Join us on the WATER!

The 2nd Annual Bass Pro Shops Lake Havasu Open presented by Lucas Oil and Protect the Harvest!!!!!

April 5th & 6th 2014 at Windsor State Park #4



What’s the Open all about you ask?

Well it’s much more than a two day tournament, it’s a two day family fun outdoor festival that just happens to be host to a bass fishing tournament as well!

There will be tons for the family to do, food to enjoy, the excitement of a real tournament weigh in.

Here is a breif run-down of some of the things you can expect to enjoy at the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Festival.


Demo Rides:
Aluminum Boats
Entire Line of Nitro Z Boats
Sun Tracker Pontoon Boats
Ascend Kayaks
Arctic Cat ATV's & UTV's
Bad Boy Buggies
Brand New 2014 Toyota Tundras

Free Fun Interactive Activities:
Live Catch & Release Pond
Casting Challenge
Daisy BB Gun
Corn Hole
PSE Archery

Much More To Be Announced!!!!


Bass Pro's White River Fly Shop - late winter 2014 report

This winter continues to provide amazing opportunities for very large rainbow trout on the Upper Owens River. With the warming spring like conditions in the Eastern Sierra, these jumbo sized rainbows are running up river from Lake Crowley driven by the urge to spawn. From Benton Crossing Bridge upstream anglers can find pods of fish holding in the bend pools and deeper runs. Nymphing with an indicator is most successful method to take these large fish. The indicator rig allows the angler to fish at distance in order to avoid spooking the fish and gives instant feedback on the soft subtle takes. Some good flies to try are San Juan worms, egg patterns and various nymph imitations such as flashback pheasant tails, brassies, beadhead hares ear nymphs, and midge patterns in size #18 and #20.

Sierra Drifter guide Tom Lowe offers the following tips: “winter time takes are as soft as a butterflies kiss, so set on anything.  If your indicator stops, shimmies, hovers, or plunges, SET IT!  I tell clients to look for reasons to set the hook, not excuses why you didn’t! Swings are free, and you can’t strike out while fly fishing. Try to set the hook moving your rod the direction your indicator is moving. This establishes ANGLE & insures you pull the hook INTO the fish, not out of its mouth. Anything 4 feet or deeper may hold a fish or two.  There is also some decent midge activity; however the flies are very small and clusters or parachute patterns will do the job.  There were a few fish rising around 2 pm. I saw the first mayflies in quite a while, maybe the beginning? I actually caught a few using a dry dropper rig with a para bwo hi-vis #14, and a dark flashback PT #20.”


Happy White River Fly Shop customer Herb Mathiesen, with a jumbo Upper Owens River Rainbow. Photo courtesy of Tom Lowe.



Luxury Bedding for Home or Cabin - so beautiful!!

We are now carrying two sets of luxury bedding in our store and we cannot wait for you to come and check it out. We are carrying the Wilderness Ridge by HomeMax Imports, which gives off a lodge like feel. The line comes with a large assortment of throw pillows that can be purchased separately to truly give a personal touch to your bedding set. This set also has window treatments available so you can put up matching drapes and valances in your room.


We also have the new Bear Country bedding collection, which is also a very comfortable set with a rustic look. The woven comforter comes with comfortable faux suede back and a matching bed skirt. The sets come with 2 standard shams and 2 euro shams (twin set comes with one standard and one euro) and one throw pillow. This set also has an available faux bear skin throw pillow and blanket that can be purchased to complete your bed’s décor. Also available are matching window treatments and shower curtains to complete your whole room’s décor.


With these new great styles, make sure to stop by and check out our new bedding collections for a fresh new look in your room, a guest room, or loft. Our website also has a large selection of new luxury bedding that can be ordered on the website and delivered to our store for a fast and easy pick up at no extra shipping charge. So come check us out today and lets freshen up your rooms with a new look for spring.




Fish Finders - HDS Technology at Great Value Pricing!!

In case you didn't hear already, Lowrance Reduces Prices on HDS® Gen2 and HDS® Gen2 Touch.
Lowrance, a world-leading brand in marine electronics since 1957 and GPS navigational systems since 1992 — announced today a price reduction for select HDS Gen2 and HDS Gen2 Touch series of fishfinder, chartplotter and combo models. A price change that represents up to $200 in consumer savings for select models, this announcement affects the established Minimum Advertised Price (MAP).





Fall Fly Fishing Report and News

The fall season is in full swing in the Eastern Sierra.  The crisp weather coincides with a large run of both jumbo size brown and rainbow trout.  These fish run up the Upper Owens River from Lake Crowley every year at this time.  The large brown trout driven by their instincutal spawing urge are followed by the opportunistic egg eating rainbows.  Sierra guide Tom Lowe reports - "the section of the Upper Owens River from the Benton Crossing Bridge upstream to Big Springs is open year around with special angling restrictions.  Pinch those barbs down flat and DO NOT USE BAIT OR SCENTED LURES, release all the fish you catch unharmed and you will be fine.  Access remains good as of this report with no ice or mud on any of the roads.  Nymphing is fooling some of the larger fish.  Try using a properly weighted tandem rig with patterns like Assassins bird's nest, flashback pheasant tails, broken-back midges, crystal leeches, San Juan worms and glo bugs/roe imitations.  You may find that removing your strike detector can get educated fish to hit especially on the brighter/sunny days.  The surface action is waning: however, the warmer days still have a few snouts sipping smaller mayflies and midges.  Under current conditions the fish have really spread out and you will observe some big fish holding along the deeper channels near the undercut banks.  Another tactic this time of year is to work downstream with a light sinking tip line swinging streamer patterns like Loebergs, punk perch, crystal leeches and Spruce-A-Bu's along the cut banks and through the deeper pools and oxbows.  You can cover nearly all the water with this method and get presentations to fish you would otherwise spook with conventional strategies.  These fish are migrants and are not accustomed to people or shadows.  A quiet, stealthy approach will most certainly get you more opportunities at a trophy fish".  As Tom noted a glo bug "trout egg" imitation can be deadly.  The rainbow trout are feeding on the yellow to peach colored eggs expelled by the spawning browns.  Make an effort to fish upstream if possible in order to avoid spooking these fish.  An effective rig is an egg or worm pattern trailing a midge larva such as a brassie.  A small split shot above the egg or worm is required along with a proper presentation.

Come see us at the Bass Pro Shops White River Fly Shop for all your fly fishing needs and for lots more info on where to fly fish and when.



The Beast: Guaranteed Comfort!

Are you a big man, or do you know a big man? Because we have the perfect thing for him. New to the store is “The Beast” big man’s camo recliner by Best home furnishings. This monster of a chair was made to comfortably sit a big and tall man. It easily sits a person 6’5” and 400 pounds. Its frame is made of durable 1 ⅛” hardwood joined with lag bolts. The camo material is 100% waterproof and the seat uses 16 heat tempered bar coiled springs for maximum comfort. All of this sounds great, but you really need to see it for yourself to know the real comfort. So come on down today, buy a piece of fresh fudge, put your feet up, and take “The Beast” for a spin.



We carry the Mossy Oak Break-Up print in stock, but we are capable of ordering the Real Tree AP, Real Tree Max-4, and Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity prints. Our stock purchases can be picked up directly from the store, but please account for a 6-8 week delivery time on all other prints. These recliners make the perfect holiday gift for the big man in your life, so order now to ensure a holiday delivery.




The Return of "Seeker" Rods, Trout Season Approaches & Must See Seminars




Seeker Rods Are Back

 Currently the, "Blue Lighting" and "MGC" Rods                                  

 are in stock with more models in the future.

 The "Blue Lighting" an inshore rod designed for the angler

  targeting inshore species that tend to hide in structure.

 The "MGC" Rod features a mixture of military grade composite

  and resin blank giving the angler a lightweight, fast tapered rod

  ideal for the angler fishing a twilight trip to a 5 day trip.



jIrvine Lake Trout Season Opener

 As our weather cools are local trout season will feature the

 season opener for Irvine Lake.

 Their Season is set to open on November 1, 2013 and will feature a,

"VIP Day" October 31, 2013 featuring over 20,000 pounds of stocked,

"Trophy Trout."

 For more information contact Irvine Lakes or visit Bass Pro Shops and let our

 associates assist you in getting the right tackle to catch that, "Trophy Trout."




Under Armour Cold Gear - New INFRARED technology!!




Under Armour’s latest innovative technology creates a living, breathing body warmer in its ColdGear: Infrared Base Layers– keeping you warmer, longer.

Under Armour is known for its historic wicking microfiber garments since 1995.  ColdGear products of the past were designed to keep you warm. But now Under Armour’s latest in insulating base layers keep you warmer even longer so you can function, play, and perform as necessary in the coldest weather. 

Just because something can make you warm doesn’t mean it can keep you warm. So how was Under Armour going to accomplish this mission? By creating a soft, undetectable ceramic coating – right in the pattern! The inner layer of their new innovative ColdGear: Infrared clothing acts as a living, breathing body warmer. The coating on the base layer next to your skin soaks, absorbs, and retains your body’s own heat — so ColdGear Infrared keeps you warmer longer…with no extra weight or bulk.  Base layering with ColdGear: Infrared under your other normal winter layers will surely keep you warm and dry. So you can perform, no matter how low the temperatures get.

Come by Bass Pro Shops today to look at the variety of Under Armour clothing we have for

Men and Women








Columbia Omni-Tech Apparel - the Cold and Wet Don't Stand a Chance!!

Columbia Brand apparel Omni-Tech is a multi-layer weather protection system that keeps outside elements from getting in such as rain, sleet and snow.  This multi-layer protection system lets the body's perspiration escape while keeping out the elements.  Columbia's Omni-tech is made from 100% microporous nylone and is completely seam sealed.  This guarantees that the elements will not penetrate the jacket making it 100% waterproof!  Not only does this technology make jackets waterproof, it also is breathable.  The microporous nylone lets the jacket breath during heavy activity.


Columbia productsd that have the Omni-tech technology are great for hiking, running, fishing and camping in cold climates.  The Omni-tech can also be paired with Omni-heat Reflective.  This technology is focused on reflecting the body heat back to your body to keep it warm in colder temperatures.  Jackets that include these technologies are your best bet for whatever temperatures occur in all your adventures!


Bass Pro Shops offers a variety of jackets and pants that have Columbia's Omni-tech built in.  Come check them out and see all of our other Columbia apparel while you're here!





Dragonfly by Raymarine - Newest Technology in Fish Finders!

Dragon Fly - all anglers will want to know what this is...stay tuned!!!

Whether you're a professional guide or weekend angler, you'll appreciate the cutting-edge sonar performance of Raymarine's Dragonfly Sonar/GPS with Navionics North America Gold Chart Bundle.  The Sonar/GPS unit boasts a big 5.7" ultra-bright 1500 bit color display that's optically bonded for maximum visibility - even in bright summer sun!  Dragonfly includes a built-in 50 channel GPS and the Navionics North America Gold Chart Bundle, which includes US and Canadian coastal waters, the Great Lakes and 3,000 lakes and rivers.

Unlike conventional sonars that transmit on one frequency with each pulse, Dragonfly's DownVision sonar uses CHIRP technology to transmit across a wide spectrum of frequencies with each pulse, for higher resolution, life-like sonar images.  This is actually two sonars in one because it's built with two discrete CHIRP channels:  an ultra-high resolution DownVision channel and a high resolution fish-targeting sonar channel.  View each channel independently or switch to dual sonar split screen mode for the ultimate in underwater viewing. 

Dragonfly is paired with Raymarine's exclusive CPT-60 dual element CHIRP transducer with an ultra-wide fan-shaped beam and a wide view of DownVision images.  A second element provides a conical-shaped beam for imaging fish targeets.

You can see this incredible new Raymarine technology on display at Bass Pro in Rancho Cucamonga...come on by for a demonstration!

See it in action!



Everyone's a Redneck when REDNEK Glassware is around!!



Just in time for Oktoberfest we have the Rednek Beer Mug!


32 oz.’s of your favorite beverage can be held in this mug. This mug comes with a metal handle attached to its side and a lid, just in case you need it. What other glass can do that for you?


Not a beer drinker? Let’s class it up with some wine. We just got in the new antique blue wineglass!


These will also make the perfect holiday presents and you’re definitely going to want to get your hands on these as early as possible, because these will be flying off the shelves.

And you’re going to want to keep an eye out, because soon we will have the new pink solo party cups in for all the ladies out there.



The Beer Mug and Wine glass are $15.99 and the Solo Cup is $9.99. With prices like that, who can pass them up?


Quail and Chukar Hunting Seminars - hunting seasons opening soon!!

Hunting for quail and chukar can be a multi-faceted process...especially if you are just getting started or newer to the sport.  Let Bass Pro and outdoor enthusiast Jim Matthews break it down for you!!

Jim is an accomplished outdoorsman and you know his name from his regular publication Outdoor News Service or from his writings in Western Birds, the Wingshooter's Newsletters.  Jim knows a ton on the topic and is ready to share all at his upcoming seminars at Bass Pro Shops.

Sign up directly with Jim by contacting him via phone (see flyer).  You'll be glad you did...he gives a very comprehensive presentation and you will walk away feeling well informed!

Bass Pro Shops can help with all the gear you need...firearms, ammo, calls, camoflage apparel...with knowledgeable associates to assist that have real experience with bird hunting!!

Call Jim for more details at the same phone number!




Local Dove, Quail & Chukar Hunting Opportunities

Eurasian Collard Doves 

 Dove Hunting in California Sept 1 - Sept 15

September 1 Dove season opener is probably the most attended hunting event in SoCal. Mass migrations of dove hunters pour into the Imperial and Colorado River Valley bringing much needed economy to many farming towns. Generation after generation of dove hunters have hunted this vast area every year and are always welcome by the locals.

Weather is typically smoking Hot with the occasional thunder storm. Mosquito repellent is the standard deodorant of the day. This year is a little bit different. Starting Sept 1st in Imperial county the Eurasian collard dove’s bag limit is now unlimited and year round hunting.  With the season fast approaching you need to get all of your gear together. You can get everything you need from the firearm all the way down to the right boots, right here at The Bass Pro Shops!

We’ve included this webpage link below so all of you hunters can Identify the Eurasian collard doves from the other doves.


  • Eurasian Collared Dove
  • The Eurasian Collared Dove most often simply called the Collared Dove, also sometimes hyphenated as Eurasian Collared-dove is a species of dove native to Asia and Europe, and also recently introduced in North America. Wikipedia
    Scientific name: Streptopelia decaocto
    Rank: Species
    Also be sure to check out our Public Land Quail & Chukar Hunting Seminars! This is a comprehensive seminar by Jim Matthews.




Berkley Fishing!! Get in on the action at the Berkley Interactive Trailer Display!

The 60-foot trailer offers consumers fun, great deals and activities. It brings fishing education to all levels and skill sets of anglers.

The trailer has videos and interactive demonstrations along with seminars scheduled throughout the day.

Each stop always has special retail promotions only available while the trailer is at the location. These great offers not only include line and bait, but rods, reels and combos. The special offerings through the trailer can’t be missed.

“We are excited about having the Experience Trailer on the road in 2012 and stopping at many new locations across the country,” said Andrew Marks, Berkley Marketing Director. "Our Experience Trailer team is set to help anglers of all ages and skill levels learn about our broad spectrum of products and how best to use them to catch more fish.”

Other exciting elements include a knot tying contest and demonstration, where anglers can learn new knots and potentially win prizes. Under the tent, big screen videos help anglers experience the adventure with Berkley and display racks are filled with the latest products, giving consumers an opportunity to see what new and exciting products Berkley scientists have been working on throughout the year. The Berkley Experience staff is always on hand to help answer any questions that you have about our innovative products




White River Fly Shop - Early Summer Conditions Report



Welcome from the staff of the Rancho White River Fly Shop

Summer has arrived and we expect rising temps and low water conditions on many of our eastern sierra rivers and lakes. The lack of a significant snowpack the last two winters will have some impact on tactics and techniques; however those fly anglers who can adjust will still find excellent fly fishing opportunities. Presently the eastern sierra is fishing extremely well and now is an excellent time to go.



Lower Owens: The river flows have stabilized at 275 cfs with clear water conditions. This environment has resulted in some dry fly action throughout the day, followed with some intense caddis hatches at dusk. Use tan or olive elk hair caddis patterns #16- #18 with an attached trailing emerger pattern such as an olive or amber #16 wired caddis. There is also some “yellow sally” stone fly action during the heat of the day. Both dry and emerger patterns are producing some nice sized trout for those fishing the wild trout section of the river.  Nymphing the river is always a good method and will produce some nice fish. Anglers using 2 fly rigs with attached caddis larva and midge larva patterns are getting into fish in both the wild trout section and also below Hwy. 6. The wild trout section below Pleasant Valley Reservoir is producing primarily browns with a few wild rainbows. The section downstream below the Hwy. 6 crossing has a lot of stocked rainbows and some large fish as well.        


Upper Owens: Guide Tom Lowe of Sierra Drifters reports: “We saw above average numbers of 10-14 inch cutts and rainbows that migrated up from Lake Crowley; however the spring migration is ending and the fish are moving back into the lake from the tribs.  Nymphing with flashback PT’s, olive zebra midges, SJ worms and egg patterns will all get grabs.  Flows are just right and running at 110cfs.  If the wind is ripping use a streamer with a light sinking tip and the “dip & strip” method along the cut banks. Caddis activity is picking up on the calmer/warmer days.  A dry dropper bead head is always a good choice here when you have some snouts poking up.  Stimulators #14-16 have great floatation and a close enough profile to adult caddis flies to get grabs. A blue wing olive mayfly hatch mixed with caddis comes off in the afternoon causing the smaller fish to come to the surface for a couple of hours.” Also look for the late day caddis hatch (dusk) to come off strong. Use caddis dries with trailing a caddis emerger, such as a Lafontaine caddis pupa in tan #16-#18, and also an olive wired caddis emerger #16.

Hot Creek: A consistent blue wing olive may fly hatch is providing some excellent dry fly action once the creek warms up mid morning. BWO parachute patterns size # 18-20 will bring up fish to 18”. Micro nymphing small mayfly and midge patterns is a deadly technique on this water. Many large fish are landed using size #20-22 larva patterns such as brassies, olive and black zebra midges, and baetis nymphs.

On certain sections of the river a well placed beetle or ant pattern can also produce some nice sized trout. The Interpretive Section of this river is famous for its terrestrial action. Also, the observant angler can have some interesting action fishing to early morning trout feeding on scuds, a fresh water crustacean (shrimp). Many times one can observe trout nosing into the weed beds and feeding on the scuds that kick loose from the weeds. These fish are so focused on what they are doing that the fly fisher can make a close up approach and cast a scud or hairs ear pattern right on the fishes nose. Watch the trout for any movement indicating a take and tighten up for the hook up.                                                                                           

Good fishing and tight lines!

Kurt Vigil                                                                                                                                                                           









Columbia Omni-Shade Technology



Columbia’s Omni-Shade is one of the best sun protection technologies. Omni-Shade is protection from the full spectrum of harmful Ultraviolet rays. The Omni-Shade technology is built into the garments to keep you always protected from the harmful UV rays. This technology protects you because of the tight weave construction of the shirt, the Ultraviolet absorbent yarns and the ceramic reflectors in the shirt. With this technology built into many of its garments, Columbia was the first to receive the Skin Cancer Foundation seal of recommendation.




Omni-Shade comes in many different levels of Ultraviolet Protection Factors or UPF. The higher the UPF is the safer you will be from the Sun’s Ultraviolet rays. To help you understand the UPF ratings, a UPF of 30 means that only 1/30th of Ultraviolet rays actually gets through the shirt. That is more than 97% of Ultraviolet rays are actually absorbed or reflected off of the shirt. The darker color the shirt is, the more Ultraviolet rays are absorbed meaning that there is more of a chance that Ultraviolet rays will get through darker colored shirts.




We offer Omni-Shade in a range of products such as:

  • Fishing Shirts
  • Technical Shirts
  • Polo Shirts
  • Pants
  • Shorts
  • Swim trunks
  • Caps
  • Fishing Hats
  • Neck Gaitors






Duck Commander Merchandise - You'll be Happy, Happy, Happy!

The craze is here! Duck Dynasty has hit Bass Pro Rancho and we couldn’t be happier to bring your favorite duck hunting, squirrel eating, and down to earth family to you. In store now you can collect all of their merchandise from duck calls to Uncle Si’s signature tea cups.



We have the brand new collection of bobble heads ($24.99) for all of you collectors out there. So come and get them while you can, because these bobble heads are flying off the shelves.


We also carry a large assortment of Duck Dynasty Apparel from T-shirts to bandanas. If you’re not capable of growing your own we can help. The Duck Commander “Fear the Beard” bandana and beard combo ($19.99) has your back. Or if you already have the beard, all you need is the new Duck Commander bandana ($5.99). Hey! You might just want a shirt Jack, so come pick one up. Shirts are priced between $19.99 and $21.99.



We also carry a wide range of vehicle accessories. We have license plate frames, license plates, seat covers, steering wheel covers, and the list goes on.



We also carry a whole line of media. We have Season 1 and 2 in stock of their popular television show for $19.99 each. Phil Robertson also has a new book ($24.99) out called ''Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander'' which gives you a look into the stars life before the show. Also, Willie and Korie have a book ($23.99), “The Duck Commander Family: How Faith, Family, and Ducks Built a Dynasty”, which gives an insight to how they made a simple duck call company into a multimillion dollar corporation.




With new product coming in all of the time, come check us out time to time just to see what’s new. We can’t wait to see you. Everybody at Bass Pro Shops is Happy, Happy, Happy.



Buy a Tracker Boat and Get 2.99% Financing - AMAZING OFFER!




Payments as low as $99 a month!

We're making it easier than ever for you to purchase your new boat with 2.99% APR Financing for well-qualified buyers! Don't miss your chance to enjoy low monthly payments and experience years of fun, excitement and unforgettable memories on the water! Check out our great low monthly payments below.


Here are a few options for you to get out on the water at some of the lowest rates ever!


2013 Tracker RT 175TXW with a 60HP       $119 per month with $1,636 Down

2013 Tracker PGV 16WT with a 60HP        $135 per month  with $1,802 Down

2013 Suntracker PB 20 with a 40HP           $129 per month with $1,877 Down

2013 Suntracker FB24 with a 90HP            $184 per month with $2,467 Down

2013 Mako Pro Skiff 16 with a 25HP          $99 per month with $1,554 Down
2013 Mako Pro Skiff 17 with a 30HP          $114 per month with $1,741 Down


2013 Nitro Z7 with a 150HP Pro XS             $199 per month with $3,286 Down

2013 Nitro Z8 with a 200HP Pro XS             $268 per month with $3,594 Down


These are just a few of the AMAZING offers we have. Come on down to the Tracker Boats Center inside the Rancho Cucamonga Bass Pro Shops.


Archery Classes for Adults and Kids - at Bass Pro Shops Rancho Cucamonga



Archery Takes Aim at Pop-Culture @ Bass Pro Shops


"The Hunger Games" heroine Katniss Everdeen inspired more than just a renewed interest in braided hairstyles.

Suddenly, in the immediate aftermath of the film's $400 million-plus box office success (in the United States alone), archery landed in the bull's-eye of pop culture.

Sure, we've had the occasional "Robin Hood" movies, which have achieved varying levels of success, and you could catch a glimpse of flying arrows in TV series like "Game of Thrones" and "The Walking Dead," but archers have now taken center stage. Even the success of the Movie “Brave”, the Pixar Hit, is about a young woman who could wield a Bow & Arrow with the best of them. With the success of those movies,  Archery has entered into Pop-Culture.

Archery in the Olympics has also been around since the 1900 Summer Games. Even today one of the most exciting sports at the 2012 Summer Games in London was The Archery Competition. In this digital age of video games, social media and computers, one sport seems to be having resurgence with young and old alike. It's archery and Bass Pro Shops Rancho has taken notice.

          Bass Pro Rancho is proud to announce the addition of an Adult Archery Class. The class will be held in our 30yd Range with skilled Archery associates. We now have a Youth class and an Adult class. The youth class is held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, and the Adult class is the 2nd and 4th Wednesday. Both of them are held 7pm to 8pm. The youth class is for ages 6-17, the adult class is for 18 and up.

          Bass Pro Shops would like to invite everyone who has seen or heard about Archery to come down and take a shot...who knows you could be an Expert and not even know it. 

          Bass Pro carries everything you need to get into this amazing, fun outdoor activity!  Come by and see us...we will give you great service, make bow recommendations and then carefully measure you for your new bow!


Sitka Camoflage Apparel - A paridigm shift in your outdoor gear!

New Sitka arrives in the Hunting Clothing Department

After taking several requests from you, the customer, we now offer more Sitka Hunting Clothing! Some of the new items we now carry are:

The Forest Series features the Optifade Forest Concealment pattern. The Incinerator jacket and bibs has a GORE-TEX cocoon and is patterned to fit the body. It is not built to be layered over sweatshirts or jeans.

The Stratus jacket and bibs is a mid-weight wind stopper fabric. For colder weather conditions layer up underneath with Sitka Traverse Bottoms for additional insulation.

Sitka camoflage apparel is unique in that it's systems based...meant for versatility and to take you to different locations, different climates and be 100% ready for that next big hunt!

Sitka's mission statement...

A paradigm engineer gear that is an extension of the outdoor experience and not simply a barrier between the user and the environment. By utilizing only the most advanced fabrics and construction technologies, Sitka will always design gear that is engineered to work together as complete systems, excelling in performance, function, and protection. 

Our customers will be able to hunt comfortably in the most diverse and challenging range of hunting conditions.

Shop Sitka Gear at or to learn more about Sitka - visit their website: