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Ducks Unlimited donation Month



       Ducks Unlimited is a conservation partner with BPS.  It is one of five such non-profit conservation organizations that BPS supports with a variety of initiatives. 


      During the month of August, Bass Pro Shops nationwide will be collecting donations for the conservation. Each $2.00 donation made to the Duck Unlimited in the month of August 2012 will get you one entry into the DU drawing for your chance to win one of the ten $500 Bass Pro Shops gift cards.


2012 Fall Hunting Classic Video


Fishing Report for August

August Fishing Report:
Charlie Bowles, Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff /Lowrance Pro Staff

Mid to late summer is an exciting time on Lake Anna… The threadfin shad hatch ignites a feeding frenzy all over the lake. All species key in on tiny baitfish on points, in open water, in the backs of large flats etc. If you find the bait, you can find the fish.

This month offers some great top water action early in the mornings. The bass will feed heavily on threadfin in the upper parts of the rivers in shallow, stained bays near grass. They will crush buzzbaits, poppers, and top walkers for the first hour of daylight. As the topwater bite begins to die off move out to deeper brush piles and drop off’s. The fish will get close to cover and shade, setting up ideal ambush points. Texas rigged 8-10 inch worms are great for luring big bass out to for an easy meal. Shakey head jigs rigged with 4-6 inch finesse worms are a great follow up bait if you can’t get them to take the bigger offering.


The stripers will put on an amazing top water display in the morning. Acres of fish will feeding on the surface in the mid lake area. They will hit poppers, walkers, flutter spoons etc. You have to be as quiet as possible, keep your trolling motor on a constant low speed and slowly approach the school… Even better is to observe which direction they are moving and sit and wait for them if possible. Once the sun gets up it is time to try ½ oz to ¾ oz jigging spoons. The fish will be on 25-40 foot flats in large schools. If you loose the school or are looking to cover more water, put the trolling lines down. You’ll need to get the baits deep by using trolling sinkers, downriggers, Crankbaits etc. Once you locate a school of fish on your sonar you can troll swimbaits, spoons, rattletraps, etc. to catch dozens of 5-10 pound fish. There is also some occasional topwater action during the day so be sure to have a zara spook or popper tied on just in case.

Nice size slabs can be found all over the lake. Deeper Bridges, docks, brush piles, and rocks, are home to thousands of Crappie. One method is to try casting grubs, tubes, and beetle spins as close to whatever cover you are targeting. Another approach is to use a slip bobber above a #6 gold aberdeen hook tipped with a small minnow.

Call 540-287-3591 or Visit to see a recent journal of catches, or book a trip.



Next Generation Weekend 2012!

next gen







Hunting Classic Kids Next Generation Weekend

Join us for our 2012 Fall Hunting Classic Next Generation Weekend - August 17th -19th

Crafts - Friday- Sunday 1-4pm
Drawstring Backpack & Dog Tag – first 100 kids to complete a punch card each day
Airsoft Target Shoot

Youth Seminars
August 17 - 4:30pm Archery Basics
August 18 - 2:30pm Airsoft Shooting Basics
4:30pm Archery Basics
August 19 - 2:30 Archery Basics
4:30pm Airsoft Shooting Basics



Tax Free Days!

tax free










The State of Virginia has established a three day sales sales-tax holiday for qualifying clothing and footwear and school supplies.  This "tax-free" holiday starts at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, August 3rd and goes through midnight on Sunday, August 5th. 

The best way to take advantage of this great opportunity is to come to Bass Pro Shops and find our great items for the season.

Retailers will not be required to collect state and local sales tax on most footwear and clothing sold for $100 or less per item.  This sales tax holiday does include sales of clothing and footwear designed for most activities including some sporting activities.  Accessories such as jewelry, watches, handbags, wallets and umbrellas are not included in the "holiday." 

The exemption applies to each qualifying item selling for $100.00 or less (or $20 of less for school supplies) regardless of how many items are sold at the same time.  If the sales price of a single item of clothing is more than $100.00 then the entire price of that item is taxable.

Please go to the attached Virginia Department of Revenue website link, Virginia Department of Taxation, and print out the Tax Information that is there.  This website gives more information and lists that provide detail and examples about what is exempt and what is not.  Pay close attention to these lists.  We have items that go both ways so please visit the site and see what applies.



2012 Fall Hunting Classic Pro's

We welcome Alex Rutledge and Eddie Salter for our 2012 Fall Hunting Classic. They will be here August 5 at 2 and 3pm doing seminars.

alex Alex Rutledge , of Birch Tree, Missouri, has over 30 years of hunting experience. Alex is an accomplished turkey, deer, elk, and predator caller. He holds several turkey calling titles, including the National Amateur Turkey calling Championship in 1987, the Missouri State Turkey Calling Championship in 1987, and the Grand National Gobbling Championship in 1988. He is also a two-time South Central Missouri Ozark Calling Champion, Southeast Missouri Gobbling Champion, and the Southwest Open Turkey Calling Champion. When hunting season stops, fishing season starts - and that's just the way Alex likes it! Trust us, if they ever add lawn mower racing to the Olympics...Alex will be the first gold medalist!

Eddie Salter of Evergreen, Alabama, began hunting at the age of eddie eight.  Using the techniques learned from his father and grandfather, he managed to take his first turkey at the age of 10.  That early success has led to a 45-year love affair with the sport of turkey hunting. He began competitive turkey calling in 1981 and has won two World Open Turkey Calling Championships, six Alabama State Championships, and seven Southeastern Open Calling Championships. Eddie is also an accomplished deer hunter with a number of trophy bucks to his credit. In 1985, he created Eddit Salter Calls, Inc.. producing a complete line of turkey and deer calls, scents, and hunting videos.  He sold the company in 1994, joining the Hunter's Specialties Pro Staff short after. Eddie has appeared on "Hunter's Specialties Outdoors TV" on The Outdoor Channel, along with "PrimeTime Bucks," and "Cutt'n & Strutt'n" dvd series, ESPN, and ABC's 20/20 show among others. In 2009, Eddie was inducted into the Legends of the Outdoors National Hall of Fame.  In the Spring of 2010, Eddie won the "Beards or Bust" Turkey Hunting Competition. Eddie travels the country giving deer and turkey seminars at stores, conferences, and churches, sharing his knowledge and southern humor.



Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation 3-D Archery Tournament

James River Chapter Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation 3-D Archery Tournament and DIY Elk Hunting Seminars plus Elk Calling, Raffles (5 different guns) ($500 Bass Pro Gift Card)
Saturday: July 21, 2012 from 10am- 3pm

Please contact Ray Watson 8904-314-8590


Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation


During the month of July Bass Pro Shops nationwide will be collecting donations for conservation. Each $2.00 donation made to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation in the month of July 2011 will get you one entry into the RMEF drawing for your chance to win some sensational prizes. Listing of prizes will be available in July.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is to ensure the future of
elk, other wildlife and their habitat.

In support of this mission the Elk Foundation is committed to: Conserving, restoring and enhancing natural habitats; Promoting the sound management of wild, free-ranging elk, which may be hunted or otherwise enjoyed; Fostering cooperation among federal, state, tribal and private organizations and individuals in wildlife management and habitat conservation; and Educating members and the public about habitat conservation, the value of hunting, hunting ethics and wildlife management.

Acres Protected and Enhanced
More than 5.9 million acres

Number of Acres Opened or Secured for Public Access for Hunting and Other
Outdoor Recreation More than 626,000 acres opened and secured

Become a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk foundation today and help preserve wildlife and their habitat.


Win a Q5 MLB Boat!

                                                                                      Win this Boat!



2012 Fall Hunting Classic!


2012 Fall Hunting Classic Event

August 3-19

This year we will have Vendor Booths. They will be here August 3-5

National Pros will be here from August 3-5 and the pros are TBA.

Local Pro's will be giving Seminars  on a variety of hunting topics.

Bass Pro Shops Next Generation Weekend: 
August 17-19

Kids Crafts
Picture U

More Details to Come, Stay Tuned


“Connecting People to Great Traditions”


“Connecting People to Great Traditions” Natural Resources Night Out Celebrated at Richmond Flying Squirrels Game July 20th

Come join The Wildlife Foundation of Virginia,  Bass Pro Shops, Responsive Management and VDGIF at the Richmond Flying Squirrels vs. Akron Aeros baseball game on Friday evening July 20, 2012 at 7:05pm at The Diamond.

“Connecting People to Great Traditions” Natural Resources Night Out will celebrate the great outdoors through educational venues, on-the-field games, fan interactions, giveaways for all and more. It is also "sleepover night on the field" for the Scouts so the celebration gets even bigger! You don't want to miss this game with the introduction of the VDGIF's newest Wildlife K9 Units and The Floating Fishing School which is a new pontoon boat sponsored by Bass Pro Shops and featured exhibits from Law Enforcement, Boating Safety, Hunter Education, Outdoor Report free subscription sign up, and much more. Also, Bass Pro Shops is providing 2,000 Kevin Van Dam fishing lures as a giveaway to fans attending the game.

So, "Let's root, root, root for the home team, If they don't win it's a shame. For it's one, two, three strikes, you're out, if we don't see you at the game!"  Let's show our spirit and support those great American traditions like fishing, hunting and baseball! Visit the Richmond Flying Squirrels website for tickets or contact Tom Wilcox,  at 804-367-6892 or for event details.


Summertime Fishin'

    The month of June marks the transition from spring fishing to summer fishing. Anglers must adjust their tackle and technique in order to keep up with warm weather pelagics.

    With the spring weather behind us, Virginia anglers are greeted by warmer weather as they begin to prepare for the summer species that will call our waters home. One of these species includes the powerful, great tasting, and majestic Blackfin Tuna. The Blackfin is the smallest fish in the tuna family.  They can grow up to 39 inches and weigh up to 46lbs. These powerful pelagic offer anglers a great fight on light tackle. Anglers don’t usually target these “footballs” as they are called.  Instead, they are usually caught by trolling and/or live baiting on the surface.  These agile swimmers are known to propel themselves out of the water in order to engage bait, and follow it up with a strong fight. Pound for pound they provide a strong fight that can keep an angler busy for a while. 

    Reports on the reef have shown increasing numbers of King Mackerel passing by and munching on baits. The King Mackerel is a migratory species that can be found along the Atlantic Coast of the America’s. This voracious eater sports rows of razor sharp teeth, and supreme agility. Kite fishermen have reported King Mackerel skyrocketing up to 15 feet in the air after taking their bait. These speedsters are known for their drag-screaming runs.  Anglers who target them add a 3-4ft piece of wire leader in order to prevent them from chewing through their lines. These fish are opportunistic.  They can be targeted by trolling deep diving lures such as the Rapala Magnum or by drifting live baits on the surface, preferably done with a fishing kite, or a combination of both can be done by slow trolling live baits from fishing kites.

    With the transition to the warmer weather, it is important for anglers to check their equipment before heading out. Properly maintained reels, rods, and tackle will always provide anglers with the best chance at landing that trophy fish.

         Visit the Bass Pro Shops here in Ashland, VA to get prepared for summer time fishing!


Harry Robertson Blog from Canada

Ontario, Canada
Smallmouth Bass

    I just returned from a brief but rewarding trip to a lake to fish for Smallmouth Bass. I was invited by a friend from Louisiana to his rustic cabin on an island. Each day he would gather neighbors from surrounding islands and I would demonstrate the tackle I would use and what casts I would use. In the afternoon we would cruise the shoreline quietly using an electric motor while we searched for the luminous beds.
    The male fish on the beds average about a pound. The female spawning bass averaged three to five pounds! The males stay to guard the nest after the females lay the eggs and depart. The young fish are taught to fear larger predator fish when the male often charges through the young eating the slowest to respond to the threat.
     During June in this lake two hundred miles north of Toronto the bass spawn near the shoreline and alongside large boulders offshore. Their beds are easy to see since they fan out the silt exposing light colored gravel. The selection of a successful bed is where the cold northern lake waters warm first after ice-out.
    When we found a bed we would cut the motor off at about 50’ away and I would cast a popping bug directly over the bed. The fish are extremely protective of the nests. When anything appears to be a threat they rocket upward with a vicious strike. Or…they leave the nest and slowly rise, nose the fly then softly sip it in. This tends to be nerve racking and often I strike too soon!
There is one species that is a constant threat, the Rock Bass (Red Eye). They do not grow to more than 9” in these cold waters with the short growing season. These fish hang close by the nests and dart in for a snack on the fry while they are still swimming balled in the nesting area. They will hit the flies as well and are a bit of a disappointment when they win the race with a four pound Smallmouth to snatch the intrusive predator fly!
    I used an 8 wt. Gold Cup rod along with others with a 270o Reel on each. I used a Rio Gold line ending with a 6’ fluorocarbon leader. The rod performed well at short and long distance. The reel had a smooth start up when the drag system was working and accepted adjusted tension easily.
In three days of afternoon fishing I landed over 100 Smallmouths. I would think this method of fishing would appeal to many. There is a good selection of qualified outfitters in the area, Goggle, Ontario, Canada, Smallmouth Bass fishing.
    Other species that are available in this fertile area are Northern Pike and Lake Trout. These are available using fly, or spinning gear in the area I fished.






Zombie Supplies
















Zombie Supplies

Bass Pro Shops has a new line of Zombie products!  Here are some featured products that we have in stock.

Zombie Pepper Spray

pepper spray 
The fastest deploying and most compact key chain pepper spray, Saber Red Zombie Pepper Spray delivers great accuracy from its ergonomic Spitfire design. It sprays in any direction; straight on, from the hip, or over the shoulder. Quick Release design with detachable key chain allows immediate access to your defense spray. Lightweight at 0.16 ounces, one Zombie Pepper Spray canister holds approximately 8 bursts and reaches 6-8 feet in a cone spray pattern.

 Zombie Plano Ammo can
• Top access storage
• Over molded handle
• Holds up to six boxes of 12 gauge ammo
The Plano Zombie Max Ammo Can features top access storage and over molded handle. Holds up to six boxes of 12 gauge ammo. Color: Black. Exterior dimensions: 15" x 8" x 10"; interior dimensions: 12.5" x 6" x 8.5"

bulletsZombie Max Ammo
Shot Shells:
• Lightweight, high velocity, high performance shotshells
• Loaded with hard-hitting OO buckshot
• Certified Zombie Ammunition
   Hand Gun/ Centerfire:
• Lightweight, high velocity, high performance centerfire rounds
• Loaded with super-accurate, polymer-tipped Z-Max™ bullets
• Dramatic accuracy, ultra-flat trajectories, and devastating expansion - even in low velocity situations

• Novelty splattering gun targets add a bit of fun to shooting practice
• White halo forms around each bullet hole - plainly see each hit in between shots
• Full color 12'' x 18'' zombie image adds fun to practice



B.A.S.S Open Tournamnet Weigh-In

Check out the story on the tournament on the James River and the Weigh-In here at Bass Pro Shops! josh wagy


Food Drive at Bass Pro Shops!

Food Drive  
    A recent study by Feeding America found that over 1,012,500 Virginians are considered "food insecure." This represents a 54% increase since 2006. A large number of these individuals are children, senior citizens, disabled adults, and the new face of hunger - individuals who have lost their jobs and are having problems making ends meet. Summertime is typically one of the most challenging times for food banks in Virginia, especially with the number of children who are out of school and do not have access to before and after school feeding programs.

    In response to this urgent need, Governor Bob McDonnell, The Virginia Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Virginia Food Banks are joining efforts in 2012 to create the first Chamber of Commerce Challenge Food and Fund Drive -- a food and fund drive competition among all Virginia Chambers of Commerce, their member businesses, and state government offices. In this friendly competition, the Chamber or government office that raises the most pounds of food will be awarded a prestigious and highly coveted "Governor's Bowl" in the categories of small, medium, and large for Chamber offices and a special bowl for the top government office.

    gift cardBass Pro Shops in Ashland is getting involved in this great opportunity to make an impact on the community. Come by Bass Pro Shops in Ashland from May 28 to July 4 and drop off your donation of food to include canned meats and fish, canned fruits and vegetables, peanut butter, hot and cold cereals, pasta, and rice, and enter a drawing each week for five weeks to win a $100 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card.  Please limit one entry per week.  Let’s come together and make a difference in our community.


Bass Pro Shops Summer Camp

Check out this video on this year's upcoming Summer Camp!


Summer Camp 2012

Family Summer Camp Dates and Times
Dates & Times: June 9 – July 15, Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Activities (Shooting Arcade, Ranges, Casting Targets, Free Photo)
Tuesdays and Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, 1-5pm
Free Photo - Weekends only

Workshop Schedule
Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00-5:00pm
Tuesday seminar schedule                                 Thursday seminar schedule
1:00 Dogs in the Outdoors                                   1:00 Outdoor Discovery & Conservation
2:00 Archery                                                             2:00 Bird Watching
3:00 Wildlife Exploration                                        3:00 Fishing
4:00 Camping                                                         4:00 Backyard Adventure
5:00 Exploring Hunting & Shooting                     5:00 Archery

Saturdays and Sundays
Saturday Seminar Schedule                              Sunday Seminar Schedule –
1:00 Fishing                                                          1:00 Outdoor Discovery & Conservation
2:00 Camping                                                       2:00 Bird Watching
3:00 Wildlife Exploration                                     3:00 Fishing
4:00 Backyard Adventure                                    4:00 Dogs in the Outdoors
5:00 Archery                                                          5:00 Exploring Hunting & Shooting

Crafts- Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2-4pm, Saturdays, Sundays, 1-4pm
the crafts schedule is as follows:
June 9, 10, 12 14 Decorate a Garden Pot to plant your seedling
June 16, 17, 19, 21 Paint a Wiggle Snake
June 23, 24, 26, 28 Make Your Own Catch a Fish Game
June 30, July 1, 3, 5 Paint a Bear Track
July 7, 8, July 10, 12 Stamp a Leather Wristband
July 14, 15 Paint a Birdhouse

S’mores- Saturdays only, 6-7pm

Boy Scout Merit Badge Class Schedule
Tuesdays and Thursday at 7pm

Tuesday, June 12 Fishing
Thursday, June 14 Rifle Shooting
Tuesday, June 19 Rifle Shooting
Thursday, June 21 Fishing
Tuesday, June 26 Fishing
Thursday, June 28 Rifle Shooting
Tuesday, July 3 Rifle Shooting
Thursday, July 5 Fishing
Tuesday, July 10 Fishing
Thursday, July 12 Rifle Shooting


More Fish

more fish

More Fish! Conservation Month
May 1 – 31, 2012

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) has launched a multi-year campaign, called More Fish! The purpose of the campaign is to educate the general public regarding the perils facing our fish populations, to motivate people to donate to this cause, and to use the donations received to fund various initiatives around the country toward improving fish habitat, species health, and other conservation efforts in order for future generations to enjoy the sport of fishing.

Donate $2 to the “More Fish” campaign and enter a drawing for a chance to win a
$500 Bass Pro Shops gift card!