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Gun SafeCarrying a handgun for personal protection on a regular basis requires a bit of a lifestyle change, especially for those of us who didn’t carry as part of our jobs, or folks that do a lot of traveling across state lines.  Besides the actual carrying of a gun on your person, you have to consider where to keep the firearm in your vehicle when you are forced to disarm because a location you are visiting does not permit concealed carry.

My wife and I are encountering this problem here in Florida when we go to sporting events, and she has the dual problem of traveling to Texas and then carrying throughout the week.  There’s only one viable solution to this issue, and that’s purchasing and using a portable gun safe.

We just bought our second one for her to use on the road or while she’s in town and we both need to lock up our firearms prior to entering certain establishments.  These safes are very sturdy and have a cable which will allow it to be semi-permanently attached to the car’s frame, making it much more difficult for a common thief to remove.  The gun is secured and impossible to access without a moderate amount of effort or the proper key.  Some models have combination locks or even biometric locks to fit your needs.

Gun Safe 2The idea is to properly secure the gun so it cannot be taken and potentially fall into the wrong hands as sometimes occurs as a result of vehicles being broken into.  Losing a pair of sunglasses or GPS is one thing, but losing a dangerous weapon is something else entirely.  You’ll rest easier once you employ a portable safe for valuables and personal protection equipment you leave in the vehicle from time to time.


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