Coastal Clean Up Day

   California has a beautiful coastline that stretches down the entire state. This coastline serves as a place for recreation for beach goers and a place of business for fishermen. It goes without saying that California's coastline is an important part of our ecosystem as well as our economic system. What was once considered pristine, California's coast has taken a beating by people who neglect to realize the importance of our awesome coast. Litter seems to be everywhere when carefully examined. This litter not only looks unsightly, but can pose a danger to wildlife. Because of the persistent litter that collects along our shores, Californians have developed Coastal Clean Up Day. This day is dedicated to cleaning up our coast and generating awareness about the topic. Coastal Clean Up Day gives people the opportunity to pitch in and do something about the problem of litter on our coast. Debris and litter are a problem that effect all of California. The effects of this litter can last for generations. By becoming a volunteer and helping to clean the coast, you are also helping to ensure the prosperity of California.

   The effects of debris and garbage are numerous and possibly uncountable. Leaving cans on the beach means that the next person that comes to the beach will have to look at garbage instated of the beautiful sand and waves. The plastic bags that people leave behind pose an even greater threat. Wildlife can get caught in many of the different types of debris humans leave on the beach, and can lead to animal discomfort as well as death. By doing something simple like throwing away your trash, can mean the difference between life and death for wildlife and the California coastline.

  The problem is widespread and awareness is spreading as well. With the creation of Coastal Clean Up Day, Californians are given the opportunity to volunteer to save our coast. One day a year, volunteers organize to tackle the problems of litter on the coast. Every person who helps out is making a difference to our coast. It is easy to get involved. A simple online search will yield numerous results on groups looking for volunteers in your area. Also many schools along the coast are organizing students and volunteers. If joining a group is not your style, and you still want to make an impact, just go to the beach on your own. The more people that participate on these days, the greater the impact we have on our coast.

  This is the 28th annual Coastal Clean Up Day. Because Californians have been doing this event for decades, it is now possible to look back and see what impact has been made. Data that is available through suggests that these events are a huge success. Each year more and more people are joining the effort to clean the coast. Through increased awareness, litter on the coast is in decline, but is still a big problem.

    The California coastline is the jewel of our state and deserves to be treated as such. Efforts such as Coastal Clean Up Day are making a difference. Without increased awareness the litter on the coast will be a continuing problem. Although Coastal Clean Up Day for 2012 is over, it doesn't mean that you cannot still make a difference by cleaning up litter along the coast whenever you get the opportunity. A single item of garbage can wreak havoc on an animal and cause death, so picking up any debris or litter is important. Be ready for Coastal Clean Up Day 2013!

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