Cold Weather Deserves a Warm Blanket

The temperatures are starting to drop and a slight chill in the night air keeps us reaching for that warm cozy blanket we love so much.

Well look no further! So many of you ask for them all year round, come one come all. They have finally arrived in style. Our cold weather line of flannel sheets, BPS throws, and Browning throws, BPS wraps and the every so popular Bob Timberlake are here and on the sales floor now. Get yours early to avoid the rush. Starting at just 39.99 and available in 4 different patterns the browning throws measure in at 50x60 and are 100% polyester fleece.

cold weather 1

Also available are our Raschel Throws that come in 6 different wildlife patterns and is 80x60 in size. These are always a great accent to your living room or bedrooms and are terrific gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season.cold weather 2

We also have our BPS wraps, comparable to the commercialized snuggie ours are thicker fleece and have snaps and zipper for easy use. These sell like nobodies business! We will be out of stock on these by christmas so take advantage of the early floor sale on these now  for $29.97 the regular price will be $34.99. Come see us today!



2013 Fall Fishing Event!

Coming soon, we have a Fall Fishing Event that you will not want to miss! This event is an effort to teach kids and families on the importance of keeping our lakes available for fishing while creating an interactive and inviting environment. We aim to educate youth on conservation and enjoying the sport!

Two weekends in September (09/21-09/22 and 09/28-09/29), we will have multiple activities going on that are fun for kids at any age! From a FREE photo download and a beginner's fishing workshop to catching a real live fish, this event has opportunities you can't find anywhere else! From noon to 4pm, all these activities are completely FREE and available for anyone. So come out and color, fish, and have a great time! Don't miss out!

Catch and Release Pond: Noon-4pm we will have an interactive catch and release pond with live fish both weekends.

Beginning Fishing for Kids Workshop: from noon-1pm each day of the event, we will hold a workshop that will include hands on activities to teach kids the basics of fishing. Each child that completes the workshop will receive a "Bass Pro Shops Kids Fishing Team" certificate and a free pair of sunglasses.

Crafts and Photo Opportunity: During the event, FREE photos will be available for download and craft available!

Fishing Pond


Meat Madness!

GOT JERKY? WE DO! And we have lots of it! It's that time of year again, Jerky is on sale for the month of September and it is going quickly. Some fun facts, It's really high in protein -11g with only 80 calories per serving, 7g of carbs and only 1.5g fat. Great tasting and Good for you?! You don't find that much.

Uncle Buck Jerky is one of our top selling food products here in memphis and stays high on the sales charts all year. The quality of product is no less than Bass Pro Standards.  We have such a wide variety of choices that include, but are not limited to, maple brown sugar, teriyaki, peppered, buffalo, BBQ, original, jalapeno, and BACON! Thats right folks i said BACON! Bacon makes everything better in my opinion.

Sale prices are as follows, 3-3.25 oz bags are 2 for 8.00 and 6-6.5 oz bags are 2 for 12.00

This is a great snack for game day so you need to stock up! The shelf life on jerky is well over a year. Wow, i almost forgot the most amazing part. It's MADE IN MEMPHIS. A great bargain and you can support our city.

Come on down and see us. We have samples for everyone just to tease your taste buds. Trust me 2 bags will not be enough!

jery blog



Hunt for a Cure

Did you know that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month? The Komen foundation started in 1982 and still going strong today to raise awareness. Today, Susan G. Komen is steadily working towards a cure. They host many community events to help raise funds for more research. One of their popular events is the Komen Race for the Cure. Bass Pro is dedicated to helping raise awareness. In October, 10% of all proceeds of our pink breast cancer t-shirts will be donated towards breast cancer research. Make sure you visit our pink display for breast cancer awareness month located in our women's apparel department. This is a great organization, so make sure you stop by Bass Pro today to purchase your pink gear for the great cause!


We have some awesome Hunt for a Cure apparel such as:

Hunt for a Cure Hot Pink Sweatshirt $39.99

Hunt for a Cure Light Pink short sleeve Ribbon Rack T-shirt $19.99

Hunt for a Cure Hot Pink short sleeve T-shirt $19.99

Bass Pro pink camo hats for women, one size fits most, range from $12.99-$16.99.



Redhead Toxik is your next Archery adventure!

Redhead is a brand we have all grown to love. Our Redhead Toxik XT is an outstanding, performance driven compound bow. The engineers have really done a number on this amazing bow. It’s shooting a blazing 330 FPS and can be adjusted from a 26.5 to a 30.5 draw length. So teenagers from full grown adults can fit into this package. The Toxik XT is a ready to hunt package. Which means, it comes with a 3 pin apex sight and an octane rest, stabilizer, and quiver. That’s most of the essentials already. All you would need is some arrows and a nice target. The Redhead X1 Pro arrows are one of the best on the market. They are made by Goldtip and have .001 straightness. They come in 340 and 400 spine strengths which cover 40-70lbs shooters. And lastly, you need the Redhead layered target. They are guaranteed for 750 shots and have a 10 dollar rebate which brings the price down to only $39.99. So, the next time you are looking for a bow hunting rig stop into bass pro shops and pick you up a Redhead Toxik XT!

    Package Details:

  • Re-engineered to generate even faster flight—up to 320 fps
  • Effortless draw cycle
  • Compact, lightweight machined-aluminum riser
  • Parallel limb technology
  • Rotating cam module
  • No-press draw-length adjustments from 26.5"–30.5"
  • 80% let-off
  • Axle-to-axle: 32"
  • IBO speed: 320 fps
  • Brace Height: 7"
  • Weight: 3.8 lbs.
  • 3-pin sight
  • Hostage® capture-style arrowrest
  • 5-arrow quiver
  • 5" stabilizer
  • Wrist sling

Boy Scouts Across America!

Scouting began in England in 1907, created by General Robert Baden-Powell. Today, the Boy Scouts are found in 190 of the world's 195 independent countries The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) was founded by Chicago publisher William Boyce on February 8, 1910. 

The journey begins as a Tiger Cub Scout, then Bob Cat, then Wolf, then Bear, then Webelos and ultimately ends with an Eagle Scout Ranking.  During their journey, they will learn basic skills which include:  Camping, Citizenship, Communications, Community Living, Conservation, Cooking, Environment, Family Living, First Aid, Hiking, Physical Fitness, Swimming. 

Bass Pro annually supports these young men through community ivolvement including this months contridbutions, local fundraising events which included a Hot Dog Stand in front of the store to give the customers as they entered and exited the building!  It was a delight to watch as when the customers realized they were getting a free hot dog and drink.  Bass Pro is also holding Merit Badge classes for fishing and rifle shooting hosted by our own Operational Support Associate Jerry!  Earn Your Merit Badge!

Boy Scout



Spring Fly Fishing Conditions Report

Summer is almost over thank goodness. Last weekend, I enjoyed a relaxing weekend out on the water. I took some of my buddies down to the Little Red River and we enjoyed several days of good fishing. It sure was as hot one out there. In order to keep cool, we found that wet wading was the answer. We waded in our Simms footies and Worldwide Sportsman light weight shorts that we bought at our local Bass Pro in Memphis, TN. The fishing was good on the Little Red River. South West Power has been running two generators for 4 hours a day and has kept cooler water in the river. Sow Bug and Zebra flies were the flies of the day. Saturday, there was a huge blue wing Olive hatch (type of fly used) on the water for most of the afternoon.

It does not matter where you are or what river you are on, but make sure you enjoy yourself & the great outdoors. Remember to come by and see Lesley and Mike in the fly shop for all your fly fishing needs & news!


       Some Spring condition reports on local rivers.

*The White and Norfork have been running a lot of water. They are near pool so they should be starting to turn off soon.

*The Spring River closes out the canoe rentals by the end of September. Mark Crawford, a professional tour guide, has reported lots of fish and clear water.


Tight Line & Tall Tales




Duck Hunting Essentials

Duck season is right around the corner and were getting ready for another great season. Bass Pro Shops has a great inventory of duck hunting supplies for your trip this year. The gun of choice for most hunters this year is the Browning Maxus. There is nothing better than a traditional gas chamber semi automatic in your duck blind. The Browning Maxus is a hot natured gun that will not jam or miss fire when you need it the most. It also has an easy dis-assembly system for cleaning after a long day in the water and grime. 

The Winchester Blind Side shells are your fastest and most explosive shells on the market and will knock down any teal or green head in your area.

The last essential product you need for your hunting trips is the Reality Series foam filled Mallard Decoys. They are painted with so much detail that you won’t be able to tell the difference between the decoys and the live ducks. Bass Pro Shops is your sportsman’s store for your duck hunting needs. So, come out to Bass Pro Shops to get set up for your next duck adventure!




Outdoor Rewards MasterCard! You can't get anything better than this!

When it comes to enjoying the outdoors, there is nothing better than coming to Bass Pro Shops to find all of your necessities to complete your trip or hunt! Bass Pro Shops has a wonderful program that benefits our customers to the complete fullest. Our Outdoor Rewards MasterCard is the Card to have when saving money and getting the max benefits to support those amazing outdoor adventures! When applying for the Outdoor Rewards MasterCard you will save $15 or 10% off based on how much the total purchase is. We have two different cards available to be approved for. Our first card is the Outdoor Rewards Platinum MasterCard which earns you 3% back on all Bass Pro Shops purchases and 1% on outside purchases. Our second card is the Outdoor Rewards World MasterCard which earns you 5% on all Bass Pro Shops purchases and 1% on outside purchases. In order to receive the Outdoor Rewards World MasterCard you must be approved for $5000 or more!

A little more information on the amazing program. The Four P's - Points, Perks, Power, Protection.

1. Points - Earn points on every purchase no questions asked.

2. A rewards program only for cardholders - New $5 Flat rate standard shipping, fall and spring classic savings, Holiday discounts, and carholder appreciation days.

3. Power - No annual fee, no minimum spending requirements, online banking, New MasterCard PayPass *Tap and Go* Payment, accepted virtually everywhere, and up to $1 million donated every year to conservation efforts from purchases made on the card.

4. Protection - Identity Theft Protection, Travel and Emergency assistance, Master road/assist roadside service, and master rental coverage.

All of these outstanding benefits and the amazing Bass Pro Outdoor Rewards MasterCards!

Example of the World(Top Picture) and Platinum(Bottom Picture) Rewards BreakdownWorld Rewards BreakdownPlatinum Rewards Breakdown


Seeing a whole new world with Maui!

Bass Pro sells the Maui Jim Collection of sunglassware. We invite you to come take a look at our display and try some on. The Maui PolarizedPlus2 Technology with Enhanced color offers better color technology.  They blues are truer, greens are brighter, and the reds are more vibrant. Maui wipes out 99.9% of glare and blocks 100% of UV rays.  They are waterproof and oleophobic coating, anti-reflective treatment , scratch-resistant treatment , and have color enhancing lens. Maui has bi-gradient protection against overhead and reflected glare via a protective mirror at the top and bottom of the lens that “squints” for you. Maui also has a Mauigradient  that is a darker application at the top that gradually gets lighter moving down the lens so the appropriate amount of light is allowed to filter through certain areas, while less filters through in places where protection is most important.

Maui has several lens types. MauiPure, the perfect lens for everyday, scratch resistant and impact-resistant and injection molded for the crispest optics next to glass. MauiEvolution combines the best attributes of Super Thin glass and Polycarbonate for a scratch-impact-resistant lens with high performance optics and Polycarbonate with durability and protection against shattering and will stand up to the most intense activities and is lightweight.

If you’ve ever owned a pair, you will agree with me by saying that they are truly what they claim to be.  You will feel as if you are looking at a whole new world through your new Maui’s.  You will have brighter days and no more squinting. Nothing could be better. Enjoy your outdoors with a pair of Maui’s. Make sure you stop by to get fitted for your new pair!


If you have any questions, call us and we would be happy to help you make that perfect selection!



Maui Jim Collection:





Did you say Discount?

HAVE YOU HEARD? IT"S NOT A RUMOR! IT"S TRUE I PROMISE! This just in for the Basspro news!! Yesterday we marked down a huge inventory of goodies from our gift dept. Starting with but not limited to our selction of fish statues that are marked down to 75% off. We also have baking items such as brownie mix and cake pop mix marked down  and our lemon merangue! Yum!

For those of you looking or some home decor we have door mats, bathroom trash cans that are oh so cute and some must have picture frames that are as low as $5.97. You really cant beat some of these deals on stuff that you have looked at on your previous visit to the store. Stock up on some great gift ideas now to save you some time during the holiday rush. Get it while the getting is good. Come on down to see us! On top of the low prices you will find here in the store you can also save 10% on all purchases upon approval of your very own BASS PRO mastercard which earns you points anywhere you use it! What a deal, how can you beat this seriously?

clearance clearance





Happy Happy Happy!

"Americans are too preoccupied with their cell phones and computers, so they dont take the time to sit down with their spouses, children, grandchildren, aunts and uncles and grandparents to eat a meal together"  ~ Phil Robertson

DD books

One of the many great lines from the book Happy Happy Happy, newest to our Duck Dynasty collection here at Bass Pro Memphis . I didn't even get all the way through the prologue before i decided it was a book worth owning. His reality series does a good job of portraying his views but there is something about sitting down with the book that really hit home for me.

I've always thought about how my 7 month old son would grow up and what hot new gadgets I'd be standing in line for at Christmas with the rest of society. I remember growing up it was the cabbage patch doll for me and my sister. When i read this book I thought to myself i don't recall sitting down very often as a family and having dinner, my mom had to work two jobs. So instead of worrying/wondering what the future may hold for my son, I think I'll be sure to read to him from my new book at night, teach him to read it when he gets old enough and then make sure he reads it from time to time.  Perhaps, in place of one  video game night or one of his cell phones dates I'll make it a point to cook dinner for him and listen to how is day went at school. 

I invite you to come by, put your feet up in a recliner and read one of our books, and if that doesn't do it for you, take a stroll by the rest of our Duck Dynasty product and get HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!









August Is Elk Country Conservation Month!

Here at  Bass Pro Shops, we are estactic to be able to participate in supoorting the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Donation Month!

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has partnered with wildlife agencies and universities in funding studies for free ranging elk.  In the past 23 years, they have completed restorations for the elk in several states that haven't had an appropriate environment to maintain elk habitat.

Elk are being monitored for 3-5 years to ensure that their survival and movement patterns coinside with their natural habitat.

At the end of August there will be a drawing for 7 (seven) prizes!  1st Prize Winner will receive a $2,000 Bass Pro Shop Gift Card and  2nd - 7th Prize Winners will receive a $500 Bass Pro Shop Gift Card.  All it takes to participate and Win is a $2.00 donation at any one of our Bass Pro Shop locations!




Adorable Crocs Grippy Socks for the youngsters!

Have you seen these adorable Crocs Grippy Socks? They are for our youngest customers and we hope they enjoy them as they are learning to take their first steps. The grippy socks are great for learning to walk around the house. The grippy bottom is helpful when walking on those slippery floors. The design is unique by its look of the top looking like a sock and the bottom looking like a shoe. These can be worn by infants and toddlers. They would make a great gift idea for birthdays and much more! They are available at Bass Pro Shops for a low price of $16.99 and can be found in our children's area. Make sure you check these out and maybe buy a pair or two!


                         Here are all the details:

  • Croc socks come in 2 fun designs for girls and boys
  • They are made of 78% nylon/18% polyester/3% spandex/2% rubber
  • Flexible foot for easy play
  • Grippy out sole helps prevent slipping and falling
  • They have an elastic top cuff keeps socks in place
  • Easy on and off design
  • Wrapped rubber toe for safety
  • Durable and washable  
  • Size 5 fits shoe size 4-6 (1-2 years).
  • Size 8 fits shoe size 7-9 (2-4 years).


Crocs Grippy Socks:

The bottom view:




Have you planned your party?

Give me a U! Give me a B! What's that stand for? Uncle Buck!!

With game day starting soon, we have the snacks for your party! Our Uncle Bucks snack line provides all you need to fill your tummie while watching your favorite team SCORE!!!

Our newest item is our Uncle Buck cinnamon pretzels. Hello pretzel fans! This is one of the tastiest treats with just a tiny hint of zing. Not to much to take from that salty pretzels taste we all love. With a regular pretzel taste and then the cinnamon comes in at the end. You have to try these, and at the bargin price of 7.99 for 27oz  you really can not beat that.

Let's not for get the Uncle Bucks Cabin Mix and Cheese Curls that keep our loyal Bass Pro customers coming back for more, and the new line of Peanuts that we have stocked as well from BBQ to honey mustard and back to jalapeno. These are the perfect pairing for our summer sausage and Peach & Pepper hot sace for dipping.

If I still dont have your mouth watering, come on by for a sample on the weekend and tell them that Jessica sent you! Happy Game Day and good luck to your Team!

Dont Forget your game day Gear Vols Fans





Calling all Volunteer Fans

Attention all VOLS fans:  

It's almost football season and do you have your Tennessee gear? Bass Pro Shops-Memphis offers a collection of the good ole orange attire.

We have some great collegiate merchandise that would make a great gift idea for that Vols fan in your life. Maybe you will need to have a light weight jacket for the upcoming game, or a conversation piece for your next fishing trip? Either way, Bass Pro in Memphis has your official Tennessee Volunteer game day apparel.

Make sure you stop by our Men's & Women's apparel departments to shop for your Columbia Tennessee Collegiate wear! You will want to represent your team. GO VOLS! 


**Prices may vary.

**While supplies last.

Women's Columbia Tennessee Collection:

The Gameday Dress: 100% Cotton, light weight and has adjustable strap

The Fleece Jackets: One is a half- zip pull over and the other is a full-zip jacket. They are   

                                      light weight and comfortable.


                                                      Men's Columbia Tennessee Collection:

Collegiate Super Bonehead (Center): It has a plaid design, 100% cotton, long sleeve, and

                                                                    PFG, Omni Shade, UPF 30, ventilation system..

Collegiate Bonehead (Left & Right): They come in solid colors with the TN logo, PFG,

                                                                  short sleeve, ventilation system..


Fish in Style

Searching for the perfect pair of shades? Look no further, Bass Pro Shops carries the largest variety of Costa Del Mar sunglasses this side of the Mississippi. Costa Del Mar increases visibility 2-3 feet deeper in the water providing you with an advantage over your competition. 580 green mirror lenses are great for fishing lakes, rivers, streams and ponds. 580 blue mirror  favors open water fishing!

In addition to being 100% polarized they also meet ANSI certification and we offer several frame styles, colors and lenses including but not limited to camouflage frames. These one of a kind sunglasses are not only UV protective but Costa provides a life- time warranty on manufacture defects. Costa also makes C-Mates which provide a bifocal in 1.75 & 2.50 strengths, the greatest clarity and protection you can get!

Make sure you stop by and check out our collection of Costas! The make great gift ideas for that special person in your life. We have a well trained staff that will help you make the right selection.


A view of our Men's Collection of Costa sunglasses here in Memphis!


A view of our Women's Collection of Costa sunglasses here in Memphis!


Infrared Warming System-Check it out!!

Bass Pro Shops in Memphis is introducing the NEW Under Armour collection of the Cold Gear Infrared! This winter season, make sure you stay warmer longer with the infrared collection. It has a soft, thermo-conductive coating on the inner layer of the clothing. It helps absorb and retain your natural body heat. This is what allows you to stay warmer and for a longer period of time with no extra bulky clothing. It has a mock neck to help keep the warmth in. They come in four different fittings such as compression, fitted, semi-fitted, and loose. It is available in three colors, which are purple, black, and white. The photo below shows the fitted style, which is the only style we carry right now. With all the winter clothes come in, we will keep you up to date. Remember to grab one to help keep you warm this winter!


**We currently have them for the women in the fitted style only with hopes to get them in for the men and more styles as the chilly weather approaches.


Inside Scoop on Salt Water fishing

I have a rather lengthy fly fishing bucket list, but recently I was able to check one trip off of it. My husband Chris and I went to Boca Grand, Florida to do some saltwater fly fishing. I planned out my gear weeks before we went to make sure that I didn’t forget anything.

We loaded up 8, 10, and 12 weight fly rods with saltwater line and bass taper fly lines. Why so many rods? Most of the saltwater fish are pretty large and we had a chance at catching a tarpon. Tarpons are huge so a 12 weight is perfect for them. The 8 and 10 weights are great for snook, redfish, and other saltwater species. Bass Pro carries TFO rods which are my personal favorite when it comes to fly rods. However, the models BVK and Axiom are my favorites. Pair these up with BVK reels or Lamson reels and  you have an excellent combo to fish with. The lines that we used were Rio Saltwater lines and Scientific Angler Bass Taper lines. Both are fantastic when it comes to turning over big streamers.

Another important factor was our clothing because no one wants to get a second or third degree sunburn while fly fishing out in the mangroves. We chose to wear Columbia and World Wide Sportsman products which are light weight pants and shirts. The Columbia and WWS clothing can be purchased at Bass Pro Shops.  We also used Buffs over our necks and ears which helped protect us from the sun and the wind (see photo).

My husband and I had a wonderful time and caught snook, redfish, jacks, and snapper. All of these saltwater fish hit hard and pulled like a freight train. It was so much fun! Stop by the fly shop at Bass Pro and let us outfit you for your next saltwater fly trip!

Make sure to stop by the White River Fly Shop at Bass Pro in Memphis to visit me!

Until my next fishing adventure, see you soon!

Mrs. Lesley








Tri-Lakes Fly Fishing with Carp Tease Flies & Rubber Legs.

This past weekend I had the great fortune of being invited to the Tri-Lakes Fly Fishing Expo in Brighton, Missouri. There were roughly 30 fly-tyers representing 7 different states. It was a great event. They had raffles, seminars, fly casting, and fly tying instructional workshops that were given. Most of the fly-tyers made it a point to donate flies to Reel Recovery and other cancer fly fishing groups. Both of these organizations do fly fishing re-treats for individuals recovering from cancer. They rely on flies, guide time, and other donations from generous hearted fly fishing folks.

Another thing I really enjoyed was getting the opportunity to fly fish with some of my Missouri fly friends at a private farm. This pond holds huge bluegill and bass. I tied up a few flies with dumbbell eyes and lots of rubber legs for the occasion. We have a great selection here at Bass Pro Shops. Bass Pro sells a similar fly to the Carp Tease fly that they were using. I caught several large bluegills and a dozen largemouth bass. When you think about fly tying flies for spring warm water fishing, make sure to think about fishing the entire water column and think RUBBER LEGS!!

We have The White River Fly Shops Barred Sili Legs in stock here at Bass Pro! They are printed, black “barred” pattern which helps mimic the mottled coloration of terrestrials, crustaceans and other types of game fish forage patterns. The ''nymph'' size Barred Sili Legs are a smaller diameter than the ''barre'' size legs. They are available in several different colors & range in price from $3.49-$4.49.

Remember: If you are interested in learning how to tie flys, make sure you call (901-213-5800) our Fly Shop for event times & dates! We host a FREE fly typing workshop once a month for beginners. It is a great opportunity to meet new people that love & enjoy to fly fish. Learn the tricks of the trade! See you there!


Tight Lines,

Lesley Allen

*Pictured below are a few flies used during the event & our selection of rubber legs located here at Bass Pro Shops.