The Power of the Penn Senator Reel/Ocean Master Combo

We at Bass Pro Shops are very happy to announce that we have in stock the Penn Senator Reel 14/0. This reel is especially designed for fishermen who enjoy catching sharks, groupers, cod, and rock fish from the beach shore or trolling in your Mako boat.

The Penn Senator Reel 14/0 is intended to hold 1,300 yards of 100 pound monofilament, and can tolerate a max of 35 pound drag. However, not too many rods can endure the force or heaviness of this reel. We prefer and suggest this reel be used with a sturdy rod, such as the 5'6" and a 6' Ocean Master Rod. The Ocean Master Rod is durable and very dependable and is a perfect match to stand up against the Penn Senator Reel 14/0.

Please feel free to give us a call at 305-341-4200; where you can speak to any of our fishing associates, or pass by our Miami store located at: 11551 NW 12 Street, Doral, Florida 33172. Our hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 10am to 10 pm, and Sundays from 10 am to 8pm.


PENN® Special Senator® Reel/Offshore Angler™ Ocean Master® Stand-Up Combo

SKU Number: 1552688

By: Victoria Sanchez

Special thanks to Fishing Team Leads Janiel Perez and Adan Campos


A Fishfinder That is Compact and Affordable.

Lowrance Fishfinder Elite-3x

The Lowrance Elite 3x is a compact and affordable color fishfinder. With a vibrant 240x360 3.5 inch display and an easy to use interface the Elite 3x is great for everyday use.


The Lowrance Elite 3x is a compact and affordable color fishfinder. With a vibrant 240x360 3.5 inch display and an easy to use interface the Elite 3x is great for everyday use.


The included 83/200 transducer gives you two different viewing cones in order to fish in waters as deep as 800ft (approx.. 400ft saltwater). 83 kHz sonar provides up to 60 degrees of  coverage, which is ideal for displaying large fish arches and searching large areas, while 200 kHz sonar provides up to 20 degrees of coverage for enhanced fish-target separation and lure-tracking .


Looking at the display fishers can quickly identify fish targets from bottom contours, bottom hardness and structure detail. If you want to make things even easier go into the settings and turn on the “fish I.D.” option to simplify the display and show only fish and their depths. (looks like the below picture, only in color).


Visit us here at the Miami Bass Pro Shops and check out our display unit along with our selection of fish finders and combos.

Ruben M.

The included 83/200 transducer gives you two different viewing cones in order to fish in waters as deep as 800ft (approx.. 400ft saltwater). 83 kHz sonar provides up to 60 degrees of  coverage, which is ideal for displaying large fish arches and searching large areas, while 200 kHz sonar provides up to 20 degrees of coverage for enhanced fish-target separation and lure-tracking .

Looking at the display fishers can quickly identify fish targets from bottom contours, bottom hardness and structure detail. If you want to make things even easier go into the settings and turn on the “fish I.D.” option to simplify the display and show only fish and their depths. (looks like the below picture, only in color).

Visit us here at the Miami Bass Pro Shops and check out our display unit along with our selection of fish finders and combos.

Ruben M.


Are You Tired of Getting Lost in the Woods?

I know, I know, “Why are you talking about hunting in my Marine blogs?” Well I have to show some love to our hunting brothers and sisters every once in a while.

Introducing OnXMaps, the easy to use pocket guide to your hunting surroundings.  The included hunting maps you will at a glance be able to determine your position in relation to public and private property boundaries. Find public land boundaries; determine landowner names and ranch boundaries search which Hunt Area or Section number you are in and more.

The OnXMaps are designed to be inserted to your Garmin handheld GPS unit or to be used on a computer.

Also included are city parks, county open space, and state parks. Fishing access sites (boat ramps), section lines and parcel boundary lines are also offered. Free updates are available for Hunting GPS Maps' calendar year (Dec. 1 – Nov. 30). This assures that you have the most current map available for that year's hunting seasons.

Keep in mind that each state has its own separate map, so stop on by Bass Pro Shops for a demonstration and get out to hunting faster and better equipped than ever before.

Ruben M.


Water Sports Takes Stress Away.


Wake boarding is a great way to get away from all the stress of everyday life and just let go of some bottled up stress. Most people think that when you go out on the boat, all you can do is fish, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Come check out the variety of wakeboards we sell here at Bass Pro Shops. Any of our trained marine associates will be sure to go out of their way to make sure the bindings fit your feet and ankles perfectly so there is no dis-comfort out on the water. Once you get fitted and you are ready to go just make sure you have one of our durable ropes, which will also be found by the wake boards. All of our wake boards here are high-quality boards sold by only top-sellers, the boards I like most and the one that I own is an Obrien board, Obrien sells anything for watersports, like tubes, skis, and even knee boards.’Brien-Targa-Wakeboard-with-Device-Bindings/product/1211280550346/   


Having a Great Camera

There are many ways you can enjoy our great outdoors, but having a great camera with you to capture all of the breath-taking memories makes it all the more special. That’s why I purchased the GoPro Hero 3 here at Bass Pro Shops. My GoPro goes wherever I go now, especially when I’m out on the boat with my family and friends! What’s awesome about the GoPro is that even if you throw it in the water or attach it to your wake board as your being pulled, it won’t be damaged; it’s a very reliable and durable camera! On top of how great the camera is, GoPro sells numerous amounts of accessories including a couple different mounts so you can attach your GoPro anywhere! Just by looking at the quality of the camera and the durability of the whole device, convinces me that I can recommend this GoPro to anyone and I will know they will love it. So next time you’re in one of our many Bass Pro Shops stores just be sure to check out the selection of GoPro’s we have in our camping department, and just imagine how many great moments you will be able to capture in 1080p quality. This is probably the camera for you, I know it is for me.

Here are some key points for the GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition:

•          Wearable, mountable camera

•          Capture action of yourself and others during sports

•          Pro quality HD video up to 1080p60

•          10 MP photos, up to 10 frames per second

•          Built-in Wi-Fi

•          Content preview, playback, and sharing via GoPro app

•          Enhanced low-light performance

•          20% smaller and lighter waterproof housing

•          30% longer battery life

•          Faster image processing enables 1080p60 and 720p120fps video

•          Compatible with GoPro mounts; attaches to your body, gear, or vehicle

•          Ultra-wide-angle glass lens

So stop on by your local Bass Pro Shops or visit us at for more information.




Uniden Submersible/Floating Two-Way Radios

Stay safe and keep in contact with the 50-Mile Submersible 2-Way Radio from Uniden. They are ideal for boating, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits. These palm-sized radios are lightweight, rugged, and not just waterproof but fully submersible. Keep yourself and your family safe by tuning in to changing weather conditions. These radios feature a Weather Radio Broadcast mode, which allows you to select a weather channel and hear the latest weather alerts from NOAA.


Accidents happen, but you can use these radios with total confidence, knowing that if you drop them in a lake or pool of water, they will float right back to the surface for easy retrieval. These radios comply with JIS7 water submersion specifications and can be submerged under three feet of water for up to 30 minutes without damage or loss of functionality.



Motion Sickness Cures

I don’t know what it is about me but I get motion sickness one of two ways, in the very back of a car, or on a boat. Roller coasters do nothing to me, neither do those spinning rides at county fairs (I’m looking at you Gravitron), but get me on a boat and I turn all different shades of green.

Last year I went on my very first cruise and I was given the sage advice to purchase a tube of Dramamine from my local pharmacy. I had no idea what Dramamine was but you better believe that if this pill will prevent me from becoming motion sick that I would scoop it right up. Sure enough when I started to get even the slightest of inclines that my delicious buffet would end up on the deck of the cruise ship, I would chew down on a Dramamine tablet. To my surprise I had no issues whatsoever during my week long Caribbean adventure and this allowed me to enjoy my vacation to its fullest.

Here at Bass Pro Miami we sell 4 different types of Dramamine pills:

  • Original formula
  • Less Drowsy
  • Chewable
  • And just for kids (ages 2-12)

So swing on by the Marine department and come see our selection of motion sickness relief products.


Ruben M.


Get Your Day on the Water Off to a Great Start: Marine Batteries

With summer in full swing, fishing enthusiasts everywhere are going to find themselves with more time to pursue what they love. That means more trips into the water and greater chances of catching the big one. This also means more chances on encountering a dead battery when least expected.

Lucky for you Bass Pro Shops carries a wide variety of batteries and accessories to keep your boat running year round. Our XPS batteries come in a few different varieties including starting, deep cycle, dual purpose and AGM batteries.

Starting batteries are used to crank your gas engine and get you moving. We carry group sizes from 24 to 27, basically the bigger the engine, the bigger battery required. Dual purpose batteries combine both aspects of a starting battery and a deep cycle, while not particularly excelling at either. Customers looking for a dual purpose tend to have limitations in regards to space for additional battery placement or low amperage requirements for their engines and electronics.


Deep Cycle:Description: battery.jpg

Deep cycle batteries are primarily used for the electronics on your boat including GPS, radios and trolling motors. These also come in different sizes starting in group 24 and up. One thing to keep in mind when buying a trolling motor is when you were to purchase one which has a thrust of 70 or larger you would need 24 volts to power, which equals to two batteries.


Description: agm.jpg

AGM batteries differ from traditional acid based ones in that AGM uses compressed glass mats to hold the electrolytes that maintain a charge as opposed to a flooded acid/ distilled water solution. Advantages to AGM celled batteries are they tend to last longer and lose less of their charging capacity over time.

 Once you have selected the proper battery for your boating needs don’t forget that you can pick up all your accessories in the Marine Department as well including chargers, cleaners and storage boxes.

Come on by the Marine Department at your local Bass Pro and speak to one of our informative associates with all you boating needs.





Ruben M.

Marine Team Lead

Store #45, Miami.


Are you tired of spooling your own reel before your fishing trip?


Are you tired of spooling your own reel before your fishing trip? Well spool no longer, now it is easier than ever to get your equipment ready for your next fishing trip.


Here are the five simple steps:

1. Drive to the Miami Bass Pro Shops.

2. Walk to our fishing department.

3. Purchase a new fishing reel or bring in your current fishing reel.

 4. Decide if you want monofilament or braid line, and then inform our fishing associates what pound test you would like to use for your reel.

  5. Walk out to your vehicle with a smile on your face ready to catch the next big fish you have been waiting for all week.

It is just that simple! Have fun and Go Outdoors.



Water Safety for your Child.

Childrens Life Vests

When it comes to your child’s safety, there is little a parent won’t do in order to protect them. The United States Coast Guard requires that every passenger on a boat needs a personal floatation device, but with so many choices which one is right for your child?

Children’s vests come in a lot of different varieties but are pretty much grouped into a few principal types of vests based on weight and flotation design.


Infants (0-30 pounds):

These USCG Type-II jackets are specifically designed to hold your infants head above the water and prevent roll over during swims. Type II vests are typically ideal for near shore boating, and as always keep a watchful eye on your infant while in the water.

Child (30-50pounds) & Youth (50-90 pounds):

The main differences between a child’s vests and a youth vest are the recommended user weight. If your child is above 30, but less than 50 pounds grab them a Bass Pro Shops child vest. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, including neoprene. If your child is above 50 but less than 90 pounds a youth size should fit just fine.

Bass Pro Shops children’s vests come in all sorts of colors and patterns, many of which will pair up with your adult vests for a family of matching boaters. All the vests are designed with safety and comfort in mind, so stop on by the Marine department today and any of our associates will be more than happy to help you keep your family boating safely this summer.

Ruben M.


Don't let this happen to you!

This is the tragic story about “The Cat”, my father’s ill conceived phase of being a first time boat owner and hopefully a word of caution to the reader.

 Way back around the late 90’s my father bought a small boat off a friend. The boat was a 15 foot Mako with an engine that was a little too big for it’s breeches. My father’s boat was in need of some tender love and care but I was an excited 7th grader, I could see all the potential in that 15 footer and the great times my family and I would have on that boat.

Well, I never got a chance to enjoy South Florida’s open waters on that fateful craft. My father and I spent about 6-8 months fixing just about everything that could be fixed. We would go out to buy all sorts of accessories and telling our friends about how soon we would be hitting the waters and terrorizing the fish.

Then one day my father woke up, and the boat was gone, vanished, fell off the face of the Earth. We filled a police report and we finally found the craft about 6 months later, and it was just a shell of its former glory.  All that time, money and potential, sitting on its side outside of a warehouse in Hialeah, what a gut wrenching experience. Anybody who has had something that was theirs taking from them knows exactly how that heavy ball feels in the pit of your stomach.

Protect your investment. Bass Pro Shops has a way to protect yourself against thieves.

Its called the Spot Trace.

This little device will update you every 5 minutes with the current location of wherever you hid this little box. Be it your boat, fleet of business vehicles, or your luxury car that you very generously let your teenager drive for a night out with friends.

You will need a subscription for the basic service, with an option to upgrade your service for continuous updates every two & a half minutes.

So stop by the Marine Department here at your local Miami Bass Pro Shops and pick one up to make sure you keep what’s yours, yours.

Ruben M.

Marine Team Lead


Garmin’s etrex 20


Garmin’s etrex 20 is one of the most compact and versatile handheld GPS units we offer here in your local Miami Bass Pro Shops.

The etrex 20 measures at 2.1" x 3.9" x 1.3" and runs 20 hours on just two AA batteries. Preloaded into the GPS is a worldwide base map which is detailed below directly from Garmin’s website:

The Worldwide Land basemap includes the United States, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Oceania. Also, included is a high-level worldwide map with political boundaries and major cities. The internal basemap is permanent and cannot be updated or upgraded.

The standard map coverage includes:

  1. Oceans, rivers and lakes (greater than 30 sq. miles)
  2. Principal cities and a small amount of smaller cities and towns
  3. Major interstates and principal highways
  4. Political boundaries (state and international borders)

In addition the etrex 20 has an micro SD slot which can be used to upgrade your mapping to an 100K TOPO U.S. map or even a G2 marine map.

The best part is starting May 16 Bass Pro Shops, as part of our Go Outdoors Sales Event, we are offering an excellently priced Eterx 20 bundle, which includes a 100 TOPO map ($99.99 value) and a free carrying case. Get them while they last, and if this sale at all mimics the last time we sold this bundle, these units will not last very long at all.



Are you ready for Summer?

Even though the days lately have reached into the 90's summer has yet to begin. The official First Day of Summer is Saturday, June 21st, and then July 4th is right around the corner. And how should one get ready for all those backyard BBQ's? With the Smoke Canyon Trio Grill. This grill is great because it does it all!! Whether you want to slow cook ribs with charcoal, grill up some hot dogs and hamburgers quickly for the family, or fry up some French Fries you can do it with this one Grill.

The versatile Smoke Canyon Trio Grill gives you a propane grill, charcoal grill, and fryer all in one backyard cooking machine. Choose from consistent gas heat from the Trio's three 10,000 BTU stainless steel burners or go for that traditional grill flavor on the charcoal side. 720 square inches of primary cooking space plus warming racks and side fryer. Grates feature porcelain coating on the propane side and oil coating on the charcoal side. What more could you want for your next summer BBQ?

Swing on by our Camping Department to check out this great Grill or you can visit us anytime at


Go Outdoors and Have Fun!


Are you living the Salt Life?

Are you always on the water or thinking about your next trip on the water?

Well then you are living the Salt Life! Bass Pro Shops Miami has always carried a wide range of Salt Life products including apparel, towels, cozies, and decals. Now we are caring Salt Life Sunglasses.

Don't miss your next big catch!

The Salt Life Sunglasses have anti-glare optics that help you see through the water even before you cast your line! Salt Life sunglasses have full UV protection so you can enjoy a day in the sun. They use only the best ZEISS lenses, polarized so you can watch the Salt Life in its true color.

About your Salt Life Lenses:

  • Smoke lenses are designed for bright, clear sunny day conditions are and are perfect for everyday use.
  • Smoke Blue Mirror lenses are perfect for open or blue water conditions.
  • Copper lenses enhance contrast in overcast to low light conditions while reducing eye strain.
  • Copper Green Mirror lenses are excellent for shallow water, stream, and flats activities.
  • Copper Blue Mirror lenses provide superior contrast and true color perception at dust and dawn.

If you would like to try on the latest in Salt Life Sunglasses swing on over to our Sunglass Counter or you can visit us anytime at

Have fun and Go Outdoors!




Rod and Reel Combo for your Car

Have you ever been driving back home from work and looked at a lake or nearby canal and thought man if I only had a fishing rod. Well you can, all you have to do is gear up correctly. A traveling rod would be the first purchase and maybe the only purchase you have to make. Two piece rods are great but if you can get your hands on a three piece rod that would do the trick.

Here at Bass Pro Shops we happen to have a great selection of three piece rods. A 3 piece is more convenient in that it doesn't take up as much room and for those of us who have small cars it becomes a necessary benefit. Now when selecting a three-piece rod my advice is to go with the 7 foot medium heavy.

Down here in South Florida you could find yourself in several situations. In our local lakes you could just be fishing for Largemouth or Peacock Bass but occasionally you could run into a small Tarpon or Snook. In some instances you may even come across Jack Crevalle and if you've ever hooked one of these fish you'll know they're fighters. The 7 foot rod also provides casting distance and since you're fishing from land it’s definitely something you're going to need.

As far as a reel all you would need is what you probably already have at home. Another thing you may
want to consider having on you at all times is a pair of pliers. Pliers are something that are extremely necessary for fishermen but are never there when you need them. Well there you have it with a travel rod in the car ready to fish whenever you need it there is no excuse not to. Your success could be a hook set away.


The Perfect Trolling Motor

If you have spent any time looking for a trolling motor for your boat you know very well how astounding the number of choices are. Between Motorguide, Minn-kota and Prowler trolling motors there are at least 30 different units available from Bass Pro Shops Miami, so which one is right for you?

The most popular units I carry at the Miami store are the Prowler branded trolling motors. Prowler is a Bass Pro Shops’ owned brand that comes in 4 easy to differentiate units that covers a large spectrum of needs for today’s boaters.

Prowler 30/30:          Prowler 55/40:


The two motors above are both Transom mounted, 12 volt and freshwater motors with a rugged aluminum shaft and sturdy rubber grip. The 30/30 is the smallest Prowler motor we carry and is ideal for small crafts with only a couple of passengers. If you need a more powerful motor the 55/40 offers a greater amount of thrust with a longer shaft for larger vessels.

Prowler 55/36:           Prowler 55/50B:

These two white Prowlers are similar in design but are suitable for salt-water use. The 55/36 is great transom mounted motor if you’re planning on boating in salt-water or even brackish water. The Prowler 55/50B is the only bow-mounted Prowler Bass Pro Shops offers in addition to being the biggest Prowler available.


With all the choices available to you, come on by the Miami Bass Pro Shops Marine department and check out our floor displays with a staff ready to answer your questions.

Ruben M.


Can Freshwater Gear Catch Fish in Saltwater?

I am asked all the time can you use fresh water baits in saltwater? The answer is yes; however, only for some. In the world of inshore fishing some of the baits that are typically used for Largemouth Bass can indeed be used for Snook and Redfish.

Let’s start off with the most common and my favorite; swim baits. Most swim baits are meant to resemble certain bait fish and in most instances bait fish in freshwater will have similar characteristics to the ones found around the shorelines of Florida.

Another favorite of mine is the classic jerk bait. These hard baits have been around for years and most of them haven't even changed the design. Being as effective today as they were back then. They are definitely a good choice to use in both freshwater and saltwater.  My only advice with this is that you change out the hooks. Tarpon and bigger Snook have been known to straighten out hooks.

Another good bait to use is flukes. These baits are meant to resemble sick or injured fish in the water; basically an easy meal. When you rig these bait, weed less you can throw them into any thick cover without having to worry about getting hung up.

Almost all baits are meant to be appealing to several species of fish so if you ever have the opportunity to try a freshwater bait in saltwater go right ahead. You never know, your success could be hook set away.


Outdoor Enthusiasts

Hello Outdoor Enthusiasts,

Spring Time is a Great Time for Surf/Jetty Fishing. Did you think Fall was the only time bait runs along the Atlantic Coast- Think Again! Several things happen in Spring:

First, Bait that ran down the coast is now running back up the coast. Mullet and Pilchards, to name a couple are now full of Roe and cruising along Jetties, Surf, and Shore Lines.

Second, late cold spells and strong tides during Full and New Moons send late Shrimp Runs out of the Jetties and Passes.

Add these two runs of bait together and a strong tide, well, look at the Snook and Tarpon in the pictures- enough said! That's only a few Game Fish waiting for you, family, and friends. Stop by the Miami Bass Pro Shop and get your Adventure started with Great Savings and Advice!

PS: The Grouper and Snapper run starts now in May- So Get your gear and go!





Costa Del Mar

Costa Del Mar


In 1983, a group of hardcore fishermen who spent their days exploring the globe and battling extreme elements came to realize that the sunglasses they were relying on weren't as hardcore as their adventures. Seeing the world in absolute clarity and protecting their eyes was a must. So when they couldn't find worthy sunglasses, they decide to build their own. And Costa was born. After all these years and all these adventures, our mission has never wavered: to create the clearest sunglasses on the planet for life's great adventures. And the patented technology like those found only in Costa lenses and frames are proof that we're succeeding. We build the clearest sunglasses on the planet for those who live to be on the water. Born on the water and we're still inspired by it. We want to be on it, we want to protect it, and we want to inspire others to do the same.

Choosing your Lenses

Glass VS Plastic

Why Glass?

Glass has the greatest clarity and scratch resistance. Plus, Costa Light WAVE glass is thinner & lighter than average polarized glass.


  • 100% UV blockage for max protection
  • 100% polarization kills reflected glare and reduces eye strain
  • Provides superior clarity


  • 100% UV blockage
  • 100% polarized for superior clarity
  • Patented technology enhances- colors by blocking yellow light
  • Eliminates haze & blur by blocking blue light
  • block yellow light at
580nm for enhanced color and blue light at 400nm to reduce haze and blur.

Why Plastic?

Plastic is more lightweight than glass for added comfort. It's also impact resistant and extremely durable.


  • 100% UV blockage for max protection
  • 100% polarization kills reflected glare & reduces eye strain
  • Provides superior clarity


  • 100% UV blockage
  • 100% polarized for superior clarity
  • Costa C-WALL coating repel soils, water, dust, & scratches
  • Patented technology blocks blue & yellow light for better clarity and color


1. Go to your local Costa authorized prescription (Rx) retailer and ask for Costas. Look for the Costa Rx Logo under Dealer Type.

2. Choose your frame and lens while there.

3.Once completed, your Costa Rx lens will have the Costa lens etching and will come with an authenticity card. This authenticity card guarantees that your prescriptions Costas are the same great quality as non-prescription Costas.


We warrant Costa Sunglasses against defects in materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the product. Costa handles every repair or warranty claim directly. If you should have a problem with your Costas, please refer to the Repair section of our website. Costa will repair or replace, at our option, any product determined by Costa to be a manufacturer's defect. Since eventual wear and tear can be expected, reasonable repair charges will be levied if repairs are necessary as a result of normal wear, scratched lenses, broken hinges, accidental damage, misuse or any other problems determined not to be defects. A small processing fee will be charged for each warranty claim processed. *Prescription and Limited Edition Costa Sunglasses have warranty limitations. Please see REPAIR FAQS or call 1-855-MYCOSTA (855-692-6782) for further information.




Lowrance Mark-4 HDI & Lowrance Elite-4 HDI

Let me introduce you to two great entry level marine chartplotters/fishfinder we carry here in the Marine department at Bass Pro Shops Miami.

Lowrance Mark-4 HDI:

The Mark-4 HDI is a compact unit that includes a 4.3 inch grayscale display, an internal GPS antenna, Lowrance coastal U.S. mapping and a 83/200 455/800 transom transducer. What all that basically means is that you have everything you need to start boating and fishing in this one package. The unit is small enough to mount on practically all boats and versatile enough with a RAM mount that you could place the Mark-4 on other crafts like kayaks and personal water crafts. In addition the Mark-4 is capable of being updated to other mapping options like a Navionics Gold chart through a mirco-SD slot on the bottom of the unit.

My only gripe with the Mark-4 is that the grayscale display is a bit hard to see under sunny conditions, which brings me to my second recommendation;

Lowrance Elite-4 HDI:

The Elite-4 HDI is, for the most part, very similar to the Mark-4 but with a vibrant color display.  In addition to all the aforementioned features of the Mark-4 the Elite-4 comes in a second variety that includes a better 50/200 455/800 transducer for an additional cost. You get the Lowrance chartplotter, fishfinder and downview structure scan all in one compact unit.

So if you are a novice boater or even an experienced one you really can’t go wrong with these two compact, fully featured and budget priced Lowrance units.

Ruben M.