Lake Anna Bass Fishing and Trash Talking

                              Dennis Daniels & Hank Ruffin holding up a 20 lb plus 5 fish limitDennis Daniels & Hank Ruffin holding up a 20 lb plus 5 fish limit

I have several dozen pictures from the last three months that need to be posted and written about. I've met some really great people this spring. Most of the fishing trips have produced very nice catches... All of them have been fun!

I had to take a few minutes to share this one. I think the best way to describe this trip was competitive! Dennis has a way of lighting a competitive fire in all of his friends! I'm not sure if I can do it justice in this post, but I'll try. I have to start out by saying that both Hank and Dennis have been out (on separate occasions) earlier in the year. We caught some fish, but truly struggled in the previous trips. For example, Hanks last trip offered a 25 degree cold front, sleet, snow and he was already suffering from the flu! (The Bass Pro 100mph Gortex was awesome!) We managed to put together a decent limit in the past but I really wanted this trip to be a good one for both of them.

Dennis organized the day with 3 of his buddies... Walt, Darryl, and Hank (All pictured in Taylor's previous post). Taylor guided Walt and Darryl, while Dennis and Hank hopped in my boat. Most people take fishing trips to relax and wind down. Dennis and the gang chose to turn this into a vicious competition. There was trash talking at the ramp, on the phone, during lunch, between partners, between clients and guides, and on and on! There was never a dull moment. Each boat landed between 20-30 nice keeper bass during the course of the day. Dennis started early with a 3 pounder on a "skitter pop". Hank struck hard around 9 am with a 5 1/2 lb hawg that took "big fish" honors, shortly followed by a 4 pounder. Sometime around 4 o'clock Dennis landed another angry 4 1/2. And dropped plenty of high fives and explicit shouts in celebration. Towards the end of the day Darryl lost one on a crankbait that may have taken the lunker prize. It was one of those days where the next big bite could happen at any time.

Great day on the water... Looking forward to seeing these guys again at the end of June.

Quick reminder... 
We are doing "Happy Hour" fishing trips this summer, everyday from 5pm to dark.
These evening trips are a ton of fun and a great way to wind down after work! The boat traffic dies down and the temperature cools as the sun sets.  On average the trips produce a dozen or so angry Lake Anna Striped Bass from 5-15 lbs.

Feel free to call Taylor or me (Charlie) at 540-287-3591 to book a trip or learn more about Lake Anna. I've been a resident of Lake Anna  for over 25 years and have plenty of relationships with owners of rental properties, marinas, restaurants etc. We're happy to assist with lodging, large groups, boat rentals and more.

Tight lines!

Charlie Bowles



Hand held GPS’s and Spring Time


This is the time of year that everyone loves. We can now get out of the house to do all types of sports comfortably that really wouldn’t be fun in the extreme cold. Geocaching is one of them that really gets the whole family involved.

Here at Bass Pro Shops, we enjoy assisting people with this new sport. We can make suggestions on what type of GPS would be a good starter as well as giving recommendations for the seasoned enthusiastic Geocacher.

This May at our Go Outdoors Event, we will have seminars on Geocaching for the young and old. So come on out to Bass Pro Shop in Ashland, Va. and check us out at the Marine Electronic Center, we are here to help.


               Larry G Martin

                Marine Lead 


Fishing Report


by David Brayman


     For the freshwater fishermen, there are plenty of shad to be caught in the lower James River up to the fall line with darts and spoons being the primary lure, no specific color. This fishery will continue for another 2 to 3 weeks before it begins to wind down. Along with the shad the Striped Bass have started to get caught with both schoolies and big fish in the mix. A jig head lure with a white body will produce good results, 4, 6, or even 8 inch bodies will work. For the bass fishermen, the fish have begun to work into a pre-spawn/spawn patterns. Top water and plastic lures producing best results. The Small mouth bite is getting better as well with the fish following their larger mouthed cousins. For the crappie live minnows and and jigs are doing well.


     The croaker and spot are a little slow going coming to us, but they are being caught. The Speckled Trout and Puppy Drum are beginning to make their way to the flats areas in places like Mobjack Bay. The large Drum are making their presence in the ocean going inlets like Fisherman’s Island inlet. These big fish are being caught up to the 50 inch marker. Softshell crab, or cut bait will produce for these bruisers. Another good fish to pursue is the Tautaug. These fish are bait stealing KINGS, if you aren’t paying full attention. Cut crabs, sand fleas, or fiddler crabs are best bait for these guys.

     As Spring comes into play around us, we begin to remember those little things we needed to get done last year. Changing that mono line out, sharpen bait knives, replace last years lost tackle. Getting these things done now, can prevent lost time later.

     Our Feature product this month is the Ascend fs128t Angler Kayak. This is one to get excited about, it has GREAT potential to become a big contender in the fishing community. Come by and take a look for yourself!

  • Sit-on-top/Stand up design provides the ultimate kayak fishing platform
  • Solid casting platform with pull up assist strap for stable switch to stand up fishing
  • Removable 360 degree swivel seat with 3 position height adjustment.
  • Multiple watertight dry storage hatches with easy access
  • Deep molded side storage trays accept all kinds of fishing gear and tackle
  • Multipurpose molded dash - catch all trays, cup holder, and recessed tackle tray storage under seat
  • Adjustable foot braces
  • 4 flush mount rod holders - 2 by seat, 2 forward
  • Molded rod tip stagers on bow deck hold top of rod while fishing
  • Fully adjustable rod tender - provides vertical adjustment and 360° of horizontal adjustment
  • 8 scupper drains - big enough to accept transducer (sold separately)
  • Anchor trolley
  • Maximum weight capacity: 350 lbs.

Becoming a Pro Staffer by Rex Reichert

Becoming a Pro Staffer: What does it take and what does it mean?

I have been asked this question a time or two while participating in the world of archery. The word “Prostaff”, what do you think it means. Is it that you are a professional in the archery world? This is what most people believe it to mean. However, to me and many others who are prostaffers, the “pro” means “promotions” of that and other products in which you wish to endorse. It takes a lot of time to become a true promoter of the product in which you choose. I have been promoting archery products for a long time and have had a great time in doing so. It is important to take time and have dedication and the knowledge on the product in which you are going to promote. Take the time and do your homework and become the best you can be!


Talk to you again real soon


- Rex.


Archery: Practice, Discipline and Dedication


Well after the rain let up I decided to go out and do some training for some up and coming archery events. What does it take?  Well, I will be the first to tell you it takes a lot of dedication and a lot of practice. Don't worry, it will all pay off in the long run.  Sometimes I ask myself , "why do I love the sport of Archery?" First and foremost it is because of my love for the outdoors. I have learned that there is a lot of mental preparation that goes in to shooting at the competitive level. To me, being outside under the clear blue skies and shooting my bow is one of the best forms of meditation in the world; Just you, your bow, and the arrows. Mental preparation is the best tool you have and over the next few months I will try to help you understand the importance of this.

But for now back to the practice range I go. We will talk again soon.

- Rex


Tips to safely enjoy the outdoors

May is the time of year that just about everyone who enjoys the outdoors will be there. From fishermen -oops-persons'- hey cut me a break I'm old school and I hope my daughters don't see this, to hikers, lawn care and gardeners. If you are outdoors lets make it a safe time. Just a bit of a warning for things to watch out for; Number one: Insects! Ticks, chiggers, mosquitos and spiders (Black Widows), are all out there but can be avoided with bug sprays or just plain caution. Watch where you sit, place your hands, unpack your sleeping bags etc. Next, snakes; Copperheads are the most commonly encountered. Take the time to put on shoes and long pants. Most snake bites happen after dark by people stepping on them as they rest on sidewalks or steps' that are holding the warmth of day. Use a flash light and use some common sense. For water safety, use your pfd and don't turn your back on little ones.

Until next time, enjoy!


Marshall “Smokey” Stover

White River Fly Shop

Ashland Va.


I've got the Blues by Captain John Garland

This spring, fishing for Bluecat fish here on the James River has been red hot. My client’s on board have been catching two to three state citations each fishing trip; Citations have to be 38 inches or 30 pounds.

There are plenty of hickory shad to catch on jigs to keep people active and in turn, I have bait that I can also use to put on the line for the Big Cats.

The people that I have fished with have been wonderful! What a great feeling I to be a part of someone's moment that they will always remember, and so will I. Thanks to everyone who boarded Screaming Reel Charters this spring.

After the spawn is over, get ready for some red hot evening and night trips,


                 Tight Lines,

                  Captain John.


Fishing Tips by Teddy Carr

  I just finished up with the Bassmaster Weekend Series tournament on the Potomac River. I caught fish all day but just couldn’t manage a big bite to get me over the hump-so to speak. But one of the keys to success is being on a good pattern that is producing to enhance your odds of catching the big ones you need. I had figured out my lure pattern and choice earlier in the week. I was smashing them on a Booyah Boogie Bait in white. But its not enough to just have the right lure selection, you also have to have the right rod and reel set-up and that reel has to be spooled with the right line. With all the specialty lines out there today we have a huge leg up. I use Bass Pro Shops 30-pound braid for my bladed jigs like the Boogie Bait along with a heavy action rod. This allows me to rip this lure out of the grass and pads that I routinely fish as well as get a good hook set. I spool it up on a Bass Pro Shops Pro-Qualifier reel that gives me maximum casting distance. Even though I didn’t win this tournament my set up is a winning combination for catching bass.


Teddy Carr

 Member of the Aflac Fishing Team and Bass Pro Shops Pro-staff


Big Cat Quest: Saturday, March 16, 2013

Looking back on the tournament from this past weekend, I feel that the event was challenging. There was great competition with fishermen from all over various parts of the United States who brought their skills and knowledge to Virginia to fish on the Mighty James River. Ken Freeman, of Outdoor Promotions, has a great circuit for Catfishermen of all ages to compete in due to the hourly set-up and various target weights that were needed to win.

My partner Chris Krammer and I were on the water at 4:30am; luckily we had all the bait we needed for that day.  We were on the river the day before catching shad and eels for bait. We went down river from Jordan Point Marina because that was our game plan. During practice, the bite was hot down river so we did not want to deviate from our original plan. We boated our first fish by 9am; a lovely 35 pounder!  After this, a drop in air temperature and cold rain seemed to effect the biting where we were. Boats were nearby, but we didn't see anyone boating fish; it was just plain tough!  We moved around to various fishing holes but the big bite never came. You can locate the fish but you can't make them bite if they don't want too.

Some fishermen didn't catch anything, and of course, depending on where you were some did. The winning fish weighed in at 71 pounds caught by a crew from North Carolina. Awesome fish, and congratulations to the winning team!  At the weigh in, Bass Pro Shops had food and drinks for everyone. Hot dogs and refreshments were well received by all of us. Bass Pro Shops is a First Class organization in which I have the great honor of representing!

Overall the event had a great turn out, and I look forward to the next Big Cat Quest tournament next year!  Special thanks goes to all the wonderful people who made this tournament possible; awesome work!


                                                                         See you on the water,

Captain John.



Lake Anna Report – March

Charlie Bowles- Fishing Guide


Pro Staff:

Bass Pro Shops

Johnny Morris Carbonlite Rods and Reels

Lowrance Electronics

Seaguar Flourocarbon



When the water reaches the magic temperature of 55 degrees Bass will “stage” or move towards the shallower creeks and coves. During this period the Bass will “wake up” and get much more active than they have been in the winter. The lower end of the lake is going to warm before any other area. Dike 3, Valentine Cove, Levy Creek, Rockland Creek, and Dukes Creek will be great areas to concentrate your efforts. Use ½ ounce to ¾ ounce Spinnerbaits, 5” Jerkbaits, and ¼ ounce swimjigs and swimbaits. Don’t forget your favorite variety of finesse baits when the bite gets a little tougher or you are trying to follow up the other baits. I also like to use lizards and senko type baits on a Carolina rig. This technique allows you to cover a lot of water and detect changes in the bottom.



There are lots of  stripers in the Dike 3 area.  Many of the larger Stripers will be caught in the main rivers near Terrys run, S-turns, Christopher run, and Duck in hole creek. ¼ ounce to ½ ounce Swimbaits and Jerkbaits will be very productive in these areas. If you are a live bait fisherman use a shallow presentation during lowlight and overcast days. During bright sunlight go out to deeper feeding flats and use down lines.



Watch for Crappie to move to some of the 15 ft rock piles and bridge pilings later in the month. Use  2” pearl grubs and tubes and small and medium minnows. 


Roland Martin Came to Richmond


Roland Martin and GM Greg Bulkley

Bass Pro Shops in Ashland, VA was honored to have guest speaker and legendary angler, Rowland Martin, at out Great American Boat show on Saturday, February 9, 2013!

Martin, host of Fishing with Roland Martin on NBC Sports, has an impressive list of accolades over the years to include, nine-time BASS Angler-of-the-Year.  In addition, Martin was the first professional bass fisherman to be inducted into all three Halls of Fame (IGFA Hall of Fame, Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, and Professional Bass Fishing Hall of Fame).

Roland Martin popularized the concept of "pattern" fishing - determining a particular way to catch fish for a given time and lake, and then applying it to similar locations around that lake. He has been an able and enthusiastic spokesman for bass fishing, conservation, and the pursuit of the American dream for decades, generating a large following of fans.



Take a Kid Fishing

Just in time for our Spring Fishing Classic, our very own Larry Martin has a few words of wisdom and advice on the latest electronics for us.


Take A Kid Fishing

Every year, Bass Pro Shops has a Bass Pro University in Destin, Fl. This year I had the great pleasure of being selected to attend. While the event offers a tremendous amount of useful information on Fishing, Boating, and Marine Electronics, the best information I received in the 5 day event came one evening when Hank Parker, Sr. was asked to speak at our dinner. He was so sincere and original that it really hit deep in my heart and mind when he asked for our help to take back our children. He then went on to explain how the world, in all its changes, has driven us away from the basics of what life is all about; Our children. Fishing is a sport by all means, but it is also a great opportunity to teach our children just how important it is to get back with nature. Our children have got into a dangerous trend of electronics; Don't get me wrong, electronics are great in the right  situations, but we need to be able to separate them from our family life and fishing can help do just this. You can't get to know your child by emailing or texting them, but if you take them fishing a few times they will get to know the real you. And when they do, you will be surprised just how little you knew about them also. Seeing each other every day in passing doesn’t do it justice; you can't really explain and teach morals in the car on the way to school or social events. However, when you are out in nature teaching them to fish and how enjoyable it is, it’s great.

Hank Sr. I commend you. You are truly the greatest of the great by trying to bring back the family life that we need for our children that has seems to be lost in this world. I’m the lead in Marine Electronics and boy have we got loads of exciting new items this year. But before I go into them, let me please express that when we take our children fishing it is important that we go back to the basic’s; don’t make it look so difficult. You should just have fun and do the simple things that you as a child had a ball doing.

 Now for the big kids’ toys, the new Lowrance HDS and Elite series this year is going to be hard to beat. The new 7, 9, and 12 inch touch screens are so fast and easy to use. They will be hard to keep on the shelves. The new Insight Genesis software addition will be a great way to increase the data of your favorite fishing spots.

Garmin with their new echo series and chirp feature will bring clarity to the fishing experience.

 Minn Kota and Humming Bird has really got their act together. The new I-Pilot link with its Ethernet connection to the GPS-Sonar unit has really taken the show. You can set way points and routes so quick and easy that it leaves you hands-free which enables you to fish more. It even creates routes and trails at the dock before you go out fishing.

Let’s not forget the Navionics new Nav+ feature that will enable you to create your own map data of the lake of your choice. Just troll the lake while copying the data to a blank chip. Then, send it to Navionics and 24 hours later they will send you a revised chip with your data incorporated on it.

 Now, the Best of the Best has to be for all the venders that helped in the on the water experience we had at the Bass Pro University. With the personal experience we have on the water, we at Bass Pro Shops can offer firsthand knowledge on our Popular electronics.

 So come on in and visit me at the Ashland, Va. Bass Pro Shops and let our staff demo a fish finder combo or electronic unit to you.

Larry Martin

Marine Lead

Bass Pro Shops

Ashland, Va.


Lake Anna Fishing Report

Lake Anna Report – November/December

Charlie Bowles
Fishing Guide
Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff
Lowrance Pro Staff

Johnny Morris Carbonlite Rods and Reels
BPS 100mph Gortex
Lowrance Electronics
Seaguar Flourocarbon


At the end of October the surface temp had already fallen as low as 60 degrees. The Stripers, Bass and Crappie really turned on in the middle of the month. November will also offer some great fishing as the fish will be feeding up for winter.


Fishing for Striped bass should be great this month… as the water gets cooler the striper fishing gets hotter! A pile of big fish are being caught above the splits area. Expect plenty of surface action in both of the river systems. One way to locate fish is to keep your eyes peeled for birds, bait and swirling stripers. Another is to watch your graph for fish and bait in the middle to upper half of the water column. My “go to” bait for this time of year is a 4-6 inch swimbait rigged on a 3/8 to ½ ounce jig head. Suspending jerkbaits, walking baits, and Spoons will also produce, But the swimbaits offer the most versatility and control for me… You can fish them at any depth and at just about any speed that you need. As it gets cooler at the end of the month, if is gets cold enough, some of the baitfish may begin to die off offering an easy meal for stripers. Flutter Spoons and very slow retrieves with a swimbaits can trigger strikes from monster Stripers.


The Bass have started to move out of the very backs of creeks and can be caught on secondary points, humps, docks, rocks and fallen timber. You can find suspending schools of largemouth that will hit small Crankbaits. Spinnerbaits, and flukes... Don’t be scared to throw the Alabama Rig... The bigger fish will be nearby these schools but more oriented to cover than the schooling bass. Try the Grassy areas in the North Anna, the rocks in the Pamunkey and some of the midcreek structure in many of the feeder creeks.

There has been plenty of shallow water action in the rivers for nice slab crappie. The docks and rocks in 3-8 ft of water are full of big specks. They will readily take grubs, tubes and minnows. We’ve had several 50 + fish days in the last couple of weeks. It makes for a great day of fishing with kids and family… Plenty of action to keep everyone occupied and having fun!



October Report

charlie and son










Lake Anna Report – October

Charlie Bowles
Fishing Guide
Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff
Lowrance Pro Staff

Johnny Morris Carbonlite Rods and Reels
BPS 100mph Gortex
Lowrance Electronics
Seaguar Flourocarbon

The nights will be slightly longer than the days and the weather is cooling drastically, making the backs of creeks and river systems up to 10 degrees cooler than the main lake. The fish are getting very active - schooling on baitfish in open water, choke points and shallow flats. The fishing will continue to get better as this month progresses.

The lower end of the lake has large schools of  11” to 15” bass near all three dikes. During overcast days they will stay on the surface throughout the entire day. These fish will readily take XPS poppers, smaller swimbaits and flukes. There are some larger fish near these schools… you can usually find them underneath the smaller fish or in nearby cover/structure such as brush, points or dock pilings. Flip jigs, finesse worms, and senko style baits at these ambush points to entice strikes from the lunkers.

The mid lake area (from Sturgeon to the “Spilts”) is producing some nicer keepers as well. The backs of the feeder creeks and coves are active early in the morning with threadfin shad and 2-4 lb bass. Flukes, poppers, and spooks are producing some nice catches in the first couple hours of daylight. Once the sun has come out and the threadfin are not visible in the backs of the creeks, it is time to fish the first major ledge, point or wood cover in that area. The nicer sized bass will take shakey heads, jigs, texas rigs and slow rolling spinnerbaits throughout the day as long as you pick apart the cover that they are holding tight to.

Last but not least – the upper end of the lake (basically the  North Anna and Pamunkey branches) has some of the cooler water in the lake and is producing some nice catches in the backs of the creeks, grass beds, and rocky points.  Jigs, Worms, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits are working in the right circumstance. For example try throwing a half ounce chartreuse spinnerbait with a Colorado blade in the grass in the North Anna, or cast small pearl colored crankbaits at the rocky points and ledges in the s-turns, and if the sun is bearing down flip jigs into heavy cover near an old channel bend in the upper flats.

There are several different techniques and patterns that are working on Lake Anna right now. The best bet is to start with the type of water and technique that you feel most comfortable with and make adjustments. Make sure not to waste too much time in areas that are not producing fish. And most importantly, pay attention to the current conditions… Is the water rising (pushes fish to the banks) or falling pulls fish out to points and ledges? If it is cloudy look for a more aggressive bite… If it is really bright, look for shade… etc. etc. There are dozens of variables that affect the behavior of largemouth, you have to try to figure out  “the formula” every day on the water. That’s what makes it so challenging and entertaining!!



You have to love it when October sets in on Lake Anna. The Striped Bass get really wound up when the temperature starts to drop. There are stripers from one end of the lake to the other. And many of them can be found in some of the same spots as the largemouth schools.
The lower end of the lake has thousands of 14”-22” stripers from the dam to the power plant. At times, the school near the power plant  is 5-10 acres wide! The smaller fish are near the top while the keepers are usually in about 18-22 ft of water. You can use a variety of baits to catch 20-50 small stripers. I prefer to cast 3-4 inch pearl swimbaits or casting spoons. You can use jerkbaits, poppers, spooks, bucktails, grubs, whatever. But the most success for me in huge schools of smaller fish are spoons and swimbaits.
            As you get to the splits area of the lake you will notice that some of the schools will get smaller but the fish are getting bigger. These fish will “push up” on main and secondary points and under water humps and islands. Always keep a spook or a popper tied on in case you see these fish come up on the surface. But most of the time you’ll need to find these fish with your sonar. Once you have located them you can jig spoons or present a variety of trolling techniques depending on the depth and activity of the fish (that could be a whole article of its own).
            The upper ends of the lake have some nice fish feeding on the shallow points and even in the backs of some of the creeks. One of my all time favorite baits, the XPS pro series 6 inch jerkbait, becomes deadly in mid October.  I focus on points in the Pamunkey and North Anna using a jerk – jerk – pause cadence, covering the water very quickly. Large stripers and bass will slam a large jerkbait more and more regularly as the water continues to cool.

The slab fishing will start to heat up as the weather cools. There are still lots of fish in deep brush and bridge pilings. They will begin to get shallower and the bigger fish will be easier to catch as the month goes on. Small and medium minnows always work great for schools of crappie. But try slow trolling 2” tubes in the upper ends of the rivers for bigger fish… You can pick them up on old river channels, rock piles and stumpy areas.

Call 540-287-3591 or Visit to see a recent journal of catches or book a trip. 


James River Guided Trip!

    How would you like to set out on the James River, a world-class fishery, for big blue catfish?

    Join DGIF, Angling Education and Bass Pro Shops Pro Staffer, Captain John Garland aboard “The Floating Fishing School,” our 26’ Sun Tracker pontoon boat provided by Tracker Marine, for the Catfish on the James workshop. The catfish bite heats up when the weather cools down, so register today, space is limited. 

    Workshop is from 9-4pm and launches out of Osborne Turnpike boat landing in Henrico. Bait, tackle, PFD, and lunch is provided. Registration fee is $30 per participant. Event is for ages 12 and up and children under 16 must be accompanied by a registered adult. Freshwater fishing license required for 16 and older.

To register and pay, contact Chris Dunnavant at 804-367-6778 or at .


Bass Pro Shops Announces Sponsorship of Tony Stewart!

Bass Pro Shops/Tracker Boats Announces
Primary Sponsorship of Tony Stewart For 2013

Springfield, MO---October 5, 2012---Bass Pro Shops, America’s most popular outdoor retailer, has announced that starting with the 2013 race season they will become the primary sponsor of the Stewart-Haas Racing #14 Chevrolet driven by 3-time Sprint Cup Champion Tony Stewart in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.


Bass Pro Shops joining the Sprint Cup team Stewart co-owns with Gene Haas, founder of Haas Automation – the largest CNC machine tool builder in the western world – is the culmination of a more than decade-long partnership between Stewart and Bass Pro Shops.


Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris is a long-time friend and fishing and hunting buddy of Stewart. The company has been a partner with Stewart for the past 12 years. In 2006 Stewart became a part of the Bass Pro Shops Sportsman’s Racing Team.

Bass Pro Shops has also sponsored Tony in his late model stock car in the Prelude to the Dream Charity Race held at Tony’s Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio for the past several years. The race has raised over $3.5 million dollars for various charities in the past 8 years. In addition Bass Pro Shops sponsors Tony’s race team in the World of Outlaws sprint car series.

“We are thrilled and honored to become the primary sponsor of our good friend and fellow outdoorsman Tony Stewart,” stated Morris. “It is a great opportunity for our company to be involved at racings highest level with a great conservationist and outdoorsman who is considered by many to be the greatest all around race driver of all time.”

“We’re very proud to have a longtime partner in Bass Pro Shops take a larger Sprint Cup level role,” said Stewart, a winner of 47 Sprint Cup races who is currently competing in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup for the eighth time in his career. “I’ve known Johnny Morris for years and he’s one of my good friends. We want to help grow his business and share his passion for promoting the outdoors. After years of representing Bass Pro Shops, it’s great to expand the relationship to a primary sponsorship in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.”

Stewart’s association with Bass Pro Shops transcends racing and goes to the core of Bass Pro Shops’ mission statement: To be the leading merchant of outdoor recreational products, inspiring people to love, enjoy and conserve the great outdoors.

Every year Stewart hosts a special Catch-A-Dream Foundation hunt on his Indiana farm. He and Morris together take kids with life-threatening illnesses out deer hunting. Stewart has also driven the Bass Pro Shops sponsored #14 car in tributes to the National Wild Turkey Federation. Bass Pro Shops and the Tony Stewart Foundation have contributed over $1 million dollars to the Victory Junction Gang Camp which was started by Kyle and Patti Petty for kids with life-threatening illnesses.

Bass Pro Shops has enjoyed a long relationship with NASCAR. It all started in 1998 when Johnny sponsored the legendary Dale Earnhardt in the Winston All-Star Race at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte. Bass Pro Shops joined the GM Goodwrench Service Plus team as an associate sponsor that same season and continued to sponsor Dale until his untimely death at Daytona in 2001.

The popular outdoors company also sponsored Martin Truex Jr. at Dale Earnhardt Inc. when he won two consecutive Nationwide Series titles in 2004 and 2005 and took over as a full primary with Truex in the Sprint Cup Series for his first full season in 2006. When DEI merged with Ganassi Racing, Bass Pro Shops accompanied Truex and remained with the team with Jamie McMurray. In 2010 McMurray drove the Bass Pro Shops car to victory at the Daytona 500, the Brickyard 400 and the Bank of America 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

“We have enjoyed our partnership with Jamie, Chip Ganassi and everyone at EGR and value our friendship and all the great times we have had and will continue to have in the future, “stated Morris.
Bass Pro Shops will also continue sponsorship with Richard Childress Racing and Austin Dillon and Ty Dillon in the NASCAR Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series.

“All these guys love to hunt and fish and are great ambassadors for the outdoors, Bass Pro Shops and Tracker Boats,” continued Morris. “We look forward to some great times with them in the woods, on the water, and at the race track.”



Fall Striper Season

                                                                       Virginia Fall Striper Season 2012












     With the fall run of Stripers already underway in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and the season preparing to open, anglers are wondering where to go, and what to use for these fish.  The fall run of Stripers isn’t as large as the spring run that brings thousands of anglers to the Chesapeake and its tributaries.  The fall run coincides early with the Spot run, and if you will be fishing where Spot are prevalent, this would definitely be the bait of choice. Spot are usually around until the middle of October, and until then, they will be the primary food source for the Stripers.  Some hotspots year around for Stripers are; The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, the White Stone (State Route 3) bridge in the Rappahannock, and the concrete ships at Kiptopeke State Park on the Eastern Shore. You can catch your bait around the pylons closer to shore, and as you make your way into deeper water, begin to drop the Spot down next to the structure to entice a Striper.  The best way to rig the Spot is a 40-65lb. mainline with a three ounce inline egg sinker above a swivel. Then tie an 8-12 inch 30-50lb. leader to a 7-10/0 circle hook.  The Spot can either be hooked in the head or the back.  Get close to the pylons and drop it down.  Once it hits the bottom, crank it up two to ten feet, as this is the level that the Stripers are usually holding.  This tactic can be applied up and down the Chesapeake on any sort of deep structure.  Another bait that is always a good choice, and can be purchased at any local bait shop, are live Eels.  Hook the Eels in the head.  They can be rigged and fished in the same places as Spot, and they are the preferred food for the Stripers if you plan to fish at night.  The same structure can be fished with artificial bait as well.  Six to ten inch gotcha grubs in white and chartreuse on a one to three ounce bucktail (depending on the depth) are always a killer combination.  Also chrome and blue lipless crank baits, large stump jumper bucktails, as well as six inch sassy shads can also be used.  Bass fishermen have already reported catching decent size Stripers as far inland as Richmond VA, on crankbaits and spinnerbaits, so the run is well underway.  With the amount of Stripers in the bay this year, chances are, it won’t be too hard to hook up with one of these hard fighting, and good eating fish.  Be sure to stop by your local Bass Pro Shops for all of your Striper fishing questions and supplies.

Written by: Grant Alvis


Fall Hunting Season

I don’t know about you, but I am counting down the days to October 1! Are you ready for the open of archery season? Checklists are done and everything is good to go? Come in to Bass Pro Shops and get those last minute items that you have been putting off.
shirt We know that scent control is extremely important and we have just what you need. Our AXE Endura Skin is effective in keeping your scent controlled. It is also great for moisture wicking. It is available in Realtree AP, Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity, and black. All are available in a relaxed fit or fitted. hat We have mock or crew neck, short or long sleeve so it’s up to you to decide which fits your style best. We offer several accessories as well from beanies, balaclavas, arm guards, and neck ups.

A great addition to your gear is our Rut Zone glove. Rut Zone gloves are tight fitting with a great gripping ability but most important, scent control. Another great feature offered is sensitive touch thumb and fingertip for easy texting or sending photos of those big trophies! It also has a pocket on the back for warmers to keep your hands warm and ready to take the shot.

Good luck in your 2012 archery season!
Bass Pro Shops, Hanover County


October Deer Tab 2012

Big buck

Dutch Oven Cooking
October 20 & 27 1pm Learn proper techniques to create delicious meals and desserts by the camp fire and enjoy FREE samples!

Scent Control
October 20 & 27 2pm Learn to take full advantage of the latest in scent technology for a successful hunting season. Learn where and how to use cover scents, rut scents, and more.


Optics for Your Hunt
October 20 & 27 3pm Our experts will help you find the perfect scope, rangefinder, or pair of binoculars for your next hunt. We’ll match products to fit your specific needs.

Game Cameras
October 20 & 27 4pm Our experts will help you to select, operate and set up the right game camera to fit your needs.


Boy Scout Donation Month

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      With your help, we were able to raise $3,000 for the Heart of Virginia Council! This money goes directly to families of under privileged youth to help send their kids to Boy Scout camp. Your efforts have made a huge difference in the lives of so many children.  Here at Bass Pro Shops, we want to take this opportunity to share this moment with you, and thank you for your generous donations.