Bushnell Backtrack - A Great Stocking Stuffer

It's November already and the holiday season is fast approaching us. Many people will soon be thinking about the gifts they will be receiving and giving throughout the holiday season. If you're like many, you might not know what to get that person on your gifting list. If so, youre in luck! Each week I will be detailing one popular item until Christmas day, that might just be the magical gift your hoping to find.

Bushnell BackTrackThis week we're detailing the Bushnell BACKTRACK Point 3. Great for the adventurer in your family or the person who simply just cannot remember where they parked. The Bushnell BACKTRACK Point 3 features a small light weight shell, equipped with a lanyard loop. The lanyard
 is ideal to wear around your neck without causing additional strain. Not only does the BACKTRACK Point 3 offer a light weight GPS solution. It's also VERY simple to use, letting you store up to three locations with a click of a button. Worried about finding your marked location? Don't be, the BACKTRACK Point 3 also features an easy to follow digital compass allowing you to go anywhere without getting lost.

So there we have it. The Bushnell BACKTRACK is designed for the everyday individual, as well as the hunter, hiker, fisherman, or even grandma. This popular GPS device can be purchase through BassPro.com, or any of our Bass Pro Shops retail stores for $72.99 making this a great stocking stuffer.


Bass Pro Shops of Prattville to Host Crappie Tech

Bass Pro Shops' Pros Dan Dannenmueller, from Wetumpka, AL, and Bill Braswell, from Hazard, KY, are well on their way to winning the 2011 Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters National Tournament Trail Angler Points Team Leader of the Year award. With 14 of the 15 tournaments in almost as many states, Dan and Bill (Team Yamamoto) lead by 72 points leading into the final tournament at Buchanan’s Resort on Kentucky Lake next week. “The schedule this year has really been challenging.” Dan was quoted this week. “We started in the driving snow, rain and freezing winds this past January in Florida; Got flooded at many locations later this spring; and literally were hot dried this summer.” 

You may learn their winning techniques and tactics during Crappie Tech at the Prattville, AL Bass Pro Shops on the 24th and 25th of September. Not only will Dann and Bill be here, but three other teams will be hosting seminars at Noon, 2:00 and 4:00. Be sure to personally meet them at the Bass Pro Shop Crappie Masters National Championship "Meet and Greet" at the Prattville, AL Bass Pro Shops on the 27th, from 6:00pm-8:00pm.

You may follow them on the trail on their websites at www.ddoutdoor.com, www.crappienow.com and their personal facebook pages.


Bass Pro Shops of Prattville hosts 6th Annual University of Alabama Collegiate Fishing Tournament!

Stage Banner

This past July 16th and 17th we had the opportunity to host the 6th Annual University of Alabama Invitational Collegiate Fishing Tournament!  Twenty-two two man teams came to compete on the Alabama River, and had the opportunity to show off their efforts on stage IN THE STORE!  Teams from Alabama, Auburn, Auburn-Montgomery, Troy, Montevallo, Northwest Shoals Community College and Georgia competed in the two day tournament, and changing weather patterns threw them a curve between practice and competition.  High blue bird skies gave way to scattered thunderstorms and fluctuating water levels to really test these guys abilities!  Day one still ended though with 75% of the teams weighing in a limit of 5 fish, and the Alabama team of Kyle Worsham & Mitchell Gryska had a comfortable lead with 11.45lbs.  Day one big fish though was no disappointment, the Auburn team of Austin Brooks and Briggs Defoor weighed in at fat 4.35lb large-head!Day 1 Big Fish!

Day 2 brought on more challenging weather patterns as the teams faced rain, then wind, then bright sunny skies, then rain again!  If you don't like the weather here, wait 5 minutes!  We brought the teams back to the store and as team after team weighed in, drama ensued as teams took the lead and took their place in the Nitro Z8 Hot Seat!  The AUM team of Nummy & Haag got comfy their for a minute with their two day total of 21.1lbs.  But were soon knocked off their perch by the Auburn team of Seals & Holland whose two day total bested the AUM team by 1/4lb!  The boys in Orange & Blue didn't really have time Auburn takes the Nitro Hot Seat!
to rest easy, though, as only a couple of bags that fell short were weighed in after theirs.  Then the Day 1 leaders stepped to the scales and the ol' Alabama vs. Auburn rivalry heated up!  If you ever want to see competition at it's best watch anything that these two schools compete against each other in, even if it's hopscotch!  The Auburn team stepped up to watch the scales as they registered a 12.90lb bag to give the 'Bama team a 24.35lb total, and settled the Auburn team into a 2nd place finish!  The crowd of about 250 that gathered was electrified as the Alabama team took the victory!  The Alabama team of Carter & Morrow also took the Day 2 big fish with a healthy 4.5lb largemouth. 

Winners!1st Place 
Alabama's Kyle Worsham & Mitchell Gryska
$1000 prize donated by AirFlow Awning

2nd Place
Auburn's Chris Seals & Daniel Holland
$500 donated by EarthSports

3rd Place
AUM's Jacob Nummy & Larry Haag
$300 donated by Souther Collegiate Trail

4th Place
Alabama's Warren Hoffman & Ben Weldon
2 Duckett Rods donated by Duckett Rods

5th Place
Alabama's Keith Kirkley & Trent Wright
2 Advent Reels donated by Advent Reels

Collegiate Anglers can also be rewarded for joining the BPS Collegiate Fishing Incentive Program!  Go to www.basspro.com/collegefishing for details!

Costa...See what's out there

By: Matthew Hartzog

So, what is all the hype about when we hear the name Costa (formally Costa del Mar)?  Let's start off first by discussing Costa's reputation.  Costa is regarded as having an outstanding evaluation in the public eye and is possibly the most popular name in the sunglass industry.  They've done this in an industry in which they must compete with such megaweights as RayBan, Oakley, and Maui Jim just to name a few.  When reviewing some differences in quality, craftsmanship, and overall performance we start to look at sunglasses which fit our specific needs.  Furthermore, when it comes to sunglasses some of the specifics we look for are things such as polarization, clarity, amazing color and contrast (our perception).  Getting even deeper involved you may also want to select glasses based on weight, whether they are safety rated by ANSI, durability and most importantly COST!

When it comes to polarization, Costa offers amazing technology fully polarizing all of their lenses with 100% polarizing film of pure PVA iodine dye.  This is especially distinguishable for fisherman who particularly need top grad polarized lenses so that fish will not get out of sight.  Next we look for lenses that are clear with the least amount of imperfection and color distortion possible.  That's why Costa offers two lines of lenses, the 580 which is a high performance, high technology line and then the 400 which is more affordable but is still "built to perform."

The 580 line offers a yellow light filter that eliminates yellow light--which distorts colors that are most significant to outdoorsmen, especially fishermen.  Filtering out the yellow light gives the 580 lens the ability to emphasize red, blue and green.  This gave birth to the name 580, as it blocks all light in the 580 nanometer range of the light spectrum, which is almost entirely yellow light.  If the weight of the 580 seems to be much, they also offer the 580P.  These are a polycarbonate lens with is ANSI tested, shatter-resistant and durable plastic lens.

Overall, we have learned that Costa has proven "all the hype" it has been given by going above and beyond to provide an excellent 100% polarized and UV protected lens in a lightweight, durable and most importantly AFFORDABLE pair of sunglasses!  Come see us at the Prattville Bass Pro Shops and try on a pair today!



Training Days are Here Again!

As Turkey season is winding down in some areas I'm sure that there are a lot of sportsmen looking for ways to keep from tackling the honey-do list that has accumulated from the past six months.  A big thing not to overlook this time of year is your best friend and hunting companion, your pup!  At this point he's probably not mad at you anymore for the time you made him break ice to pick up a downed duck, or sticking him in his kennel in the back of the truck because he got good and muddy tracking out of the swamp after picking up a limit of greenheads.  So, take the remote control from him, get him out of the air conditioning and get to your neighbors pasture!

Young Pup on Redhead bedFrom Puppy stage to Master Hunter, BPS carries a line of dog training gear to fit most of your needs for your retriever.  In the past year we've added a complete line of Redhead branded products, including collars, bumpers, and various grooming tools and health care supplements. 

I started training my first retriever last year, and I quickly found that there was going to have to be a reasonable investment of time to get her where I wanted her to be.  I started with several books and DVDs.  The first that I read and developed a good base of knowledge was an old favorite Water Dog by Richard Wolters.  This book is one of several by the author and the link I included is the program described by DVD. 

Kayla heading to her mark!As you start applying the techniques and training learned in these books, you'll turn around and see that you've acquired more bumpers or dummies than you could possibly throw in a day.  That's OK, as you'll want a variety as your progress in your training.  One of the cool things about the Redhead training dummies is that the 3 packs include a mesh bag for stowing, and each dummy has a lanyard and throw ball to help you increase your distance.  Any of the Dokken Dead Fowl Trainers make excellent training aids, too, and after adding scent can become a very realistic training tool.  A Redhead Deluxe Camo Gear Bag fits the bill nicely to keep your gear organized.

Long and short, give your local BPS a try next time for your gear to keep Fido ready for duck season, and don't forget that BassPro.com is always local!  Also, don't forget that if you're ready to compete your dog against others and add titles to your retriever's legacy check http://www.huntingretrieverclub.org/ to find a training group and club in your area!



Collegiate Fishing at Prattville Bass Pro Shops

What a day we had here in Prattville on a recent Saturday hosting FOUR collegiate Bass Fishing Teams!  It is absolutely amazing that while getting an education, these guys get to tour the southeast chasing Largemouth, Smallmouth, and those angry Spotted Bass.  Where was this deal when I was in school?! We were quite excited though, to host the University of Alabama, Auburn University, Auburn-Montgomery, and Troy University here in Prattville as they not only represented their schools, but their sponsors too.  It was quite an education watching these guys as they did tank demos and greeted customers in the aisles and told 'em about their favorite techniques on the water.

UofA angler Jeremy Christian on the tank!The University of Alabama was first on the tank, and they showed off a little bit with both finesse and power fishing techniques.  They definitely advocated the use of the new Duckett Rods, and had our fish in the tank chasing Scroungers tipped with a Zoom Fluke.  They finished their demo up covering a true power fishing technique, burning Strike King Spinnerbaits in clear water!  Our tank was a little short to get up to true speed, but with the great explanation given I think we all closed our eyes and imagined it vividly!

Troy University came to the tank next, also with Duckett Rods in hand.  These guys put on a finesse clinic up there.  I think their ties with NetBait have given these guys an edge on the spotted bass in our tank!  The largemouth, though, did not forgive AUM Angler Corey Pierce for throwing our new Z-9 Swimbait in the tank, though!  They just about took the St. Croix Mojo Rod out of his hand!

AU Angler Jordan Lee on the tank!

As an avid angler the day was already information overload!  Like I said earlier, these guys in their college years have become well educated in setting the hook on lunker bass.  We topped the day off though with Auburn University hitting the tank and SEVEN anglers in a row showed off their favorite techniques!  A ton of knowledge was given out in a short period of time, keeping a good fifty or so people glued to the tank.

We started a great relationship that day with these schools and their sponsors.  We  hope to have them all back soon!

The teams of Troy, AUM, and Bama!