Big Game Eyecon Mantis Game Camera

By John Kinard

Big Game Eyecon Mantis

Big Game Eyecon  "The Mantis"

Game cameras have become the focus of many people, not only for hunting, but for animal watching and security purposes. One of the main draw backs on game cameras is not being able to attach them to a “not so straight tree” or at a certain height. Big Game has come out with a new camera that has an adjustable head to address this problem. It is “The Mantis”. This allows the camera to be attached to a limb or tree that is not straight and it can be placed at a height above eye level, which helps when used for security purposes. This camera is also equipped with a no-glow IR flash. 9.0 megapixels, and a 70 ft flash range. The adjustable head has up to 120 degrees of adjustment. For a more detailed description of this camera visit our website here.

The Mantis Pivot Angle

The Mantis can pivot up to 120 degrees vertically

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