Alabama Rig - Hottest Fishing Technique in Years!!

By: Levi Slocum / Fishing Manager at Bass Pro Rancho

Alabama Rig

Spring is the time of the year when all bass fishermen get excited about going fishing and trying to catch that personal best. Most of the time these behemoth Largemouth Bass are up in the shallows full of eggs on beds getting ready to spawn. Every self proclaimed bass fishermen will tell their methods of fooling these fish, well now it’s my turn.

In steps the Alabama, Umbrella, Yumbrella, Deadly 5, Sworming Hornet, Bait Ball, and whatever else you want to call them. A castable umbrella rig is the biggest thing to hit the fishing industry, since invisible fluorocarbon line. It is so popular and effective it has been banned on the 2 biggest bass fishing circuits, the Bass Masters Elites and the FLW, to keep an even playing field. It is a method that has been around forever and mainly used for trolling applications in both fresh and saltwater, until now. This is a fish catching machine if used properly. It does not guarantee you’ll catch fish but it certainly will give you a better chance. Fish don’t want to always expend energy to chase one small baitfish, but the same fish will do it in a second if it sees a school of baitfish, because it gives the fish a better chance at getting more food using less energy, the best of both worlds. That is what makes this method so popular; it gives you the fishermen more chances to succeed.

So back to catching that fish of a lifetime during the spring. This is my theory of why this will work. Since all of the fish are usually spawning up in shallow water usually 15 feet or less, this automatically eliminates bad water before you make a cast. So now with your castable umbrella rig with five baits on it (in California you can have 5 baits on your rig, but only 3 may have hooks, and up to 3 hooks per bait for a possible total of 9 hooks, hope that makes sense) you can cover a lot more water thus leading you to catch more fish. Now these fish will not be striking the bait out of hunger,  but more out of reaction of protecting their babies. So stick with colors of baits that resemble some of their natural predators of eggs...bluegill, crawdads, and shad. So why do I think most people will catch the biggest fish of their life using this method? It’s simply in the numbers and percentages. Cover better water and catch more fish increasing your odds of catching that Monster Bass 

My favorite rig is the Bass Pro Shops Deadly 5 Rig with 3 1/4oz heads with hooks and 2 1/8oz heads with the hooks cut off and five 4 inch NetBait BK Swimbaits in the hitch color. I also use 50lb braid because this rig will cost you about 26 bucks before tax!  Second reason I use braid is because with this rig there is a very good chance you might catch more than one fish at a time. Lastly remember it being the biggest thing since invisible fluorocarbon, well it looks like with all the wires we will not need the invisibility factor anymore. My name is Levi and I am the Fishing Manager, feel free to call the store and ask for me, thanks!  Bass Pro Rancho - 909-922-5500.



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