Portable Solar Chargers Dos and Dont's

    Coming from the sunny state of California, we have seen our share of alternative energy sources. Recently there has been a huge demand for solar powered devices and charging units. Unfortunately the technology is still new and many people are unaware of the uses and limitations. Because this technology is not very inexpensive, it is best to educate yourself prior to making the purchase. Having an understanding of this technology will help you understand how this new era of solar can benefit you, as well avoiding the mistake of buying expensive devices that will not perform as expected.

   Will this solar device work for me? This is the question that must be answered prior to buying and installing any of the newly available solar products to avoid headaches. A typical reason a person will seek out a solar charger is to charge small electronic devices. Cell phones, tablets, and even laptops can be charged by a portable solar device. Not all solar devices will charge equally, and some will be much more effective than others. Because small electronics do not require large amounts of energy, a fairly small solar charger will do the trick. Any of the solar devices from Goal Zero will be perfect for these applications because of the high energy output as well as the type of ports available. Bushnell also makes small solar devices that will work for these purposes. These devices can provide enough energy to charge a battery overtime but, you should not expect to run an uncharged device directly from these solar panels. 

    Another reason many people will seek out a portable solar charger is to keep the battery on the boat or rv charged. This is where many misconceptions of portable solar devices come into play. While many portable solar chargers can effectively maintain a battery, they would not likely provide enough energy to charge a large deep cycle that has been drained. Small portable solar battery chargers such as those produced by Noco, are designed to stop a battery from draining while not in use. They are not designed to charge a deep cycle while using your trolling motor, and will not be effective in any situation where the battery is in use. The size of the solar panel that would be needed to be effective in this scenario, would not ideal, and certainly not portable.

    Solar technology continues to play a growing roll in our lives, and it seems it is only getting better. Unfortunately the technology has yet to be good enough for many peoples needs. If you need to stay plugged in with small electronic devices, most of the portable solar chargers on the market will perform perfectly, but if you need to supplement large amounts of power to an rv or boat deepcycle you will find portable solar devices are not quite what you need. Having an understanding of the abilities and limitations of portable solar chargers will save you time and money when looking for ways to add power to the outdoors. To learn more about portable sloar charging products please visit a local Bass Pro marine counter or www.basspro.com.

Ryan Wynn


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Lounging Poolside

   Here at Bass Pro Shops, we like to focus on fun in the outdoors. For some, that means heading over to the fishing hole, to others it means hiking through scenic California, but for millions of kids and adults across America, outdoor fun in the summer time means lounging in the swimming pool. Fun in the backyard swimming pool is essential to a California summer due to our long stretches of high temps. In order to take full advantage of the fun that can be had in a swimming pool, there are many new products that will change the way you look at your pool. The diving board has long been the center of attention in the swimming pool, but that is all going to change. Inflatable pool toys have taken over and offer much more than the old fashioned inner tube, raft, and beach ball. Some of the newly available inflatables will provide hours of fun for kids, while others will offer an oasis to lounge in the shade. Inflatable pool accessories are also a great addition to poolside fun. If you plan on spending anytime in the water this summer, inflatables may be bring your fun to the next level.

   Kids love the the water, and they will stay in the pool for hours. It is a great way to keep them occupied as well as fit. In an effort to encourage more time in the pool, adding pool toys to the water always brings a new element to the fun. When looking into new inflatable pool toys, nothing says fun more than the Aquaslide Jungle Jim Inflatable Playstation. This jungle jim will essentially turn your pool, or any body of water, into an inflatable water park. At 6.5 feet, the jungle jim will handle up to six people at once enabling swimmers to climb, slide, jump, and splash all summer long.

    While horseplay and water slides are a great way to enjoy the pool, many people get the most enjoyment from their pools by relaxing in them. A typical pool scene would be a group of friends sun bathing while floating on separate rafts. Even the simple pleasure of enjoying the sun and water with friends can be elevated with the addition of some the latest pool lounge innovations. The Rave Sports Paradise Lounge Inflatable Pool Float is one such innovation. This pool float takes the simple act of lounging in the pool with friends and makes it much more fun and social. This 4 seat pool float allows 4 adults to lounge comfortably sitting up while half submerged in the water. The float also provides a place for your beverage. Adding this float to your pool will definitely make your pool a favorite place for friends to visit.

    Sometimes it is the little things that make a difference. This can often be the case with pool accessories. We always think about the raft, the sunblock, and the foam noodle, but rarely think about convenience and comfort. Inflatable pool accessories can offer this convenience and comfort. One such product that does this is the Airhead Aqua Oasis Inflatable Floating Cooler. This cooler will make trips out of the pool to the ice chest a thing of the past. Why get out of the pool if you don't have to? With 17 quarts capacity, the cooler can hold up to 24 12 oz cans. There are also beverage holders conveniently placed around the cooler for an added benefit. Adding this cooler to your pool will keep the party from slowing down.

   When the sun is beating down on you and the pool is in the backyard, it is inevitable that you and your family will spend hours in the water. With so much time spent in the pool, why not maximize the fun and relaxation? Look into picking up some inflatable pool toys that will change your pool experience. For more information on the products mentioned as well as other great new inflatable pool toys visit your local Bass Pro or www.basspro.com.

Ryan Wynn


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The Backpacking Essentials

     The Ten Essentials are a must have list for every kind of camping trip, even as a emergency go bag.  These items all go hand in hand to keep you alive in the wilderness.


  1. Fire starters, I always carry a magnesium style fire starter and tinder.   
  2. Water purification tablets, a container to boil water, or a filter of sorts is vital to having fresh drinking water.  Check out the LifeStraw!
  3. Map and compass, know where you go!
  4. Trail food, keep your energy up because you will be burning it all day. 
  5. Knife or multi tool.  Carrying a pocketknife, sheath or folder is a must.  A Leatherman has more tools to offer but may be heavy for some. 
  6. Light source, you need to see when its dark outside, or to signal that a emergency is occuring. 
  7. Emergency shelter, for when nature strikes out of the blue.
  8. Sun and bug protection, getting sun burned is a major issue on the trail.   
  9. Extra clothing, You never know exactly what the weather may have in store for you. 
  10.  First Aid, For basic accidents.  Knowing your first aid kit is a must. 
  11. (never forget)  Toilet paper.


Each of these items listed touches a critical aspect of you surviving the trip.  The saying “one, you have none, two you have one” states the “What if it runs out” scenario.  It is always important to consider that because you can’t just stop mid trip and run to the store, what you pack in is all you have.   Learning how to effectively use each item and its contents can help you get the most out of the trip and your gear.   



Cobra All-in-one Handheld Radio

    In a state like California, we have multiple terrains and weather seasons that give outdoorsmen numerous opportunities to take advantage of the some the best outdoor sporting in the world. When taking part in outdoor sports, from fishing to hunting, having the right equipment is essential. One product that seems to cross over various outdoor activities is the handheld radio. From walkie talkies to VHFs, handheld radios play an enormous role in outdoor communication and safety.One problem that many outdoorsmen run into is storing and keeping track of your equipment throughout the seasons, and handheld radios are no exception. Thanks to the new Cobra MRHH450 handheld radio, this has gotten a little more convenient. By combining the features of a GMRS (walkie talkie) and the features of a VHF radio into a single handheld unit, Cobra has manged to reduce the number of handheld radios needed for outdoor activities by half. With this unit you will be able to transition from the boat to the land without changing your radio. Aside from this new feature, Cobra's kept many features that make this radio as good, and better than their previous handheld radios.Cobra Handheld Radio

    A VHF radio is designed to be used on the water so that boats may communicate to one another. VHF plays a huge role in boat safety and is often the only way a boater can communicate to the coast guard for emergencies. Because of the great importance of boater safety, VHF radios are not allowed to be used for land communications. These radios have great range and often include features that are useful for boaters, such as being waterproof. GMRS radios are slightly different than VHF radios, because they are designed for land use. A typical use for a GMRS radio would be communication between hunters or hikers. These types of radios often include features that are useful for outdoor activities such as camo print and weather radio.

     Thanks to the Cobra MRHH450 we now no longer need both a VHF and a GMRS handheld radio. With near seamless dual functionality, the MRHH450 offers both GMRS and VHF frequencies. One radio for all your outdoor excursions. This radio will communicate with all VHF radios in range as well as any GMRS radio in range, when put on correct channels. When pricing a handheld VHF radio and GMRS radio separately you will find the MRHH450 a very affordable option.

     Aside from being able to communicate outdoors from the terrain as well as on the water, the MRHH450 has some other useful features. NOAA radio and alerts are featured on this unit, so that you know what to plan for. The NOAA feature will benefit both boaters and those on land.  Another great feature is the units ability to use a rechargeable battery as well as an included AA battery tray. This will come in handy when you are away from a power source.

    There are countless scenarios where the Cobra MRHH450 will be a great benefit. Reducing amount of equipment, great communication for fun and safety, and a well designed unit are what you can expect from the MRHH450. Boaters, hunters, hikers, and just about any other outdoor enthusiast will find this unit an excellent companion for nearly all outdoor excursions. For more information on this radio please visit https://www.cobra.com/products/handheld-max-performance/mr-hh450-camo, or visit a Bass Pro Shops.

Ryan Wynn


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Hiking Half Dome at Yosemite National Park

The 16 mile hike to Half Dome and back begins at Happy Isles in Yosemite Valley.  It is a grueling hike up to Half Dome from the Valleythe top of half dome with a 3800 foot gain in elevation to 8800 feet above sea level over approximately 8 miles.  Along the way, you'll see outstanding views of Vernal and Nevada Falls, Liberty Cap and Half Dome.  From the summit  you will be treated to fantastic views of Yosemite Valley, Glacier Point, and other prominent points of interest along with panoramic views of the High Sierras. You will also most likely catch a glimpse or two of some of the native wildlife as you hike the trail to Half Dome.

Half Dome SummitTwo metal cables stretch up the last 400 feet enabling hikers to reach the summit without climbing equipment.   And while a relative few in number have fallen to their death during this part of the ascent, one must approach this area with utmost reverence.  It is not the place to be goofing , showing off or acting irresponsibly.  The journey up the cables is inherently dangerous but with the right precaution can be a safe and fun adventure.  The cables usually go up just before Memorial Day and come down the day after Columbus Day.

Most hikers take 10-12 hours to make the hike up Half Dome and back to the valley floor.  For this reason it Cables on Half Domeis best to start this hike very early in the morning.  One should also be in reasonable shape for this hike due to the length and elevation gain which make it somewhat strenuous.  I would also mention that for the last several years it has become necessary to obtain a permit from the park service to ascend Half Dome via the cable route.

There are some items you will want to make sure to include in preparation for your hike.  A good place to start is our Manteca Bass Pro Shop where you can gear up for the hike up Half Dome.  The first item probably being a good set of hiking boots with good ankle support.  Take a look at the RedHead Ridge Point Hikers or perhaps the RedHead Granite Peak Hiker..  Either one of these would make  a great choice for the hike up Half Dome.  While not mandatory, you might want to include a pair of gloves to grip the cables as you climb up the last 400 feet.  Another item you will want to have with you would be a small sack lunch.   You just might get hungry.  Probably most important would be water.  You will View from the Topneed approximately one gallon of water for the trek up and back.   In our camping department you will find the perfect item to carry your gear, lunch and water in the form of one of our many hydration packs.  The Ascend H1250 or Ascend H2000 are two excellent choices.

Now for a few safety tips.  Check the forecast before your trip.  The summit is a dangerous place to be during a lightning storm.  If you notice a storm moving in, do not attempt the summit.  And while lightning storms are more common during the afternoon hours, keep in mind that they can strike at most any time.  Do not attempt to summit during wet or rainy conditions.  The trek up the cables is no place to be slipping and sliding.  The summit is typically 15 degrees cooler than the valley floor and can be windy.  Be prepared and dress appropriately.  A few people experience problems with altitude sickness each year with symptoms such as severe headache or nausea.  If you experience these symptoms you must get to lower elevations immediately.  Last but not least one must stay out of the river above Nevada and Vernal Falls.  Nearly every year someone is swept over the falls because they do not follow this precaution.

The trip up to the summit of Half Dome and the views one encounters once you reach the top make this hike well worth the effort.  And while there are dangers one must be aware, the trek can be quite safe as long as the proper safety precautions are observed.  The hike up Half Dome is an adventure waiting to happen.  Have fun and be safe.


Phil Steele

Camping Dept.

Store 49, Manteca

Bass Pro Shop


Varmints Beware!

Three years ago I went on my first coyote hunt with a few friends. I never gone before, but by the end of the day I was hooked. That's when I knew I needed a predator rifle for coyote hunting. A year later I purchased a Savage Model 12 FLV in 22-250 Rem and I've never looked back.

           Now to give you an idea on the requirements I had for a rifle, I first need to describe my hunting style and area. I hunt out on the rolling hills and flat grasslands before you reach the foothills. The advantage is that you can see coyotes from a long way off, but the disadvantage is that there practically no cover. Because of this, my minumum distance for shooting a coyote is approximately 200 yards. So I knew I needed a rifle that had shot after shot accuracy and a caliber that could handle to wind pretty well.

          Enter the Savage Model 12! With a 26 inch bull barrel and Savage Accutrigger. The rifle was a hefty 8.75 lbs, but since I planned on calling in the coyotes I knew it wouldn't be a problem. The accutrigger was also a big bonus on this rifle because it could be adjusted as low as 1 1/2 lbs on the model 12. The blued barrel was free floated and had a target muzzle crown for even gas dispersion to aid in bullet stability. http://www.basspro.com/Savage-12-FV-Varmint-Rifle/product/10217956/

         I purchased it and quickly began the break in process. On my first trip to the range I was astonished by how quickly I was able to zero the rifle. It usually took me at least 15 rounds to get a rifle really zeroed in, but this one was dialed in after 7 rounds. The heavy barrel really helped when at the range and made it fun to shoot again and again. I quickly realized that the rifle would also make a great range rifle, but I had other plans for it. While I was at the range, the precision of the rifle became quickly apparent. I tried Winchester 45 gr Jacketed Hollow Points and it grouped them fairly well around .9 inch groupings. Then I tested some Federal 55 gr Soft Point bullets and got similar results. Then I used some Hornady 40 gr V-Max bullets and was astonished to see groupings approximately .5 inch. The rifle could probably do even better than that because on several occasions it put two bullets through the same hole. The .5 inch grouping is probably just shooter inexperience.

           Now the rifle is my first choice whenever I go coyote hunting. It has never disappointed me and I have more fun than ever. I've even impressed a couple friends by shooting ground squirrels at 300 yards. So if you are looking for a long range varmint rifle for ground squirrels, prairie dogs, or predator hunting look no further than the Savage Model 12. It will not disappoint!

Happy Hunting,

Christopher Lopez



ENO Hammocks

Looking for the perfect hammock to set up after a long day out in the wilderness? Well, my friend, look no further because you have finally found that hammock. Eagles Nest Outfitters hammocks are top of the line gear, made exclusively for the outdoor enthusiast in mind. If you're out backpacking with friends or camping with family, these easy set up hammocks will have you in a world of relaxation the moment you lay in them. Constructed of breathable quick drying nylon with heavy duty triple stitched seams, these hammocks are lightweight and durable for even the most rugged outdoors men. Coming in different models and offering multiple accessories to make your next outdoor trip feel like you're at one with Mother Nature. And to make things better, Eagles Nest Outfitters hammocks come with an attached compression stuff sack, to make stuffing your hammock a whole lot easier.

The SingleNest Hammock is the perfect single person hammock that is ready at a moment's notice. Light enough to take on your next backpacking trip and strong enough for backyard luxury, this single person hammock is the go-to for any occasion. Wt. 16 oz.


The DoubleNest Hammock is the perfect complement for outdoor enthusiasts looking to get close to nature and the open wilderness. Big enough for two people, or ideal for one, this is your pass to relaxation. Take it anywhere and set it up in seconds, so you can spend the rest of your day laying back enjoying yourself. Wt.20 oz. Maximum weight capacity 400 lbs.

The Guardian Bug Net gives you bite-free peace of mind. Laying in any of your Eagles Nest Outfitters hammock is not the time for insects to attack you. The Guardian surrounds you and your hammock in a bite-free peace of mind without interrupting your outdoor relaxation. It's constructed of superfine no-see-um netting to keep insects of all sizes out of your sleeping area. Enjoy a spacious interior with adequate head room. The Guardian Bug Net is compatible with all Eagles Nest Outfitters hammocks. Wt. 16 oz.

Now, you may be wondering if that's all the hammocks and accessories they have? Well it's not. There are other different styles of hammocks, as well as different colors for these hammocks. They even have repair kits and rain tarps to go with them. I just wanted to grab your attention and wet your thirst for these fine, high quality products. Now the next time you're thinking of that new and exciting item you desperately need for you're next big backpacking or camping trip, look no further for it has arrived.


Bass Pro Shops

Manteca Store #49

Marc F.

Camping Department



Chirp Sonar

    Today's depth finders have so much technology packed into a small unit that it can become overwhelming to understand exactly your unit is up to. We have things like basic sonar, down imaging, side imaging, 360 imaging, and now we have chirp. Chirp is the technology that is taking over the depth finder market. When compared to basic sonar, chirp proves to have a major advantage. By reviewing the details of this technology it will help explain why chirp is superior. It will also be beneficial to learn some of the units that are currently using this technology. The more you know and understand boat electronics, you will increase your ability to choose the electronics that best fit your needs.

   Basic sonar works though sound waves similar to how a bat navigates through the night. The transducer both sends and receives the signal for your unit to process and display. It will send a click sound down through the water and that sound will reflect off an object and ping back up to the transducer, and the unit will let you know the size and depth of the ping based on the return signal strength. This technology has been improved over the years but it still has its downsides. The transducer will send a longer ping down for deeper waters until it reaches something to bounce off of. The problem with this feature is that with long pings, you have the possibility of your readings blending together.

    Chirp is not the same technology as basic sonar. It sends a ping down just like typical sonar except it does not focus on a frequency at a time. Basic sonar usually sends down a ping at a specific frequency per ping. This is where chirp is different. The ping that chirp sends down consists of multiple frequencies, and the end result is a much higher detailed and accurate sonar reading. It is much more complex when it comes to processing multiple frequencies from a single ping, so units capable of chirp typically cost a little more than basic sonar units.

  Chirp is the latest in sonar technology and many units are starting to hit the market with chirp as a feature. The Raymarine Dragonfly is currently one of the hottest chirp units out with an affordable price tag. This unit offers both sonar and down imaging sonar with chirp technology. Combined with an easy interface and top notch Navionics mapping, the Dragonfly is a great place to start looking when researching chirp units.

   Chirp technology is an improvement to sonar that is here to stay. I believe that in the near future most, if not all, units will have this technology, because it is proven and already in implementation by the top sonar brands. If you are looking for a little more detail in your sonar, chirp is the way to go. If you have any questions or would like to know more about what units have chirp technology please visit a local Bass Pro marine department.

Ryan Wynn


Manteca Store 49


Brunton Portable Power Supply

      Portable electronic devices have been a huge part of our society since the Walkman. In fact , we have become a society that now depends on these portable electronics in our daily lives. Smart phones and tablets are everywhere and have integrated near seamlessly into our culture. With these devices being so prevalent it is no wonder why people run into many problems when they have no power to their device. Car and USB wall chargers are what get most people through the day when it comes to powering up their electronics. What happens when you have no car charger and are not near a power source? The answer comes from a company called Brunton. Brunton has been creating accessories for the outdoors man for many years and have continued to provide quality products. Their latest line of portable power supply packs will prove useful to outdoors men as well as the teenager on the go. Bruntons new slogan for these power packs is "Take the Outlet With You", and that is exactly what you are doing with these new products. With a sleek design, high compatibility, and ability to perform, Bruntons new line of power packs will make a great addition to any person who uses personal electronics.

Brunton Torpedo 2800    Brunton makes many battery power packs that are suitable for different situations.  For instance, the Torpedo 2800 is designed to fit directly into a cars 12 volt outlet so that it will charge in the car and can be taken out to use as a portable power pack at any moment. Another unit with a great design is the Pulse 1500. This unit hold enough power to completely recharge a smart phone, while being so small you will likely forget it is in your pocket. Depending on your power needs and lifestyle, you can choose a Brunton power pack that would work great for your next excursion.Brunton Pulse 1500

    Portable electronics can consist of many things including everything from an mp3 player, to a laptop computer. No one Brunton product is ideal for all portable electronic applications, but you will likely find a product that will work perfect for you. Because there are so many types of portable electronics, it is hard to determine if the charging ports are compatible. To help ease the problem Brunton has equipped their power packs with the two most common ports, USB and micro USB.

    With the increase of portable electronics in our daily lives, it only makes sense that we should have chargers for these devices that we can take with us everywhere. Brunton portable chargers provide this function and make it simple and effective. Each of their portable charging options is reasonably priced and built to last. This line of chargers has many things to offer with it variations in function and design. For more information on these devices please visit www.brunton.com or visit a Bass Pro Marine Center.

Ryan Wynn


Store 49 Manteca


Sound the Dinner Bell with the Hydrowave

    Fishermen will always try to get a leg up on the competition, and that means new techniques as well as new technologies.  Some fishermen rely heavily on their electronics and others rely on experience and intuition. When experience and intuition come together with marine electronics, you can bet the resulting product will be a possible game changer. An example of a product like this is the Hydrowave. The experience of fish feeding habits combined with underwater electronic technology has brought fisherman a great new device that will help bring in the big one. This device has been in the market for a couple of years and has some decent reviews.Hydrowave

    In essence, the Hydrowave technology is an underwater speaker system connected to a device that makes very specific sounds. These sounds would mimic the sound of a bait fish frenzy . The idea being that feeding fish will be attracted to these sounds, and once they arrive within your range, they don't see any bait fish, just your lure. With these sounds and the absence of bait, it is said that it will create great conditions for fish to strike.

    The original Hydrowave was very popular, and soon spawned a newer upgraded model called the KVD Signature Series. This newer model added more sounds to the technology, giving the device more species and waterway versatility. It didn't hurt that the newer unit is marketed and used by KVD himself. Although the reviews have been good on both of these units, sales are not what one would expect for a great new device that gives results.  To increase usefulness of their existing products, Hydrowave has developed expansion modules. These modules are basically a cartridge that can be loaded into your device that would expand the number of bait fish sounds.

   Hydrowave Mini

In an effort to increase the number of fisherman with Hydrowave technology, the company has developed a newer model that will be much more affordable. They are able to provide this technology at a lower price by downsizing some features while retaining the key aspects and function. The resulting product is called the Hydrowave Mini. This newer model is smaller and contains less sounds than the original and KVD models. Another difference is that the Hydrowave Mini does not accept expansion modules. 

If you have heard about the benefits of the Hydrowave technology, but were afraid to drop that much money on a unit that you have never seen in action, now is the time to put your fears aside, because the new Hydrowave Mini is very affordable. With ease of installation and ease of use, any Hydrowave model would be a great addition to your boats electronics system. To learn more about the features and specifics on all Hydrowave models visit Hydrowave.com or a Bass Pro Marine Center.

Ryan Wynn


Manteca, CA Store 49


The Tent just for YOU

Choosing the correct tent for your next hiking or camping trip can be tricky depending on how big of a tent you need, or if it needs to be stuffed into a relatively small hiking backpack.  The tents that we offer here at Bass Pro Shops will give you a good variety to choose from for your needs.

If your looking for a less expensive option for your hiking trip, I would recommend the Hiker Biker Tent because of the lightweight factor, and does a relatively good job at keeping you warm throughout the night. For the more serious hikers in a colder climate, I would recommend the Ascend H2.2 Two-Person or Ascend H2.3V Three-Person, depending on how many people will be on this hiking trip.  While Bass Pro Shops does offer the Ascend H1.1V One Person Tent as well.

As for the more casual campers with a relatively small party size, such as a family of 3-6 people, there are many tents that can be chosen from.  My personal two favorites being the Coleman Sundome Four-Person Tent and the Coleman Evanston Six-Person Tent.  While we also offer a different style of tent that comes equipped with a screen porch, such as the BPS Four-Person Dome Tent.

Coleman tent at nightAnd of course we did not forget about the bigger parties that go camping.  We offer two great cabin tents that come equipped with indoor lighting and fans.  The first one being the Coleman Prairie Breeze Nine-Person that has six windows and only has a carry weight of about 33 pounds.  The second cabin tent that we carry here at Manteca Bass Pro Shops, is the Coleman Vacationer Ten-Person Tent.  This tent comes with two rooms, with the middle wall being removable if needed, two hinged swinging doors on each side of the tent, and 8 large windows.

Feel free to come on in to your local Manteca Bass Pro Shops for any questions regarding any of the tents listed, or any others that you might be interesting in purchasing. Note: all tents listed above are tents regularly sold in the Manteca Bass Pro Store, with many others as well. Not all tents sold online, may be available in store.Tent in the woods

Tim T.

Manteca Bass Pro Shops


Bait fishing for striper

Well its that time of year the stiper are coming in and the shad are in big schools. The water has cooled down and trolling is slowing down. So you may be thinking to yourself well what can I do? Bait fishing is the way to go. Whether your fishing off a boat or off the shore, bait fishing will get you some great results.

There is a varitey of baits that you can use. Some frozen bait that I use is shad, anchovies, and sardines. All of these baits give out quite a bit of scent that help attract the fish. The hooks I usually use for bait fishing is #6/0 Gamakatsu circle hooks. Also when using these baits I highly recommend using Pro Cure Bait Scents. The bait scents come in a variety of scents and also come in a oil or gel form. The scent that is working great is the Shad scent.

GamakatsuĀ® Octopus Hooks

 There are a couple of rod and reel sets up that would work great from the shore or boat. If you are trying to fish on a budget, the new Ugly Stik GX2 in a 7 foot medium heavy action combo is a great set up. On the other hand if price is not an issue the 7 foot  medium heavy Ugly Stik Tiger spinning rod pairs up greatly with the Offshore Angler Frigate 7000. Both these combos should be spooled up with some P-line CXX 17-25 lbs for maxium results.

P-Line CXX X-tra Strong Monofilament - 260-300 Yards                                                                                               Offshore AnglerĀ® FrigateĀ® Spinning Reels                                                                                      


Good luck and good fishing

Travis Gonsalves

Fishing Department

Store 49 Manteca, CA










Point 65 Modular Kayak "Tequila"


The Point 65 modula kayak model "Tequila" part of the Swedish modular system is an all around versatile craft designed for easy haul and storage, boasting great performance on the water.  The Tequila gives complete freedom with options from color to available seating. Featured at Bassproshops outdoor world the Tequila can continuously be expanded. piece a front, middle, rear together to create the tandem for a friend to ride along or drop the middle to ride solo.Point 65 100 person ver Tequila

Each piece is a sealed hollow mold connects via Point 65's Snap Tap system, the kayak as a whole sports great tracking ability as well as stability. Molded dry seating with 4 possible foot positions for stable seating for adult and youth. ample storage for a day or weekend trip, carry a pack or tackle bag. The advantage to having a modular kayak is in the transport and storage with no roof rack required for most vehicles. An unassembled Tequila stacks well into pick ups, mini vans and most suv's.

Point 65 3-piece Tequila

Length 416cm / 13’8''
Width 75cm / 29,5”
Weight 35kg / 77lbs
Capacity 240kg / 530lbs
Weight/section approx 11kg / 24,3
Front Section 166cm / 5'5''
Mid Section 163 / 5'4''
Back section 169cm / 5'7''
Backrest Yes

1 year


Bassproshops Outdoor World camping associate Brendon Flynn store 49



Horizon Smokers

Looking for that next big thing to cook or smoke your ribs, brisket, and even fresh game from this past hunting season? Well with the Horizon Smoker you have found just the thing. The Horizon Smokers are constructed from all new steel materials and the smoker body is built from 1/4 inch thick structural pipe. Since it is made and constructed from the best grade of steel materials, this allows it to have a Lifetime Warranty against burnouts and guarantees that you receive the best in the metal craftsmanship of your product. The Horizon Smoker comes in many different styles. On our website you can have the option of choosing between the 16 inch or 20 inch Classic Backyard Smoker, the 16 inch or 20 inch Ranger Backyard Smoker, the 20 inch or 24 inch Marshal Backyard Smoker, and the 20 RD Special Marshal Backyard Smoker. All of these fine products of Ranger Smokers are made in the U.S.A.

But if you come in to one of our stores and speak with a camping associate, they can assist you by custom ordering your very own personal Horizon Smoker. On one of these custom Horizon Smokers you decide to purchase, you can personally add your own accessories to it as well as deciding what length of a smoker you want it to be. It will end up being your own hand picked smoking beauty. While you are in one of our stores, you can choose the type of wood mini logs or wood chunks to use for it. We have plenty of flavors to choose from to make your smoking experience a great one. We have orange, apple, mesquite, hickory, oak, peach, cherry and Jack Daniels® flavored wood chunks. All of these will add up to a great tase for any type of meat you decide to smoke. As for the wood mini logs we have mesquite and hickory. You can use the wood chunks or wood mini logs along with charcoal for some added flavor. But you can also use them without charcoal for the best results and a completely natural cooking environment. The mini logs are great for cooking for longer periods of time or when cooking great amounts of food on large grills and smokers.

The next time you want to eat that fresh game from the hunting season, or some fresh meat you bought from the store and want a great smoking taste and experience, think about a Horizon Smoker. Made in the U.S.A. and constructed from all new steel materials, you can't go wrong with the quality and end result of this beautiful smoker. You will want to use your Horizon Smoker every day. You'll also want your friends over so you can show it off to them and have the best tasting meat in town.

16 inch classic cmoker

16 inch Classic Smoker

20 inch Ranger Smoker

20 inch Ranger Smoker



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BLM GPS Hunting Maps

    Hunting is considered one of America's greatest past times. Generations of outdoorsmen have have been through nearly every part of our country in search of the thrill of the hunt. The feeling of a successful hunt is hard to top and it is one of the main reasons they return season after season. Every year, for many, the great feeling of achieving a successful hunting trip is short lived after encounters with game wardens and property owners. One key to a successful hunt is that the animal being hunted has to be in an area that you are allowed to hunt on. If you come onto a persons property without permission and kill an animal, you are in violation of the law, and are subject to numerous penalties. These penalties can be very expensive and have long lasting effects. For the average hunter using paper maps, this is a very real risk, as many land borders are not marked by fencing. In some cases it is easy to accidentally end up hunting on the wrong land. To avoid the legal problems associated with this issue, the GPS industry has finally developed an answer to this problem. The Bureau of Land Management keeps track of property lines and ownership details. This useful information is now available to the public for use on hand held GPS units.

     The product that delivers this great BLM information for use on hand held GPS devices is called Hunting GPS Maps. This product comes in the form of a micro SD card. It is compatible with most Garmin hand held units, but the company does recommend the Garmin 62s for best results. Once the hunting map is loaded in your unit, you will see the state that you purchased has a different look, while the rest of your mapping remains the same. The maps are available in different states and regions, and have varying degrees of information. Aside from the look of your GPS map, the functionality of your unit will remain the same. You will be able to mark waypoints and create tracks exactly as before the map was loaded.

    When reviewing the state or region purchased on your unit, you will notice that you have a vastly different look. Instead of a basic map that displays state borders and major roads, you will see a highly detailed map that highlights property borders for a given region. Two map versions are offered. One versions covers a region that can consist of multiple states. This version of the maps will display property boundries by color coding the properties. The other version of the maps cover only one state, but add the feature of displaying the names of the property owners. Through the website the map data can be updated so that you will have the latest BLM information.  Because this BLM information is so accurate, the maps are not only marketed to the hunting community. The compnay sees a use for these maps in various industries including real estate agents, fishermen, guides, and government agencies.

    When you are on a hunt it is not unlikely to take a handheld gps unit along with you so that you can find your way back.  Because most people already have the gps unit, why not use the Hunting GPS Map for added security.  The benefits of this product greatly outweigh the risk of not having it. For added security and knowledge use Hunting GPS Maps with your compatible Garmin unit . For more information contact Bass Pro Shops or visit www.huntinggpsmaps.com.

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Mr. Heater Buddy Heaters Built to Last

Fall is here and the weather is turning cold.  Time to start thinking about staying warm.  And your local Bass Pro Shop is on top of it with their Mr. Heater product line.  Whether it’s staying warm at the kids soccer game, the garage doing that much needed oil change, that vacation cabin high in the Sierras, or the duck blind, Mr. Heater has a heater that is right for the occasion.

A word of Caution is in order here.  All of the Mr. Buddy Heaters discussed here consume oxygen and give off carbon monoxide as a by-product which can be deadly.  However ventilation required for safe use is very minimal and the Mr. Buddy Heaters in this blog are all CSA certified for indoor and outdoor use and come equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor and accidental tip-overMr. Heater Little Buddy automatic sensor both of which will automatically shutoff the heater if activated.

We start with the Mr. Heater® Little Buddy Heater which utilizes and sits directly on a one pound propane bottle.  It generates up to 3800 BTUs of heat capable of warming an area up to 100 square Mr. Heater Portable Buddyfeet for approximately 5-1/2 hours on one cylinder.  As stated previously, it is CSA certified for indoor and outdoor use and comes equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor as well as an auto shutoff for accidental tip-over.

Next in line is the Mr. Heater® Portable Buddy® Propane Heater which features a 4-position control, a built-in Piezo igniter and two heat settings (4000-9000 BTU per hour).  This unit will heat up to 200 square feet for up to 6 hours of heat with a single one pound propane cylinder or up to 110 hours of heat with a 20 lb. bulk Mr. Heater Hunting Buddypropane tank.

The next size up and a new addition to the product line is the Mr. Heater® Hunting Buddy Propane Heater. This particular heater was designed for the hunter in the family featuring a camouflage design and quiet stealth electronic ignition so as not to scare off that big game. This unit also has two heat settings, 6,000 or 12,000 BTUs per hour.  It also runs off a single one pound propane cylinder and features the low-oxygen and tip-over safety shutoff system.  This heater like its predecessor will run up to 6 hours on a single one pound propane Mr. Heater Big Buddy Heaterbottle or up to 110 hours with the 20 lb. tank.

Now for the granddaddy of them all, the Mr. Heater® Big Buddy™ Propane Heater which sports 3 heat settings; low-4,000 BTUs, medium-9,000 BTUs and high-18,000 BTUs and will heat up to 400 square feet of space.  This monster also comes equipped with a powerful fan which is powered either by 4 D-cell batteries or AC adapter both of which will need to be purchased separately.  Like all of the heaters mentioned in this blog, the Big Buddy also is CSA certified for indoor or outdoor use. Like the others it has the low oxygen and tip-over shutoff safety system.  This unit is capable of connecting either one or two 1-pound propane cylinders or one or two bulk 20 pound tanks.  Maximum run times are as follows:  6 hours on a single 1-lb cylinder, 12 hours on two 1-lb. cylinders, 110 hours on a single 20 lb. tank or 220 hours on two 20 lb. tanks.

There is a plethora of accessories available for the Mr. Heater.  These include carrying cases for select heaters,  the power adapter for the Bid Buddy fan motor, a fuel filter which is a must when running off a 20 lb. bulk  tank, and hoses for connection to the bulk tanks.

There are numerous other Mr. Heater units available from Bass Pro Shop that connect directly to bulk cylinders but will not be discussed in this particular blog due to time and space constraints.  Perhaps at a later date we will get into these.  So stay warm and look no further than your neighborhood Bass Pro Shop for all of your portable heating needs during the upcoming cold weather months.


Phil Steele

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Raymarine Dragonfly

     Raymarine is no new comer when it comes to the business of depthfinders. In fact Raymarine units can be found on vessels all around the world. Typically found on larger vessels, Raymarine has decided to break into the bass fishing market. The Dragonfly by Raymarine is the first in the brands attempt to join this market, and have done a great job on their introduction.  The new unit offers a great interface, exciting technology, top notch software, along with ease of use.

    Raymarine units are not known for their ease of use, but rather functionality. They have taken this into account while designing the Dragonfly and simplified the use in the process. With only a couple of buttons and a joystick, the Dragonfly is very easy to operate. Another great feature to this unit is its bright screen. Compared to the Lowrance and Humminbird screens in the same price range, the Dragonfly is much brighter and easier to read. Learning to operate the units basic functions will not take long. With its ease of use and bright screen, the Dragonfly is an excellent choice for any fishing vessel.

   Todays depthfinders are packed with technology. The Dragonfly is no exception. The unit includes the same type of technology as their competitors, but maybe done a little better. The unit includes the usual GPS and sonar, as well as down imaging. The GPS part of the unit includes a feature that puts them one step ahead of the competition. The unit comes with 2 Navionics chips. With these two chips you will find chart data for both east and west coastal regions, as well as the entire inland of the US. The sonar and down imaging features are enhanced with CHIRP technology. Not many units in this price range offer this type of technology.

    After pressing a couple of buttons and playing with the joystick, you will easily navigate through all the features. The unit is stand alone and non networking, which elevates the units ease of use.  There are no extra transducers to connect,  making installation very basic.

      If you are looking for high end mapping, down imaging, CHIRP technology, all in an easy to use affordable unit, the Dragonfly by Raymarine is the perfect choice. If you are at all familiar with these features you will know that this is one serious depthfinder and will make and excellent addition to any bass boat. For more information on the Dragonfly visit the Bass Pro marine department or www.raymarine.com.

Ryan Wynn


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Lowrance Spotlight Scan

    Many things are happening in the world of sonar for the fisherman. Lowrance is among the leaders in this field and have continued the push to provide the latest technology. Although many things are on the horizon for Lowrance in 2014, one of the most exciting products they are offering is the Spotlight Scan. This seems to be Lowrances answer to Humminbirds 360 imaging. With some unique differences between the two, it appears Lowrance may have a winning product. Pin pointing fish locations is the goal of most people using sonar, and with this spotlight technology pin pointing fish with sonar has never been more effective.

    Fishermen were excited when Humminbird released the 360 imaging technology. The idea was great, but the implementation of the technology had some restraints due to its design and technology. Lowrance must have been taking lots of notes, because they have designed a product that makes implementation of this technology easy. The technology is basically directional sonar. It is designed so that you can determine exactly what area you want to scan, and scan only that area, this includes forward scan. The product is a transducer that increases your forward scan ability. The product works through the Lowrance units NMEA 2000 port. When setup is complete, the user will be able to use the foot controlled trolling motor to aim sonar signals in any forward direction.

    The typical sonar unit has a transducer that shoots down a beam at a particular angle, usually 20 or 60 degrees. A side imaging transducer can offer up to a 240 foot scan range on the left and right sides of the boat. While these technologies are priceless and provide very useful information, there are some limitations and drawbacks. Perhaps the largest drawback of past sonar technologies is that they only provide information about where you have been, while the new Lowrance Spotlight Scan allows the user to scan ahead. This will help boaters detect obstacles, debris, and most important, fish, before the boat has a chance spook anything away.

   The Spotlight Scan is a trolling motor mounted transducer that is to added to your Lowrance unit to increase its function. It would make a great addition to any marine electronics system, but it is not compatible with all units. They are designed to work with the Lowrance HDS Gen 2 Touch models, but can work with any HDS Gen 2 model if setup correctly. Some units will require the installation of the Lowrance SonarHub Sounder Module.

   Although not yet available at the local Bass Pro, the website should offer some more information about the product. There are more specifics and implementations of this product than what I have provided. Further research may be needed to determine if this product is right for you, as it is yet to be released. For more technical questions on this product please visit www.lowrance.com. If you are looking for the latest sonar technology and have and HDS unit, this is definitely one option worth checking out.

Ryan Wynn


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Thanksgiving turkey made easy

     With the holidays just around the corner, family, friends, and food are a top priority.  Knowing how to impress your guests and host the party can be a rewarding feeling especially if your the cook.  With my family the deep fried turkey is the show piece on the dining table.  Cooked the right way, the turkey you prepare can remain hot, moist, and full of flavor.  Sometimes the turkey is undercooked, cold, and dry.   Knowing how to prepare a turkey can make the difference between guests staying, or guests wanting to leave as quickly as possible.  In this blog, I will cover some simple steps to deep frying a turkey.  Here are some great ways on how to use our Bass Pro Shops 30-Quart Fryer for deep frying turkey, Cajun Marinade Injectors and seasonings.  

Deep frying a turkey

10-12lb turkey

5 Gallons of peanut oil

Preparing your turkey

     -plan out your deep fry the weeks before.  On average it takes three days to defrost a frozen turkey in the fridge.

     -Remove neck and giblets form turkey.

     -Rinse inside and out with cold water.

     -Dry turkey well.

If you use rubs or a marinade injector, now is the time to do so before frying the turkey.  Don't go overboard on flavors.  using a rub and then a injected marinade will be sufficient.   We carry a vast amount of rubs and marinades for Cajun Marinade Injectors.    

    -Fold wings behind birds shoulders and remove hock lock.

     -Place on wire rack.

     -Fill 30-quart pot with peanut oil or vegetable oil.  Heat to 390 degrees Fahrenheit.

     -Lower turkey breast first into deep fryer basket.

     -Dip turkey three to four times so your oil will adjust to turkey temperature.

     -Fry the turkey while keeping the oil close to 365 degrees Fahrenheit.

     -Fry turkey for about 3 1/2 minutes per pound of turkey until meat is golden brown and a deep fry thermometer registers 175 degrees Fahrenheit in the thickest part of the turkey. 

    - Lift out basket and drain the turkey including cavity in a roasting pan.  Save the drippings as these will make a excellent gravy.

     -Carve and serve depending on how you want to time the rest of your dinner.  Ideally, you want to serve hot, moist, flavorful turkey and not a turkey that has been sitting out for three hours getting cold.     

Warnings and tips

     -Oil will splatter when you dip the turkey in the first few times so be prepared. 

     -Cajun Injector marinades can be a nice way of flavoring up the turkey.  Rubs and other spices are something to consider.  

     -If you are preparing a stuffing, cook alongside the same time frame as your turkey so both are cooked at the same time and your not waiting for stuffing to finish being cooked while your turkey is getting cold. 

     -Make sure your propane tanks are full and burner is in good working order, nothing is more embarrassing than running out of propane mid turkey cook. 

     -Keep watch over the turkey at all times.

     -Do not attempt to deep fry a frozen turkey, ever.

     Food Network's Alton Brown shares one of his recipes for deep fried turkey here http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/deep-fried-turkey-recipe.  Bass Pro Shops Camping department carry's everything you need to get your holiday deep frying off to a great start.  Starting with our 30-Quart Turkey Fryer, to our Cajun marinades and injectors, to the peanut oil you'll need to deep fry your turkey.  You can count on impressing your guests this holiday season by starting at Bass Pro Shops. 


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Power Fishing in the Fall

Fall is upon us and its time to start changing techniques to catch those fish of a lifetime. Power fishing is a good way to do that. Some of you must be wondering what is power fishing? Well my fellow anglers power fishing is very simple, it is using a variety of baits that cover a lot of water in a short amount of time. A few of these baits I will be talking about are the spinnerbait and crankbait.

Now the Spinnerbait is a great lure to use anywhere there is bass. I feel like a spinnerbait is a necessity in the tackle box. Spinnerbaits come in a large variety of colors,weights and blade types. You can also retrieve these baits at many different speeds for different techniques to find bass. You can slow roll them over rocks, work them high or retrieve them steady for those suspending bass. When slow rolling over rock piles and running spinnerbaits through open water i recommend using a Colorado blade because these blades tend to make more noise and this helps attract the fish, But when working a spinnerbait through areas with more grass i would use a willow blades because they will run better. Some great colors to use during your more clear days would be blue/black,red/black and whites. For those more overcast days I recommend chartreuse. If you are looking for some suggestions on what brands to use I like the Bass Pro Shops Lazer Eye Pro Series and the Strike King KVD Spinnerbaits. These baits come in a large variety of colors and blade types.

Chrome Sexy Shad

  Crankbaits are another essential lure to have in your tackle box. Just like spinnerbaits, crankbaits also come in a variety of colors and sizes, but instead of different blades they come with different bills. The different kinds of cranks I will be talking about are lipless,square bill and round bill. Lipless crankbaits are great above grass beds. A great lipless crank to use is the Strike King Red Eye Shad. Square bill cranks are more for heavily rocky areas. Square bills do not dive very deep but bounce off of structure well. The square bill that I prefer is the Strike King KVD Rattling Square Bill. Round bill cranks, especially deep diving cranks, are great for fishing transition points. A general rule with round bill crankbaits is that the larger the bill the deeper the lure will dive. The round bill that I like to use is the Bomber Fat Free Shad. Some great colors to use at the moment would be your summer craw deep reds and oranges but in a few weeks I would switch it to any shad color.

Orange Belly Craw    Natural Red Craw       Foxy Shad


Good Luck and Good Fishing

Travis Gonsalves

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