Fishing the Alabama Rig®

How I like to fish The Alabama Rig®.

Before you begin, spread out the wires. Then, hook the jig-heads directly to the snaps (DO NOT ADD any Monofilament or other line or leaders to the snaps!) Try to keep the wires close together if you are using smaller baits but not too close for them to tangle with each other. We rig four 1/8 ounce jig-heads (We recommend light wire hooks for fun fishing but our heavy wire hooks for tournament or larger fish) on the four outside wires and a heavier 3/16 ounce to 1/2 ounce jig-head on the inside center wire to balance everything out. Use any type 4" to 5" curly tailed grubs in natural colors or my favorite color "watermelon seed" for clear water. Your choices are endless with all the grub types and colors out there. If fishing smooth bottoms, shell-mounds or pea gravel bottoms rig the jig-heads with the hooks exposed. If in heavier cover like a stump field, standing timber or grass-beds then we suggest that you rig it weed-less or Texas posed. We carry both the Original Alabama Rig and the BPS Deadly 5 Rig. Come see us.

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