, we focused on creating incredible depth, visual confusion and 3D effects in the pattern mid-ground, backgrounds while still retaining total sharpness and detail in the foreground elements. The result is as close to nature as ever gotten."

The Realtree Xtra and Realtree Xtra Green camo designs feature 12 warm, natural colors-one with more green. The new designs provide all-season utility for hunters and outdoors people. Their subtle shadows, highlights, and  textures blend with terrain and lighting conditions more than any other pattern available, making Realtree Xtra the most versatile camo on the market.

Visit www.Realtree.com/huntailseason for a true, in depth look at the patterns. To shop for this pattern and others that Bass Pro Shops has to offer, visit www.basspro.com

Realtree Xtra


Uncle Buck's Deli welcomes you to the spring fishing classic!

We would like to invite you to visit Uncle Buck's Deli as you shop at the Leeds, AL Bass Pro Shops. Our friendly staff looks forward to satisfying your appetite with a tempting array of items.

It's that time of year - the fishing classic is back!  While you are in the store stocking up on your fishing needs, come on over to have lunch or dinner with us! We have a variety of made to order sandwiches, including: Black Forest Ham, Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Corned Beef, Pastrami, Bologna, Roast Beef, BLT, Tuna Salad and our signature sandwich - freshly made Chicken Salad. We are proud to serve all -beef Nathan's Hot Dogs as well! Grilled Cheese and peanut butter and jelly round out our sandwich offerings.

Any of these sandwiches can be made into a Big Bass Combo with the addition of any of our sides: potato salad, our own pasta salad, fruit salad, chips, a dill pickle or a cookie, and a 16 oz. fountain drink.

In the mood for something a little lighter? Try one of our salads - we would be glad to make you a  Caesar, Chef, Greek or Southwestern!

Did you know that we make all our fudge on site? Stop in for a free taste - maybe you'll catch our fudge makers whipping up a kettle or two of the best tasting fudge you've ever tried! Take home one piece or a special of buy four, get two free!

Enjoy some hand-scooped ice cream to top off your visit or take home some of our Bavarian roasted nuts!

Keep up with our store on facebook - we will be posting our weekly deli specials.

We look forward to visiting with you in the Deli!

Mary Heaven

Team Lead

Uncle Buck's



Prepare For The Invasion!!!

While many of us in Alabama (myself included) have enjoyed the unusually mild temperatures this winter, there is an unfortunate consequence coming our way-BUGS, BUGS, BUGS!!!

If you plan on spending time outdoors in the coming months, whether it be hunting, fishing, camping (you get the idea) these bugs could become a real problem for you and your family this year. If you are like me, you don't like the idea of smelly lotions, sprays, or oils containing chemicals on your family's skin. So, what to do?

ThermaCELL products may be the solution for you. These specially designed products use a butane cartridge to heat up a mosquito repellant mat. The heat vaporizes the repellant, allowing it to rise into the air, creating a 15x15 ft. mosquito-free zone. This repellant is a synthetic form of allethrin, a repellant that occurs naturally in chrysanthemum flowers and is not harmful to humans and pets.

Why should you use ThermaCELL products?

  • They are extremely effective and virtually odorless
  • They are small and portable
  • There is no open flame
  • There is no chemical contact with skin or clothing
  • They can be reused (with refill)-all ThermaCELL products use the same refills
  • Available in both lanterns and appliances

Available accessories:

  • Appliance holsters
  • Swivel light
  • Refills

The appliance holsters fit all standard size ThermaCELL appliances and secure to your belt or another object for hands-free carrying. They easily attach to a tree-stand, branch, boat, or backpack. There are two colors available-olive and Realtree APG Camo.

The swivel light clips to ThermaCELL appliances, hats, belts, and most outdoor gear. They emit a 15 ft. beam of white or green light, one color at a time. The light swivels to direct  the beam and has 4 green and 4 white LEDs.

Refill butane cartidges and mosquito repellant mats are available. Each cartridge lasts approximately 12 hours and each mat approximately 4 hours. A single refill pack comes with 1 butane cartridge and 3 insect repellant mats. Each value pack comes with 4 cartridges and 12 mats.

Finally, ThermaCELL products are easy to operate.  You simply load the butane and pad, slide the switch to the on position, and click the start button a few times to light the butane. A light at the top of the device indicates it is working properly. When you are finished, simply slide the switch back to turn the device off.

For more information, please visit www.thermacell.com or come on down to your Leeds Bass Pro Shops and check out our selection of devices and accessories. We look forward to helping you make your selection.

As always, stay safe and GO CAMPING!!!








Hog Hunting From Helicopter Video!

Welcome Bass Pro Shoppers!!!!Today I am going to introduce you to the best hog hunting with crossbow video that's out there right now. It's a killer video and you've got to watch it. Plus with Predator Hunting coming up soon i figured why not get the buzz on this video out there. Hope you enjoy it as much as us at Bass Pro Shops in Leeds, Alabama did!!!

Thanks again stopping by to see the latest buzz from Hunting.Hope to hear from all using the comment box. Rebecca in Hunting in Leeds, Alabama