Reloading - It can be for you

The new thought of lots of people is maybe I should load my own ammo. Maybe it’s for you and maybe it's not. Is this something you need to do? Only you can answer that question. I personal have been loading for some years and I load several different calibers, but their are many reasons for my loading. There are three reasons to load your own ammo, one to save money, two to improve accuracy or performance and three your caliber is no longer manufactured. Let's talk about all these points.

Saving money; can you really save money? The answer to that can only be determined by how much you shoot. If you are the person that goes to the range regularity and consistently shoot a large quantity of rounds the answer could be yes. But you will have to first consider the initial start up cost. You can get started on the low end for around 300-400 dollars. Some of you won't shoot 300-400 hundred dollars of ammo in your entire life. But then some, like myself could shoot that much monthly or sometimes even weekly. If you are that person only shoots maybe 40-50 rounds of ammo once and a while, you may not be a candidate to reload, based on price alone. You can buy lots of ammo for 400 dollars if you only shoot once and a while. So you need to calculate the amount of shooting against the cost of setting yourself up. I for a long time did loading with a friend and that can help defer the cost. Now I don't recommend using anyone else's reloads unless you know the facts of what and how well they perform at loading. Someone who does not pay attention to detail and accuracy in loading would not load for me. A friend and I have loaded together for over 10 years, so we know each other ability and dedication to doing a good job. But just getting reloads from anyone just to save money is not recommended. It may cost you more in the end, with damage to your gun or even yourself. A blown up gun or personal injury is not worth to cost of bullets.

If improved accuracy and performance is more important that the price reloading. Then customize loads maybe what you are looking for. Following safe guidelines you can tweak your loads slightly up or down, you can sometimes turn a mediocre gun into much more and you can turn just average performance into excellent. Factory ammo will not always show the ability of the weapon, but with custom loads you can change a lot of the faults of either inferior ammo or border line performance of you weapon. The details in how well it all works is largely based on following a proven loading formula safely. You need to use a loading data guide and not get crazy with a bunch of charges. You are creating a controlled explosion and the key word is controlled, over charging can be dangerous, but under charging can also be dangerous. You should study different ballistic tables to see which suit you. Be patience, research your load for the right bullet, the right bullet weight and the right powder to give you the best performance. Get a formula maybe even more than one and built the right one for your weapons. When it comes to rifles you need to remember that all guns even in the same caliber will not shoot the same. It may require a different powder and or a different bullet that someone else does.

And let say you have an old or wild cat caliber. Can you find the ammo you want or do they even make it anymore? If that gun still performs to your satisfaction and you don't want to move on to something else you may want to load your own bullets. Sometimes it just comes down to being happy with what has worked for you for years and why change now.

Stop by our store and speak to a qualified associated about your reloading needs. Find yourself a quality loading data guide or maybe more than one and have a safe fun filled experience.

At Bass Pro Shops we are always glad to be of service and enhance your outdoor experience.

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