Meet the Fish: Blue Catfish

up close

This is Blue. She is one of the two blue catfish we own. Creative, right? She is probably the most popular fish in our tank and for good reason. She weighs 53 pounds and is the largest fish we have. She loves swimming up to the glass and it seems she will actually pose for photos.

If you're in the elevator, sometimes she'll swim up to you until you can see her nose press up against the glass. The jury is still out on whether she just wants to say hi, or if she sees you as a tasty snack.

Blues are one of the largest species of catfish in North America. A man from North Carolina recently caught a blue catfish that weighed in at 143 lbs. It's an unofficial record, but once it does become official, it will be a new record.

Blue cats resemble channel catfish in a lot of ways. Blues have a deeply forked tail, just like channel cats, except blue catfish are unspotted. They are slate grey/blue on their back and sides, with a white belly.

both blues

Feeding Habits/Behavior:
Blue catfish are predators and will eat any species of fish they can catch along with crayfish, mussels, frogs, and worms. They are aggressive fish and have been known to attack scuba divers. They like to live in big rivers with fast currents and clear water. Blues stay close to the bottom of the river or pond where they reside, often close to the banks. They generally live 20-25 years if not caught.


How to Catch:

Many anglers like fishing for blue catfish because of their strength & determination- they put up one heck of a fight. They will rarely bite on artificial baits, but they are not picky when it comes to live baits being alive or dead. They just prefer something with a strong odor, like stink baits, chicken & turkey livers, cheese, and cut fish. Make sure to use heavy sinkers and strong equipment!

She's looking right at you...

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