Smoking Eats with your New Electric Smoker!!!

Memphis is world famous for barbeque, everyone knows that. We get spoiled with such great barbecue readily available around the Memphis area, but what if you want to make your own??? Do you like ribs?? Smoked chicken?? Baked beans??? Pulled pork??????? SMOKED BRISKET??????????? Yeah, me too!! You can make all of these delicious foods at home, the way you want them, much easier than you think. I was a weekend warrior when it came to cooking out. I would spend 6 hours tending to a wood burning smoker to cook a slab or two of ribs, constantly watching the time and temperature, missing whatever football game everyone else was watching because I was on grill duty. I finally got tired of it so I skeptically purchased an electric smoker. I really wasn’t expecting much but my cooking world has changed forever!!!

I purchased a Masterbuilt 30 inch electric smoker not sure of what I was getting into. I chose this particular unit because it is compact, has digital time and temperature settings and you can add wood chips without opening the smoker door once you have started cooking. Most electric smokers are set up this way. Some of my friends made fun of the little electric smoker and said it would not cook meat correctly, wouldn’t make smoke etc. etc…  Well what do you need to smoke food on a wood burning smoker? A heat source and smoke. Guess what you get in an electric smoker… a heat source and smoke. This is a much debated topic in the barbeque world, some people think electric smokers are cheating?? Cheating or not, not my call. Electric smokers are definitely easier. You set what temperature you want to cook at, then set the time, add wood chips as needed and put water in your water pan if that is an option.

Here are a few things I learned the hard way:

  • Make sure to check the instruction book on how to break your smoker in. I thought I could go home and start cooking, wrong. I had to run mine on high heat for 3 hours before cooking food in it, not sure if all electric smokers require this but worth looking into.
  • Make sure to remove all styrofoam from inside of your smoker before turning it on. Yep, I didn’t do that so much…….. don’t judge me
  • Find a stand or sturdy table to put your smoker on. These things sit on the ground and I am kinda tall, bending down to get food in and out of these things is a drawback. I found a perfect stand for mine, I’ll save that for next time??
  • Read a cookbook on how to smoke food… there are several to choose from. Research on the internet for times and temperatures for cooking different things.
  • I recommend hot dogs for the first thing you cook in your smoker, they are cheap in case you mess up. Experiment with expensive meat once you get used to what your smoker is gonna do.
  • Get a good meat thermometer to make sure everything is cooked properly.
  • Have fun and enjoy all the fantastic new foods you can make!!!!!!


I’ll add some recipes and more advice soon. Feel free to leave any advice or recipes in the comment section……



Fall Weather Savings You Can Be Proud Of

The Fall Weather is Bringing Cool Savings in October for Our Outdoor Rewards MasterCard

(October 7, 14, 21, 28)

As cooler weather is approaching the Mid-South, so are the savings with our Outdoor Rewards MasterCard. Are you in the market for a new deer stand, a new rifle or shotgun, or hunting clothing? If so, this promotion is everything you need to save 15% off your purchase plus earn double or triple the rewards points on Tuesdays. In the month of October every Tuesday you are saving 15% off your entire purchase with savings up to $150.00. Wow! What a Deal! This amazing offer is for all new and current Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Rewards Credit Card Holders!!

Outdoor Rewards Master card: This should be in your wallet!

If you do not have our Outdoor Rewards MasterCard, please stop in on Tuesdays in October to receive 15% off your purchase upon approval of our Outdoor Rewards MasterCard. Therefore, after your first purchase in store your new card will be delivered within 7 to 10 days which gives you an opportunity to come back in the store with your new card and save 15% off again on the remanding Tuesdays in October. That way if you forgot some important merchandise for you hunting adventures you can come back again with you new card and receive 15% off by charging to your Outdoor Rewards MasterCard. Also, even better news by having our Outdoor Rewards MasterCard, it will allow you to double & triple your rewards points and allow you to earn free gear in the future. Make sure to keep the Outdoor Rewards MasterCard in your wallet to receive the benefits it has to offer throughout the year. By doing so, you'll have more cash in your pocket.

 This fall hunting season just got better with these cool savings every Tuesday in October.

Information Details:

15% off Tuesdays in October

October 7, 14, 21, and 28th

**Based upon approval & one time use only for new accounts



The Power of Flannel Fest at Bass Pro!

Fall Flannel Fest October 20 - November 9

Flannel is a staple of the Fall season-and you all know the best place to get your flannel is Bass Pro Shops! We’ve got a wide selection from all your favorite brands; RedHead, Ascend, Natural Reflections, Bob Timberlake, Carhartt, Columbia, and more. Come experience Fall Flannel Fest only at Bass Pro Shops! #FlannelFest

Don’t miss the Flannel Friday giveaways on October 24th  at 11am. The first 100 customers will receive a FREE Fall Flannel Fest Car Coaster-a stoneware coaster to put in your car’s cup holder to soak up minor spills and condensation. #FlannelFriday


Don't forget to post all your Flannel Fest photos on our Facebook page at or on Instagram at #FlannelFest #FlannelFriday

We look forward to see all the FUN Flannel photos!




SAVINGS Extravaganza For July 4th-6th!!

Things are heating up at Bass Pro Shops for Current Outdoor Rewards MasterCard holders!

The 4th of July is quickly approaching and we want to share some OUTSTANDING news about your Outdoors Rewards MasterCard for the holiday weekend. We have 3 full days that you can save 15% off on qualifying purchases up to $1,500.00. If you are a current card holder, don't worry because this great savings opportunity applies to you, too! Current card holders get unlimited savings during the 3 day promotion. Wow, isn't that great!?

Outdoor Rewards Master card: This should be in your wallet!

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Wow, Don’t miss out on these amazing savings during the weekend of 4th of July!


Information Details:

July 4th Weekend (July 4th -6th)

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Learn How to Get More "Bang for Your Buck" for this Father's Day

Calling all Outdoor Rewards Mastercard holders and those interested in applying to get more "bang for your buck"! We have a promotion going on June 6-15, 2014, for New & Existing card holders. You can receive up to $100.00 off instantly for qualifying purchases when you use your Outdoor Rewards Mastercard to purchase new gear.

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*The Instant Rebate is awarded based on the amount charged to the Bass Pro Shops Rewards Matercard and upon credit approval on purchases up to $1,500.00.



Are You Prepared for the Unexpected?

I got caught in the rain last night without my umbrella or a rain jacket. This incident made me think about my fishing trips this summer. Am I ready for the unexpected? I hope so, and maybe I can give you some tips to help you be prepared as well.

First of all, make sure you stay hydrated while you are outside. I know we hear about this all of the time on the news, in magazines, and numerous other places. Did you know that if you are thirsty that you are starting to dehydrate? Don’t just drink water while you are outside. Drink water the day and night before to start your body off with plenty of liquid. Take water with you and have some in your vehicle to sip on during your drive home. Why not take a hydration pack like the XPS 1.5 or 2.0 liter packs or a case of Bass Pro Spring water?

Secondly, what will you do if it begins to rain (like it did on me)? Do you have a good rain jacket, hat, and or a poncho? We have BPS ponchos for such emergencies. As always, if you are caught in a storm and it turns into thunder and lightning, seek shelter immediately. Long fly rods can turn into lightning rods and can be dangerous.

The opposite extreme is bright sunlight. Do you have a good hat with a wide brim? Your face, neck, and ears can sunburn easily so these areas need sunscreen and cover. The backs of your hands can also burn easily so sun gloves are another essential item. Skin cancer incidents in my family are high so I ALWAYS wear at least a 30 SPF sunscreen and I reapply it every 2 hours or so. But, wash your hands after applying it so that your flies will not smell and taste like sunscreen to the fish! Also, check the date on your sunscreen. If it is several years old, then it might be time for a new bottle.

Lastly, carry a small first aid kit with you. You never know when you might need it. Band-aids can not only be used for injuries but also temporary repairs on gear. Super glue can work wonders as well and is small and easy to carry. Be prepared and safe on your fishing outings. Don't forget to shop at Bass Pro for all your one stop shop outdoor needs!

Tight lines!


Spring has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

By Lesley Allen

Ah, Springtime, what a great time of year! The weather is warming up, the sun is shining more , the days are longer, and yes, the fish are either spawning or getting ready to spawn. Fly Fishers are usually on the hunt for bedding bass or bream, (panfish). I wanted to offer a few tips to help make your Spring  fishing easier and more productive.

First of all, get your gear ready. It might be time to take off that mangled leader and replace it with a new one. For warm water fishing I usually use a shorter leader of 7.5 feet. I also go with a stronger leader than one that I would use for trout. Typically this would be a 7.5 3X leader. If you haven’t cleaned your line lately then this would be a good time to do that as well. You want your gear to always be in tip top shape. Bass Pro offers several different line cleaning products.

Next be sure to wear sunscreen or bug spray. There are lots of critters around our favorite lakes, ponds, and rivers during the warm months. It is always best to put these things on before you leave the house and be sure to wash your hands afterward. If you don’t wash your hands, you could get these chemicals on your flies and this is HUGE turn off for fish. How about wearing sun gloves and hat too? Yes, you can never cover up enough when you are out all day in the sun enjoying your favorite fishing hole.

Lastly, be sure to take plenty of bream flies and poppers. Spring top water takes are a ton of fun on a fly. I recommend starting off your fishing with bright poppers such as white, chartreuse, or yellow. For later times in the day or dusk, you can switch to a black popper. Bream and bass both will bite on bream flies such as our Bream Madness, or as we call them locally, “Bream Killers”. Bream Killers come in several colors and all seem to be very productive.

Come by the White River Fly shop and check out our warm water fly selection. We would be happy to help you pick out a selection or to help you check and clean your fly gear. As always, wear sun protection and have fun!


Tight Lines!!!



White River Leaders:

Shop the Bass Pro Shop brand & enjoy the savings!

White River Trout Leaders

Poppers: Betts Bee Pop Poppers

Popper Lure- Did you know the cupped mouth is what allows the popping sound? To learn more about Fly Fishing see one of our White River Fly Shop Experts for more details.


Flip, Flop into Summer

Summer is coming and that means it’s perfect weather to break out the flip flops! Bass Pro carries a wide selection of Croc, Reef, Natural Reflections, Cobian, Under Armour, Colombia, Sperry, and Sanuk for ladies! In all sorts of styles and colors from multi-strap, thong, cushioned sole, and wedges! We have colors to match every outfit, whether you are just enjoying a day by the lake, going fishing, or playing in the yard. Our draining technology on the Colombia and Cobian flip flops ensures that you won’t be weighed down by soggy flops! Come check out the Tevas and Reefs  which are not only stylish, with their multicolored designs, but extremely comfortable with an EVA outsole. The newly designed Sperry Son-R Pulse are great to wear over changing surfaces! Their design utilizes unique metatarsal pods in the shoe's outsole to improve sensory feedback, improving your ability to "read" the terrain under your feet. All Under Armour sandals are made with 4D Foam to contour to the exact shape of your foot and reduce foot slip. Our Sanuks made from yoga mat material make every step enjoyable and light! Come in and check out our wide selection to help prepare you for a great summer oh and don't forget to pick up your water shoes, too!

Reef Flip Flots for Men!

Sanuk Flops for Ladies! How cute!

Stylish Sanuk Flip Flips for every occasion

Check out these colorful Sanuk Flip Flops for Ladies!


Summer Sandals for Dad!

     Father’s Day is quickly approaching and we are stocked up with plenty of summer sandals! Come in and check out our Reef Fanning sandals which are not only comfortable with their nubuck style straps and EVA midsole but also have a built in bottle opener! Our Teva All-terrain and Hudson sandals include a shock-absorbent heel, anti-microbial protection and fail-safe universal strapping, whether on the trail, in the desert or under water, these Tevas will continuously prove their rugged utility!

Our World Wide Sportsman Nantucket, in the slip on or lace up style, are perfect for on the boat, around the house, or even for a back yard barbeque! They are non-marking and non-slip to help from scuffing up the boat and have stylish nubuck leather uppers! Come in and view our wide selection of summer shoes for Dad, just in time for Father’s Day!


  If you are not sure what else to get Dad this Father's Day, gift card make the best gift! Don't forget Father's Day is Sunday, June 15, 2014. Don't today!


Stylish Boots for Memphis in May

Memphis in May is here and Bass Pro Shops Memphis is known for helping get everyone ready for  the crazy rainy weather and all the mud it brings! For ladies we have our knee high Natural Reflections rubber boots in green, red, navy, and black all just $39.99! Not to worry if solid colors aren’t your style we also have the Natural Reflections boots in classic camouflage and pink camouflage! Guys, we didn’t forget about y’all, we have our ProLine black and red rubber boots for $39.99 and the RedHead hardwoods green 17” Utility boot for just $49.99! For kids we have the Tyler boots in navy with a pink strap or solid red for $29.99 and the ProLine black and red boot for $34.99.

These boots are also perfect for ladies doing rainy day chores from looking stylish while running errands to even walking across campus to get to class! For the guys they are perfect to wear while getting the spring cleaning list done, to wear turkey hunting, hiking, and even yard work! They are great for kids to wear to school, while playing in the yard or jumping in mud puddles!

While you’re here, you may want to also check out our Redhead Lifetime that would be a great purchase with the boots when the weather decides it’s not quite ready for spring yet and drops back down into winter temperatures!







Splish, Splash, Water Shoes

Summer is quickly approaching and that means perfect weather to be by the water! Come on in and get your water shoes, a summer must have necessity for our outdoor adventures!  Perfect for everything from wading in rivers, to running through sprinklers, and even good for out on the boat! The World Wide Sportsman Copper Rivers are perfect for Men and Women stating at just $49.99 but come in now through May 4th they are on sale for $34.99! These waterproof shoes are great for floating down the river or fishing! The go on easy with a pull tab in the back for assistance, and have a bungee strap to keep you from having to worry about tying your laces or them coming undone. The soles are slip resistant and non-marking, which it great for a day out on the boat! Come in and check out our wide selection of water shoes for men, women, and kids!

We also have several over water shoes, so check out our selection online at Bass Pro! If you have any questions, call one of our Footwear specialists today at 901-213-5800!


The World Wide Sportsman Copper River water shoe:

*On Sale until May 4th! Hurry in today!


The Mystery of Wiley X Sunglasses

     The Wiley X Sunglasses have been around for more than 28 years. Many people are not as familiar with them. The sunglasses are great, affordable, high quality, and much more. They are great for those who love the outdoors. Many Nascar drivers wear them such as Carl Edwardsm Greg Biffle, Joey Logano, Kevin Harvick, and Matt kenseth. You kow if the Pros wear them then they are a product that you should investigate them. Why are they so great? What's new with Wiley X in 2014? Let's solve this mystery together!

Facts about Wiley X Sunglasses.

  • Wiley X : A Leader for 28+ Years in Performance Eyewear
  • Heritage: Standard issue for U.S. armed forces, elite military and law enforcement personnel around the world.
  • Premium Safety: The only Premium performance sunglass brand whose entire line meets the stringent ANSI Z87.1 standards for high impact. Optical clarity as well as OSHA-grade for safety.
  • Function: Only Wiley X has patented removable Facial Cavity Seal technology to block eyes from wind, dust, debris and light while amplifying polarization and reducing eye fatigue.
  • Lens Technology: 8-layer shatterproof Selenite polycarbonate polarized lens construction with scratch resistant layers(T-Shell)
  • Hydrophobic coatings and anti-reflective  coatings for 100% Filter 8 Polarization and UB protection.
  • Recognized: The eye wear choice of NASCAR greats and Basspro Edwin Evers and Stephen Browning.
  • U.S. family owned-operated:
  • If you are into active outdoor activities like boating, ATV riding.  come in and pick up a pair for exceptional eye protection.
  • Maybe you need a pair for work. All lens and frames are ANSI marked.
  • Try them on and find a pair especially for you.
  • Prices range from $80.00 to $140.00. Some even comes with changeable lens.
  • Be like the pros: Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle, Joey Logano, Kevin Harvick and Matt Kenseth.
  • Protect your eyes and have some fun.
  • Comes in Polarized and Non-polarized.
  • They are available in Ladies & Men’s styles!


     The mystery has been solved & Wiley X will be a purchase that you will not want to miss out on! Stop in and ask for Doris at the Sunglass counter. She is one of our mystery solvers when it comes to fitting you for the right pair of sunglasses!


Dressing like a Pro

Dressing like a Pro

 Not only are you a professional fisherman but you should look like one too, with Columbia's Performance Fishing Gear (PFG) collection at Bass Pro of Memphis. Today we will be featuring Columbia's Bahama II, Bonehead, and Tamiami fishing shirts. These tops will keep you cool and dry for those hot summer fishing days. 

    Our Bahama II shirts are 100% nylon, with omni-shade UPF 30 protection from the sun's harmful rays. Our Bonehead shirts are 100% cotton ultralite poplin. And last, out Tamiami shirts are 100% polyester with omni-shade UPF 40, omni-wick, and antimicrobial. All these tops come in long-sleeve and short-sleeve in a variety of colors.

        Each and every detail on the PFG tops has a purpose or function on them. For example the velcro tap above the pocket holds your fishing rod in place while you change out your lure. These shirts also feature a utility loop for your pliers, clippers, or a lanyard with a tool attached. All the pockets feature drain holes in them when wade fishing, or can be used to fed fishing line through. Also all three shirts feature venting in the back which provides air flow for cooler wear and faster drying. The mesh built into the shirt prevents fabric from sticking to the body.  

     Not an outdoor fisherman, that's okay, Columbia's PFG collection is great for ballpark games, vacations, summertime outings, or for everyday wear. Our fishing shirts are very stylish and show up on our top 20 best seller list every week here at Bass Pro of Memphis. So come out and get yours today and tell them Holli sent you.  

The Benefits & Features of the Bahama II, Bonehead, and Tamiami Short & Long Sleeve Styles:


Turkey Season is complete with the Redhead Reality Series Decoys!

     Turkey season is right around the corner and the turkeys have already started gobbling. This year Bass Pro Shops has all your needs for a successful hunt day-in and day-out. The new Reality series turkey decoys are as real as they get and don’t hurt the pocket book to bad. The new 2014 line up starts off with the new Reality Series Remote Crazy Jake. This is a dominant looking turkey with a remote motor for it to move and peak the interest of other jakes in the area. It comes with a fabric fan for the tail feathers to make it a big decoy.

     The second brand new decoy set of the year really isn’t new but has received a nice upgrade! The Three Foam Hen Decoy pack is the deal for all turkey hunters. It's a great deal!  These very realistic decoys come with one upright hen, a relaxed jake, and one lookback hen. If you add these to your crazy jake, you wont have a problem collecting beards this season.

     This year the NWTF (National Wildlife Turkey Federation) has teamed up with Bass Pro Shops to make a box call through the reality series calls. With every purchase of this call, you receive a free year membership with the NWTF. This is a great opportunity to be a part of a federation to help conserve the wildlife in your county.

The Redhead Reality Series Crazy Jake Turkey Decoy:

The NEW Redhead Reality Series Remote Crazy Jake Turkey Decoy System:

The Redhead Reality Series HD Turkey Decoy-Lookout Hen



Tournament Tips using Bass Pro Brand Lures

Tournament Tips using Bass Pro Brand Lures

By Cody Blackwell

                In a recent tournament at Beech Lake in Lexington Tennessee, I had some really good luck and won the tournament with a bag of 16 pounds. We started the day fishing some lily pads with Bass Pro Shops Tournament Series buzz baits in chartreuse and blue. Several fish swirled on the bait and we caught a lot of smaller fish. We did manage one keeper on the buzz bait that was around 2 pounds.

                Later in the day, with higher sun, we focused on brush piles and other structure with a Bass Pro Shops Square Billed Crank bait and we managed one good fish on it. It was about 2 – 3 pounds. The bulk of the keeper sized fish were caught on a Z Man Chatterbait. I teamed this up with a Bass Pro Shop Sassy Sally swim bait as a trailer. This makes the bait appear bigger and more lifelike in stained water and during overcast periods.  This particular bait has been around for some time but not many people seem to use it. It is a relatively over looked bait but very effective on bigger fish.

                This particular tournament was a local bass club tournament. We enjoy this type of fishing because a lot of camaraderie is developed among the members. Plus, we learn from each other and hone our skills as a group. Good luck and good fishing!!!


Bass Pro Shops Tournament Series Buzz Baits:

Z-Man Chatterbait Lure:

Bass Pro Shops Square Bill Lure:

Bass Pro Shops Sassy Sally Swim Bait:


Crappie Fishing made easy with Bass Pro's Crappie Maxx & more!

Crappie Fishing made easy with Bass Pro's Crappie Maxx & more!

By Frank Hollie

                I took advantage of a break in the weather and made a quick trip to local lake in Oakland, Tennessee, for a few hours of crappie fishing. I walked around the lake and decided to try out one of our Trout  Magnet soft plastic lures. I used a black and green striped Trout Magnet on a 1/64 oz. jig head. I fished it under one of the small Trout Magnet bobbers. It was a little windy so I just let the bait bounce along with the wind. BAM! I caught several crappies and one big bream in about 3 hour’s time.

 My rod was a 7 foot Crappie Max light action rod with a Bass Pro Shop tournament series reel with 6 pound Crappie Max fishing line. All in all it was a great lightweight rig with excellent action.  I found the Trout Magnet to be very durable and I used the same one the whole time that I fished.

I would highly recommend the Trout Magnet. It is a durable and versatile bait which can be used in cold weather to attract several different species of fish. It comes in a variety of colors and the jig heads come in various weights and designs.

While you are getting ready to go fishing, don't forget that the Bass Pro Shops Fishing Classic is going on now through March 16th. We have some awesome deals for all you fishermen. We hope to see you soon! Happy Fishing!

Product Information:

Bass Pro Shops Crappie Maxx Fishing Poles- These poles range in price starting at $39.99 and up.

The Bass Pro Shops Crappie Mass Fishing Line: Starts at $7.99 and up.

The Trout Magnet Lures: Start at $2.49 and up



Cabin Fever Leads to Fishing

Cabin Fever Leads to Fishing

By Lesley Allen

                The awful winter weather that we have been experiencing has been the subject of many conversations lately. For us trout anglers, the drive to Arkansas to our favorite waters has been nearly impossible due to recent snow and ice storms. This past Saturday was different, we actually had a warm front that moved in. Luckily the warm front is here for a few days and we can all get outside and hopefully do some fishing.

                My husband, Chris,  and I called our local guide, Mark Crawford , in hopes of enjoying the impending warm weather and floating the Spring River in a drift boat. Mark had Saturday free and was happy to indulge us. Little did we know that the hopes of warm weather were just a tease, or perhaps, a missed forecast!

                We prepared our gear the night before so that we could get up at 5 a.m. and get on the road to Mammoth Springs, Arkansas. It was cold and dark when we left the house at 5:15 a.m. but seat warmers in the truck and hot coffee made the drive bearable. We arrived at Dam 3 at 8:15 a.m. and it was a sweltering 26 degrees. We were optimistic about the sun coming up and warming us up. Mark told us that there was a bit of ice in the bottom of the boat and to be careful stepping in. Luckily we had on several layers underneath our waders. We planned on having to take layers off as the day progressed.

                We left Dam 3 and began fishing. Instantly we were on fish. We caught several rainbows of varying sizes as we chatted and floated on. We fished quite a few streamers like black, olive, and brown woolley buggers and the catch was almost constant. But, the air didn’t seem to be getting any warmer. In fact, by 10:00 a.m. the sun still wasn’t out and it was still below freezing! Mark handed each of us several Hot Hands hand-warmers to put in our pockets and, in my case, in my gloves!

                As we neared big brown trout water, I hooked into a nice rainbow. It was my biggest fish thus far on the Spring River, and, as Mark netted it, I couldn’t help but think that this frigid trip was just meant to be. Mark took a couple of photos and we released the fish. A few minutes later, Chris hooked up on a nice brown trout. Another beautiful fish and a photo for the old scrap book. Yes, life was good, but hey, where was the sunshine and the 45-48 degree weather that the weatherman had forecast??? There was still a great deal of snow and ice along the riverbanks.

                We ended our float at the Bayou Access. The boat launch there had several inches of snow and ice on it. There is a long hill to climb to leave this area and it was a good thing that Mark had 4-wheel drive on his truck. We had the heat blasting in his truck so we could thaw out a bit. Yes, it was an amazing day of fishing but if we hadn’t layered our clothing it would have been impossible to fish. Just remember, even if the forecast calls for warm weather, it doesn’t always happen. If you are floating down a river you can’t just run back to the truck for another jacket or more gloves. Take an extra layer with you or try some Hot Hands! They really work! Tight lines!!!

*Reminder that the Bass Pro Shops Fishing Classic is going on now through March 16th. We have some deals that you won't want to miss out on!

Product Information:

The Hot Hands: start at $9.99 & up

The Wooley Bugger Lures: start at $32.99 and up


More Fish $500 Gift Card Giveaway!

For the month of February, Bass Pro Shop will be accepting $2.00 donations for a chance to win a $500 gift card!  The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation was created  in 1984 to protect and restore fish and wildlife and their habitats.  NFWF provides grants on a competitive basis to protect imperiled species, promote healthy oceans and waterways, improve wildlife habitat, advance sustainable fisheries and conserve water for wildlife and people. Birds, freshwater fish, marine and coastal ecosystems, wildlife and habitat are focal areas.

NFWF’s Congressional mandate is to connect government agencies, non-profit organizations, corporations and individuals to combine federal funds with private donations for effective, results-oriented conservation projects. Since its establishment in 1984 through 2011, NFWF has awarded over 11,600 grants leveraging $576 million in federal funds into more than $2 billion for conservation.

NFWF supports conservation efforts in all 50 states, U.S. territories and abroad. Grants are made through a competitive process and awarded to some of the nation’s largest environmental organizations, as well as some of the smallest. More Fish!

This is a excellent foundation and with the help of Bass Pro Shop you can win a $500 Gift Card!


The 2014 Duck Calls to Listen For

As we come into the New Year and the end of another successful duck season. RNT has released 3 new duck calls available at Bass Pro Shops that are killer calls. These calls would be great additions to the Redhead lanyard for next season.

Duck CallThe RNT Daisy Cutter is your new price point call for 2014. It is similar to the old Daisy Cutter but has increased the back pressure of the call and slimmed down the mouth piece. This call is a single reed call and made with a natural wood.

The next call on the list is the RNT Microhen which is going to change your whole duck season. The long body on this call is going to be able to produce the loud pitched, squeaky sounds a young hen would make headed to feed. The call is a single reed call with a sturdy acrylic body. 

The famous call for this year is the RNT Mondo Duck. The name of this call describes it all as it will be calling in a mondo amount of ducks. The Mondo Duck is going to be that famous deep raspy mallard call that can swing them down. It’s going to have a short insert for low pressure and an acrylic body with a stainless steel band wrapped around the middle.

All of these duck calls are going to make a great addition to the collection. They sell for $79.99 and up. So even though the seasons over, it’s never too early to start getting ready for next season!



Streamer Fishing for Big Brown Trout

Streamer Fishing for Big Brown Trout

By Lesley Allen

            I love brown trout. They are a beautiful fish and they fight with an intensity that is hard to describe. On a recent trip to the White River, I had the opportunity to “hunt” for big browns with my fly rod. I actually had a guide to take me out in a drift boat which made it a lot easier.

            Now let me clarify “easier”. I had some instructions before going out with the guide. You can’t just run out into the water and expect to catch a big brown. The easiest way to catch them is on higher flowing water out of a boat. Two generators or more is ideal. Also, this endeavor is best done with a sink tip or full sinking line and an 8 weight fly rod. The flies are larger as well.

            If you have never cast a sink tip, intermediate, or full sinking fly line, it does take a bit of practice. It can be dangerous too, because if you mess up, you can stick yourself or your boat mates with a pretty big fly. You have to slow your cast down a bit and allow the rod to load so that you can shoot the line out. Rio, Scientific Angler, and Orvis all make some great weighted fly lines that are ideal for high water fishing.   

            The flies that you use on high water take a bit of getting used to. Dungeons, Zoo Cougars, and Bottom’s Up flies are just some of the streamers that will work. These flies all have 2-2/0 hooks and are very sharp and some are articulated with multiple hooks. You cast them out and work them back by stripping them and popping the rod tip up and down. The action on them is very lifelike.

            I pounded the banks with my streamers and then stripped the fly back to boat at a medium pace. Sometimes you could see the fish come up and hit the fly and other times you could see a flash. The hits were strong and almost violent. The rod would almost jerk out of my hands as the fish hit. I didn’t hook many but they were all 18 inches or better. It was heart-pounding fun!

            If you would like to learn more about stripping big streamers on high water, please come by the fly shop. We have a good selection of streamers. We also have a variety of weighted fly lines and 8 weight fly rods to turn over those big flies. Make sure you enjoy the great outdoors and all that it has to offer. See you soon at the White River Fly Shop at Bass Pro-Memphis.


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