Temple Fork Outfitter Rod Company Professional Series

Temple Fork Outfitters

Professional Series Fly Rod

By: Elliot Cantwell

Casting the TFO Professional Series

Temple Fork Outfitters Rod Company makes numerous affordable and well built rods that give a consumer a great rod for the money.  TFO backs their product with a 25 year warranty and with always innovative and new products.  The company offers numerous rod types for every fisherman’s needs.  Recently I field tested one of their mid-range rods.  The TFO Professional Series is the 2nd in a long line of series or rods that offers a low price without compromising rod quality.  The rod I tested was the 8 foot 4wt, which was paired with Rio Trout Line.  The Rio Trout Lt allowed us to really see the delicacy and fine presentation the rod offered. 

Fish on line

The rod is a mid-action rod but has more than enough back bone for a middle double haul.  The rod is very lift on its feet and responds well to added power in the casting stroke without translating that power into a sloppy presentation on the water.  This rod is very accurate allowing the angler to present flies close to cover and mend line without disturbance.  The double haul comes with ease but if the angler becomes to aggressive with his/her casting stroke the rod will be over powered creating tailing loops. With that said though, the rod can handle a substantial about of power without these consequences becoming apparent.  All in all, the TFO Professional Series rod offers high quality, great cast ability, and accuracy without the price tag of a much more expensive rod. Available On-line and In-Store MSRP $149.95 to $194.95

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