All of the Eggs and Bacon: Greek Salad

greek salad

I'm a sucker for a good salad. There's something about the crispy lettuce and fresh veggies that I just really enjoy eating. But it's so hard to find a good salad dressing. I swear I've tried almost all of them, and there are very few I like. So when I saw 2 shelves full of salad dressing, I figured, why not? On my first try, I chose the Roasted Garlic, but there a bunch more options that sound tasty.



So I thought that a nice Greek salad would go well with the Roasted Garlic dressing. Something about garlic and feta appealed to me.


This is a super quick salad to make. Grab a head of romaine lettuce and give it a rinse.

cut off the bottom

Cut off the bottom and discard.

rough chop

Give it a rough chop. I always chop it into big strips, then go back through and chop it diagonally both ways. And then throw it into a big bowl.

into a bowl with cucumbers

Chop a cucumber into large chunks and add to bowl.


Along with 4 tomatoes cut into chunks.


Slice 20-30 Kalamata olives length-wise and add to bowl.


Throw some feta on top. I used a garlic and herb feta, but plain feta works well too.


And some roughly chopped parsley on top.

toss your salad

Give it a quick toss with the dressing.

et voila

Et voila. Your salad is done and super tasty. The dressing wasn't heavy, nor did it taste like chemicals, like so many dressings do. It was just light, and the perfect addition to a fresh salad.



Please feel free to add whatever you wish or omit the things that you don't like.

Here's what I used...

1 head romaine lettuce, chopped
4 whole ripe tomatoes, chopped
1 whole cucumber, cut into fourths lengthwise, and diced into large chunks
30 whole pitted Kalamata olives, sliced in half lengthwise
6 oz feta cheese
fresh parsley, roughly chopped
Bob Timberlake Roasted Garlic salad dressing

You can add 1/2 of a red onion, if you like onions and if your feta wasn't seasoned like mine was, you might want to add a clove of garlic that you have minced.

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