Ten Bow Shooting Tips, Part 2

Our article continues, with tips 6 - 10, to help you become a bowsuccessful bow hunter. 

6.  Make a Surprise Release:  Target panic is the attempt – and the inability – to hold the pin steady on the intended target while taking a shot. Invariably, the afflicted will issue a “Now!” command in their mind when the pin hesitates on the spot. Trying to time the shot eventually creates a mental gridlock resulting in very inconsistent (and distressing shooting). The cure is simple, just learn to create a surprise release.

 7.  Float Your Aim:  One of the most damaging misconceptions in archery involves aiming. Many feel that the pin should settle rock-steady on the spot they want to hit n order to enjoy great accuracy. This is where target panic gets the spark that turns into a flame. If you are releasing the string correctly, with a surprise method, you won’t be able to time the shot, nor do you have to. Just let the pin float around and over the spot. When the surprise release goes, you will be amazed by how close the arrow hits to the center. It is spooky, really but one of the keys to good shooting, nonetheless.

 8. Aim Time:  Studies show that seven seconds is the longest an average person can stay focused on one thing without distraction. Make every attempt to perform your shots within seven seconds from the time you lock on the spot.

 9. Mid-Flight Obstacles:   Because arrows do not fly on a flat trajectory, you can often lob a shot over an obstacle. With your bow at full draw, aim at the intended target with the correct sight pin and check the pins for yardages in between.

 10. In-Season Practice:  Most bowhunters make the mistake of shutting down their regular practice when the season starts. You need to keep up your strength and maintain your form throughout the season so it will still be sharp when you need it.

 By Bill Winke.

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