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  The boats motor is often the most important and expensive feature. Without the motor , consider yourself stranded. That is why protecting the motor is so important. Because fuel mixtures have changed in recent years, it has become increasingly important to use products such as STABIL's Ethanol Treatment. STABIL's Fuel Stabilizer is another important additive for protecting your motor. By using STABIL fuel additives you will greatly reduce your risk of motor damage due to corrosion.

  The STABIL Ethanol Treatment has become more important than ever due to new government regulations that call for an increase in the percentage of ethanol in fuel. Although increased levels of ethanol in fuel may be slightly better for the environment, many motors and fuel systems were not designed to withstand the increased levels of ethanol. By adding Ethanol Treatment to your fuel, you will decrease the harmful of effects of ethanol that range from corrosion, rust, to increased moisture. the treatment can be added to any gas tank, and provides and added benefit of of cleaning fuel injectors and intake valves. Because gas can go bad in as little as 30 days, STABIL's Ethanol Treatment is often added to  the fuel at every fill up.

  The STABIL Fuel Stabilizer is very important , especially during the off season. Although the Fuel Stabilizer can be used at every fill up, it is generally used for boat storage. Adding the stabilizer makes it possible for boat owners to keep the fuel in their boat for storage without worrying about corrosion. When a boat is stored for long periods it is likely that moisture will become a problem in the tank, leading to corrosion. Without the use of a stabilizer, corrosion will lead to engine stalling as well as poor performance. if you want to protect your motor, do not forget to add the Fuel Stabilizer to your tank before storage.

   Thousand of dollars are spent every year on mechanics that fix problems that could have been easily avoided. This is the case with boat motors and corrosion caused by fuel. The easy way to avoid the issues that plague boaters every spring is to take the proper precautions and use STABIL Ethanol Treatment and STABIL Fuel Stabilizer.

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