Packing up my Hunting Gear

Packing up for the Winter as told by JasperCB

"As we start seeing the warmer weather in the forecast and less chances of freezing temperatures to come, we are faced with the bitter-sweet realization that the deer season has actually, once again, come to an end.  This happens once a year, but I have yet been able to look forward to this time.  I know that as with most things, it all seems to work out in the long run - but as for Right now, the packing up part is not something that I can get used to. 

Last week, I decided to take a relaxing day off of work - and woke up to a "honey-do" list that my wife had left behind for me.  It is also around this time of the year that she plans something that she calls "Spring Cleaning"?  During this torturous time of said, Spring cleaning - my duties always seem to consist of moving her jackets to the top of the closet and pulling her warm weather clothes towards the bottom where they are more easily accessible to her.  I also get the directives to move my loyal hunting boots and waders from the doorway entrance in the garage; where I find them to be most convenient spot for a last minute hunting trip call.  The lovely wife also insists that I actually cram all of my Hunting Gear, including my RedHead Silent Hide 3 Part Camo Jacket and Bibs into a tote box that she pulled just for "my stuff".  With a big long sigh, I look around and grab my beloved Insulated Gloves, my RedHead Camo Skull cap that has kept my head warm for so many glorious hunts, and even my "Lucky" Lifetime All Purpose Socks that I swear, have actually assisted in luring the deer in my direction for several years.  I grab them all - along with some other great misc. "stuff" and gently place them into the "my stuff" tote and watch her scurry around the house dusting tables that aren't even dirty.  After I am almost certain that I have everything used for hunting gathered into the much too small tote, I grab the lid and proceed with the duties of making them go away for an entire year. 

I begin my journey into the attic where I plan to store "My Tote", I pause for a minute to watch her has she tugs on a window sill latch with the intent to "let the nice weather in" - I contemplate allowing her to use my WD-40 to make the job easier, but am reminded of all my hunting gear that i am holding, being banned to the attic and decide that I will keep the WD-40 secret to myself.  As my head pops through the attic floor, a huge smile is somehow formed on my face and Harps are heard in the background at the site that I see before me.   I spot the Stackable Wire Fishing Rod and Tackle Organizer that she banned to the attic last year - containing my Best Rods and Reels; My attention is drawn to the corner of the room where there, standing tall and proud is my Ugly Stick with my KVD Ultra High Speed Bait cast Reel that brought in my Biggest Bass to Date just last year.  I drift off for a moment and place myself back on the front of my Tracker Boat with all of this glorious gear surrounding me - Back in Summer Heaven.  I am reminded of the Great times to come on the water, and am now anxious to take my boat on its first of the year test run, the wind blowing my hair and my Costa Sunglasses reflecting the glare of the water.  Suddenly, I shutter myself back to reality for the moment and slide the ole hunting gear off to the side.  I take one more proud glance around at all of the shining Fishing Getaway stock pile that I have accumulated.  I take a big long deep breath and make my way back down the steps - now consciously trying to hide my new found excitement - as I go retrieve the WD-40 for the window sills. 


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