175 TXW: Bass Tracker Boat Review


The 175 TXW Bass Tracker is one of the most versatile boats you will ever fish in. It has plenty of room and storage along with some pretty comfy seating. The boat has a very spacious rod box, which can be stocked while visiting the Fishing department! The 60 horse 4 stroke is fuel efficient, quiet, and powerful. It is also rough water worthy, too. I've had mine in 2 foot swells with no problems. The Bass Tracker also has an onboard charger for your convenience. The 175 can very easily be loaded and unloaded. Personally, I live on a lake with a 10 horse power max rule, which means I load and unload the 175 TXW with the trolling motor. What a boat!

Bass Pro also has your every need for your boat's needs! If you need a part, ask a salesman or sales associate! Our offsite Tracker Boat Center can help complete your winterization with the upcoming months! Stop by or give them a call (901-388-7268) and tell them Kimmy sent you!


Comments for 175 TXW: Bass Tracker Boat Review

Name: dennis
Time: Friday, May 30, 2014

what does TXW stand for???

Name: Robert Rhames
Time: Wednesday, July 22, 2015

There is a toggle switch on the console marked "anchor. What is the function for this switch

Name: RoyBuford
Time: Friday, June 17, 2016

The anchor switch is for the anchor light (the white light) that goes on the rear of the boat.For use when dark to let other vessels know you are there.

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