Come get your Fish-N-Mate!



The Fish-N-Mate® weighs only 34 lbs. including all components. It has corrosion resistant aluminum tubing construction, designed for strength capable of carrying up to 200 lbs. The lightweight aluminum construction and design allows for easy storage, shipping and transportation. The cart will carry large loads of equipment to fishing piers, bridges or surf. Fish-n-Mate® features:

  • Removable handle
  • Food grade accepted cutting board with removable bait bucket
  • Inflatable 6.5" x 16" pneumatic tires
  • Stabilizer legs
  • New vinyl rod tube covers
  • New mono lanyards for detent pins Dimensions:
  • inside frame 9"X16"X43"
  • outside frame 10"X22"X49"
  • outside frame 18"X30"X49" (with wheels mounted/handle removed) Easily accommodates:
  • Eight (8) rods & reels
  • One (1) 48 - 72 qt. ice cooler
  • One (1) smaller cooler, for bait
  • One (1) medium sized tackle box
  • Lawn Chairs
  • Umbrella


We carry the Fish-N-Mate Sr. and Junior models. Additionally we carry the car carrier that will hold either model using a standard 2” receiver.


Patrick Mooney

Fishing Department Manager

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