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     Raymarine is no new comer when it comes to the business of depthfinders. In fact Raymarine units can be found on vessels all around the world. Typically found on larger vessels, Raymarine has decided to break into the bass fishing market. The Dragonfly by Raymarine is the first in the brands attempt to join this market, and have done a great job on their introduction.  The new unit offers a great interface, exciting technology, top notch software, along with ease of use.

    Raymarine units are not known for their ease of use, but rather functionality. They have taken this into account while designing the Dragonfly and simplified the use in the process. With only a couple of buttons and a joystick, the Dragonfly is very easy to operate. Another great feature to this unit is its bright screen. Compared to the Lowrance and Humminbird screens in the same price range, the Dragonfly is much brighter and easier to read. Learning to operate the units basic functions will not take long. With its ease of use and bright screen, the Dragonfly is an excellent choice for any fishing vessel.

   Todays depthfinders are packed with technology. The Dragonfly is no exception. The unit includes the same type of technology as their competitors, but maybe done a little better. The unit includes the usual GPS and sonar, as well as down imaging. The GPS part of the unit includes a feature that puts them one step ahead of the competition. The unit comes with 2 Navionics chips. With these two chips you will find chart data for both east and west coastal regions, as well as the entire inland of the US. The sonar and down imaging features are enhanced with CHIRP technology. Not many units in this price range offer this type of technology.

    After pressing a couple of buttons and playing with the joystick, you will easily navigate through all the features. The unit is stand alone and non networking, which elevates the units ease of use.  There are no extra transducers to connect,  making installation very basic.

      If you are looking for high end mapping, down imaging, CHIRP technology, all in an easy to use affordable unit, the Dragonfly by Raymarine is the perfect choice. If you are at all familiar with these features you will know that this is one serious depthfinder and will make and excellent addition to any bass boat. For more information on the Dragonfly visit the Bass Pro marine department or www.raymarine.com.

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