Collegiate Fishing at Prattville Bass Pro Shops

What a day we had here in Prattville on a recent Saturday hosting FOUR collegiate Bass Fishing Teams!  It is absolutely amazing that while getting an education, these guys get to tour the southeast chasing Largemouth, Smallmouth, and those angry Spotted Bass.  Where was this deal when I was in school?! We were quite excited though, to host the University of Alabama, Auburn University, Auburn-Montgomery, and Troy University here in Prattville as they not only represented their schools, but their sponsors too.  It was quite an education watching these guys as they did tank demos and greeted customers in the aisles and told 'em about their favorite techniques on the water.

UofA angler Jeremy Christian on the tank!The University of Alabama was first on the tank, and they showed off a little bit with both finesse and power fishing techniques.  They definitely advocated the use of the new Duckett Rods, and had our fish in the tank chasing Scroungers tipped with a Zoom Fluke.  They finished their demo up covering a true power fishing technique, burning Strike King Spinnerbaits in clear water!  Our tank was a little short to get up to true speed, but with the great explanation given I think we all closed our eyes and imagined it vividly!

Troy University came to the tank next, also with Duckett Rods in hand.  These guys put on a finesse clinic up there.  I think their ties with NetBait have given these guys an edge on the spotted bass in our tank!  The largemouth, though, did not forgive AUM Angler Corey Pierce for throwing our new Z-9 Swimbait in the tank, though!  They just about took the St. Croix Mojo Rod out of his hand!

AU Angler Jordan Lee on the tank!

As an avid angler the day was already information overload!  Like I said earlier, these guys in their college years have become well educated in setting the hook on lunker bass.  We topped the day off though with Auburn University hitting the tank and SEVEN anglers in a row showed off their favorite techniques!  A ton of knowledge was given out in a short period of time, keeping a good fifty or so people glued to the tank.

We started a great relationship that day with these schools and their sponsors.  We  hope to have them all back soon!

The teams of Troy, AUM, and Bama!

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