Attn High School Anglers !!!



We are around a week away from one of the biggest high school fishing events EVER in Tennessee!

March 27-28 the city of Dayton will host The Battle of Chickamauga. You know the lake- Home of the first ever 2014 Bassmaster BASSFest and some of the largest bass around these parts, including the State Record bass!

Bass Pro Shops is the title sponsor of the March 27-28 event. Youngsters will be competing for a top prize that includes a $1,000 scholarship for the team, as well as $1,000 in Bass Pro Shops gift cards. The winning team will also earn an automatic spot into the Bassmaster High School National Championship later this year.  The winning school will receive a custom championship Battle of Chickamauga title belt (MMA style) to keep until next year’s event.

Every registrant will enjoy a pre-tournament meal with Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Ott Defoe headlining the evening.  Registration is $30 + an additional $10 for “Big Fish” cash prizes.  100% of all entry fees including “Big Fish” will be paid back to anglers.

As this is a Bassmaster High School sanctioned event, all registrants must be registered with Bassmaster HS.  Cost per member is $20. This includes your B.A.S.S. and B.A.S.S. Nation membership.

 Register or learn more about the Bass Pro Shops Battle of Chickamauga by contacting Dennis Tumlin with the Rhea County Economic and Tourism Council at 423-775-6171 or  or check out .


Hopping Down the Bunny Trail...

Spring has sprung and we are getting ready for that BIG white bunny to come hopping down the bunny trail straight to Bass Pro Shops Sevierville!

The Easter Bunny will be here from March 28- April 5 taking photos, hiding eggs, and making crafts with the kids!

Photos with the Easter Bunny

FREE 4x6 Photo

Saturdays and Sundays                   March 28-29, April 4-5                    11 am- 4 pm

Monday thru Thursday                      March 30-April 2                               6-8 pm

Friday                                                   April 3                                                  2-8 pm

           Easter photo packages will be offered and printed in-store


FREE Crafts

Saturday and Sunday                     March 28-29                                          1-4 pm

                Color an Easter Magnet

Friday                                                    April 3                                                  4-7 pm

                Color a Wooden Bunny

Saturday and Sunday                     April 4-5                                                  1-4 pm

                Color a Wooden Chick

FREE Easter Egg Hunt

Egg hunts will be on Saturday and Sunday of event- March 28-29 and April 4-5 for 1 hour only. Register in the Tracker Showroom at 1:30 pm, hunt will start promptly at 2 pm. Children ages 2-10 are invited to find 5 eggs and return them in exchange for candy.



It's not ALL about that BASS !

I know it’s in our name (Bass Pro Shops) but we do specialize in ALL fishing here- it’s not all about that bass!

We have dedicated 2 weekends to all you trout fishermen out there.  The East Tennessee area is rich with streams and river systems that hold some of the best trout fishing in the Eastern United States.

The White River Fly Shop is where all the action will be March 7 and 14. Some of the best associates in the area will be there teaching you how to tie your own flies, the proper way to cast and what those illusive trout like to eat and when.

Saturday, March 7

1 pm                      Fly Tying                               Greg Kornichuk

4 pm                      Fly Casting                           Nick Oakes

Saturday, March 14

1 pm                      Fly Tying                               Greg Kornichuk

2:30 pm                Using Trout Magnets         Mark Pappas

4 pm                      Fly Casting                          Nick Oakes


We hope to see you soon in the fly shop!!!




Every Dog Has His Day







The majority of us in the United States have at least one fur baby. Our pets are not only companions they are part of the family. They love us unconditionally and are the best listeners around.



Bring your fur baby in for a treat; Bass Pro Shops is hosting a new event this year- Dog Days Family Event.



We are a pet friendly retailer, your pets are always welcome here but the next two weekends is ALL about them.






There are giveaways and drawings just for our special friends. The first 100 dogs attending the event on Saturdays, March 7 and 14 (beginning at 11 am) will receive a FREE Doggie Gift Bag that includes a Fetch Ball and a Doggie Bag Dispenser.  While you here enter to a chance to win 1 of 3 prizes we are giving away!






You are welcome to share your pet’s photos with us at #bassprodogdays – I know you have pictures of your dog on your phone- we all do!




If you don’t stop by our photo station back in the Tracker Showroom we will be taking a FREE 4x6 Photo of you and your dogs on Saturdays, March 7 and 14 from 11 am – 4 pm, plus get a free certificate with your dog’s paw print with each photo!









If your puppy needs some schooling- we have get some seminars to get you started on the right track.

Friday, March 6 and 13

6 pm      Socializing and Crate Training Your Dog

                Free Nite Ize Clip for your dog to the first 20 customers attending this seminar!!!

Saturdays, March 7 and 14
11 am    Teaching Your Puppy to Sit and Heel

 2 pm     Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Outdoors






Steak, Asparagus and Himalayan Sea Salt

Two of my favorite things to eat are steak and asparagus and what better way to cook them than with some pink Himalayan Sea Salt! I am going to share with you a couple of easy peasy recipes for these two favorites and also a different way to cook them. We're going to use a Pink Himalayan Salt Plate.

This one is made by Charcoal Companion and is only $34.99







First off, place your salt plate in a cold oven, bring the temperature of both the plate and the oven up at the same time.

While it's heating up, prepare your asparagus in the same way you would if preparing it in a more conventional way. Wash, dry, trim the "ugly ends" and then lightly toss with olive oil and ground black pepper.
Once a temperature of 400° is reached for the oven and plate, place your asparagus on the plate, careful to leave a small space between them. When the asparagus starts to brown on the bottom side, gently, using a metal spatula, turn them over and continue roasting until it's done. As it turns out, cooking it this way makes it less saltier than if you seasoned it as you normally would. Very tasty and healthy. Even my teenaged son would eat this!

Now, let's try cooking a steak on our salt plate.

As we've already seen, you can cook a variety of foods on this salt plate. Let's go from vegetables to meat. You can actually use the same plate you used when cooking the asparagus without even having to cool or clean it. But this time, we're going to pretend like we're just starting out for the first time.

So, lets start by heating up our brand new Himalayan Salt Plate. Place it directly on your stove over medium low heat. If you have a glass top stove, place a metal ring of sorts between the plate and the stove to give it a little lift. The slower you heat it, the longer it retains the heats. Heat on medium low for 15-20 minutes or until it has heated to 200°. At this point, increase the temperature every 10 minutes, going from medium low, to medium, to medium high, to high until the temperature reaches 500°. This should take about 30-40 minutes.  If you don't have an infrared thermometer, simply drip a couple drops of water onto the plate and if they sizzle and quickly disappear, then you're good to go.

Note: If the plate is not hot enough, you will end up over salting the meat and also cause the plate to degrade faster.

Place your thinly sliced steaks onto the plate and cook for approximately 5 seconds for medium rare steak. Using a metal spatula, turn the meat over and cook for 5 more seconds. Of course if you like it cooked a little more, just increase the time by about 5 seconds or so. When done, remove meat from the salt plate.

Note: Moisture in the food will pick up more of the salt and fatty foods will repel it. Take this into consideration when seasoning your food beforehand. Also, the salt will tenderize tougher cuts of meat.

At this point, you can continue to cook something else on this salt plate. All you have to do is scrape off any accumulating food as it builds up. Just remember, there are no lips on this salt plate so any moisture (water, juice, grease, etc.) will run off the side, so be sure to keep a towel hand to wipe this up.

To clean up, allow the Himalayan Salt Plate to cool to room temperature or at least 1 hour. Moisten a sponge and gently wipe any built up "crud" from your cooking experience. DO NOT USE SOAP!!!! No worries though, because the antimicrobial properties of salt keep your plate ready for future use. Use as little water as possible when cleaning. Dry thoroughly with paper towels and place in a drying rack. When completely dry, place in an area with little to no humidity.

Don't worry if it takes on the color of previously cooked food as this is natural.

Treat your Himalayan Salt Plate with lots of love and care and you'll have it around for a long time. Of course, since salt is a soft cooking surface, overtime it will get cracks and crevices until it finally breaks in to. But that's just means you're getting a lot of good use out of it!



"Do you want to build a snowman?"

    This is the infamous question this week in East Tennessee, with the weather being so uncooperative. Snow and ice seems to be creeping into every corner, crack, and crevice leaving nothing untouched by it's frozen clutches.

    When you decide you're going outside, you dawn your heaviest parka (after throwing on a few more layers than normal) and thickest pair of jeans you own. After lacing your snow boots and tucking your socks into your jeans, you drape a scarf around your face, and pull down a thick, fleece lined beanie over your ears. As you boldly step out into the cold, frost bitten landscape, you realize you look exactly like "Randy" from A Christmas StoryIt's not long before that chilly air starts to break through your wall of insulation and you just get COLD! What then?

Well you could turn to the average Hot Hands, not a bad item in the least, but just a temporary fix. Why get a simple temporary item when you could have the same heat, in a form that's more durable, structured, and doesn't get tossed away when you're finished using it? What could this dream heated device be? The Celestron Elements ThermoTrek Rechargeable Hand Warmer (Isn't that a mouthful? Let's call it the TRW)

The TRW is a rechargeable, pocket sized heater that can last up to 6 hours. Rugged and rechargeable, with up to 6 hours of continuous heat, this pocket sized warmer promises to keep your fingers frost free for the long haul. The durable aluminum body and silicon caps mean weather resistant, worry free use for years to come. The TRW charges via a USB 2.0 connection and its compact design means plenty of room in your pack for other tools of the trade.

You can find this item in action here:

 Our Bass Pro customers have raved over this item, leaving 5 star reviews and passing along this item as a perfect gift to others! One customer said, " I bought this a couple weeks ago to see if it would really work. It was great, stayed very warm all evening and kept my hands warm. I'll need two, as I may drop these into my gloves when it gets very cold. It recharged in about 2 hours. I spend a ton on Hot Hands, and I always run out just when I need one. I figure this will save me a couple hundred bucks this season, so way to go! Highly Recommend!!"

A newer "sister" product by Celestron is the elevated FireCel Portable Power Pack/Flashlight/Hand Warmer (Another doozie on wording)

The Celestron® Elements FireCel® Portable Power Pack/Flashlight/Hand Warmer is a 3-in-1 multi-tool including a LED flashlight, 2500 mAh power pack, and compact hand warmer. Whether you're hunting, fishing or camping space can be limited, making the FireCel Portable Power Pack a perfect companion. The flashlight feature boasts high intensity red and white LEDs, perfect for camp light or walking to your favorite hunting spot without spooking wildlife. The hand warmer features an aluminum heating element and is compact enough to carry in your pocket for all-day access. The power pack includes a USB port and charging cable.

This little bad boy can be found on our website here:


These items are smart and proven necessary companions against frost monsters or evil queen provoked blizzards, to stay the absolute warmest and safest, while working, traveling, or just being outside for large amounts of time during this weather.

Always stay safe, and never risk un-necessary driving in these conditions, so we can see your smiling face again at our Bass Pro Shops when it's warmer!


Baby It's Cold Outside

If you haven't noticed's cold outside. Old man winter came to visit here in east Tennessee on Monday and he's staying for a little while it seems. He's the houseguest that won't leave. When times like this happen, and if you're like me, you forget to plan ahead. We've had tons of people needing heaters! I'm guessing nobody anticipated that the weather people to actually get it right this time!
While we are currently sold out of ALL heaters at this time, we do still have in stock, items of necessity for times such as this. Take, for instance, a cooking source if your electricity goes out, like mine did.

This little thing is only $34.99 and works great especially at times of now! Of course you can use your regular pots and pans on this stove and eat like a king! Just....don't forget to get propane for it.....

Something that saved me this morning....YakTrax! A couple of years ago, my husband purchased these awesome things here at the store and I'm so thankful this morning that he did...and thankful he forgot about them so I could snag 'em.

For only $19.99, you too can walk on ice like I did! :)  I wasn't about to walk across the parking lot here at BPS Sevierville without them!  Along with these awesome contraptions, you will, of course, need some of our Lifetime Guarantee socks to keep those tootsies warm!

$11.99 and let me just tell you....worth.every.penny!!!!


I promise you, you can find everything you will need, except heaters right now, at Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville! We even have food! !!!!!!

Look...the meteorologists can't be counted on to get the weather right...the weather itsself can't be counted on. But you can always count on Bass Pro to help you out in times of need. We have cooking sources, warm clothes, freeze dried food, warm socks and boots/shoes, warm sleeping bags, fire starters and the list goes on and on.

Come see me and see what I have that you just might need while Mr. Bad Weather is visiting. One word of advice though...PREPARE AHEAD OF TIME! Ok so that was 4 words, but you get it. Lots of people without electricity right now are also without heat because they waited until the last minute to get a backup heater and unfortunately most everybody is sold out now.

Come on in and lets prepare together!

See you soon!


Turkey Tech Talk

This turkey season, are you going to bring home that feathered trophy? Or will you be walking back empty handed? One of the best things you can do to prepare is take time to find the turkey vest perfect for you! In our Camo Department at Bass Pro Shops, you can find a wide range and variety of turkey hunting equipment, accessories, apparel, and other needs. We pride ourselves on having everything you will need to assist you on your turkey hunt and offer many versions of apparel and vests, even for ladies and youth! The number one seller of ours, is the RedHead Classic Turkey Vest

This Vest features an upper portion that is constructed to provide full range of motion, and it features two large external pockets that offer plenty of room for gear. As well as a rear game bag, fully adjustable shoulder and sternum straps, drop-down seat cushion, and detachable blaze orange safety flag. The best part yet, is how completely affordable it is at the price of $34.99

The next vest to look at would be the RedHead Striker Turkey Vest  This vest is a huge hit with majority of the hunters I come in contact with daily. It's easier to maneuver in, durable, and has multiple pockets and a comfortable fold down seat.

 It has pockets for a box call and a striker, a mesh mouth call pocket, 2 slate call pockets, and additional accessory pockets. The magnetic fold-down seat is cushioned with memory foam for remarkable comfort on the ground, and the padded, adjustable shoulder straps are comfortable and ergonomic. An adjustable game bag in the back holds decoys or your trophy gobbler, and a detachable blaze orange flags adds a measure of safety to your walk in and out of the woods.

This vest ranks higher with experienced turkey hunters. One fellow hunter, who rated it 5 stars, wrote on our website, "I went directly to bass pro and bought this vest, it was amazing. The space and storage is great. It had pockets for all my calls and room in the game bag for many decoys. The seat is great [and] it is really comfortable. A great vest for the price."

The last vest we will preview today is the RedHead BuckLick Creek Turkey Lounger Turkey Vest

This vest is highly recommended and superior to our other RedHead Vests. It features our RedHead® patented vest/chair system features a drop down, self-supporting seat that gives you the freedom to sit comfortably and in excellent shooting position, regardless of terrain. Light yet durable, it’s the perfect organizer for your hunt.  The adjustable padded shoulder and sternum straps assure a custom fit, while the Smart Pocket System makes your calls and accessories easy to get to. The vest is crafted from tough, waterproof micro fleece fabric; all outside accessory pockets are highly water-resistant. It is priced at $99.99

Another one of our Bass Pro hunters stated online, " I was given a Bucklick Creek vest the second year they were made and found a vest that fit all my needs. I've can't say enough about the built in seat,its helped me kill more turkey's by keeping me comfortable.When your comfortable you stay still,a must in turkey hunting.The layout of the pockets and call holders are spot on and the fact you don't have to have a tree to lean against is great! The seat can open up more set ups that you normaly wouldn't consider. With out a doubt I'll always have a Bucklick Creek Turkey Lounger in my turkey hunting gear."

As I mentioned before, we also carry vests for the ladies

and youth, which can be found on our website at the links listed below:

Don't miss out on your hunting win by not being prepared for your hunt! Come see us at Bass Pro Shops and talk to the associates in our Hunting and Camo department to get you set up for a victorious hunt this turkey season!


"Hooked" On You Valentine



This Valentine's Day, Bass Pro isn't just for the boys, ladies. With a chic line of camouflage and hunting products lined in pink and glittering with sequins, you can find something just perfect for that lovely "deer toting" lady in your life. Our infamous Heart Stopper by Scent Lok is now carried in jackets, pants, hoodies, hats, and gloves. Featuring scent control technology, a warm interior, and superior camo with pink details that will proudly show off your love of hunting whilst still showing a bit of femininity.
You can find the complete line at our website here:

Our Camo department also carries an array of ladies Under Armour. As of late last year, we began carrying ladies Under Armour Hoodies in Pink AP, Snow AP with Pink, and Realtree Xtra with Pink. Under Armour also carries a complet line of ladies hunting apparel as well as every day wear like sweat pants, shirts, and hats featuring the neon pink emblem. Check out these items here!

As always, you can find other assorted "girlier" items in our hunting department such as bedazzled pepper spray, redhead pink hunting and pocket knives, amd pink lined soft pistol cases!

We look forward to seeing you at our Bass Pro Shops this Valentine's Day!


Rod & Reel Trade-In Days

I know it’s still January, but we have had a couple of warmer days and it has many of us looking forward to spring, to fishing, and to being outside.

With the Spring Fishing Classic a little bit earlier this year it is helping fuel that fire.

If you find yourself in need of some new fishing gear – now is the time!

For the first time EVER we will have our Rod and Reel Trade- In for all 10 days of the Spring Classic.

Trade in your old rod and/or reel and save even more on a new one!



Donate your working rods and reels Feb 6-15 at our Customer Service Counter near the front entrance and receive a discount coupon to use toward the purchase of a new rod or reel (Feb 6-15 only). All trade-ins will be inspected to ensure food working order, and then donated to local youth organizations to help with their outdoor education programs.  

A BIG THANK YOU to all participating vendors for benefiting our local youth organizations!!




Are you The Next GREAT ANGLER???

Bass Pro Shops is producing a brand new fishing show- "The Next Great Angler".

Do you have what it takes to compete against the pros?

We will give you a chance to prove it. 12 Anglers go head-to-head competing for the title of "The Next Great Angler" and the winner receives 1- year's usage of a new NITRO, a Toyota Tundra, awesome new fishing gear, and we'll even pay the entry fees for the 2016 BASSMASTER OPENS. Got what it takes???

PROVE IT and YOU could be "The Next Great Angler" !!!

How do I enter?

  • Register on-line at  starting January 28, 2015
  • Tell us why you're "The Next Great Angler" during in-store auditions Tuesday, February 10, 5-8 pm


2015 Spring Fishing Classic


Spring fever has already set in….

The Bass Pro Shops Spring Fishing Classic will be here before you know it. February 6-15 we have 10 days packed full of information, visits from the pros, family events and yes I think there is a sale on the latest gear.

If you need an upgrade on your current Rod and Reel, bring them in during our trade in days. The Rod and Reel Trade-In program is a great way for you to donate your gently used gear to area youth organizations while you get to save $$$ on that new rod and / reel you have your eye on.

Bass Master University will kick off the event on February 6 with fishing pros Dennis Tietje, Andy Montgomery and Cliff Crochet. And make sure you don’t miss Ott DeFoe on Sunday, February 8 at 1 pm.


Feb 6

                5 pm      Dennis Tietje

                6 pm      Andy Montgomery

                7 pm      Ralph Riley- Learn tips and techniques of various styles of Crappie Fishing

         8 pm      Cliff Crochet


Feb 7


        11 am    Ralph Riley-Learn tips and techniques of various styles of Crappie Fishing

                12 pm    Andy Montgomery

                1 pm      Cliff Crochet

                2 pm      Ralph Riley

                3 pm      Dennis Tietje


Feb 8

                1 pm      Ott DeFoe

                2 pm      Dennis Tietje

                3 pm      Cliff Crochet



Our Local Bass Pro Shops Fishing Pro Staff will be with us February 13-15 for many more educational seminars.

Feb 13

7 pm      Proven Spring Bass Patterns


Feb 14


                11 am      Unlock the Secrets of Electronics to Improve your Fishing Success

    2 pm      The Baitfish Connection: Understanding Seasonal Movements will help you Catch more Fish

                  3 pm      Women’s Fishing and Outdoor Cooking Tips

                  4 pm      Stealth Fishing: Kayak Strategies



Feb 15


11 am      Unlock the Secrets of Electronics to Improve your Fishing Success

2 pm      The Baitfish Connection: Understanding Seasonal Movements will help you Catch more Fish

               4 pm      Stealth Fishing: Kayak Strategies

  • First 25 customers to attend advertised seminar on Friday- Sunday will receive a Spring Fishing Classic logo tumbler

And I can’t forget The Next Generation Weekend!!

Feb 14-15            Next Generation Weekend


                                Casting Challenge            12-5 pm

                                Photos                                  12-5 pm

                                Kids Workshop                  2:30 & 4:30

                                Free Crafts                          12-5 pm

                **Giveaway- fish shaped water bottle for kids who complete the casting challenge**


Whether you are a seasoned fisherman or just starting out, there is a place for you here.

~The Events Team










Its Crappie Madness time at Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville, Tn.

We have dedicated two weekends entirely to crappie fishing - just for you! On January 30-31 and

February 6-7, we have seminars for you to learn tips and techniques of various styles of crappie fishing from our local pro staff and some of the industry’s top professionals.


Friday Events- January 30

  • FREE photo download available for “You on the cover with a trophy fish!”   5-8 pm
  • Seminar with our Local BPS Fishing Pro Staff        7 pm


Saturday, January 31, bring the whole family- we have seminars, photos, and a kids casting challenge.

Saturday Events- January 31

  • Seminars                                             11 am & 2 pm
  • Photos                                                  12-5 pm
  • Casting Challenge                              1-5 pm
  • Fried Fish Sampling                           2-5 pm


The final weekend on February 6-7 we are proud to have Garland Pro Ralph Riley with us discussing his techniques for crappie fishing.



Friday, February 6            7 pm


Saturday, February 7      11 am & 2 pm


We look forward to seeing you soon.

~The Events Team


Local Hero Night

Hero’s Night is our way to honor our local heroes such as Firefighters, Police and Paramedics, EMT’s, War Veterans, Soldiers, military Personnel, etc. and their families.

The store will be open 3 extra hours- from 7-10pm for our heroes and their families on December 14, 2014!

  • The first 100 heroes into Santa's Wonderland receive a FREE pewter Christmas ornament.
  • Drawings for $25 gift cards every half hour from 7:30-8:30pm.
  • All heroes will receive a 10% discount on regular priced items, including photo packages purchased in store on Local Hero Night only.
  • Free crafts for the kids 7- 9pm.
  • Free Santa photo until 9pm

Join us for a special evening created just for you OUR Local Hero!!!


Countdown to Christmas

We are counting down to Christmas this year at Bass Pro Shops!! Starting December 13, our Countdown to Christmas Giveaway will begin!

This year each store will give away one Xbox One bundle plus one additional Xbox controller on December 19 and December 24 for the First Place Prize. Additionally, one Grand Prize Winner will be selected from among all in-store and online entries each week as well. That lucky winner will be eligible to win a 2015 Toyota Camry XSE V6! Be sure to come in and enter both weeks to be eligible for prizes.

Good Luck to everyone!!


Instant Gun Rebate!!

Do you have a gun on your Christmas list?

On December 7-13, 2014 if you purchase an in-stock gun using your Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Rewards Credit Card you are eligible to receive an instant rebate!!!

Rebate amount is based on the gun amount only not the transaction amount.

Gun Purchase Amount (pre-tax)                   Rebate Amount

              $200- $499.99                                             $25

              $500-$749.99                                              $50

              $750-$999.99                                              $75

              $1000 - UP                                                   $100


If you don’t have a Bass Pro Shops Master Card yet, now’s the time to visit with our amazing associates at the Credit Card stand.


Instant Gun Rebate Days are HERE!!!

November savings are here!

Do you have a gun on your Christmas list?

On Wednesday and Thursday – November 26-27, 2014 if you purchase an in-stock gun using your Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Rewards Credit Card you are eligible to receive an instant rebate!!!

Rebate amount is based on the gun amount only not the transaction amount.

Gun Purchase Amount (pre-tax)                                                               Rebate Amount

$200- $499.99                                                                                     $25

$500-$749.99                                                                                      $50

$750-$999.99                                                                                      $75

$1000 – UP                                                                                          $100


If you don’t have a Bass Pro Shops Master Card yet, now’s the time to visit with our amazing associates at the Credit Card stand.


Super Weekend!!!

Black Friday is only the beginning of the fun at Bass Pro Shops!! We have planned a SUPER Weekend with our 5 Day Sale items and Super Saturday and Sunday Giveaways!

Be one of the first 100 customers to enter the store on Saturday, November 29 and receive a FREE Bass Pro Shops Knife!!!

On Sunday, November 30, the first 100 will receive a FREE Rattlin' Rapala Lure!! (differs from lure pictured below)

After you enter the store - right in the lobby sign up for our Super Weekend Sweepstakes. We will have 2 drawings EVERY hour from 10:30 am -5:30 pm. Each hour we will have 2 drawings- one for a prize and one for a Bass Pro Shops Gift Card.

In-store only promotion! You do not have to be present to win. Must be 21 yrs of age for door prizes and to enter.


Toys for Tots

Bring in a new toy to donate for Toys for Tots and get a FREE $20 photo package!

Toys will be collected November 29-30 ONLY. Bring your donated toy to Customer Service when you arrive and they will give you a coupon for your photos.  You will place your toys in our donation box by the front entrance.

You can use your coupon that day for photos or they can be redeemed November 29- December 5, 2014.

Only one coupon/voucher per family per donation.

Your FREE Toy Donation Package includes:

  • (2) 6x8 Prints
  • (1) 5x7 Print
  • (2) 4x6 Prints
  • AND a Digital Download

You can help out a family in need this holiday season and get your photos with Santa too!


Have time to shop and get your Santa photo, too!!!




For several years now we have used our Bass Pass program during peak hours of Santa's Wonderland.


What is a Bass Pass you ask???


Once the photo line gets above a 30 min wait we will begin to hand out the next half hour Bass Pass. The card you receive will have your designated time during the day to return to Santa’s Wonderland for your photo with Santa.

Once you have a Bass Pass, you have the freedom to explore our store or visit Uncle Buck’s for a bite- while waiting in our “virtual” line until your designated return time arrives.

When it’s  time to return, come on back and get in line and get ready to share your wishes with jolly ole St. Nick !

This is why you may not see long lines in Santa’s Wonderland, because our Bass Pass system is in place with several people ahead of you in their own virtual line.

Bass Passes are available on a first come, first served basis each day.

Generally Mondays- Thursdays are days with shorter wait times to see Santa.


Santa is available:

November 15- December 6

  • Monday – Friday                  3-8 pm
  • Saturday                              10 am-8 pm
  • Sunday                                 12-5 pm


Special Times:

  • Thanksgiving, November 26           10 am - 5 pm
  • Black Friday, November 27              10 am-  8 pm
  • December 7                                       10 am - 5 pm
  • December 8-13                                 10 am – 8 pm
  • December 14                                     10 am-  5pm
  • December 15-20                               10 am – 8pm
  • December 21                                     10 am - 5 pm
  • December 22-23                               10 am - 8 pm
  • December 24                                     10am - 5 pm