Minn Kota Autpilot, Copilot, & iPilot

     Minn Kota trolling motors are among the most popular with fishermen. Choosing the correct size and thrust is the most important factor when deciding on a trolling motor. After you decide what size and thrust of motor you need, you will find that Minn Kota motors are available with more options than size and thrust alone. Some motors will come with an option called Autopilot. Two other options to consider are the Copilot and the iPilot. These features can help fishermen get the most from their trolling motors.

    Autopilot is available on many Minn Kota models. This feature is very popular and many people will not consider a motor unless it has Autopilot. The feature is activated by simply pointing your motor. What it does for the motor is allow it to go straight in a chosen direction without worry of changing direction.  This feature is perfect for trolling parallel to the bank. Another scenario that this feature is great for is repeating a trolling course. If you have had a successful troll path, you will want to repeat that same path with as little effort as possible, and the Autopilot will do just that.

  The foot pedal on your motor can prove to be very limiting. You have to be next to your motor so that you can control it, and on some boat setups this is not ideal. Minn Kota has fixed this problem with the Copilot. The Copilot is a small handheld remote that can be used on wireless Minn Kota models. With the Copilot there is no need for the foot pedal. The small remote will control all functions of your motor, leaving you free to move around boat. Most fishermen who use this say they will never go back to the pedal ever again.

    Minn Kota has put todays technology in there trolling motors and  are offering motors with the iPilot. The iPilot is similar to the Copilot and share many of the same features. Both units are handheld remotes for wireless Minn Kota models. The difference is that  the iPilot utilizes GPS technology. By integrating GPS into the remote, users will be able to record their trolling route, turns included, and travel that route back and forth hands free. The GPS makes this function very accurate. Another feature of the iPilot that is very popular is its ability to spot lock. Spot lock is similar to dropping an anchor, but without the weight and fuss. Once activated, spot lock will note your GPS location and when you began to drift from that location activate the motor and steering to keep your boat in the designated area.

   By understanding the differences in the options available through Minn Kota fishermen will be able to make an educated choice on what options are right for them. The use of technology and high quality motors make Minn Kota the favorite of many boaters. To learn more about the features of these options please visit minnkotamotors.com or come to your local Bass Pro and talk with a marine associate.

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