What do you think of when you think of “Fishing”?

Fishing has different meaning to everyone. It has a different outlook and perspective to all. What does it mean to you? Catching the largest fishing among your group of friends? Getting the family out to the coast and spending time together? Or just doing it for the fun of the sport?

Any way you think of it, fishing comes with those great memories and meaning.

Let’s start with the family tradition! When you were little, your dad/parent took you out to the lake just to fish and get out the house. But little did you know your parent took it more than just catching a fish. They took this time to spend time with you. Just have some bonding time, rather than playing video games. Now that you have kids, you appreciate the time that you had with your parents and want to do the same with yours. This time and age it is hard to get your children off the TV, cell phones or laptops! So just taking the kids out isn’t just to teach them how to fish, it’s the conversations that happen during their catches that means the most. Just pass the family tradition down.

When you have had what feels like the longest work week, doesn’t going out to the coast and fish sounds like the ideal thing. To sit on the pier with your love one, bucket of bait and two fishing poles, it’s like paradise. I know it is for me! Go first thing early in the morning right before sunsets. Pick our spot and just wait for the fishes to come along. To some it might seem like a boring, forever time to wait! But for me it means relaxation. No phones. No emails. No schedule or appointments. Just me, the ocean and my fishing pole.

Whichever meaning the word “Fishing” might means to you, enjoy it, cherish it and pass it along! Hook it! 

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Learn How to Be the Best at Fall Hunting Classic





If you haven’t heard by now, our Fall Hunting Classic has started! (August 1st – 17th) It is full of great deals, sales, kids’ events, seminars and even giveaways.

This will be a great time if you are a beginner hunter, come on in and join our seminars on the last weekend.

August 15 7pm

So You Think You Know How To Bow Hunt?


August 16 & 17 

















Autumn Hunt: New Approaches To Fall Success


Tender Venison? It's Easier Than You Think


Does Camo Pattern Really Matter?


Why Should You Be Hunting Predator?


How To Integrate Your Game Camera With Mobile Devices


Especially for the ladies out there that would love to join the sport or may have questions. We will be host a Women’s Workshop August 9th at 3pm. You can learn from a Pro herself! Get the best tips and advice to start off your new hobby. We are even having free giveaways right after the seminars.  You definitely have to come in and give it a try.


We sure didn’t forget the kids! August 9th and 10th- Noon to 4pm we will host our Next Generation weekend! So when you parents are shopping for clothes or even buying yourself new toys, the kids will play. Best way to bring your kids in and not be bored! They can receive a certificate for completing the BB Gun Range, prizes after all activities. They will even have their own workshop! So they can get the safety and into tips to Hunting!

Don’t miss out on all the fun and saving! 

You can check out all our deals and dates on our website! Click on the latest ad and you will be up to date.




How to Achieve Amazing Summer fun!

Parents! The summer is basically already here, and you know what that means! The kids are out of school and they need to be entertained. Of course we want to try and keep them active but also make some fun memories.

We here at Bass Pro Shops, have many ways to give your kids the best summer time fun.  From toys to water toys. To accessories that they will love, to deals that will make you happy parents.

To start off, we here in Texas have some hot, and I mean HOT weather! So I present you with some water toys that are a hit here.


Stream Machine™ Water Gun for Kids



The Stream Machine Water Gun gives you a decided edge in any water war! Fun for kids and kids at heart, the Stream Machine shoots water up to 70 feet. You’ll never be on the losing end of a water gun fight again!




Aqua Lung® Sport Santa Cruz Breaker Mask, Snorkel and Fin Set for Kids



Start the summer or vacation off right with the Aqua Lung Sport Santa Cruz Breaker Snorkel Set. This performance snorkel, fin, and mask set has everything kids need for endless hours of swimming and snorkeling fun. This item comes in both, blue and pink.



Swim Ways Toypedo Bandits Pool Toys for Kids

The Toypedo Bandits from Swim Ways are a great toy for youngsters in the pool or tub. These streamlined, torpedo-shaped diving toys glide up to 30 feet under the water. One-half the size of the original Toypedo without losing any of the fun.




Now I know a lot of families are already planning their summer trip down to the coast or to the lake and doing some fishing. I can only imagine how hard it is to keep an eye on the kids or having a relaxing time when the kids are running around. Well we are here to make things a little bit easier.


They can be just like Mommy and Daddy with these awesome fishing poles!


Shakespeare® Disney Princess® Lighted Fishing Rod and Reel Kit for Kids



Shakespeare® Spiderman™ Lighted Fishing Rod and Reel Kit for Kids


This colorful kit featuring classic Disney® images is sure to get kids fishing! Each kit includes a 2'6" all-in-one rod and reel spooled with line; flashing lights that pulse when the thumb button is pressed; and a fun, safe casting plug.


Here are some accessories that are a must, to keep the kids safe but with style.


Aqua Lung® Sport Molokai Mask and Island Dry Snorkel Junior Set for Kids

The Aqua Lung Sport Molokai Mask and Island Dry Snorkel Junior Set is a great way to start kids ages 6+ enjoying the water with a set that will grow with them. Easy-adjust strap buckles provide a perfect watertight fit, and a double-window swim mask affords great views underwater.




Intex® Pool Cruisers Inflatable for Kids - Model 59380

Pool Cruisers inflatable from Intex give kids ages 3-6 a great source of fun in the pool. Whether it is the Rocket Racer, the Fun Taxi, or the Fish, little water bugs will have trouble waiting to get into these brightly colored inflatable to motor around the pool in.




These are just some of many that we have to offer for this summer! Come by the store and check it all out. Fun for the kid’s and great deals for you, parents! 


Kiddos Columbia gear is here!

Its summer time in Texas, which means it’s hot and time to dress your kids in our light and cool Columbia collection.

This is the perfect collection to have your kids wear anytime and anywhere, including going fishing, going to the beach or just being outside at home.


For our little men we have an assortment of short and long sleeve fishing shirts in a variety of colors, which range from white, yellow, light blue to even a light purple. We also have crew neck shirts and polo shirts that look and feel awesome in our Texas weather. To accompany our shirts we have three different types of shorts in neutral colors like kahki and navy to bright colors like orange and lime green. This is the perfect collection for our little men to dress up like dad. 












For our outdoor princesses we have an assortment of long sleeve fishing shirts, shorts, pants, and even a few dresses. This collection contains the colors bright pink with lime green, bright blue with purple and pink with blue.

The collection ranges anywhere from $24.95-$40.00 and with how handsome and cute your kids will look you won’t be able to stop yourself from buying more than one outfit.

Jessica Walsh

Ladies apparel- Team Lead




Micro anchor Power pole


,Bass Pro Shops is now carrying the ultimate accessory for all small boat owners, the new Power Pole micro anchor system.  Weather you are a die hard bass fisherman or enjoy fishing the flats for reds, this anchor will help you do it all.

The Anchor will mount to any small vessel 1,500lbs or less, but in some instances an adapter plate may be required.  This unit runs $599.99, the spike isn’t included.  The micro spike itself will run $99.99.  For more information on the micro anchor or would like to see this unit on display, please come visit us at our marine counter and we would love to show or help you with any questions about this unit.                                                                                          

Some of the key features:

  • It’s fully electric
  • Wireless remote included
  • It deploys in 7 seconds.
  • It can also be controlled from your phone with their free phone app download
  • It can operate with any ¾” spike
  • It also has and auto UP/DOWN feature




Great job Mike Bates!



Mike Bates, “Tracker State Team Member”, shows off his catch during the first Bass Champs Trail tournament of the year for the South Region of Texas. Fishing from his “new” 2014 Nitro Z-9, and proudly displaying the Nitro and Bass Pro Shops logo’s, he and his team mate took first place at Lake Amistad, on January 11th. Their three catch total weight was 13.29 lbs and the large bass weight was 7.52 lbs.

Mike recently purchased his Nitro Z-9 here at the Bass Pro Shops Tracker Boating Center at the RIM. Mike has been a long time associate with Tracker Boat Sales, but recently decided to devote more time to his passion of Bass Fishing. He can still be found occasionally in our store assisting the Tracker Sales Associates and offering his years of experience to customers looking to purchase a Tracker Boat.

If your interested in a new Tracker Nitro, Mako, Tahoe or Sun Tracker please contact us at the below information or use the link provided. Who knows, we may be able to put you in contact with Mike himself?


Tracker Boat Center

17907 IH 10 West

San Antonio, TX 78257




We also provide quality Boat Service, Monday Through Saturday, 9am-6pm.




Almost Summer Time!

I know the weather here in San Antonio doesn’t seem like summer is almost here, but it is just around the corner! What goes together with the summer and warm weather? BBQ of course! Isn’t it awesome to have a family get together and grill some delicious foods? Well, we here at Bass Pro Shops San Antonio have all that you need to be named the “Best Griller”. Here are some items that will help you win that title.



The Stuff-a-Burger press creates gourmet stuffed burgers at home, with easy to use and clean up. It creates delicious stuffed burgers with tender and tasty toppings on the inside. The press holds an impressive three- quarter pounds of ground meat.






Double Hamburger-


Are you tired of making miss shaped burgers? Used everything you can do to perfect this? Well I present to you the Double Hamburger to take away your headache! This makes two ½ IB burger patties shaped with the durable plastic mood, it makes this process fast and easy!





Jalapeno Cooker- j

Do you want to make sure you leave your guest in the “WOW” factor? The Jalapeno Cooker is the cherry on the top! This set makes coring and stuffing jalapenos a snap. The two piece rack hold up to 36 peppers. It is made from stainless steel for years of dependable use!






Rosewood Big Head- f

Make that impression when they see you flipping the burgers with the Rosewood Big Head. This spatula is durable stainless steel to handle the largest cuts of meat and food on your grill with ease!







Flip n Easy-    non

I know there are some guests at parties that don’t all eat burgers. So here is the answer to your dilemma. The Flip n Easy Non Stick Grill Basket cooks an entire meal at once with ease. It eliminates the time consuming task of flipping multiple pieces of food, reducing the time the lid is open to save heat and reduce cooking time.





Texas T Bone’s Meat Rub-

One of the most popular rubs that will for sure add to the flavor is the Texas T Bone’s Meat Rub! It is a tantalizing, bold seasoning blend that boasts huge flavors designed to make that grilled juicy burger taste magnificent. The savory combination of course salt, black pepper and secret blend of spices will make you the champion of backyard barbecue.






So come out here and try it for yourself! I’m telling you, doesn’t the “Master Griller” sound good to you?


All the fun activities this week!




This weekend is the last weekend of our Spring Fishing Classic! Sad to know it’s almost near when we’ve had an awesome time with you guys! We hosted some incredible seminars with Matt Reed, Byron Velvick, Rick Shock and Robin McFarlene, gave away some tumblers, and offered some “Can’t be passed” deals. But thus far this weekend, we will end with a bang! This weekend March 15th and 16th, we will have something for the entire family!



For the Men-

We will have two Turkey decoy seminars March 15, 2014.

At 1pm- Advanced Spring Turkey Calling- You’ve learned the basics; now learn advanced tips on the use of your turkey call and selecting the right call for your next hunt.

At 2pm- Selecting the Right Turkey Decoys- Our expert will help you make the right choice in turkey decoys and placements tips to help you bag those trophy turkeys!

Both seminars will be held in the hunting department. Also, make sure you attend these seminars because you will have a chance, guys, to win a FREE Avian-X Turkey Decoy!



For the Ladies- wn

We will have a Women’s Beginning Fishing Workshop on March 15, 2014 at 3pm

It will consist of a seminar, a drawing for a combo reel and rod and some FREE giveaways! To top it off, who better to give the Workshop other than our Local Pro Robin McFarlene! Come out Ladies and join us for this new excitement. You never know, soon you will beat and be better than your husband at fishing!




Then for the kiddos-


It is great parents, to be able to come out to your favorite store and make everyone happy! You don’t have to worry about the kids getting restless or fussy with our Next Generation weekend. The kids have an opportunity to catch and release some live fish, do some crafts, take some pictures to always hold this memory and have their own workshop. To get some tips and starters to be just like daddy!

Here is the schedule for both day of March 15th and 16th-

Catch and Release pond- Noon to 5pm

Photo Op- Noon- 5pm

Crafts-1pm- 4:30pm

Kid's Workshop- 2:30pm - 4:30pm

So come in with the entire family, (even with your pets!) and relax and have loads of fun. Make some memories and enjoy yourselves this weekend! See y’all here!

Check out our website


And like us on Facebook!



Be stylish in our new Omni Freeze Gear guys!

The Fishing Classic starts the end of February and that means it's time for Omni Freeze Zero from Columbia.  Let me give you an idea of just what that is: As you sweat the blue rings in the fabric lowers the temperature of the material and therefore you feel cooler.....a lot cooler.


    We have sort sleeve polo’s for $80.00 which comes in 4 great colors.  There is a roll sleeve shirt for $100.00 which has nice detailing and comes in Bright Peach, Vivid Blue, and White.  My husband's favorite is the long sleeve crew that retails for $45.00.  He plays a lot of racquet ball and he swears this shirt makes his game even better!  (He is the coolest on the court)http://www.basspro.com/Columbia-Airgill-Chill-Zero-Shirt-with-OmniFreeze-Zero-for-Men-Long-Sleeve/product/12102605165841/


ng(Neck Gaiter) http://www.basspro.com/Columbia-Freezer-Zero-Neck-Gaiter/product/12082805225428/

    There are more accessories this spring as well.  There is a neck gaiter for $30.00 that can be worn 5 different ways.  There is a bandana and an arm sleeve for approximately $30.00.  This year there are even 2 types of caps.  The 1st is the Coolhead ball Cap in white and 2nd is the cap which also covers the back of your neck from the sun.  My brother is an avid fisherman and will only wear this cap when he is out on the water.  

    You have to come into the store and let us demonstrate why the Omni Freeze Zero is so popular with everyone who is active and outdoors.

Sandee Pearson

Men's Apparel- Team Lead 


Easy recipes for the Dutch Ovens

I know how hard it is to have ideas to what is for dinner. It can be tiring to eat the same thing over again, week after week. Well the Dutch Oven is the best way to go and it opens up so many great recipes! Very simple to follow and learn. So I’m going to give you one easy recipe to follow, and is also great for this time of year.

I give you the Baked Fish in the Dutch Oven-

1 cup of melted butter fh

½ cups of lemon juice



Cut off the trout’s head and tail. Fry some bacon in the oven. Lay fish belly up in the oven. Lay a strip of bacon down belly cavity, mix lemon and butter and pour over fish. Cover lid with coals and bake 10 to 15 minutes.

Can it get any simpler than that? Then for desert!

I get you Banana Cake in the Dutch Oven-

2- ½ cups of flour 1

1-2/3 cups of sugar

1 – ¼ Tablespoon of baking powder

1 – ¼ Tablespoon of baking soda

1 Tablespoon of salt

1 Tablespoon of nutmeg

2/3 cups of shortening

1 – ¼ cups of bananas, mashed

2/3 cups of buttermilk

2 Eggs

1 Tablespoon of vanilla

½ cups of chopped nuts

Mix together dry ingredients. Mix in shortening, bananas, and 1/3 cup of buttermilk. Beat 2 minutes. Add eggs and remaining buttermilk. Beat 2 minutes more. Add nuts. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes in a well seasoned Dutch Oven.

   There are two delicious recipes that the family will be asking for seconds! Come in the store and our Camping Associates can give you first hand tips to what you need and how to do it if you have any questions. Have an awesome meal!



Relax & Have Fun at our Spring Fishing Classic



We are super excited to be kicking off our Spring Fishing Classic for 2014. We are anticipating all your smiling faces and giving you great deals! We are planning some awesome seminars, shopping deals and even sampling of food! Here is a schedule for the second weekend to help you guys.

We are excited to have Rick Shock and Robin MacFarlene, Our Local Pros, join us and give some wonderful seminars! What better then to learn from the pros themselves. The experiences and stories they have to share with us, will be one to always remember and get pointers from. Here are the topics they will be covering.

March 7,2014

7pm - Flipping and Pitching for Bass

March 8,2014

11am- Locating Bass in New Water

1pm - Topwater Techniques for Bass

2pm - Spinning Reel Tactics for Bass

3pm - Does the Color of Your Bass Lure Matter?

4pm - Become a Smallmouth Specialist

5pm - Choosing the Right Soft Plastics for Bass

March 9,2014

11am- Locating Bass in New Water

1pm - Topwater Techniques for Bass

2pm - Spinning Reel Tactics for Bass

3pm - Does the Color of Your Bass Lure Matter?

4pm - Become a Smallmouth Specialist

5pm - Choosing the Right Soft Plastics for Bass

Did I forget to mention the first 25 people to attend the seminar will be recieving a free, yes free, tumbler! So make sure to mark in your day to come join us for the first seminar on Saturday and Sunday!


     March 8,2014

In the Camping Department we will be having a Free Fried Fishing Sampling! We will be showing you how to make some delicious fried fish just in time for dinner! From 2pm-4pm while supplies last! We will be showing how to make it and with the great Uncle Buck products we have.

So this week will be the first of many that is to come! Starting off strong and exciting, so make plans to come relax and have fun here at the Spring Fishing Classic!



Spring Fishing Classic 2014 February 28 - March 16


I am proud to announce that our Spring Fishing Classic is near! We here at Bass Pro Shops San Antonio, are excited and anxious to get things started, to provide you all with some awesome seminars and activities for you and the children. We are even more excited to have our local Pros Matt Reed,Byron Velvick, Rick Shock and Robin McFarlane come and make an appearance; they are as well giving a seminar! Like I said before there will be seminars, awesome give-a ways, activities for you and the kiddos, food sampling, and Women fishing and kids Workshops! This is one event that is a must go event or you will be missing out on the fun. Here are some of the schedules

Free-Bass Pro Shops BassMaster University with National Pros

Matt Reed- February 28, at 7pm

Byron Velvick- March 1, at 1pm

Local Pro Fishing Tips and Seminars- From the awesome Rick Shock and Robin McFarlane!

March 7, at 7pm- Flipping and Pitching for bass

March 8 & 9

  • 11 am –Locating Bass in New Water
  • 1 pm – Topwater Techniques for Bass
  • 2 pm – Spinning Reel Tactics for Bass
  •  3pm – Does the Color of Your Bass Lure Matter?
  • 4 pm – Become a Smallmouth Specialist
  •  5 pm – Choosing the Right Soft Plastics for Bass


Food Demos- Located in the Camping Department

Fried Fish Sampling- March 8, 2pm-4pm

Ice Cream Demo – March 1, 2pm-4pm

Women’s Workshop – March 15 3pm

Bass Pro Shops Next Generation Weekend

March 15 & 16 (Saturday and Sunday) Noon – 5pm

  • Kids Crafts- 1pm-4:30pm
  • Photos – Noon -5pm

There is many more fun and activities to be announce the closer the time! Aside from the activities, we will be having great sales through the store! From apparel to fishing equipment! So what do you say guys? You coming to join us in all this fun!



Is the cold stopping you from going hunting or out to your blind?



Our Footwear Associates have been getting plenty of questions to when were we going to carry the Thermacell Heated Rechargeable Insoles. These are in popular demand, where everyone wants to get their hands on them. Why you ask? These insoles keep your feet nice and toasty in the harsh weather. Many customers have said that they have tried the Toastie-Toes, and they were still not satisfied. It was just too hot or didn’t fit down right. But with the Thermacell Heated Rechargeable Insoles you have three settings to choice from (High, Medium, and no heat). With the remote control, you insolescan adjust the temperature to your liking. It lasts you for 5 hours! That is incredible! All you have to do it charge them over night or either time before you head out, and you good to go!  These insoles come with a drawstring bag, global charger, and wireless remote control. The Thermacell Heated Rechargeable Insoles include a lanyard for the remote control and operating instructions. Plus they are water resistant! All you have to do it try them once and you will be wanted to get yourself a pair.

  The great descriptions-       

  • Provides heat up to 111°F under your feet - three temperature settings to match conditions (high, medium, no heat)
  • High-tech wireless thermal technology run by remote control
  • Powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries
  • Fits easily into your boots or shoes
  • Comes with bag, charger, and wireless remote control
  • Remote control range of up to seven feet






Keep your Furry Best Friend Warm this Winter!

This weather has been a cold, freezing one for us this year! All I want to do is stay in bed or cuddled up on the couch, and try to stay warm. But as it is cold for us, it is cold for your loving animals. Fur or no fur, cold is cold. Please keep you animals inside during these types of weather. We here at Bass Pro Shop can help you and your furry best friend keep warm. As well help them gear up for the hunting season for the cold.

RedHead® Pet Throw-


While it keeps your pet warm, it will also protect your furniture at home or the back of your SUV from pet hair or dirt, the RedHead Pet Throw is a great all-purpose pet throw. http://www.basspro.com/RedHead-Pet-Throw/product/64063/



Woolrich Heritage Mattress Pet Bed-


I love when my dog sleeps with me but there are plenty of times when he tries to take up the whole bed. Or sometimes smells for being outside. Here is the solution for those times! Giving your pet the same comfort as a bed, while you don't have to worry with getting your bed dirty or having to share that space. http://www.basspro.com/Woolrich-Heritage-Mattress-Pet-Bed/product/1311051014/

Ruffwear® Quinzee™ Insulated Dog Jacket-


 For you trips out to the ranch, your pet will be able to brave the elements in warmth and comfort with the Ruffwear Quinzee Insulated Dog Jacket. The fully-insulated Quinzee is made of a warm, weather-resistant material that protects your dog from extreme cold and rain. http://www.basspro.com/Ruffwear-Quinzee-Insulated-Dog-Jacket/product/11110805010446/

RedHead® Neoprene Dog Boots-


Your dogs will love you even more once you get them these RedHead Neoprene Dog Boots! It helps save them of troublesome stickers, thorns, and cactus tines when out hunting. The No-slip bottom, great for snow and ice protection or traction on rough, dry, or rocky terrain. http://www.basspro.com/RedHead-Neoprene-Dog-Boots/product/81044/


With all this gear for them, you will be getting plenty of tail-waging and kisses from your best buds!





Hoisting New Hunters to Success

Foreverlast Hitch Hoist

My grandson, Kaedin, was feeling left out.  His cousin, Juan Pablo, had taken a fallow doe at age 8, another when he was 9, and a record-book fallow buck at 10.  Kaedin had gotten a jack rabbit.

 Trying to reverse his luck, we got to the hunting blind the afternoon of November 29, 2013, but saw no deer.  The next morning, we were back in the blind before sunrise.  It had snowed briefly on our way to the blind and Kaedin, who could not find his long underwear (which was in his suitcase), was freezing.  He completely forgot about the cold when a nice young fallow buck walked into view from behind the blind. 

first deer

He wanted to shoot “NOW,” but I coached him to wait until the buck turned broadside.  After what must have seemed an eternity to a 10-year-old, the deer turned and Kaedin put a 60-grain Nosler Partition bullet right through his heart.  He did not go far, keeling over after running about 15 yards.  He was clearly visible out the right side blind window.  “I got him!!  I got my first deer!!” Kaedin whispered.  “You can talk normally now.  He’s not going anywhere,” I schooled him.  I had him reload his gun, a Thompson/Center carbine in .223, then we pursued to walk the short distance to his deer.  Remembering what he had been taught, Kaedin touched the buck’s eye with the muzzle of the gun.  The buck did not blink, a sure sign he was completely dead.

Next came the eternal question, “What do we do now?”

“What do you mean ‘we’?  It’s your deer.  You get to field dress him.”

“You mean take out the guts?  Yuck!”

To make things easier for him, I decided it was time to field test the Foreverlast Hitch Hoist ($169.99 at Bass Pro Shops) I had bought a couple of months earlier. 

The hoist goes together easily in about five minutes with nothing more than a wrench.  Capable of lifting 450 pounds, it fits into a two-inch receiver hitch and turns 360 degrees so you can lift a deer off the ground and swing it into the bed of your truck.  Just how much easier it makes field dressing can be evidenced by the fact that 10-year-old Kaedin hoisted his 150-pound buck off the ground by himself, though he did have to work hard at turning the crank.


I gave Kaedin the same break I had given his cousin, field dressing the deer for him, but with the proviso that, “The next one’s all yours, so pay attention.”  Though he paid attention and asked a lot of questions, I’m sure he will still need some coaching on the next deer he gets, but he seems to have the Hitch Hoist down pat. 

You do not have to be 10 to appreciate the Hitch Hoist.  At my age, I’m grateful for anything that makes the nasty job of field dressing easier.  “The fun’s over and the work begins when you have a dead deer on the ground,” is absolutely true.  While the Foreverlast Hitch Hoist from Bass Pro does not make the dirty work into fun, it does make it a lot less onerous on 66-year-old joints.

Richard P. Moore
Hunting Associate


Just a reminder guys! Did you forget what holiday is in February?

The holiday is on February 14, Valentine Day! Do not worry if you did forget. I do have to say that it is hard for shop for your wife/girlfriend, and I am a woman at that. I will be the first to attempt they we may be a little picky at times.  I can only imagine what questions are running through your mind guys. What is her favorite color? Is it purple or pink? Or is it red! Does she like cheetah or zebra print? Does she even have a specific print? What kind of scents do she like? White or red roses? Does she even want roses? Biggest question! Does she already have this?

Do not sweat guys! I am here to help you out on some simple ideas that will sure win her heart.

Let's start with purses and wallets. I'm sorry but we can never have enough of them! The more choices we have to pair with our outfits or occasions.

Studded Cross Camo Tote Handbag for Ladies - Realtree Hardwoods®



If you want a huge beauitful smile from your country girl wife/girlfriend, this is the perfect handbag. It is perfect for keeping essentials organized, this stylish tote features a central zipper compartment, inner open and zipper pockets and a zipper pocket in back. Two side pockets provide easy access to items while the zipper closure keeps everything secure. While showing off her camo/ country girl style with class!


First lesson or pointer guys that is very important. If you buy her a purse, you have to buy her a match wallet! We love to match our accessories, especially if we are going to be taking it everywhere we go. Always remember that rule!


Emperia® Mossy Oak® Break-Up® Camo Rhinestone Buckle Wallet for Ladies








So I give you the Emperia Mossy Oak Break Up Camo Rhinestone Buckle Wallet. She can organize her bills and cards in this eye catching long wallet featuring a rhinestone studded buckle, studs and textured fauz leather accents. It includes- interior cash sleeves, an ID window, and mulitple credit card slots. Even includes a matching checkbook and a zip pocket on the back for change.



Now let's move on to some simple jewelry.


Jody Coyote® Rose Vine Heart Post Earrings




These earrings are tarnish free, rhodium plated, and finished with antique brushing. She can make a fashion statement, reminiscents of flamboyant 80s style.



Alexa's Angels® Side Cross Stretch Bracelet – Black


This is a beautiful simple bracelet. Not too much but just perfect. She can wear this with anthing, matching in every way. It is a stretch fit, with black beads, and Rhodium, crystal cross accent. http://www.basspro.com/Alexas-Angels-Side-Cross-Stretch-Bracelet-Black/product/13071807413511/


Last but not forgotten! Chocolate! You have to know that we love our chocolate. Here at Bass Pro Shops, we have the perfect kind of chocolate to make her extremely happy, fudge! We have almost every kind of favor you can think of! From Strawberry to Rocky Road. I know that you can find that perfect favor to make her the happiest wife!

See guys, it is very simple to find things that she will love. Do not bust your head on it. Just come into Bass Pro Shops and we will be more than delighted to help you out!




Ladies: Under Armour Gear = Great Guy Gift Idea!

It is February and you know what is just around the corner? Valentine day! Have you thought about what you are going to get your husband/boyfriend ladies? Well we are her to help and give you some ideas!

Under Armour® came out with some awesome new gear from men from simple polo’s. To button up long sleeve/short sleeves. There are very stylish for a casual time out at the golf course or dressy for families get together. Take a look for yourself!

Under Armour® UA Performance Polo Shirt for Men - Short Sleeve-


This polo shirt has UV-blocking UPF 30+, sweat-wicking HeatGear, and ArmourBlock anti-odor technology. Great for some golf play, or even to wear for work! http://www.basspro.com/Under-Armour-UA-Performance-Polo-Shirt-for-Men-Short-Sleeve/product/13062610311038/

With that polo in mind! Here is a great pair of Under Armour® Guide Shorts for Men to go with it!


These are designed to make fishing more comfortable. The key is in the construction, which boasts quick-drying 100% nylon fabric with 6 pockets to keep essential items in—2 hand pockets, 2 back pockets, and 2 cargo pockets. http://www.basspro.com/Under-Armour-Guide-Shorts-for-Men/product/13062106311315/?cmCat=CROSSSELL_PRODUCT


Under Armour® Fish Hook Logo T-Shirt for Men - Short Sleeve


If he is not a fan of polo don’t worry! We have the Under Armour® Fish Hook Logo T-Shirt for Men - Short Sleeve to still go with the shorts. Features of this shirt is it it’s Charged Cotton construction, HeatGear moisture transport that wicks sweat away from your skin, and ArmourBlock anti-odor technology. http://www.basspro.com/Under-Armour-Fish-Hook-Logo-TShirt-for-Men-Short-Sleeve/product/1202240501055/


Then to have that dressy short him for maybe work or for events!

Under Armour® Flats Guide Plaid Shirt for Men - Long Sleeve-

long sleeve

The key is in the construction, which boasts super-lightweight 100% polyester fabric and useful features like back-of-shoulder vents to cool you down, 2 zip chest pockets, and roll-up sleeves with tabs to keep them from unrolling. You will be surprised ladies if he wants more of these and not fishing shirts! http://www.basspro.com/Under-Armour-Flats-Guide-Plaid-Shirt-for-Men-Long-Sleeve/product/13061906561115/?cmCat=CROSSSELL_PRODUCT


Under Armour® Flats Guide II Shirt for Men - Short Sleeve

short lve

This button up is Lightweight mini-rip polyester features built-in UPF 30+ sun protection. Moisture-wicking properties move perspiration away from your skin, odor-control system neutralizes perspiration odor, and mesh vents deliver breathability. What better product for a man for the outdoors! http://www.basspro.com/Under-Armour-Flats-Guide-II-Shirt-for-Men-Short-Sleeve/product/97276/

We hope that this helped you out ladies! Remember is are other colors for each product that was shown. You will have one stylish man!


The Stock Show and Rodeo is here! Do you have your outfit ready?


Are you excited about the rodeo as much as I am? Getting to see the beautiful Live Stock, eat some delicious food, and see an awesome show! Well of course you would need some new clothes to go with it! Shinny new boots, elegant/cute shirt, then a nice belt buckle to pull it all together. We are here to help you make that easy decision to finding that perfect outfit and get your excitement up!

Let’s start off with the one item that is most important. The boots of course!

Ariat® Heritage Roughstock 14'' Square Toe Western Boots for Men-

mens boots


These are one of Ariat’s most popular Western styles. This style in particular is new for us at Bass Pro Shops. There are long lasting, extremely stable base, and stylish for going around the town or working out in the ranch. With the ATS technology in the footbed supports and cushions your feet, promoting good posture and reducing fatigue so that you can work or play all day. Sturdy, long-lasting Duratread rubber compound outsole. Leather lining. Square toe. 2" Riding heel http://www.basspro.com/Ariat-Heritage-Roughstock-14-Square-Toe-Western-Boots-for-Men/product/1310230701257/?cmCat=CROSSSELL_PRODUCT




Ariat® Legend 13'' Western Boots for Ladies-




Ladies! Tell me these aren’t gorgeous! The Ariat® Legend 13'' Western Boots for Ladies are a hard-working boot combines a durable full grain leather foot and a shaft with a sporty square toe. Double-stitched Goodyear leather welt construction delivers superior durability and stability, while the Advanced Torque Stability technology in the footbed supports and cushions your feet. Also is a great look for a good night out for example, the Rodeo!http://www.basspro.com/Ariat-Legend-13-Western-Boots-for-Ladies/product/13103107114119/?cmCat=CROSSSELL_PRODUCT






Now to the belt buckles! What about if i tell you we have both Men and Women's Browning Belt Buckles! To show the love of Browning outdoor sports, while matching with your hubby.

Browning® Buckmark Deer Belt Buckle


What a great way to show the passion you have for the outdoor sport. This fits most belts adaptable for belt buckle. http://www.basspro.com/Browning-Buckmark-Deer-Belt-Buckle/product/10215007/






Browning® Scroll Belt Buckle




The silver-plated buckle is accented with filigree design and the Browning Buckmark. This is a perfect way to show that you can be a girly girl that loves to get dressed up. But still is not afraid to get dirty and shot some game! http://www.basspro.com/Browning-Scroll-Belt-Buckle/product/10214125/





On to the tops now,what would be the Rodeo without your plaid shirts of course!

RedHead® Western Plaid Shirt for Men - Long Sleeve




What else says cowboy other than a plaid shirt! The RedHead Western Plaid Shirt for Men is 100% cotton. An universal comfort no matter the weather (and you know how weather changes here!). Pearlized snaps accent the cuffs, placket, and 2 chest pockets; a Western yoke finishes things off in style. http://www.basspro.com/RedHead-Western-Plaid-Shirt-for-Men-Long-Sleeve/product/13092006162831/







Natural Reflections® Plaid Roll-Up Sleeve Shirt for Ladies -


Long SleeveThis long sleeve button up is lightweight, breezy fabric combines with roll-up sleeves for comfortable, versatile style. Nothing but a nice plaid button up to be at the Rodeo with! http://www.basspro.com/Natural-Reflections-Plaid-RollUp-Sleeve-Shirt-for-Ladies-Long-Sleeve/product/13070206062044/







Now last step is coming in and putting it all together. Our associates will be more than delighted to help you out on any questions you may have. You all will be some stylish cowboy and cowgirls out there! We hope this was some help to make shopping much easier on you.


Daddy's little mini me

Isn’t it cute when you hear your little one wanting to be just like you? To see them mimic you, from how you do little habits, to how you dress. The greatest thing I know, is to hear from you son and daughter that they want to hunt and fish just like you! For you to know that it will be awesome quality time, a special bonding moment you will forever cherish. We have some ideas to help you and your kids to be the best little mini me! (most of these items that are shown are in boy and girl colors/characters)



Bass Pro Shops® Toy Pump Shotgun for Kids- 

Before they are ready to really go out and shoot, this gun is a great way to look just like dad and have them used to how to load and shoot. http://www.basspro.com/Bass-Pro-Shops-Toy-Pump-Shotgun-for-Kids/product/11080405012027 / 


Bass Pro Shops® NXT Generation® Rapid Riser Toy Compound Bow for Kids-

This is a pefect way to teach the kids about target practice and to have a steady eye. Right for the bulls eye! http://www.basspro.com/Bass-Pro-Shops-NXT-Generation-Rapid-Riser-Toy-Compound-Bow-for-Kids/product/1307221044/



Outdoor Hunter Sports Style Walkie Talkie and Binocular Set for Kids-

What is cuter then seeing the kids pretending to be out in the woods hunting, spotting a deer with the binocular and radio each other on if the other is ready to shoot! http://www.basspro.com/Outdoor-Hunter-Sports-Style-Walkie-Talkie-and-Binocular-Set-for-Kids/product/12083130/



Shakespeare® Disney® Princess Purse Rod and Reel Kit for Kids-

A way to daddy's heart is when his little girl wants to spend time out at the coast with him catching fish. This is a way to get her even more excited plus learn the basic release and reel form. http://www.basspro.com/Shakespeare-Disney-Princess-Purse-Rod-and-Reel-Kit-for-Kids/product/100748/



Shakespeare® Little Princess™ Tackle Box for Kids-

Don't forget the tackle box! To store all her little play worms or other items princess need. Great way to start their fishing advertures! http://www.basspro.com/Shakespeare-Little-Princess-Tackle-Box-for-Kids/product/104666/


We are here to help you make those memories and easy to teach them at an early age how to hunt and fish. At the same time have fun and excitment with their equipment.


Ever wished to shoot 22LR ammo with no limit to see which fits best? Here is one result!

Every firearm owner wishes they could shoot and train without limits, but recent ammo prices and availability, range fees, and other economical obstacles continuously affect the opportunity to pursue their passion.   It’s just not as simple as it was years ago, when firearms, whether for sport or hunting purposes, were considered a part of everyday life.  One solution to this is the simple installation of the CMMG AR Conversion kit.  This is a drop-in conversion bolt, with included magazine, that will get you putting .22lr downrange in just minutes!  In the desire to provide information to the consumer on this product, it was tested in a direct-impingement AR15, fitted with a mid-length gas system, free-floated barrel, collapsible stock, and EOTech sight.     


            The kit tested was the Bravo model.  Now, expectations were actually quite low, I’ll admit.  I was prepared for jams, mis-feeds, mis-fires, and failures to eject.  I had a healthy variety of .22lr ammo; everything from budget, target, hunting and the costlier premium ammo from a multitude of manufacturers.  Given my extensive firearms knowledge, I decided the only unbiased way of reviewing the product would be to have someone with a different perspective fire a few hundred rounds, while I observed, and took notes of every comment and reaction…but more importantly, I had the duty of providing plenty of loaded magazines!  With that, I elected my wife to run the actual test, which would give me a great perspective from a female’s point of view, with familiarization of the platform.


            The test was begun by loading 10 rounds of every different type/brand of ammunition on hand into the magazine.  Five rounds would be fired in slow fire, and the last five would be fired in rapid mode.  The test would conclude with a re-shoot of those rounds we found borderline acceptable, or unpleasant, and those we felt were the best performers.


            Federal American Eagle, Winchester Super X, CCI Mini-Mag all performed well, with no jams, or failures to eject.

            CCI LR22, CCI STINGER, CCI LR HP, and Winchester Western all performed exceptionally well! There were many ‘wows,’ and praise as to how smooth it cycled, over and over.  Accuracy also seemed to be slightly better with the CCI brand ammunition.  

            Remington 22 Target, Remington 22 Viper, and Remington Thunderbolt came in as the most unpleasant, in regards to smell, perceived recoil, gas blowback, and particulate that seemed to foul shooter’s face.  Recoil on the Viper was also noted as being the most intense, however, still only a fraction of the recoil of your standard .223/5.56.

            Magazines where then loaded to the max, and fired from different shooting positions, and while moving.  Not one mechanical issue was noted, and there were zero failures one could classify as ‘catastrophic’ in a self-defense, combat, or training situation.


            The overall impression was a very positive one.  The product was very simple to install.  Anyone with a very primitive understanding of the AR system can easily open their rifle, remove the original bolt carrier group, and simply drop the CMMG Conversion Kit right in! No tools are required.  The system is low-noise, low-recoil, and can easily reduce your investment on ammunition.  50 rounds of decent .223/5.56 will run you about $25 on today’s market; while a box of .22LR will set you back five dollars on the average, and weigh significantly less.  The round is already a proven small game load and plinkster, and in addition to the AR’s versatility plus the adaptability to smaller framed shooters, you can count on this add-on being perfect for youth and smaller statured shooters looking to spice up their training with some ‘tactical’ flavor. 

The only downside was the general foul nature of .22lr ammunition.  It does ultimately mean that you will be cleaning more often than usual, but the lower muzzle velocities will prolong the life of any profile barrel, military or commercial.

Lower priced ammunition will only result in positive outcomes; more range time, training, and most importantly; safe fun on the range that any aged and size shooter can appreciate.  The CMMG AR Conversion kit is a great tool seasoned vets can add to their training regiment, as well as instructors, parents, and significant others, who are looking to maintain that edge, teach a new student who has never handled a firearm, or introduce their family member to a lifetime of responsible shooting.

Abelardo Román

Hunting Team Leader