Post Spawn Bass Fishing - Nashville Style

fishI hope I find you all with tight lines and heavy nets. This time of the year can prove to be very challenging on the lake. With the constant changing of temperature and water levels this year, the bass have been very confused on where to relocate after spawning.  Generally large females will find deeper water for about three weeks after being on bed for so long. By using the high lake levels to your advantage you will find that they have only moved a few feet of the bank instead of deeper water. The fish will stay in these levels until water temperatures rise into the mid to upper 70’s. Post spawn bass fishing can produce some very large fish and be very exciting.

Once you locate the correct depth and find the larger fish, the pattern will generally hold on the rest of the lake. Fish feed a lot this time of the year and will bite many different baits. Jigs, creature baits, and shaky head rigs can be really fun to throw this time of the year.  Most bass can be located on any type of structure in the 6ft to 10ft range. Make sure to work the baits all the way back to the boat as fish will chase baits longer this time of the year. 

When water temperatures warm up bass will start to find deeper water close to channels and drop offs. Carolina rigs and Texas rigged 10 inch worms seem to be the best presentation for these deep water fish. Remember to fish slower to ensure the bait is in the strike zone as long as possible.  Utilizing your electronics can help you locate the structure and fish. Night fishing can be another option if you are not comfortable fishing deep water. Bass will cruise at night while feeding and generally come to shallower water to do so.

Remember no matter where the fish are or the time of year, you can get all of your fishing gear and advice at your local Bass Pro Shops .

Jeff Hoffman
Nashville, TN

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