Leupold Scopes: worth the money!

I've had a Leupold hunting scope on my favorite 7mm rifle for many years. It's been with me on many hunts from the mountains and river valleys of the Canadian Yukon, Tundra of the Northwest Territories of Canada, the Prairies of Wyoming, and around the State of Tennessee. Through various terrains of weather conditions, it has held up to many standards. There are several benefits and features with this product. It is loaded with great optical technology that you can use it to spot smaller animals during hunting as well as the deer several yards away. The Leupold VX3 scopes is built with a diamond coated scratch-resistant lens and are second generation waterproof. Leupold offers a Lifetime guarantee. This is a great company to buy high quality products through and they back their merchandise. They range in price, but totally worth the extra money to make a great investment into your hunting gear. This scope is amazing and I recommend it to many of my Bass Pro customers. Once you've made your selection, it can be professionally installed onto your rifle by one of our experts here at Bass Pro! Next time you are in the area, stop by and check out our great selection on scopes!




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