rods and reels You Can Be Proud Of

Saltwater Seminars, Vendors & More In Store Only It’s time to mark your calendars for the Bass Pro Shops Saltwater Event. Throughout the weekend there will be vendors such as Accurate, Daiwa and Seeker with Representatives in store to answer all your specific product needs. Also Captains Frank Ursitti and Tucker McCombs will be hosting seminars discussing gear and techniques to catch that prize fish. Visit the following link for more information about this event.

Frigate Reels: Now On Sale Also it is a great time to restock your gear with great sales on Offshore Angler Products such as the Frigate Spinning Reels. With sizes from 3000 to 8000, these reels will fit any angler’s inshore and offshore needs. These reels will be on sale from $69.99 to $89.99 until November 9th. Check out the following link for more information about this great product.

New Johnny Morris Carbon lite In Store Now One of our most popular low profile reels is now featured in a white finish. Weighing in at only 5.8 ounces and featuring six alternating carbon and stainless steel drag washers. The Carbon lite is one of the lightest and strongest reels on the market. Also priced at $129.99 the Carbon lite is one of the most affordable lightweight reel on the market. This reel is available right-handed in 5:4:1, 6:4:1 and 7:1:1 gear ratio. Currently left-handed reels are only available in 6:4:1 gear ratio.





Love Flannel? Then Read This!

Flannels bring to mind an image of comfort, warmth, and style. Perfect for the hardworking, style conscious or relaxed weekender, flannel is a versatile classic wardrobe staple. Men, women, young or the young at heart can wear flannel shirts for any occasion, working, relaxing, or a night out on the town. Whether it's dressed up or dressed down with a bit of styling you will be turning heads wherever you go. Starting October 20 Bass Pro Shop is having our Flannel Fest. We will be featuring flannels from all your favorite brands such as Redhead, Bob Timberlake, Ascend, Carhartt, and Columbia. Offering a large variety of styles and colors, fleece lined, Sherpa lined or the original style, all of our flannels will be available for you to stop by and pick up. Starting at just $19.97 you will be sure to find the perfect flannel for yourself or that special someone on your list. Flannel fest will start on October 20th and end on November 9th. To kick off the event we will be giving away the limited Flannel Fest car coaster to the first 100 customers on October 29th starting at 11:00 a.m.(while supplies last) Be sure to come early and get your car coaster. Don't miss out on this limited time event come in to Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga for Flannel Fest 2014. #FLANNELFEST






Fall Fleece You Can Be Proud Of

Fall is finally here! If you’re like many women today, you sometimes feel stuck deciding between the outfit that keeps you completely warm or the one that makes you feel stylish and fashion forward. With Natural Reflections® new fall line, you will no longer have to choose between functionality and style! Featuring stylish looks designed to keep you warm, cozy, and fashion forward.  

The Natural Reflections® Reversible Plush Fleece Vest is just one of the many outerwear styles that Bass Pro is offering for the fall season. It provides lightweight warmth and comfort in four gorgeous colors: Chestnut, Cabernet, Papyrus, and Black. It not only keeps you looking and feeling great, but also comes at a great value, starting at only $39.99.

Its reversible design gives you two unique looks in one: luxurious plush on one side, and sleek smooth fleece on the other. It features a full-zip front and two hand warmer pockets to keep you cozy. It is also great for layering over a long sleeve top, such as the Natural Reflections Thermal Henley, starting at $24.99 and is available in 8 different colors and prints to match your sense of style. To complete your look, you can also pair the vest with a Natural Reflections Reversible Plush Fleece Headband which is available in the same four colors and cozy plush fleece as the vest.






Who Else Wants Awesome Dove Vest?

Dove hunting season is fast approaching and the best gear you can have is a lightweight, breathable vest.

The Redhead Dove Hunting Vest is made of a durable material that also features a mesh backing to allow for maximum ventilation. During the hot summer weather this vest is a lifesaver, you can pack ammo, calls, and any other thing you might need in its deep pockets.

The zipper is durable and will stand up to rough tugging on it and will not easily break. Its lightweight material makes it perfect for throwing in your pack until you are ready to use it. The Redhead Dove Hunting Vest has oversized front shell pockets, an accessory pocket on the left chest, padded neoprene panels on both shoulders, and two individual shell quick access loops.

The back of the vest also features a built in bag that you can easily stow your game in. With a quick rinse the back bag is easily cleaned. The entire material is made out of 100% polyester and machine washable. This vest comes in the Realtree Xtra pattern and can easily be carried across the seasons to carry any additional accessories you may need on other hunts. These popular vests are going fast at only $19.99! Pick yours up in store or online to start getting ready for Dove Season.






Saltwater Frenzy!!

Are you heading out? We are experiencing some of the best saltwater fishing in recent years and you better get it while its hot!!!!! We can help you get out on your very own Mako Skiff and take part in the action……. No ¾ day boats with 60 strangers fighting for the rail! Just you and whomever you want on your boat, fishing your style and your spots for not a lot of your money!!!!! With 10% down and less than $180 a month you could own your very own Mako Pro 17 Skiff with a Mercury 60HP 4 Stroke and trailer! This is a great inshore and bay boat and with the BT, YF and YT’s closer than they have been in 10 years you can fill this boat up with all the Ahi you want! Come by our Tracker Boats Dealership inside the Rancho Cucamonga Bass Pro Shops and speak to one of our Sales Specialist to see what we can do for you!!!!


Colorado Water Wolves

Many of us are fascinated with giant fish. Some pay thousands of dollars and travel hundreds of miles around the country to search out a trophy Northern Pike or Muskie we here in Colorado actually don't have to. While big northern pike are plentiful here in Colorado we don't have a muskie fishery. We have a fish called a Tiger Muskie. It is a sterile cross between a northern pike and a muskie which has vertical stripes like a tiger.

I have always been memorized by this fish and have chased it for years. I have caught a few here and there and lost some that keep me up at night just thinking about them. Some say the tiger muskie is the fish of ten thousand casts and if you have ever been out chasing them you know they are not an easy fish to catch. I have had many frustrating days on the water chasing tiger muskies and I have many friends who feel the same way. Just like me they still chase them whenever the opportunity arises knowing someday they will finally be successful in landing a trophy tiger muskie.

So an opportunity presented itself for me a couple of weeks ago. I had a great friend of mine tell me about a couple lakes down south that he and his father went to that had giant tiger muskie in them. I have heard of them before but have never taken the time to go out there. They made the trip last week and although they didn't land one they had a story that got my attention really quick. Tyler called me up and said that his father Andy had hooked into a giant tiger muskie and had it all the way up to the shore and he couldn't get his hands around it to land it before the teeth broke the line and the fish swam story, I thought, we all tell em. I said really how big was it. He said giant. No lie. I laughed and thought maybe? He is really excited about this. Later he called me up and said that he is coming back down from college next weekend to go back and he and his dad wanted me to go with them. OK. To drive down from Ft. Collins just to go back to a lake that is near Walsenberg to try and catch this giant muskie it must be true. I know Tyler. Now I am very interested.

I thought, I am going to bring my arsenal. I have certain boxes with giant baits in them specifically for pike and tiger muskie and I just picked up a new Victory Carbon swim bait rod from my good friends at Eagle Claw matched it up perfectly with a Johnny Morris Carbonlite Reel from Bass Pro Shops and spooled it with Seaguar 20# ABRAZ X fluorocarbon line. I was ready.

I was up before the alarm went off and was working on downing a pot of fresh coffee when they pulled up. Lets get this show on the road. I wanted to have a shot at these fish. I was excited. We talked about the lake and I was trying to picture it in my head and think about the conditions and the weather we were going to have in the afternoon. Needless to say when we pulled up I thought no way. This is nothing like I had pictured in my head, there can't be giant fish in here.

We walked up to the lake and I saw a few small bass on the shore and a trout rise now and then as we walked to the spot. I thought well I am here better start fishing and see what this is all about. A few minutes into throwing a chatter bait Tyler said, hey come over here and look at this tiger muskie. I walked over and saw a good sized fish up in the shallows not a giant but a good one. I threw my chatter bait past it and swam it to it just to have him swipe at it and miss it. It's on now. That's all I needed to get my blood pumping.

Five hours into the morning and all my bait boxes spread out with lures everywhere I was running out of ideas. I threw chatter baits, swim baits, jerk baits, buzz baits, crank baits, spinner baits of all colors and sizes and I was starting to feel like this wasn't going to be the trip I was hoping it would be. After all it was tiger muskie fishing. Chunk and wind., I switched back to a six inch swim bait and threw it three quarters across the cove thinking this set up is an awesome combination. I looked at my bait admiring the action it had and then I saw the torpedo following closely behind it. That is a giant....

It followed my swim bait up and then turned as it got really shallow. I quickly reeled in my bait and threw it about twelve feet past her. I reeled it towards her and gave it a twitch. She swam up and engulfed it. I set the hook and the fight was on. I couldn't believe it what a beast. She came out of the water entirely twice and stripped line every time she hit the water this was incredible . This is a fish of a life time. She made a few more runs and Tyler was down with the net getting ready and then asked me how do I net this fish it won't fit. I screamed just get her head in it and then grab her. It was truly a trophy. The biggest tiger muskie I had ever caught in my life. 46'' from tip to tail.

I was truly blessed to be able to hold such a magnificent fish and take a few photos with her. I was happy I was able to share my catch of a lifetime with Tyler and his dad and apologized for ever doubting him. It must have been my day for all the years chasing them because a few hours later I was blessed with a second one on a top water buzz plug that was no slouch either.

Tiger Muskie are truly a trophy fish. They can be found in several lakes here in Colorado. Clear Creek Reservoir, Lon Hagler, Evergreen Lake, DeWeese Reservoir, and Horseshoe Reservoir are just a few. Please practice "CPR" Catch, Photo and Release. so they can be enjoyed by others. They make great photos and memories for everyone. Now is a great time to go out and chunk and wind and have the thrill of posing with one of many Colorado water wolves. Take a kid fishing.

                                                                                              Best of Luck,  Sam Heckman /46'' Tiger MuskieTiger MuskieSam Heckman and Tyler HasslerReleaseLength photosecond tiger muskiesecond tiger muskie length photosecond tiger muskie release Pro Staff



Another Orion Blog - The Real "Set It and Forget It" Cooker

We got out two Orion Cookers this past weekend to cook pulled pork for the Bass Pro Shops staff.  Wow, were those sammiches good!  Each Orion cooker held 3 large pork butts and once stocked with hickory chips and 20# of charcoal, the total cooking time took 4 1/2 hours!  The pork literally fell off the bone.  I have personally owned one of these cookers for 3 years, now and it has set outside in the weather for the whole time, without a bit of rust!  It is made of high quality stainless steel.

Smoked turkeys are unusually good in the Orion cooker and take only 3 to 3 1/2 hours depending on size.  My wife will put a covered turkey in the oven at 10:00 the evening before a holiday meal.  I just get up and put my thawed and buttered turkey in the Orion around 8 am on the holiday, and both get ready about the same time.  Ribs get so tender that a whole rack will fall apart from gravity, so I usually cut each rack in half before putting them on the rib holders that come with the unit.

At only $150, this smoker will dominate most of your outdoor cooking.


Success can be spelt with Izorline & Searcher!

 With one of the best offshore fishing seasons in 20 years the 5-Day Fishing Trip co-sponsored by Bass Pro Shops and Izorline aboard the Searcher out of San Diego was an exciting trip. “The weather was nice, the fishing was excellent and everyone had fun fighting some nice tuna” said Kyle Lee of Bass Pro Shops.

Don Smith of Pasadena was the jackpot winner with a 35.4 yellowfin. Throughout the trip anglers had chances to win some nice prizes donated from Bass Pro Shops and Izorline. Come in today and learn more about how you can be part of our next trip. Bass Pro Shops: The Tuna Destination If you have not experienced this epic offshore season or wanting to go back out and thinking about new gear Bass Pro Shops has it all.

Offshore Angler, Accurate, Phenix, Shimano or Seeker we got all the best names in fishing that will satisfy any angler’s needs. Also stop by and speak with associates who have gone out on trips from Overnights to Five Days who can get you the right gear for your trip. Bass Pro Shops Introduces Black Bart Trolling Lures If you have your own private boat or looking for the right trolling gear Bass Pro Shops is proud to announce the arrival of Black Bart Trolling Lures. These trolling lures will handle anything from Tuna, Dorado and Marlin. Bass Pro Shops also features the rigging for these lures and are also available in kits. Stop by in today and check out these trolling lures.




Sierra Trout Fishing

Sierra Trout Fishing:

Best Gear at Bass Pro Shops

As the weather continues to heat up and almost all the snow has melted anglers are still reporting that the trout bite is still on in the Sierras. We want to hear from our customers, what are their top choices for rods, reels, line and tackle to catch that trophy trout in the Sierras? Is Shimano the king of spinning reels or does brands such as Pflueger, Daiwa, Abu Garcia or our Bass Pro Shops Spinning Reels outperform them?

When it comes to rods do our customers prefer an ultra light, light or medium light rod and what length? Is the St Croix Trout Series Rod, Bass Pro Shops Microlite or Fenwick River Tech Rod the best choices? Also the battle of 2lb vs. 4lb line you tell us why you should choose one or the other and why you choose monofilament or fluorocarbon? Finally is there any other better choice than the Thomas Buoyant Spoons to catch that trophy trout? Please share your stories about your experiences shopping at Bass Pro Shops Rancho Cucamonga and post some pictures of your trophy catch with gear you bought from us!

There are so many things you should know, but remember getting out there and having fun should always be number ONE!



A Simple Guide to Summer Fly Fishing in Mammoth

Late Spring Mammoth Mountain Fly Fishing Report

Lake Crowley continues to produce quality fish for both float tube and boat anglers. Best technique is fishing midge larva fly patterns 10 to 15 feet deep underneath a strike indicator; this is a standard Lake Crowley rig and will produce many nice sized trout when done properly. The best setup is to set the depth of the bottom fly 12 inches to 2 feet above the lake bottom and wait for cruising fish to intercept your fly. These trout are large and will test your tackle so make sure your knots are good and be prepared to play the fish off the reel as they will test your reels drag system with long powerful runs.

Some productive fly patterns are Tung midges in olive, brown and red, size #16-#20. The afternoon winds can make for difficult fishing so get on the water early and test your skills on one of the best Stillwater fisheries in the west. The Upper Owens River is flowing at reasonable 150 cfs, Cutthroat trout continue to run from Lake Crowley into the upper river on the last stage of their yearly spawning ritual. These fish are scattered throughout the river but can be taken carefully nymph fishing the deeper runs and bend pools. These fish are spooky and the successful fly angler will be stealthy in their approach and presentation. Try to avoid brightly colored indicators and use either clear or light yellow.

Caddis larva fly patterns make an excellent bottom or point fly for your two fly nymph rig. Use a smaller (#16-#18) nymph as a dropper. Nymphs such as a bead head hairs ear, flashback pheasant tails, and copper johns, will produce some nice sized fish for the prepared fly fisherman. Also some very large fish can still be taken carefully nymphing the deeper runs using egg patterns, and San Juan worm imitations.

As summer seems to be rapidly approaching, we anticipate some excellent and exciting grasshopper action on the Upper Owens. This is the best opportunity to catch a very large fish on a dry fly. As the hoppers fill the meadows, the trout take advantage of any arrant windblown opportunity these large insects provide. Stays tuned for our summer time report and please contact our White River Fly Shop with any needs or questions regarding your next trip to this area.




How my epic hike Will Help You Perform Better


Here at Bass Pro Shops we are always interested on where people are going on their next trip or adventure. Sharing you outdoor experience and finding out where you just came back from makes our job worth wild. I myself love to get out, see new places and find amazing ones to return to. Isn’t that what makes it worth wild to outdoors man. Recently I took a trip to the Saint George Utah area to visit some family and check out Zion National Park. I had previously seen beautiful pictures of the Red Rock Mountains and the amazing Narrows Hike. So I began to do research and figure out the best way to plan for my trip. As I looked at the Zion National Park websites and stories from people who had been there I came across a picture of the Subway Hike. It looked amazing but sounded intense!! I said to myself “I gotta do this!” Although I looked into planning my trip for a few weeks Zion is so popular that for many of the backcountry hikes you must get reservations months in advance. There is a 3 day lottery that is available and which I put in for. It costs $5.00, but it’s a lottery (which I ended up not getting).

Then I called the park and asked what happens if people don’t show up is there any way to get that spot the day of. They said yes and to show up early. I drove up to St George on a Saturday with my family. St George is about 1.5 hours past Vegas from our store here in Rancho Cucamonga. I stopped at the park station to get permits, they opened at 7am. So on Sunday I got geared up and drove to Zion at 4am. It only took 40 minutes to get to the park, but I wanted to see the sunset on the canyon. That’s not something I get to enjoy every day. I was there so early that I couldn’t pay the $20 park fee for entering. I drove 12 miles up then turned right on highway 89 through the Mount Carmel Tunnels. These are some of the longest sandstone tunnels that you can drive through in the US. At the end of the first long tunnel is a spot to turn out. Right there is the start of a trailhead. I hiked into the dark with my spotlight and up this short .5 mile trailhead. After crossing a bridge and going beneath the rock formations I reached the open view of the giant Zion National park. This put me directly above the Red Rock Canyon. At 6:15am the most spectacular sunset accrued upon the red mountains and breathtaking canyon. I then drove to the ranger station with the intent to get a permit just in case someone failed to show up for their hike. I figured if it worked out I would do my desired subway hike and if not I would do the popular narrow hike which was open to anyone. Forntauntly there were 2 spots open for the Subway hike, one was mine. Now, there is two ways to do the subway hike either from the bottom up (9 mile hike) or from the top down (9.5 mile hike). The top down hike sounded more exciting but would need to have repelling gear & coordinate a shuttle to ending point. Since I was going solo the bottom up was the one I was going for. After my sunset (1 mile) I did have blisters occur on the backs of my heels so I switch back to my older hikers that have better ankle support. I also applied mole skin and 2 pairs of socks, to help protect the blisters.

I drove to the subway hike that was about 25 miles from the ranger station. This was on a road that left outside the town of Virgin and went in and out of Zion Park and private property for 40 miles and dead ends at Kolob Reserve. On a side note, I fished Kolob Reserve on another day with my daughter and the trout fishing was excellent. It was 9:15am when I made it to the hike starting point. I always get super excited when I do a hike or trip for the first time. Although I have seen pictures online before of this location there is something different when you embark into the unknown and a magnificent new outdoor location. I tighten the laces on my hiking boots, got my hydration pack adjusted and began the adventure. The beginning 1 mile is a solid dirt path before getting to an 800 ft. descent that zigzags to the canyon floor. Be careful, not a fun place to slip and roll down. Once you reach the bottom the path it comes and goes as you navigate 4 miles up the stream over boulders and through the stream. As I walked through and along the creek I noticed many holes of clear water filled with 6- 12 inch Cutthroat Trout. I would have brought a pack pole if I knew fishing was allowed. The possibilities of seeing a rattlesnake was very high but I didn’t come across any. I did run across a King Snake and variety of lizards running around. There were Western Fence Lizards, Long Tail Lizard, Alligator Lizards, Skinks and a neat looking Long Tail Lizard with rainbow colors.

As I progressed along, the red canyon wall became more and more narrow. It was still midmorning, but the sun was beating down on me with temperatures above 90 degrees. I fortunately brought hydration pack, extra bottles of water, Gatorade and a PBJ sandwich that was made by my 6 year old daughter. On top of the heat I had a sinus infection. It made it hard to walk, drink from hydration pack and breath at the same time. I was going to do this no matter what. Being surrounded by the beauty of the canyon drove my focus away from the heat of the sun. The hike started to take shape of a subway, but the river was like red rock steps into another world. The entire hike up I didn’t come across any hikers until about the 4 mile point. I hiked past them and at the end of the hike was an even more spectacular view than had been captured in any photography I had seen. You could truly see how exquisite the formations were and why it was called the Subway Hike. All though I was at the most famous part of the hike, I still wanted to see what was around the corner. I climbed up a 15 foot tree that had fallen against the rock wall and felt the adrenaline pumping through my blood stream. This was not only unsafe, but a very dangerous decision. I then began to scale a rock face. It looked as if, it would only be another 10 feet and then I could get back to solid footing. As I started to climb I realized how this decision was not my best. If I got hurt up there, it would be quite some time before someone would find me. Plus this is only day 2 of my vacation and it would ruin my other 6 days not only for me, but for my daughter.

I got down off the rock ledge and found a spot to sit. I let my heart rate slow down and looked over the amazing subway pools. This was the perfect place to eat the delicious peanut butter and jelly that my little girl had made me. I took some pictures and felt so accomplished. I was thankful that I made the right call and didn’t get hurt. I held my PBJ up high yelled “WOO”! I heard the echo and took another bite. As I walked out it was about 1pm and it felt like peak temperatures for the day. I came across a young 12 year old boy and his family. He asked me how much further and I told him “about a mile, the canyon is starting to look really epic at this point.” His sister asked if there was a place to fill up there water at the end. I said “no why are you guys low?” The Dad said that there was a miss communication with his wife on how much water to bring. He had been drinking out of the stream so that the family could use the water supply. I stated “o no, Daddy’s going to get sick” Anytime you drink from water not coming directly out of the mountain you risk getting sick from bacteria. Like really sick, some people even die. So I gave them one of my extra water bottles that I later regretted because I wanted to poor it on my boots before getting back in the car. I walked for another 40 minutes and came across a young couple wearing swimsuits like they were heading to a waterpark. They asked me how much further to the end. I looked at them and stated “about a mile, the canyon is starting to look really cool now.” I hiked for several more miles and the heat was beating down on me. It is important not to dwell on negativity of extreme heat or fatigue when hiking as that will just make it worse. I kept my mind occupied on other things like thoughts of women, family, work and life. Also I thought of my drink in the cooler surrounded by ice, waiting for me.

How I could really use a cold drink at this point. I even came up with a little jingle during the hike and before I knew it I was close to the end. I pushed myself up the steep climb and then up the zigzag trail and finally made it to my vehicle. I was proud of my amazing hike and new experience and glad that I finished safely.

Here are some of the things that I am glad I brought:

- Merrel Moab Mid, Gortex hiking shoes

- BPS Trekking pole ( walking stick) - XTR hydration pack

- Life straw ( didn’t use but was ready in case I ran out of water)

- Mole skin ( saved feet from blisters)

- Extra pair of socks - Headlamp

- First aid kit

- Shorts for hiking

- Sunscreen, sunglasses & hat

- Artic Cooler ( neck tie that keeps cold)

- 12 oz. bud light Utah has a high amount of injuries due to heat exhaustion and hikers not being prepared.

Dangers to be prepared for:

-Rattlesnakes (I didn’t see any but they could be) the trekking pole can help to get them to rattle and give you warning.

- Mountain lions ( very unlikely to ever see one) Never let children run ahead as they are attracted to running, solo hiking is not encouraged, if a mountain lion approaches make a lot of noise, wave arms, throw rocks and if the attack fight back !!

- Weather warning extreme heat, flash flood warnings and cold waters in the winter. PLAN APPROIPRITLY. - Filter and disinfect water. Do not risk getting giardia and drink from stream or river. Other neat things to check out in Zion National Park.

- The Narrows hike down/up ( as far as you’d like 2 miles to neat part)

- The Narrows hike up/down 16 miles and shuttle is needed

- Angels Landing ( long drop offs have to hold onto chain part way)

- Kayenta Trail ( overlooks emerald pools) I definitely recommend for visit to Zion National Park. Get outside and explore with the family. Let me know how it goes.

Until the next adventure I’ll see you upstairs at Bass Pro Shops.


You Don't Need to Be Rich to Do dove hunting

The perfect set up for dove hunting in comfort Dove season is approaching fast and it’s best to get all your gear ahead of time to avoid any last minute scramble to grab your favorite vest or game bag. In this hot summer weather Bass Pro has the best light weight and durable clothing perfect for dove hunting. The Redhead Tec – Lite Shirt comes in four different patterns: Xtra, Xtra G, Obsession, and Infinity. The Tec- Lite has AXE Anti-Odor Technology, a light weight material that wicks away moisture from the body, and dries quickly to keep you cool. Other features include a flip up collar to protect the neck from the sun, a mesh back and side panels for added ventilation, and two zip closure pockets on the chest. All of these features add up to an incredible product that keeps you dry, comfortable, and odor-free. The AXE Anti-Odor Technology permanently embeds silver nanoparticles inside the fabric to keep odor at bay. It never washes out and needs no special reactivation to keep the garment scent free. Machine wash as normal and the garment is ready for the next hunt.

Shirts start at $49.99

The Redhead Shooting Belt & Shell Carrier is built for the upland hunter who wants extra space to carry his game or shells. It’s built of a durable nylon material with urethane/waterproof coating on the inside to ensure that game doesn’t leak through. It has a main large pouch on the back of the belt with two additional 10” x 10” pouches on either side that are removable. Shells are easily separated in the pouches and makes reloading a cinch. The waterproof coating also makes clean up easy and fast.

At $14.99 this product is an amazing deal.



kanjam Looks Hard, But it isn't

Plan your Beach Bash and Barbeque with KanJam!

Do you remember playing Frisbee? KanJam is fun and exciting twist of Frisbee! It's Frisbee on steroids!

Two teams of 2 players take turns throwing and deflecting the KanJam disc to score points. To win your team must earn 21 points without going over or score an instant win by getting the disc in the front slot. A re-deflection of the disc hitting the can gets 1 point, The thrower hitting the can head on is 2 points, and when the deflector tips the disc into the can you get 3 points. Instant win occurs when the thrower automatically gets the disc into the can slot. The KanJam game set includes 2 easily portable KanJam goals, two official custom flying discs, and instructions. It’s great for those end of the summer barbeques, beach trips, and tailgating! KanJam is a brand new outdoor game that just arrived at Bass Pro Rancho Cucamonga so come check it out! This summer’s outdoor game sensation!

YouTube link:

Don't miss out on some summer fun. This item is the perfect way for families & friends to spend some good old quality time together. So get off the couch, go outside and have some fun in the sun!





Don't forget MOM! Get a head start on a Gift for Mother’s Day!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner Drizzle Melts by Swan Creek Candle Company are a great gift for Mom!

Let's face it we all love going over to mom's and smelling home made baked goods. Drizzle Melts and warms with scents that fill your home with tantalizing aromas!

Drizzle Melts are available in 9 scents: Lemon Ice Box Cookies, Apples & Spice, Warm Cinnamon Buns, Spiced Orange and Cinnamon, Banana Walnut Spice, Roasted Espresso, Twisted Peppermint, Citrus & Sage, and Vanilla Pound Cake.

Drizzle Melts are made of 100% natural soybean and beeswax blend. They look like old fashioned candy, break-apart convenient and MADE IN THE USA!

Our website also offers all Drizzle Melt scents along with melted sets that can be ordered on the website and delivered to our store for a fast and easy pick up at no extra shipping charge! So come by and check us out today to get a great gift for Mom!

Check out all the varieties at:

Or come by the Gifts department here in Rancho Cucamonga and smell them for yourself!





Join us on the WATER!

The 2nd Annual Bass Pro Shops Lake Havasu Open presented by Lucas Oil and Protect the Harvest!!!!!

April 5th & 6th 2014 at Windsor State Park #4



What’s the Open all about you ask?

Well it’s much more than a two day tournament, it’s a two day family fun outdoor festival that just happens to be host to a bass fishing tournament as well!

There will be tons for the family to do, food to enjoy, the excitement of a real tournament weigh in.

Here is a breif run-down of some of the things you can expect to enjoy at the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Festival.


Demo Rides:
Aluminum Boats
Entire Line of Nitro Z Boats
Sun Tracker Pontoon Boats
Ascend Kayaks
Arctic Cat ATV's & UTV's
Bad Boy Buggies
Brand New 2014 Toyota Tundras

Free Fun Interactive Activities:
Live Catch & Release Pond
Casting Challenge
Daisy BB Gun
Corn Hole
PSE Archery

Much More To Be Announced!!!!


Bass Pro's White River Fly Shop - late winter 2014 report

This winter continues to provide amazing opportunities for very large rainbow trout on the Upper Owens River. With the warming spring like conditions in the Eastern Sierra, these jumbo sized rainbows are running up river from Lake Crowley driven by the urge to spawn. From Benton Crossing Bridge upstream anglers can find pods of fish holding in the bend pools and deeper runs. Nymphing with an indicator is most successful method to take these large fish. The indicator rig allows the angler to fish at distance in order to avoid spooking the fish and gives instant feedback on the soft subtle takes. Some good flies to try are San Juan worms, egg patterns and various nymph imitations such as flashback pheasant tails, brassies, beadhead hares ear nymphs, and midge patterns in size #18 and #20.

Sierra Drifter guide Tom Lowe offers the following tips: “winter time takes are as soft as a butterflies kiss, so set on anything.  If your indicator stops, shimmies, hovers, or plunges, SET IT!  I tell clients to look for reasons to set the hook, not excuses why you didn’t! Swings are free, and you can’t strike out while fly fishing. Try to set the hook moving your rod the direction your indicator is moving. This establishes ANGLE & insures you pull the hook INTO the fish, not out of its mouth. Anything 4 feet or deeper may hold a fish or two.  There is also some decent midge activity; however the flies are very small and clusters or parachute patterns will do the job.  There were a few fish rising around 2 pm. I saw the first mayflies in quite a while, maybe the beginning? I actually caught a few using a dry dropper rig with a para bwo hi-vis #14, and a dark flashback PT #20.”


Happy White River Fly Shop customer Herb Mathiesen, with a jumbo Upper Owens River Rainbow. Photo courtesy of Tom Lowe.



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Fall Fly Fishing Report and News

The fall season is in full swing in the Eastern Sierra.  The crisp weather coincides with a large run of both jumbo size brown and rainbow trout.  These fish run up the Upper Owens River from Lake Crowley every year at this time.  The large brown trout driven by their instincutal spawing urge are followed by the opportunistic egg eating rainbows.  Sierra guide Tom Lowe reports - "the section of the Upper Owens River from the Benton Crossing Bridge upstream to Big Springs is open year around with special angling restrictions.  Pinch those barbs down flat and DO NOT USE BAIT OR SCENTED LURES, release all the fish you catch unharmed and you will be fine.  Access remains good as of this report with no ice or mud on any of the roads.  Nymphing is fooling some of the larger fish.  Try using a properly weighted tandem rig with patterns like Assassins bird's nest, flashback pheasant tails, broken-back midges, crystal leeches, San Juan worms and glo bugs/roe imitations.  You may find that removing your strike detector can get educated fish to hit especially on the brighter/sunny days.  The surface action is waning: however, the warmer days still have a few snouts sipping smaller mayflies and midges.  Under current conditions the fish have really spread out and you will observe some big fish holding along the deeper channels near the undercut banks.  Another tactic this time of year is to work downstream with a light sinking tip line swinging streamer patterns like Loebergs, punk perch, crystal leeches and Spruce-A-Bu's along the cut banks and through the deeper pools and oxbows.  You can cover nearly all the water with this method and get presentations to fish you would otherwise spook with conventional strategies.  These fish are migrants and are not accustomed to people or shadows.  A quiet, stealthy approach will most certainly get you more opportunities at a trophy fish".  As Tom noted a glo bug "trout egg" imitation can be deadly.  The rainbow trout are feeding on the yellow to peach colored eggs expelled by the spawning browns.  Make an effort to fish upstream if possible in order to avoid spooking these fish.  An effective rig is an egg or worm pattern trailing a midge larva such as a brassie.  A small split shot above the egg or worm is required along with a proper presentation.

Come see us at the Bass Pro Shops White River Fly Shop for all your fly fishing needs and for lots more info on where to fly fish and when.



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