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Hello, my name is Bill (Piscolli) Eveland. Not only am I a Team Leader in the Fishing Department at our Mesa, AZ store, but I am also the founder and president of the Arizona Crappie Association. Through the years I have used many rods for different bait presentations in my search for big Arizona Crappie. I thought I had a favorite until this past winter.


The new Bass Pro Shops Crappie Maxx rods are simply put, the best rods I have ever used! These rods come in four different series that are all unique in their own way. And with the finishes and Crappie Maxx logo on them, they look great as well.


The “Mighty Lites” run from 7’ to 12’ in ultra light action. These super lightweight rods are perfect for jigging or swimming a minnow when the bite is very light. The UL action and delicate tip make for an extremely sensitive rod that allows you to feel the slightest bite. I have tried a Might Lite in 7’ for dead sticking a minnow and I love it!


Next is the “Signature Series”, the real back bone of the Crappie Maxx rods. With lengths running from 4’6” to 14’ and actions from medium light to light, there is a Signature Series rod for almost every technique of fishing for slabs. The smaller rods are great for casting light jigs and the longer rods are very versatile for trolling lighter baits or dipping over brush. 


Now to the “Big Boy” of this line of rods, the Tightline Special Trolling Rods. Basically they are heavier trolling rods that run from 12’ to 18’ in medium heavy. The heavier action makes the Tightline Specials ideal for trolling heavy jigs, crankbaits or spider rigging minnows.


Last but not least is my personal favorite, the “Pro Series”. With lengths from 7 to 12 foot in medium light action they have all the sensitivity I’m looking for with plenty of back bone. Last winter while trolling for Crappie I caught a 12 lb 10 oz flathead catfish with my 9 footer and it handled it beautifully. Yet the rod is sensitive enough for me feel those super light strikes. And with a small cut-a-way in the cork handle, you can put your figure right on the rod blank. For me the Pro Series is a dream come true.


If you have never caught 2 to 3 pound Crappie while wearing a t-shirt in January, I would highly recommend a fishing trip to Arizona ASAP. And here at store #44 we have everything you’ll need to chase them big speckled beauties. Also, please check out the home page of the Arizona Crappie Association at


Bill (Piscolli) Eveland   


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Name: randy smith
Time: Saturday, December 29, 2012

i exclusive use the crappie max rods and am having a problem finding replacement where i have broken the tips off. please give me a email or phone number where I can order replacement top ends of the rods.



Name: James Hester
Time: Wednesday, May 1, 2013

need a phone no or an e-mail address to buy the front sections of 9foot universial crappie rods

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