Successful Waterfowl Hunting in Public Marshes

There are a few tips and tricks one may use while hunting waterfowl in public marshes to become more successful. Keeping in mind that most of these areas are high pressure, so success is not always measured in a limit or a 15 minute hunt. There are three easy steps that you can take and do in some of your spare time to really boost your hunting experience.  
  1. Scouting - One of the easiest ways to up your success level is to be prepared. Knowing the area well is a big key to knowing where to set up based on how the ducks fly in your particular marsh. Scout only the times when you plan to hunt. The ducks will have different patterns at different times of the day. One should also pay close attention to weather patterns and systems in your particular area. Wind and rain/snow can and should have a big play on your plans for set up.
  2. Early Bird - Another way to boost that success level is to get out and get your spot early. Location in most cases is one of the most important parts to hunting in public areas. Using the information that you have gathered from scouting and from checking the weather reports you should be able to determine what section of the marsh will be the most productive. Getting up extra early isn't always the easiest part of this but it can increase your success level tremendously.
  3. Camo - Making sure that you become completely camouflaged to the best of your abilities while hunting ducks is another huge piece in bagging those skittish ducks. If hunting out of a boat, make sure the boat's outline is thoroughly broken up by adding grasses or by picking and adding cat tails or some other natural camo (make sure not to destroy hunting areas to obtain this extra material).  Being hidden allows the ducks to focus on the decoys in the water instead of wondering what that big blob in the cattails is. 
There are many other little tips and tricks that you can add or do to raise that success bar even higher. These Three ways are just in most cases the easiest to add to your repertoire of tricks to bag even more ducks.  

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