Choosing Deer Hunting Clothing, Part 3

Blaze Orange

Third, in some cases, hunting clothing is designed to advertise your position to other hunters. Most states require hunters to wear a minimum amount of hunter orange clothing during the modern firearm seasons. Hunter orange has been shown to greatly reduce the number of hunting accidents that occur each year, so be sure to wear it if it’s required in your area.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t make you visible to the deer. Studies have shown that deer do not see colors in the orange spectrum.

In most cases, a blaze orange vest and/or hat will meet the required amount. Vests are a great way to go because you can just put them on over your other layers. Make sure your vest is made of quiet material so you don’t spook deer when you brush up against bushes or tree branches. It can also be quite worth it to spend a few extra bucks and get a vest that has some conveniently placed pockets. This can help you keep small items that you use frequently right at your fingertips.

You might also consider going with blaze orange clothing that includes a black camouflage pattern. Solid colors can make your human outline stand out against the forest backdrop. It’s sort of silly to go through the trouble of wearing camouflage clothing that breaks up your outline, only to then throw on a vest with a solid color.

Blaze orange with a black camo pattern will complete your outline-shattering outfit and ensure that you don’t stand out to deer like a sore thumb (be sure to check your state game regulations, though, because some states require solid orange).

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