2012 Wounded Heroes Fall Bass Classic

2012 Wounded Heroes Fall Bass Classic

    Over 45 Anglers showed up to host our Nations Heroes for a day of bass fishing at Lake Anna, VA. We had 75 warriors attend the event from Warrior Trans Units (WTU) in Virginia and the surrounding area, and as well as far away, like Ft. Bragg, NC.
    These heroes received a new Quantum rod and reel and Plano Tackle system from our new partners at Take A Warrior Fishing, who we teamed up with this year. They also received all of their tackle from Bass Pro Shops in Ashland, VA. This year the breakfast was provided by Subway on Lake Anna. The goodie bags were provided be the National Rifle Association, and the lunch by Elks Lodge #875 in Fredericksburg, VA.
    With 2 Heroes to almost every boat, the event got underway around 6:30 AM, at Sturgeon Creek Marina and it was not long until the heroes were having a blast fishing with some of the most talented anglers in the area. At 3:30 PM, some great prizes were given away from the NRA, Castaway Rods, Baits For Bass, Bass Pro Shops, Subway and many others, as well as plaques provided by the Elks Lodge BPOE #875
All in all our Nations Heroes had a great day on the water. The 2012 Wounded Heroes Fall Bass Classic was a complete success.


BOAT CAPT                                        WOUNDED HEROES                 WEIGHT

1-W. Doreman                                    A. Brooks/S. Eckhart                    8lb 10.2oz
2- R. Fulk                                             Jon Hawke                                     8lb 2oz
3- D. Minard                                         B. Critcher/J. Alvarado                 8lb 0.4oz
4- B. Green                                          E. Dickerson/H. Perez                 7lb 12.2oz
5- Ji. Cornwell                                    A. Salgado/J. Germano                7lb 8.8oz
6- S. Mcguire                                      J. Spears/G.Aullet                          7lb 7.4oz
7- M. Alexander                                  P. Cedillo                                         7lb 5.6oz
8- W. Vickery                                       T.  Herror/G.Williams                    7lb 2.8oz
9- J. Sutton                                         S. Petrvzzi/T. Zabroski                    7lb 2oz
10-Ja. Cornwell                                 J. Hoffman                                       6lb 10.2oz
11-J. Parrish                                      J. Andries/V. Takesue                    6lb 9.4oz
12- L. Hall                                           S. Hall and son                               5lb 14.2oz
13- R. Rosier                                     C. Lewis/J.Collar                            5lb 13.2oz
14- D. Scott                                        N. Moore/N. Lorew                          5lb 13oz
15- J. Bandish                                  W. Jordan                                          5lb 10.8oz
16- T. Garrett                                     J. McDonald/A. McDonald              5lb 10.2oz
17- K. Phelphs                                  L. Wilson/E. Rue                             5lb 5.6oz
17- K. Barry                                        M. Zavala/J. Dennis                        5lb 5.6oz
18- Doc McGhee                              J. Dussault                                       5lb 0.4oz
19- C. Armstrong                             J. Babcock/W. babcock                  4lb 13.8oz
20- M. Gibson                                   R. Nunez/C. Bush                           4lb 7.2oz
21- M. Cornwell                                M. Berkhouse                                  4lb 6.6oz
22- Del Smith                                   A. Rahm/D. Wilson                         4lb3.6oz
23- M. Kukowski                              J. Graham/L. Artiles                        3lb 10.6oz
24- F. Lee                                           P. Herbert                                        3lb 9.8oz
25- B. Gibson                                    K. Giaquinto/A. Gilly                       3lb 9oz



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