Squaltex Rain Gear

Looking for either Spring or early Fall rainwear? Look no further then to go with Red Head's Squaltex. The 100% waterproof, breathable,windproof liner makes it perfect for those varying temperatures and unpredictable weather. The 240 gram polyester external shell makes Squaltex one of the quietest on the market.  Squaltex comes in jackets and pants for men,ladies, and children. It also comes in bibs for men. The Tall sizes in the men's line make it a great fit for almost ever one.


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2012's Z8 & Z9

Z8-$33,995 Z9-$39,995

2012 Nitro Z8

If you are looking for a boat that will help you fish faster, harder, and better, then the look no further that our 2012 Nitro Z-8. It is equipped with options to guarantee an amazing day on the water. The Z-8 comes standard with Mercury 200 Optimax Pro Xs motor. Our hand laid hull with foam filled fiberglass stringer system in one of a kind. The boat also comes with our signature Rapid Planing System and a 10” jack plate.

Standard 24V, 70lb thrust foot controlled trolling motor and in-dash Lowrance Mark5-X will surely get the job done!

The 2 aerated Guardian live wells with timers, recirculators, pump out system, and Max_air induction systems are designed for a serious angler. The custom matched trailer with galvashield corrosion protection, a tongue step, LED brake lights, a swing away tongue and EZ lube hubs is also standard.. The large fishing decks, storage compartments, and across seating is unmatched. So if you are looking for performance, style, and comfort to win them all, or just for a fun day on the water, check out our 2012 Nitro z-8 sitting on our show room floor while it last! Ours has a few options that upgrade this boat compared to a standard model. It has remote oil fill, trim lever on the wheel, a hot foot, tilt hydraulic steering, fiberglass fenders, and a spare tire kit. This custom package could be yours for $37,400 or you can build the boat of your dreams with any option you desire! Come see us at Rossford Tracker Marine and let us help you get on the water in the boat of your dreams.

2012 Z9

Fresh onto our showroom floor!  The brand new 2012 Nitro Z9.  The most tournament ready Z9 we’ve had in our showroom!  Ours comes equipped with a Mercury 250 Pro XS, and a custom-fit trailer with chrome rims that highlights the boat’s beautiful Candy Apple Flake, guaranteed to turn heads.  This ride also includes a Genuine NITRO ratchet cover for trailering home from your tournaments and an Atlas hydraulic jack plate that allows you to get into the shallows to hit your honey hole.  For electronics, we have flush-mounted an HDS 7 into the dash and have upgraded the bow-mount trolling motor to a Minn Kota Fortrex 101.  Need to recharge your batteries before the final weigh-in?  We have installed a Guest 4-bank, 35 amp, on-board charger.  You would be hard pressed to find a boat of this quality, with these options, under $50,000.  Stop in to check it out while it’s here.


Quiver Critter Offers Help

Are you having difficulty getting that predator to come in close enough to take a good clean shot? Is your electronic caller just not as effective as it once was? Try adding the Quiver Critter to the mix. This little gadget is awesome at maintaining the attention of that weary coyote to bring them in for a good close shot. With simply set up and just a simple on/off switch its an easy add to any predator hunting experience. The one downside of this product is the plastic stake. This wouldn't normally be an issue during the warmer months but when it gets cold look for digging  a hole for the stake. Overall the Quiver Critter is a great tool at a reasonable price.    

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Written By

Reese Brossia





Cold Weather Hunting

Tired of getting cold in your tree stand or ground blind? Arc Outdoors has a great product that can extend your hunting season into the colder weather, giving you more chances when there is typically less pressure.

Arc Outdoors has a great line of hunting apparel that will really make those cold (almost too cold) days in the tree stand seem like they are a normal Fall morning/afternoon. The arctic shield liner in the jacket is not only windproof and waterproof but it retains up to 90 % of your body heat and returns it right back to you. This membrane is an awesome innovation in the hunting industry because it not only is warmer than most regular insulation,  it is also half the weight and bulk of normal late season jackets or parkas.

Arc makes the jackets in three levels of warmth:
  • Level 1 being the lightest with just a small amount of retain in the jacket.
  • Level 2 has more Arctic Shield in the garment while still maintaining the light weight feel.
  • Level 3 is the warmest of the warm.
There are a few things to watch for while wearing Arctic Shield , making sure you don't over heat going to your stand and making sure you put it on before you get cold. Those are the only two major concerns with this material. Overall, if you're looking for a great late season suit to stay warm in the harshest of elements and not break the bank, Arctic shield is one of the best directions to go.  

Arctic Sheild
( Val Elswick , part time camo associate at the Rossford Ohio Bass Pro Shop, with her button buck she shot while wearing the level 3 Bibs and Parka)

Written By Reese Brossia

Successful Waterfowl Hunting in Public Marshes

There are a few tips and tricks one may use while hunting waterfowl in public marshes to become more successful. Keeping in mind that most of these areas are high pressure, so success is not always measured in a limit or a 15 minute hunt. There are three easy steps that you can take and do in some of your spare time to really boost your hunting experience.  
  1. Scouting - One of the easiest ways to up your success level is to be prepared. Knowing the area well is a big key to knowing where to set up based on how the ducks fly in your particular marsh. Scout only the times when you plan to hunt. The ducks will have different patterns at different times of the day. One should also pay close attention to weather patterns and systems in your particular area. Wind and rain/snow can and should have a big play on your plans for set up.
  2. Early Bird - Another way to boost that success level is to get out and get your spot early. Location in most cases is one of the most important parts to hunting in public areas. Using the information that you have gathered from scouting and from checking the weather reports you should be able to determine what section of the marsh will be the most productive. Getting up extra early isn't always the easiest part of this but it can increase your success level tremendously.
  3. Camo - Making sure that you become completely camouflaged to the best of your abilities while hunting ducks is another huge piece in bagging those skittish ducks. If hunting out of a boat, make sure the boat's outline is thoroughly broken up by adding grasses or by picking and adding cat tails or some other natural camo (make sure not to destroy hunting areas to obtain this extra material).  Being hidden allows the ducks to focus on the decoys in the water instead of wondering what that big blob in the cattails is. 
There are many other little tips and tricks that you can add or do to raise that success bar even higher. These Three ways are just in most cases the easiest to add to your repertoire of tricks to bag even more ducks.  

The Beta: Halfway Log Dump to Tobermory

Halfway Log DumpThis overnight trip is a great way to see Bruce Peninsula National Park. Along the trail you will have vast views of the Caribbean colored waters of the Georgian Bay as you scramble along the Niagara Escarpment and its towering dolomite cliffs. The Bruce Trail winds through Ontario from Niagara to its northern terminus of Tobermory. The northern most section of the Bruce is the most rugged and most remote.

You can start at either High Dump or Halfway Log Dump based on how many miles you would like to cover on day one. From the parking lot at Halfway Log Dump head east to meet the northbound Bruce Trail. Once at the Bruce Trail (marked with white blazes) head north where you will begin scrambling and hiking on a very rocky trail. You are rewarded with your first view from above the Georgian Bay at Cave Point, a 200 foot overhang. Continue north to the backcountry area of Stormhaven.

Stormhaven offers 9 backcountry spots all equip with a platform. Make sure that your tent is free standing. The platforms won't support tents that need to be staked out. There is a great area next to the Georgian Bay for you to set up and cook dinner away from your tent. There is a common area that has a composting toilet and a area to hang bear bags.
Sunset from StormhavenBackcountry platforms at Stormhaven

The next morning you will continue north along a cobblestone beach that will lead you to the Indians Head Cove. This area is frequented by day hikers, swimmers, and scuba divers alike. There are plenty of places to take a plunge in to the frigid waters of Lake Huron. Beyond Indians Head Cove there are two underwater caves. The first is apparent from the natural arched formed. The second is The Grotto, there is two
underwater entrances to the grotto from the Georgian Bay side. 

From there you will continue north across another large cobblestone beach. After the beach you will head up to Halfway Rock Point. From this vantage you can see Flowerpot Island and Bear's Rump Island of the Fathom Five Marine Park. Take in a moment to enjoy the Georgian Bay from this vantage. From there you will dip back into the forest filled with thousand year old cedar trees. You will emerge at the Bruce Peninsula National Park visitor’s center. From there it is a quick hike to the northern terminus of the Bruce Trail at Tobermory's picturesque harbor.

The Bruce TrailMorning on the Bruce. Flowerpot Island and Bear's Rump Island on the horizon

Gearing Up for Flatheads - Part 2

By: John Barr

FLATTY FACENow that we have the rod and reel, its time to talk about what fishing line and terminal tackle to use. First we will talk about fishing line both Monofilament and Braid. A great monofilament option would be Berkley Big Game anywhere from 20-60 lbs. This line is highly abrasion resistant and can take a great deal of abuse; it also comes in low vis green and clear and is very economical. Other great mono filament options would be Cajun red line or Ande’s Fishing line in 20-50 lbs. . A great braid option would either be Power Pro, the new Suffix 832 with GORE performance fibers, or Spiderwire braid. Since all of these lines are superlines they have little to no stretch for great sensitivity and strength. 

Next on the list is terminal tackle beginning with hooks. The type of hook you want to use can vary due to your fishing situation. For tightlining an angler can use a circle hook or a J (modified) hook. For circle hooks a couple of great options would be Gamakatsu Octopus Circle hooks from 6/0-8/0, Daiichi CircleChunk Light hooks from 5/0-7/0, and Team Catfish Double Action circle hooks from 5/0-8/0. These hooks work great when the rod is secured in a rod holder to let the fish load up the rod to hook itself. If a fish is picking up the bait and you have the rod in your hands sweep the rod in a steady motion to hook the fish because you are using circle hooks and require a specific type of hook set.   For J (modified) hooks, the BPS Catmaxx hooks are a large more traditional baitholder hook from 6/0-9/0 and work well for large baits. Other good options are the Gamakatsu 5/0-7/0 Octopus Hooks and the Team Catfish Supercat J-hooks. With these hooks you can have a more traditional hook set


(tightlining or using a float) as soon as the fish picks up the bait. (Note: Make sure that the hooks being used are appropriate for the size of the bait because if you use to big of a hook and are using live bait, it can kill you bait faster). For sinkers, one of the best options to use is the BPS No-roll sinkers from 1oz-4oz. The flat teardrop shape of the sinker allows the current to move over the sinker holding it in place more effectively. Other sinker options include BPS Bank sinkers, Bass Casting sinkers, and Egg sinkers (adjust weight accordingly to current). The Offshore Angler Barrel Swivels (100 lb) are great heavy duty swivels to go along with a slip-sinker rig. Adding a bead to this rig greatly helps reduce the wear to the knot from the main line to the swivel from the sinker sliding up and

down. The offshore angler Crossline swivels are also great for a 3-way rig too. For Float fishing, depending on the size float you want to use the Lindy Little Joe Pole floats are available in different sizes and in weighted and non-weighted variations.

Making sure that heavy duty equipment is being used for these behemoths will make the difference in whether an angler lands or loses a fish of a lifetime. Since we now have all the basics to start fishing for some Big ole’ Flattys the only thing left to do is to get out and fish! See you on the river!



Gearing Up for Flatheads - Part 1

By: John Barr



Getting rigged up for Flathead fishing can be about as tricky as catching the fish. Knowing the right gear to get can help even the odds against one of these whiskered giants. 

The first thing you want to look at would be your rod and reel combinations. For smaller Flatheads (fish under 30 lbs), the BPS Catmaxx CMX3 round baitcast reel is a good option with a 3 bearing system and a bait clicker. A couple of other favorites that would get the job done would be the Abu Garcia 6500 C3 or 6600 C4. Both reels offer a great drag system (carbon matrix), high line capacity, and a bait clicker option. These two reels have been a favorite among catmen for
quite sometime. Now for the larger Flatheads (fish over 30 lbs), a good levelwind reel is highly recommended. One option would be the Abu Garcia 7000c3i, with a 3 bearing system and 17 lbs worth of drag force. Another option is a Penn 320 GT size reel with a 2 bearing system with 15lbs/330yds. Both reels have a ‘winch’ capability that can pull big fish out of snaggy lairs. For a spinning reel option the BPS Catmaxx spinning reels are excellent with a 4 bearing system available in two models, the CM70 and CM80. The CM80 has a larger spool for heavier line and would be better to use near cover. Both of these reels are big enough and strong enough to handle big fish. With a good stout reel a good catman needs a strong rod to go with it. One of the best Flathead rods on the market is the BPS Catmaxx 7’9”MH Livebait casting rod. Constructed of heavy duty IM7 Graphite with double footed guides, reinforced reel seat, with an ultra sensitive “Live Bait” tip this rod has more then enough power for when the time comes. The other casting and spinning variations are excellent rods as well for old Mr. Shovelhead. A couple of other good rods from Shakespeare would be the Ugly Stik Catfish rods in either the spinning or casting variations (Better for smaller fish below 30 lbs) and the Ugly Stik Tiger in both casting and spinning (Better for fish above 30 lbs). These rod and reel options will help you get on the right track to landing numerous big fish. Getting the right rod and reel is the first and most important step, once you have both, you can then think about your presentation and how to rig. 



Ascend Packs at the Red River Gorge

Here are some pictures of a recent backpacking trip to the Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky. Featured in the pictures below are a few of the packs that we have available here at Bass Pro Shops Rossford. These packs were used on a weekend trip in which we backpacked 17 miles through the Red River Gorge. The trip began with a summit of Ravens Rock followed by a loop taking us out too Double Arch and across Auxier Ridge. For more information please visit Red River Gorge Geological Area. Please stop into the Camping department to get expert advice on the right pack for you next backcountry adventure.

Ascend M3300

The North Face Solaris 40 and Ascend M4400

Get Outside and Go Geocaching

Geocaching has continued to grow in popularity since its conception in 2000. Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use a GPS to hide and seek containers with other participants in the activity . Here is a great article explaining the activity ( www.npr.org/2011/07/04/137031052/geocaching-21st-century-treasure-hunting )

If you have any questions about Geocaching stop into Rossford Bass Pro Shops and get with our GPS experts in the Marine Department.

Get started by opening a free account at www.geocaching.com. Also check out the local geocaching club Northwest Ohio Geocachers ( http://www.nwogeo.org/ ) We have two caches here on the Rossford Bass Pro Shops property for our guest and community members to enjoy.

Free Boat Show @ Rossford, OH

March 18, 2011 - March 27, 2011
Free Boat Show www.trackermarine.com/

Free Boat Show will take place from March 18, 2011 through March 27, 2011. Free drawings and sweepstakes through the entire boat show!

March 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th weekends will have workshop seminars as listed below:

1 p.m. - Do It Yourself Service
2 p.m. - Local Fishing Tips
3 pm.. - Using the Latest Electronics

1 p.m. - Towing Your Boat
2 p.m. - Organizing Your Boat to Fish
3 pm.. - Local Fishing Tips

There will be free crafts on Saturday and Sunday for kis from 1- 3 p.m. and free casting game from noon - 3. Tracker Boat Show