Hunters Education Classes At Bass Pro Shops in Pearl, MS

Hunter Education works.

Since 1950, when formal hunter safety programs were introduced, the number of hunting and firearms-related accidents has declined dramatically nationwide. In Mississippi, we know that our hunter education efforts have reduced firearms accidents and saved lives. All persons born after January 1, 1972 are required to complete a hunter education course before purchasing a Mississippi hunting license. Also Effective July 1, 2000, anyone twelve (12) years of age and under sixteen (16) years of age must have a certificate of satisfactory completion of a hunter education course approved by the Department before hunting alone in this state. A child at least twelve (12) years of age and under (16) years of age may hunt without having the certificate of hunter education if the child is in the presence and under the direct supervision of a licensed or exempt hunter at least twenty-one (21) years of age when hunting. The commission may offer a resident apprentice hunting license for a resident over the age of 15 who does not have the required certificate of hunter education and may set the fee for the apprentice hunting license. An apprentice license may be purchased only one (1) time by a resident and the apprentice hunting licensee must be accompanied by a licensed or exempt resident hunter at least twenty-one (21) years of age when hunting. The Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks offers the course free of charge at locations across the state. The hunter education course includes 10 hours of instruction, including range firing. Students must be at least 10 years of age to participate and must pass a written exam and complete a firing exercise to be certified as having completed the course.


The Hunter Education program is designed to:

  • reduce hunting accidents
  • teach hunter ethics and responsibility
  • promote wildlife conservation
  • teach firearm safety

Specifically, the course contents include:

  • hunter ethics and responsibility
  • history of firearms
  • rifles
  • shotguns
  • ammunition
  • gun handling
  • marksmanship
  • blackpowder and muzzleloading
  • bowhunting
  • wildlife identification
  • principles of wildlife management
  • survival
  • water safety
  • hypothermia
  • first aid
  • tree stand safety

Hunters Eduacation Classes will be offered at Bass Pro Shops in Pearl, Mississippi on Saturday, August 25, 2012 and again on Saturday, October 20, 2012.  

Pre Registration is Required by calling 601.859.3421.  Tell them you were referred by the Bass Pro Shops Facebook page!

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