Fish Frying: A Tasty Meal Without the Mess

Uncle Buck's Fish Batter has a variety of options to meet the needs of all fish lovers. If you love that hint of lemon, then lemon pepper fish batter is for you. We also have a light and krispy flavor and beer batter. If you want that spicy kick to your fish, then try the hot & spicy! If spiciness isn't your thing, we have the mild flavor or the good ole original fish batter.

Riceland Fish Fry Oil gives your fried fish a light, crispy taste. The 100% Rice Bran Oil is naturally gluten free with 0 mg cholesterol and 0 g trans fat per serving. It has a high smokepoint, is non-hydrogenated and stable and long-lasting. The best part is, the rice is grown in the USA!

The Bass Pro Shops Cast Iron Fish Fryer is perfect for frying fish. The heavy-duty outdoor cooker is built to last with its cast iron burner. It has an 18" tall steel base that is a portable cooking machine to take anywhere as long as you bring propane. The base has adjustable safety brackets to keep the 6.5 quart dutch oven pot in place over the burner. The fry pot makes cooking more simple and keeps food from burning due to its superior head distribution and easy oil temperature regulation. The aluminum strainer basket features a coated handle for cool handing. The cooker also comes with a CSA-approved regulator and hose and a 5" deep-fry thermometer.

Now you can use the Bass Pro Shops Uncle Buck's Batter Box to bread or batter an entire fryer-load all at one time. It's a quick, clean and simple way to prepare your fish. The Batter Box has a removable sifter that keeps the food being breaded out of the dry mix which prevents it from clumping up. The separation ensures an even coating over your fish, vegetables or other meat. It is also perfect for marinating! With its tabbed handle for easy lift-top opening and its powerful locking lid, you know it is built to last. It's also the perfect size that fits on a refrigerator shelf and is even dishwasher safe!

Step 1: Pour Uncle Bucks Fish Batter into the base of the Uncle Bucks Batter Box.

Step 2: Place fish on top of the sifter.

Step 3: Shake it!

Step 4: Move battered fish into the Cast Iron Fish Fryer.

Step 5: Enjoy your evenly battered fried fish!


Cool Down in the Sun

Whether you fish, hike, golf, garden or run, the Columbia Freezer Zero Neck Gaiter (92% polyester/8% elastane) is a product for consideration. The neck gaiter consists of a sweat-activated cooling technology which is perfect for any hot, sunny summer activity. The Omni-Freeze™ technology reacts with moisture which lowers fabric temperature giving a cooling relief. The Omni-Shade™ technology blocks a UPF rating of 50. It guards your neck and face from the brutal summer sun.



Wear the Columbia Freezer Zero Neck Gaiter around your neck, under your hat, over your face or as a headband! No matter which way you wear it, expect sun protection with a cool sensation.



A Few Tips for the Walleye Run

     As spring time approaches and all our ice is melting, anglers in northern Ohio have a great opportunity for some excellent walleye fishing.  In many of the Lake Erie tributaries, walleye will begin to migrate as the waters begin to warm up to spawn.  In particular in my area, the Maumee and Sandusky rivers are the primary areas that anglers target as the walleye move up these rivers to spawn.  There are many access areas to both of these rivers.  However, the key to catching these walleyes is location and understanding what to look for in these "key" areas.

     Rather than getting into lures, gear and setup, I would rather focus on some other important factors for catching these walleye.  When the walleye move into the river to stage for the spawn, they are going to look for gravel/rocky areas to spawn.  As they move into these areas (often times around riffles), the walleye will hold in deeper holes below the riffles until they are ready to spawn.   Accessing these areas often times requires a good set of chest waders.

     Another very important factor that many people overlook is the water level.  As the river changes levels very often this time of year, it is important to look at the river predictions to determine which areas you will be able to access, as well as which areas may be too shallow to fish due to receding water.  Remember that if you walk into the river early in the day and the water was just below the top of your waders, rising water may put you in a difficult position to return.  With the cold water temperatures and current, safety needs to be the #1 priority on your mind.

     Lastly, another key factor to keep in mind is with your lure presentation.  Walleye position themselves facing into the current.  When you are fishing in this current it is important to cast upstream at approximately a 45 degree angle and let the current sweep your rig downstream.  Lure weight is key.  You want to use a weight that consistently can bounce off the bottom, but not too heavy that your lure just drags on the bottom.  It is very important to get that bottom contact.  Getting the right sweep of your lure in the current may be the difference between catching walleye and not.   I want to wish everyone luck out there this year.  Hopefully, a few of these tips will help you determine some productive areas.   Lastly, be safe out there and have fun!
Kyle Weisenburger

Bass Pro Shops

Local Pro Staff


Hop in to see the Easter Bunny!

Families are invited to celebrate Easter at Bass Pro Shops in Rossford, Ohio! Starting on March 28 through Easter on April 5, Bass Pro Shops will be hosting various events for families to enjoy.

There will be a free 4X6 photo with the Easter Bunny. Photo packages can be purchased such as the Bunny package, Jelly Bean package and Spring Package. He will be here on the following dates and times:

•    Saturdays and Sundays, March 28-29 and April 4-5   (11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.)
•    Monday-Thursday, March 30 through April 2 (6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.)
•    Friday, April 3 (2:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.)


They will be hosting crafts on the weekends (March 28 & 29, April 3, 4 & 5) while supplies last. On Saturday and Sunday, March 28 and 29, kids can color an Easter basket magnet from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. On Friday, April 3 from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. kids can color a wooden bunny. Kids can Color a wooden chick on Saturday and Sunday, April 4 and 5 from 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Easter would not be complete without an old-fashioned Easter Egg Hunt! Kids ages 2 to 10 are invited to come in on Saturdays and Sundays, March 28 & 29, April 4 & 5 and participate. Kids will find 5 Easter eggs to turn in for candy. Registration will begin at 1:30 p.m. and the hunt will start promptly at 2:00 p.m. and will run until 3:00 p.m.

For more details, please visit, check out the Rossford Bass Pro Shops Facebook page, call (419)-891-3900 and/or feel free to stop in the store.


A Sailfish Story Like No Other

In 1969, Virginia and Harold Henningsen of Oregon, Ohio went to Acapulco, Mexico for a winter vacation. Both are recreational fisherman and made the decision to test the waters of the deep seas. Neither of them spoke Spanish, but they chartered with a local crew that did not speak English. The boat they fished on did not seem very reliable and seemed as if it could sink at any moment. Even with communication barriers and undependable equipment they found success. Early to being at sea, Virginia felt a bite and set the hook. She could tell this was going to be a big catch. After hours of effort and teamwork, she reeled in the biggest catch of the whole crew’s experience. She caught a 7 foot long sailfish! The sailfish was mounted and displayed in the Henningsen home for forty years prior to the donation to Bass Pro Shops. It is now mounted and displayed in our Conservation Room in the Rossford store.

Virginia and Harold were married for 53 years and were lifelong residents of Oregon, Ohio. Together, they raised four children and welcomed 10 grandchildren.

Virginia Henningsen: December 23, 1926 - October 4, 2000

Harold Henningsen: July 28, 1923 - March 12, 2010


It's getting cold out there!

It's getting cold out there! 

Redhead Bone-Dry Canvasback Systems Wader Jacket for Men

Being a shorter version of the 4-in-1 Parka, this waist length jacket with an elastic bottom for wearing over your waders, has all the same features as the Canvasback 4-in-1 parka. It has a rugged Taslon oxford shell that has a Bone-Dry membrane making the jacket waterproof, windproof and breathable. The 100 gram ThermoLite insulation in the hood and the arms and 150 gram ThermoLite in the body, makes this jacket extremely warm. The removable liner, also has features of its own such as shot shell holders in the chest. An additional feature that makes this such a great buy, and a fantastic Christmas gift, is the Rip-stop in the shoulders and the articulated elbows. Additional features include: three piece hood, side seam adjusters, 2 large snap-close cargo pockets, magnetic closure chest pockets with hidden drainage, license loop and mesh ambidextrous shooting pad pocket. The hook ‘n’ loop cuffs with neoprene barriers are great for those frigid mornings, wading in the marsh, setting up your decoys. Just before shooting time, its starting to become light out, ducks are flying overhead, and you’re not sure whether its time to pull the trigger or not: the magnetic closure pockets are perfectly silent, allowing you to check the time without letting the birds know you are there. The Redhead Bone-Dry Canvasback Systems Wader Jacket makes a tremendous waterfowl hunting coat, and would be a great gift for that special someone for the holidays.


We're Baking Fall!

We're Baking Fall in the Uncle Bucks Kitchen!


Fall has arrived with some delicious items in our Fudge Shop!  We offer more than 30 flavors of fudge including Apple Pie, Caramel Apple Pie and Orange Chocolate Swirl.  Try one of Uncle Bucks favorite Healthy Treats such as our Caramel Apples made fresh, in-house.  Our cinnamon rolls are baked fresh each day and make a sweet treat that's hard to resist anytime!  Please stop in and Visit us in the General Store inside Bass Pro Shops, Rossford, Ohio! 

Fresh Baked Giant Cinnamon Rolls


Our wonderful Fudge artists have been hard at work creating these Halloween Treats! Stop in our Uncle Bucks Sandwich and Fudge Shop to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours. Our hand pored fudge is the best in town!  

Purchase a festive Pan to give out samples to your Trick-or-Treaters!

Do you want to be the best Trick-or-Treat stop on the block? Purchase a Pan of our Festive Fudge to pass out samples!  

Orange Chocolate Swirl


Mint Chocolate Swirl


Custome topping Caramel Apples

Pumpkin Butter


The North Face Women's Thermoball Full-Zip Jacket





Thermoball Quilt Pattern

Winter’s coming ladies, but do you want to have to pull out that heavy winter coat? The North Face Thermoball coat is a perfect choice for this season. This stylish coat is meant to be customized by you. Pick your color; cosmic blue, borealis blue, spicy orange, and TNF black; then adjust the hidden draw string to block out the cold. With a full zip front, secure zip hand pockets, banded cuffs and a tall neck, get out of here freeze! It comes in sizes from extra-small to extra-large, for your fitting needs. The Thermoball coat is designed to be lightweight with high loft clusters to retain heat. It only weighs about 10 oz. but has an equivalent of 600-fill down! The synthetic insulation is designed to imitate down even when wet! The primaloft insulation is designed in a thermoball pattern which traps the heat to keep you warm during those cold, outdoor activities. Made out of 100% nylon, it is blue sign approved, making it 100% environmentally responsible! This coat will last you a life time, and if it doesn't, it has a life- time warranty.



The Thermoball Assortment

For more information:


 North Face Women's Thermoball Full-Zip Jacket Spicy Orange


LifeStraw Water Filter

Removes bacteria & protozoa

The LifeStraw water filter was originally developed as a tool in emergency relief to provide clean water in areas affected by conflict and natural disasters.  Most outdoorsy folks will find a use for this lightweight water filter for adventures of all kinds. The featherweight filter comes in at a whopping 2 ounces, this filter requires no pumping or chemical treatment. This revolutionary "straw" allows you to safely drink directly from a water source ( rivers, lakes, and streams) or from a bottle of untreated water.  The LifeStraw filters down to 0.2 microns and is 99.9999% effective in removing dangerous waterborne bacteria as well as 99.9% of protozoa's such as giardia and cryptosporidium. The ease of use is a major feature of the LifeStraw, you simply put the bottom of the straw into the "unsafe" water and begin drinking through the straw. Once you are done drinking LifeStraw recommends that you "regularly blow though your LifeStraw after drinking to keep the filter clean and prevent clogging" (illustrated below). LifeStraw will filter up to 1,000 liters (264 gallons) of water and has a shelf life of 5 years, making it a great back up for emergency situations. LifeStraw is carried in stores as well online for $19.99. LifeStraw guarantees for every ten LifeStraws sold, Eartheasy will donate one to crisis-affected people in developing countries through the manufacturer’s partnership with Rotary International. We also have a tree planted for every order through partnership with Trees for the Future Foundation.


Compact and easy to use

Conveniently wearable


Drink directly from water source


OtterBox Armor Cases

OtterBox Armor Case

OtterBox  has gone to the next level with their Armor Series cases that come equipped with many military specific features. The new cases are built to take drops, dust, water and crushing force. The phone can be submerged in up to 6.6 ft of water for up to 30 minutes without effecting the device. The OtterBox can withstand a drop from 10 ft to concrete or rock. On the inside the silicone bed cushions the device and is meant to keep it in place when dropped. The outside screen protector is built to keep a waterproof seal and prevent scratches to the glass display.. The Armor Series features a reinforced plastic back that withstands up to two tons of pressure. Also featuring corrosion-resistant metal latches to secure a solid waterproof seal. It also features silicone plug covers over the headphone port and charging port ( Notice: Case will not be waterproof when charging or using the headphone jack). The case will accommodate both the iPhone 4/4s & iPhone 5.  It is available in stores for $99.99 and at Bass Pro Shops

OtterBox iPhone 4/4S Case

Fully Functional buttons while keeping out dirt, dust, and water

Silicone Headphone jack cover

iPhone 5 OtterBox Armor Case

Corrosion Resistant metal latches create waterproof seal

Industrial strength plastic can withstand 2 tons of Pressure

Silicone covers for headphone jack and charging port on iPhone 5

A unbelievable case that guarantees "no nonsense" protection of your mobile device. Check out Armor Series vs. Kayaking below to see it in use! 




Ice, Ice, Baby!

Start thinking ICE!

Bass Pro Shops Ice Fishing Weekend is Right around the Corner!


Automatic Fisherman

Our NEW Automatic Fisherman only $39.99

Automatic Fish

How the Automatic Fisherman works:
When a fish bites your bait and starts to swim away, the bobber on the line will come up to the fishing rod and get tight. The steel trigger shaft will angle down, causing the fishing rod to slide off the post and set the hook in the fish. The red trigger arm will fall out of the way to give you a tangle-free area to fight your fish. The fishing rod and the drag on the reel do the work until you grab the rod and start reeling the fish up.


Check our some of our new gear featured in our Ice Fishing section! Offering everything from snowshoes to hundreds of different ice lures, we have everything to outfit our icefisherman's outdoor needs. 

our selection



More of our selection


Introduction to Fly Tying Class

White River Fly Shop

Introduction to Fly Tying

Wooly Bugger


We welcome all ages to join our experienced Fly Tying Team while we introduce the art of tying flies. You will learn the most effective tying techniques to create your own flies. We will be focusing on patterns such as dry flies, nymphs, and streamers. All materials and tools will be provided and the class will be FREE of charge. This seminar will be held on Saturdays from 11:00am-1:00pm in the Fly Shop. Please see any fishing associate for sign up or contact us at (419) 891-3900.



Schedule Changed: Fly Tying for Salmon and Steelhead!


Rossford's White River Fly Shop Presents our

Advanced Fly Tying Class

Featuring: Salmon and Steelhead


Our fly fishing team is excited to announce the dates for our featured steelhead and salmon tying classes. Every Saturday from 11:00am-1:00pm we will be meeting in the conservation room to share our knowledge in fly tying. We will be focusing on various egg patterns, flesh flies, egg sucking leeches, and wooly buggers. This year we will ask a small fee of 10$, which will allow us to provide all the needed materials. We ask that guests bring their own vise and tools, we have limited equipment which will be lent out on a first come first serve basis. Contact the fly shop for class sign up, this will be an educational experience you don't want to miss. Phone (419) 891-3900 


These are some of the MUST HAVE flies in your box when casting a line for Salmon and Steelhead. These flies have many different color, size, and technique variations which will increase your chances in hooking the big ones.  

White Wooly Bugger

White Wooly Bugger

Purple Egg Sucking Leech

Purple/Orange Flesh Fly

Pink Sparkle Spawn Egg Pattern

Pink Sparkle Spawn Egg Pattern

Black/Pink Egg Sucking Leech

Black/Pink Egg Sucking Leech

Steak N' Eggs

Steak N' Eggs

Flesh N' Egg

Flesh N' Egg

Black/Olive Wooly Bugger

Black/Olive Wooly Bugger










Waterfowl Weekend at Bps Rossford

September starts a new Waterfowl season here in Ohio. September 8th and 9th brings the LynchMob Boys into the store for some new product and some tips and tricks for your upcoming hunts!
















Sawyer Squeeze Filter

Sawyer Squeeze Filter

The Sawyer Squeeze Filter has revolutionized how we think about filtering water in the backcountry. Coming in at a 3 ounce field weight, this filter will disappear into your pack without adding bulk or weight. Anyone who has spent time in the backcountry has most likely labored in a creek pumping for multiple minutes only to have a liter of clean, drinkable water. This filter will typically fill up a liter of water in about 20 to 30 seconds by squeezing the water through the hollow fiber filter.  The filter comes with three (64oz, 32 oz, 16 oz) lightweight, packable, reusable pouches to collect and transport water.

Attach directly to any plastic water bottle

In the backcountry you have a few ways of using this filter. First, you can attach the filter directly to the bag and drink from the pop-up cap. Another option is to squeeze the pouch and fill another container like a Nalgene or Camelbak bottle. The third option allows you to screw the filter directly to most plastic water bottles, even a 2 liter bottle. This offers some versatility not only in the backcountry but when traveling abroad where you may not trust the water source.  You can also throw the squeeze filter in-line with your hydration pack.  This allows the convenience of filtering while on the move.

Put the filter in-line with adapter kit

What has set this filter apart from others is the exceptional filter technology at hand. This filter, like many others, removes bacteria and protozoa related to water bourne illnesses. The filter meets and exceeds all EPA recommendations for removal rates, actually posting the highest filtration rates available on the market.  The Hollow Fiber Membrane came from technology used in the medical field for kidney dialysis   This filter touts a 0.1 micron that uses a cluster of micro-fibrous tubes to filter water effectively. This filter does remove 99.99999% of all bacteria and 99.9999% of protozoa (Giardia and Cryptosporidium) but does not purify out viruses. The filters effectiveness and ease of use is a huge benefit, but the real catch is the longevity of the filter.

Squeeze Filter is very compact

Sawyer is so confident in the technology at hand they give this filter a 1 Million Gallon Guarantee. Verbatim it reads:

We are confident in our million gallon claim because you can continually clean the filter by backwashing it with clean water at high pressures, restoring it to its original capacity. That is why we can GUARANTEE THE FILTER FOR LIFE as long as you follow the simple care and use instructions. Backwashing is not required often unless you are filtering very turbid water. Even so, the simple process only takes a few seconds. If you are accustomed to a ceramic filter, the cleaning ratio is approximately 20:1. In other words, by the time you first need to clean your hollow fiber filter, you would have needed to clean a ceramic filter twenty times. NO REPLACEMENT FILTERS OR CARTRIDGES ARE NECESSARY. We trust you will thoroughly enjoy the ease and extra protection this proven next generation technology offers you.

This claim is really why the filter has caught the attention of so many backcountry users, gaining high praise from backpackers and publications. Sawyer was awarded the 2012 Editors' Choice Award from Backpacker Magazine, and is frequently the go to filter recommended by Bass Pro sales associates.

Sawyer Squeeze Filter in-use

I found the Sawyer Squeeze Filter to be much easier to use than other ceramic, paper, or chemical based filters and purifiers. I enjoyed not having to pump; squeezing is easy enough that my 4 year old daughter was able to take part in the filtering process. With the remarkable longevity of the filter, convenience, and versatility, this is a must for anyone who enjoys the backcountry or even general emergency preparedness. The filter also is extremely affordable compared to its competitors (MSRP 59.99). For more information check out Sawyer's FAQ and this Video from Sawyer.  Available On-line and In-Store.



Temple Fork Outfitter Rod Company Professional Series

Temple Fork Outfitters

Professional Series Fly Rod

By: Elliot Cantwell

Casting the TFO Professional Series

Temple Fork Outfitters Rod Company makes numerous affordable and well built rods that give a consumer a great rod for the money.  TFO backs their product with a 25 year warranty and with always innovative and new products.  The company offers numerous rod types for every fisherman’s needs.  Recently I field tested one of their mid-range rods.  The TFO Professional Series is the 2nd in a long line of series or rods that offers a low price without compromising rod quality.  The rod I tested was the 8 foot 4wt, which was paired with Rio Trout Line.  The Rio Trout Lt allowed us to really see the delicacy and fine presentation the rod offered. 

Fish on line

The rod is a mid-action rod but has more than enough back bone for a middle double haul.  The rod is very lift on its feet and responds well to added power in the casting stroke without translating that power into a sloppy presentation on the water.  This rod is very accurate allowing the angler to present flies close to cover and mend line without disturbance.  The double haul comes with ease but if the angler becomes to aggressive with his/her casting stroke the rod will be over powered creating tailing loops. With that said though, the rod can handle a substantial about of power without these consequences becoming apparent.  All in all, the TFO Professional Series rod offers high quality, great cast ability, and accuracy without the price tag of a much more expensive rod. Available On-line and In-Store MSRP $149.95 to $194.95


Steelhead & Salmon Flies

White River Fly Shop Rossford, OH

With Autumn around the corner, fly fishing offers numerous benefits to any angler, seasoned or unseasoned.  Autumn offers less crowded rivers, clearer water and cooler temperatures. Prepping for the Salmon and Steelhead season, we are adding new fly patterns to our already expansive assortment.  Our fishing staff carries vast knowledge of the rivers in Michigan and Ohio. So, come on in and we can get you ready for everything you need to go fly fishing. From waders to tippets, we know you'll walk away prepared. Below are some of our newest flies, specifically for the salmon/steelhead runs.

San Juan Worm

San Juan Worm

The San Juan Worm is a great pattern for trout no matter the time of year. This fly works very well during the fall, winter and spring for steelhead ( best in Ohio ). This fly works great especially after a heavy rain when the water is still stained. The fly fishermans' version of the Powerbait 3" trout worm  is very popular with centerpin fishermen. This fly is also available in flame orange.  MSRP $1.49

San Juan Worm

BH Superflash Zonker


The BH Superflash Zonker is a great baitfish for the midwest. Tied with a large, long tail it has the profile and wiggle to attract a variety of larger predator fish. A must have for fishing the Maumee River, especially after the first half of the season. Try on a MSRP $2.99

BH Superflash Zonker

Trina Sculpin Bugger

Trina Sculpin Bugger

The Trina Sculpin Bugger is another pattern from the Montana Fly Company . The fly is heavy enough to sink deep with a realistic sculpin shape, a great brown trout and bass streamer. Tie it on with a loop knot for maximum movement.  MSRP $3.19

Trina Sculpin Bugger

Wooly Bugger Fly Collection

Rainy's Wooly Bugger

Rainy's Wooly Bugger Fly Kit offers a great assortment of classic fly patterns. With a variety of sizes and colors, it's perfect for the starter or somebody who wants to be prepared for a variety of fishing conditions.  This is particularly useful for great lake salmon and steelhead. MSRP $44.99






Goal Zero Nomad 7

Goal Zero Nomad 7

Goal Zero encourages outdoor enthusiasts  to "Live Life Untethered". The Goal Zero Nomad 7 allows you to recharge small handheld devices like a GPS, digital cameras, mp3 players, and cellphones from the sun's powerful rays. The panel produces 7 watts of power when placed in direct sunlight. The Nomad 7 has two outputs, USB and a 12 volt DC charging port. Goal Zero touts that the Nomad 7 is 30% smaller and 14 times more powerful than comparable panels. The panel utilizes mono-crystaline solar technology which has a lifespan of 10-30 years and is efficient even in low light conditions.

Charge your handheld device directly from the sun

I used the Nomad 7 on a 4-day backpacking trip in Dolly Sods Wilderness located in West Virginia. The panel was used to recharge my iPhone (which I was using for its GPS and camera features) as well as my Goal Zero Rock Out speaker. By recommendation, I would open up the panel so that it could "warm-up" prior to plugging in my device. Immediately after plugging in, I'd recieve signs of a positive charge on the phone, both on clear and partially cloudy days. Goal Zero says that the Nomad 7 will charge a cell phone in 1-2 hours, I found this to be consistent with my experince by gaining 10% of battery life for every 10-15 minutes sitting directly in the sun.

Solar charge cell phone in 1 to 2 hours

I found that proper alignment to the sun was critical to the efficiency of the panel. Setting the panel at a 45 degree angle allowed for optimal power absorption.  I found this could be achieved by utilizing a dry bag or stuffed sack (seen below). I found myself charging our devices both in the morning and evening.  The first oppurtunity I had to charge from the sun was after a few showers had moved throughout the region.  Complete cloud cover had me worried that I'd have to conserve battery life, but alas! As soon as I plugged in I starting drawing a positive charge into my device.

7 watt mono-crystalline solar technology

The panel features a rugged, protective case that is also water resistent.  During use the panel's dimensions are 17 x 9 x 0.1 inch and when in storage it is 6 x 9 x 1 inch.  When folded this panel disappears into your pack unnoticed. This is definitely worth adding to your pack with minimal loss of space.  Also,  weighing .8 lbs (12.8 ounces for those counting), the Nomad 7 panel adds little weight to your pack.

Nomad 7 Folded

Below you can see the panel compared to a average magazine.

Nomad 7 compared to Magazine

The Nomad 7 features eight attachment loops which allows you to  hang the panel from your pack. Having this feature enables you to collect solar power on the go. I found the Nite-Ize #1 S-Biner  to be a great carabiner for attaching the panel to my pack, allowing for a multiple hanging options. This feature takes away the extra time needed in camp and at breaks to fuss with charging your devices. That being said, where we were backpacking didn't have any long stretches of canopy cover. We were mainly running along the Alleghany Plateau, which granted us a lot of sky and sun, perfect for snagging the sun's energy.

Attach to the outside of a Backpack

The Nomad 7 is perfect for anyone who wants to stay somewhat connected to the outside world. As an individual who typically couldn't stand having any "techy" items in my pack,  I found it enjoyable to edit photos prior to bed or access PDF files that contained maps and local beta. Pick up the panel and begin living life untethered! The Nomad 7 is available on-line & in-store. MSRP $79.99

Unfolded dimensions 19 x 9 x 0.1



Ascend Low Profile Chair

Ascend Low Profile Chair

The Ascend Low Profile Chair provides a lightweight option for campers and beach goers alike.  Great for those looking to travel further with their camp chair, this chair comes in at five and a half pounds with a carry bag equipped with a shoulder strap making it easy for both adults and kids to carry along.

Nylon mesh panel in the seat encourage air circulation and drying for extra comfort.

The chair features a comfortable 600D ripstop polyester sling seat that is also water resistant. Running from the back through the seat you have a nylon mesh panel that allows a breezy circulation of air and also quick drying after getting out of a lake or the ocean.

This sturdy chair features a strong powder-coated steel and aluminum frame

This chair comfortably accommodates individuals up to 250 lbs. Supported by a powder-coated steel and aluminum frame, this chair is built to last from summer to summer. Adding to the comfort of the chair there are foam padded armrests to allow you to completely sit back and relax.

Dimensions: 20'' x 22'' x 24''

Easy to carry, very comfortable and lightweight are just a few reasons why this chair should accompany you on every camping or beach trip. The low profile keeps you close to ground encouraging you to sit back and relax. The biggest downfall is sometimes you don't want to get up. Available online & In-store MSRP $39.99

Ascend Low Profile Chair @ East Harbor State Park, OH


A Simple Guide to Colorado elk hunt

Ever wanted to go on the hunt of a life time and just can't find the time or the resources to go? Look no further then here my friends. We are going to be following two guys on their hunt of a life time, an elk hunt in Colorado. We are going to be following them on every step of the trip from planning to hopefully processing a couple of monster elk.  This trip is a non-guided hunt in which they have been drawn for tags and are going to camp and hunt for two weeks. The boys are headed out to the east of Buford Colorado. These next few blogs will show what you need to do to prepare for a trip like this and will cover everything from gear to tips and tricks to hopefully make you more successful out in the field.


 dan urban

 BIO UPDATE;  Name - Dan Urban , Dan is a Hunting Team Lead at the Bass Pro Shops in Rossford Ohio.

Bow Of Choice for Dan -  Morrison Shawnee 50#

David Lang

BIO UPDATE: Name - David Lange . David is a part time associate in the archery department at Bass Pro Shops in Rossford Ohio.

Bow of Choice for David - David Builds his own traditional bows ( Brush Creek Bows)


Keep Checking Back for updates and new topics!



By: Rees Brossia