Don't Hate Me Because I'm a Little Cooler

 Get it?? It's a "little cooler"!!

 .....Okay, quiet the crickets.

You don't need to be a weatherman to know that this summer has been HOT. With all the things to do outdoors, such as camping, hiking, and fishing, it's important to stay well hydrated! The best way to pack up cold drinks would be in our Red Head insulated coolers! They come in an assortment of shapes and sizes and are an extremely cheap price!

The largest cooler is our 24 can cooler. It is large enough for 24 cans, or even cold food to take on a large family picnic! This time of year is perfect to head up to The Chimneys, in our mountains, and have a fantastic day enjoying and exploring nature. Make sure to pack all the necessities for a trip like this (and you're allowed to forget your cellphone for the day) This cooler is also a perfect buy at 14.97!

Secondly is our "little cooler"; the 8 can RedHead branded cooler. It is a much smaller cooler as it holds just 8 cans. The unique thing with this cooler though, is the fact that it can double as a perfect lunchbox! Whether it be for your children to pack their PB&J's in and carry to school or for that perfect work sack (like most of our own associates use), it is the perfect traveling size and still keeps all your items cold! This munchkin bag is only $8.97!

We also have the 6 can stick cooler. This cooler features a carrying strap and elongated insulated cooler to keep your drinks cold and is ideal for hiking! This Cooler is $7.99!


Last, but definitely not least, is our wonderfully crafted belt cooler. Yes, it's a belt with insulated cup holders. Not sure how else you can top This nifty cooler is $9.99 and features 6 can holding capacity. It is a hit at parties and is rated 5 out of 5 stars!

As one of our top reviewers wrote online:

"I call it the heine-belt. It does keep my canned beverages, both regular and adult, cold, even when opened. It has kept them cold for about 2 hours, that is how long it took to finish them. Not only does it keep drinks cold, it is a great holder for the open ones, no more looking for a place to put them and you don't have to worry about knocking it over. Would make a great gift."
You can check out all these awesome coolers on our website here: or swing by your local Bass Pro Shops and talk to one of our members of staff in the hunting apparel department!


    So maybe that's the last thing you want to be yelling as you jump from a bridge held by only a piece of bungee cord. It's not exactly an everyday word (unless your The Doctor)

But it is something that many thrill seekers like to do- jump. Jump out of planes, jump off of bridges or jump out of a cake. There are TONS of adventures out there for the wild spirits that grace this planet- therefore, there are many things that can go wrong on such dares. Such as getting lost, or being trapped. In these instance it is smart to have something that can come in handy pretty quickly! A growing popular item is emergency paracord threaded throughout clothing. It comes in a variety of colors, and items such as bracelets, hats, belts, and even knives.

  Our two items in the Hunting Apparel department are the RedHead Camo Paracord cap for 14.99 and the Straw Paracord Hat for 24.99. Both these hats feature and extended paracord rope with a clasp that attaches straight to the hat. At Bass Pro Shops we also sell a multitude of color Paracord bracelets ranging anywhere from 14.99-17.99 as shown below:

You may be asking yourself, "How do I even use something like this to survive?" The Site Survivor Geek breaks down multiple uses for the simple string! You can see the list at their website here:

Bass Pro Shops carries a wide variety of Paracord and devices to be used with them. Emergency Paracord is becoming an item that everyone should carry on them because of the vast things it can do, and it may just save your life.

Just remember, the next time you're cliff diving, skydiving, or on a wildly crazy adventure: look down at your paracord bracelet, and shout geronimo!


Come check us out!


Camo Lead

Sevierville  Bass Pro Shops



PBR Family Event !




PBR is making a stop at your local Bass Pro Shops – July 26 & 27!!!





Bring out your lil’ cowboys and cowgirls for a rootin tootin time!

Activities 12-4 pm                                     

  • Bull Roping                    
  • Stick Bull Riding
  • Cactus Cowboy craft
  • Flint the Entertainer Face Painting

Saturday Only – See a LIVE PBR Bull !!!
















Sunday Only- Cowboy and Cowgirls Contest

One winner will receive a $50 Bass Pro Shops gift card. Judging begins at 2:30 pm and Gift Card awarded at 3 pm.




***The first 100 customers to attend the PBR Event each day will receive a PBR/BPS logo Cowboy hat keychain with light***


~~~~Events Team~~~~


I Can Jam with KanJam!

Now that summer has officially arrived … It’s time to get out your favorite yard games.

This year the newest game to enter the playing field is KanJam.


KanJam consists of one flying disc and two scoring containers that serve as goals.

The goal of KanJam is to score exactly 21 points before your opponents. The game consists of two teams of two, and points can be scored when:

  • Your partner deflects the disc and hits the goal (1 point)
  • You hit the goal directly with your disc, without the help of your partner (2 points)
  • Your partner deflects the disc into the goal (3 points)
  • You throw the disc directly into the goal with no help from your partner (Instant win)



Wanna watch this game in action??? Click  here  and see just how much KanJam can be. From beach bashes to tailgating, make any gathering more fun with KanJam, the ultimate outdoor game!





Lewis and Clark Have Arrived At Bass Pro!

In the last couple of weeks, we have received several new items from the Lewis and Clark line that will make your life and your travels so much easier. Unfortunately at this time, they are only available in store. Hopefully, I can manage some pictures, to give you a visual of what I'm talking about.

First, let's talk about laundry....everybody LOVES to do laundry...especially when traveling....NOT! Think about this... by doing your own laundry in your hotel room, you can save a ton of money. But instead of hanging it over the shower rod, hang it on the Lewis and Clark Latex clothesline. It's compact and flexible, in fact it will stretch up to 6 feet and with the two included suction cups, it will attach to almost anything with a smooth surface. Don't want to hang it in the shower? With looped ends, you can hang it around door knobs, bed posts or whatever you can find! Laundering on the go is so very affordable, especially at $6.99.

Do you worry about electronic pickpocketing? I saw on the news how your credit card number can be stolen without it ever leaving your pocket! The next couple of items I have for you, prevent that from happening.

Let's look at the RFID Hidden Travel Wallet. It's made of soft, ripstop nylon with one outer zippered pocket that hides three inner zippered pockets. It's shrink, smell and mildew resistant and hand washable. This wallet hooks to your belt, then safely tucks inside your waistband to be hidden out of sight. It's only $9.99.

The RFID Neck Stash is a bit more at $15.99, but worth every cent! It works just like the Hidden Travel Wallet in that it protects you from electronic pickpocketing. It has multiple compartments and with the adjustable strap, you can wear it round your neck or across your shoulder. Either way, you can't go wrong!

The RFID Waist Stash follows closely along with the Neck Stash with it having multiple compartments and an adjustable strap to 50". The price is the same and the only difference.....? You wear this one around your waist....

This is just a brief look at what Lewis and Clark has in store for us. There's so much more we have that I want to share with you. Stay tuned!

As always, thanks for allowing me to share with you.

I'll see you soon!

Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Bass Pro Shops Sevierville



Family Summer Camp @ BPS



What was your favorite part of summer vacation?
If it was summer camp you need to check out our Family Summer Camp, June 7- July 13.
This summer we will meet every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday for some good ole fashioned summer camp fun!




FREE Workshops

Noon    Bird Watching
1 pm    Fishing
2 pm    Archery
3 pm    Kayaking
4 pm    Backyard Adventure

Noon    Archery
1 pm    Shooting and Hunting
2 pm    Travel Safety
3 pm    Water Safety
4 pm    Camping and Conservation

Noon    Fishing
1 pm    Water Safety
2 pm    Shooting and Hunting
3 pm    Kayaking
4 pm    Bird Watching

Noon     Shooting and Hunting
1 pm    Archery
2 pm    Travel Safety
3 pm    Camping and Conversation
4 pm    Backyard Adventure

**Receive a lanyard and start collecting your Summer Camp Pins for every workshop you complete !

While supplies last**   





FREE Crafts

Color a Wooden Ring Toss
    June 7, 8 and 10, 12

Create your own Rainbow Thermometer
    June 14, 15 and 17, 19

Design a Magnifying Glass
    June 21, 22 and 24, 25

Create your own Personal Camp Journal
    June 28, 29 and July 1, 3

Color a Wooden Wiggle Fish
    July 5, 6 and 8, 10

Color a Wolf Track
    July 12 and 13

FREE Carousel
    Ride along a wildlife carousel filled with outdoor critters galore while enjoying festive music and lights!

FREE Shooting Arcade
    Take aim at the shooting arcade and compete against others to see who hits the most targets!

FREE Casting Challenge
    Test your skills using a rod and reel at our target casting area. Challenge your family to see who can hit the most while improving your aim!

FREE BB Shooting Range
    Try our our Bass Pro Shops/ Daisy BB Shooting Range. A great activity to enjoy after attending the Shooting & Hunting Workshop!

*****BONUS for the first TWO Weekends ONLY- June 7&8 and 14&15 12-5 pm*******

FREE Photo Download
    You on a cover of Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Kids!
FREE Catch and Release Pond
    Stocked with live fish ready for your kiddos to fish!





Bass Pro Shops High School Fishing Tournament Series

We began a new journey on March 22 of this year, our first High School Tournament Series! We have been through three tournaments now and out of 40 teams it has narrowed to the top 10. On Saturday, May 24, 2014 we will find out who the winning team/school will be.

We have 10 teams from 7 area schools competing for the #1 spot in our very first tournament series.

The playing field will be Douglas Lake; the teams will blast off from Douglas Dam Boat Ramp at 7am on Saturday, May 24 and check back in at 1:30 pm back at the ramp. We will join back up here at the store for the final weigh–in at 2:45 pm. Join us out front on the boat pad and watch this sport’s next generation of top anglers as they weigh in their final catch of the trail!

                                            Be sure to stay up to date with all our events and check us out on    

~ Gayle Chesney


Go Outdoors !!!



It’s Spring, FINALLY!  May is here and we are gearing up for our biggest outdoor event of the year – GO OUTDOORS!!!

This event has it ALL- hunting, fishing, camping, kayaking, shooting, hiking –everything outdoors!!!


We have Free workshops given by our Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Pro-Staff to teach you camping basics and even some survival techniques!





May 17-18


* Pack, Pitch, and Play       11am and 3 pm

   Your basic guide to camping and survival

* Wear It Right!              1 pm

   Learn the 5 important steps of choosing and properly fitting a life jacket

* Priorities of Survival            2 and 4 pm

   Survival workshop given by local pro staff








Bring the whole family out on May 24-25 and let the kiddos play at our Kids’ Adventure Activities from 11 am- 5pm!

* Daisy BB Gun Range   

   Test your skill at our BB gun shooting range

* Metal Detector Treasure Hunt

   Can you detect anything hidden under the surface? Find a treasure and receive a prize

* Adventure Scavenger Hunt

   Hunt and find conservation or wildlife items throughout the store

* Free Photo Download

   You on the cover of BPS Adventure Kids

* Free Craft

   Color a Camping Magnet


Kids Seminars

   o Kids Adventures in Camping         

    11 am, 1 and 4 pm

    Learn to explore your surroundings while camping

   o Safe Passage                                    

     2 and 3 pm

    Tips on being safe around water


~~~~ The Events Team ~~~~~~


Wax On, Wax Off Daniel-San

OKAY, So no this isn't about Karate. But for all of you "wax" enthusiasts Bass Pro has a brand new candle line that is absolutely marvelous! Similar to the wood wick candles these candles have a wooden wick and are approximately 18 oz.

They are displayed in an adorable mason jar for all our country home decor lovers, and even better, once they are burned through you can reuse the jar! The jar has a metal lid and features our iconic Bass Pro shops fish on the front of the glass. These candles come in an assortment of fragrances such as cinnamon roll, hazelnut coffee, granny's cookies, camping memories, blueberry muffin, lemon and black cherry.

and to top if all off these candles are made in...

You can find this brand new assortment of candles in our gifts department or at the link to our website found here:

Come check out our incredible shop here in Sevierville Tennessee and see everything we offer for all of your hunting, fishing, and outdoor needs...and in the words of Mr. Myagi, "Bonzai!"

Ainsley at Bass Pro

Store 29 Sevierville




Your Outdoor Memories

Have you ever wanted to be in a Bass Pro Shops commercial?



To celebrate our 10 yr "Go Outdoors" campaign we are calling to you , our customers..... How do you enjoy the outdoors???

If you have any photo images or footage showing us how you enjoy the outdoors with your family or friends send to us at .

We will pick some of our favorite stuff and put it all into a commercial that will air later in the year. If we choose your content you have a chance to win a shopping spree on us !

So .... Upload Your Photo. Be in Our Commercial. GO SHOP.



The Incredible Red Head Boot Tray!


Have you been in our Footwear Department and noticed this amazing Boot Tray? It has sooooo many uses beyond just keeping the mud and water off of your floor- for me that's enough but wait to see all the things you can do with this handy tray. And the best part it is only $9.99!

Next time you stop in at Bass Pro Shops be sure you pick one up!







 Catching poop in your chicken coop







Two-tier boot tray idea for our small mudroom.








                            Under the truck








                 Keeps spills from spreading








          boot storage  








Protect the car






               Pet’s food station





And these are just a few.....

Be sure to share your ideas with us on how you use your boot tray !


Kids Outdoor Skills Challenge


Join us for our Free Kids Outdoor Skills Challenge at Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville, Tn. This special event on May 3-4 will give kids an opportunity to learn skills such as knot tying, rod casting and archery. Then we let them put their skills to the test.


  • CASTING     12-5 pm

How accurate is your casting? Test your skills at our bass casting bucket challenge.

  • ARCHERY     12-5 pm

Test your skills at our Youth Archery Range

  • KNOT TYING  12-5 pm

Learning to tie a proper knot is essential when camping or enjoying the outdoors. Test your skills in our knot tying challenge.

  • SCAVENGER HUNT    12-5 pm

Find conservation or wildlife items throughout the store in this challenge.

  • CRAFTS            12-5 pm

Color a magnetic turtle.


Kids can learn all about fish and their habitats during the "Think like a Fish" seminars at 1:30, 2:30 and 

5:30 pm.




Spring Turkey Season has Begun!

With turkey season in full swing in most areas and just about to start in some, the search for the holy grail of turkey calls and decoys is also ongoing.




We have added quite a few calls this year at Bass Pro Shops along with new and improved decoys. The absolute most amazing decoy this year is the Avian line. This quality line consists of 3 hens in different poses, a jake, and a strutting tom. The hens are so lifelike that they really do look alive. One hunter even claimed to see a jake try to mount a decoy hen of his. If you haven't seen them yet, they really do look that real.




Equally improved is the RedHead Reality series of decoys. They also have fantastic features consisting of deeper color patterns and taxidermy eyes giving them a distinct advantage over older models.


   The jakes and strutters (toms) come in standard kits or kits with a stand that have a remotely controlled motion stake included. We all know from experience that motion of a decoy is what often creates a frenzy of excitement.

   As you search our extensive collection of calls for the perfect call, you will see some new items and some oldy but goodys. For many years, the basic box calls have changed somewhat, but not the principal or performance. Box calls are by far easier to use and are great for beginners.  Box calls may sound deeper or raspier depending on the type of wood and length, but most of all it depends on how you hold it and the pressure you use. Your duration, cadence, and volume will assure your success. Remember ...  louder is not better. Once a bird is located, going with a softer presentation, and most assuredly fewer calls, will bring that trophy in.

    Friction calls come in a basic shape with different materials used for the pot or carriage of the call. The surface is made of slate, glass, or aluminum. They all give different sounds and can be made to sound very lifelike. Again, practice makes a better caller. The striker is sometimes the key. They come in many shapes, materials, and weights. Usually, the strikers are matched to the call. But, if you have a few different ones (and you will after a few years), you will find your preferred pot striker. Reality series offers a 2 pack and even a 3 pack of different strikers. All make different sounds on the same calls.

    The mouth call selection is also one of the best you will ever find. We have single, double, and triple reeds. We also have a smaller size which is great for kids. These also help you not to have to cut down the edges so they will fit in your mouth.


We have over a hundred mouth calls, 35+ box calls and 30+ friction calls and many of the specialty calls advertised or seen used on T.V. If you need any help choosing just ask one of our many knowledgeable associates. We hope to see you soon in the hunting department!


Mike Casey

Bass Pro Shops

Hunting Lead



Power Inversion

How would you like to have power to run your mobile devices and small appliances wherever you may be? You actually can if you have our newest inverter additions.

Custom Accessories have allowed us to bring to you their line of power inverters. From 100W to 750W.

First off, there's the 100 watt inverter. It converts 12v of vehicle power to 110v of household power. Included one 3 pronged AC outlet and one USB port. This unit will provide you with a continuous output of 110 watts to power you smaller mobile electronics such as iPhone, iPad, digital camera, etc. It's also equipped with integral protection against overloads.

You can get this item for only $29.99 and it comes in the RealTree Xtra camo pattern.


Next up is the 120 watt inverter. It has one 3 pronged AC outlet and one USB port. This item is also good for the smaller mobile devices up to 120 watts.

This compact design measures at 4.5"x2.7"x1" and is very lightweight at 7.4 oz. The 120 Watt version also comes in The RealTree Xtra camo pattern and is reasonably priced at $34.99.


If you are needing something a little more powerful, this inverter will power almost everything except portable vacuums, which require 500 watts and small coffeepots which require 600 watts, then you will be needing the 400 watt inverter. 12v of vehicle power is converted to 120 watts of household power and 400 watts when clamped onto the car battery. It has an internal cooling fan and an off/on button. Also compact, it measures 7"x4"x2" , weighs a mere 17.8 oz. and is available in the RealTree Xtra camo pattern as well. $59.99.


Lastly, when you want to power EVERYTHING including the coffee pot, then you are going to be needing this powerful 750 watt inverter. It will power up the smallest devices, 10 watts, to the bigger ones, 750 watts.  This one also has the internal cooling fan, low battery alarm and automatic shutdown. It measures 9"x5.25"x2.25" and weighs 31 oz.

These items are available right now in the store only. So come on over to Bass Pro here in Sevierville and I will be more than happy to show you what we have in stop for your power needs.

Hope to see you soon!

Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro



A New Way To Cook

In today's world, you can never be prepared enough. You can prepare for any number of things as dramatic as the dreaded end of the world or a natural disaster, a power outage or a hiking trip just to name a few. Today I'd like to hit on the last two and tell you about a few things that could and should go into the preparation of those two scenarios.

First, let's take a look at the Esbit Foldable Pocket Stove. This is an awesome little nugget to have around for hiking trips but also in your car for an emergency or even in the disaster kit at home.

The Nesbit stove comes with 6 - 0.5 oz solid fuel cube so right out of the box, you're ready to go. It's made of electrolytic galvanized steel, only weighs 12.7 oz. and is small enough folded to fit in your pocket. It has two heat positions for low and high (direct heat). A real steal at only $9.99!


Now, you're of course going ot need extra fuel. I have Esbit Solid Fuel Cubes. These come 12 in a pack for only $7.99. Esbit fuel cubes are non- explosive and non- toxic which makes them a great fire starter! They are waterproof and get as hot as 1300°. Depending on conditions, one little cube (0.5 oz.) can heat water to a boil in about 8 minutes and when it's burned out, there's nothing to dispose of and no residue. These would be a great addition to your camping trip just so your camp fire will light a little easier and also would put off a little bit of heat for a short time in case of an emergency.


Lastly, there is the EmberLit Foldable Wood Stove for only $39.99.

This thing is AWESOME! It assembles in seconds, only weighs 11.3 oz. and folds down to 1/8" (folds thinner than an iPhone5) so it can fit easily into your pocket! Fuel for it is always available as it uses just a handful of sticks or anything else burnable that you picked up along the trail. This little puppy is very durable and stable and strong enough to hold a cast iron skillet or a dutch oven. The best part.....? It is 100% made in the USA!

We have alot new and exciting items here at the store and I'd love to show them to you. 2014 Camping season is going to be a great one if you judge it by all the new gadgets we have.

Come see me....

Thanks for allowing me to share once again.

Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro Shops


Reel Deal in Fishing !!!


As you may know, the Shimano Curado G Series baitcasting reels have been marked down from a regular price of $159.99, to $99.97.  This discount is to help make room for the new Curado I Series reels that are starting to trickle in to the store.  We have a few of the G Series reels left, only in a 5.5:1 gear ratio.  Slower gear ratio reels are ideal for crankbait fishing, and we have put together an incredible deal on a combo that will fit just about all of your cranking situations.

For a limited time, we will pair a 5.5:1 Curado G Series reel with a Bass Pro Shops Crankin’ Stick at the awesome price of $159.98!  This is the original price of the reel, with a Crankin’ Stick thrown in!  These combos are available with either a 6’6” medium action rod, or a 7’ medium-heavy rod.  The 6’6” rod is ideal for smaller crankbaits, jerkbaits, and even most topwaters.  The 7’ model is perfect for lipless crankbaits, larger square bill plugs and topwaters, and even deeper running baits for summertime fishing.

If you are not familiar with the Bass Pro Shops Crankin’ Stick, it is a composite rod that has the perfect action for treble hook lures.  It is a combination of an IM6 graphite blank, with a fiberglass tip section.  The graphite helps maintain maximum sensitivity, while the fiberglass allows for a little more flexibility in the tip of the rod.  All of this makes for the perfect rod for treble hook lures.  Sensitivity to be able to feel what the lure is doing at all times, but just the right amount of give that allows a fish to take the lure deeper into its mouth.  The more of the bait in the fishes mouth means a much higher percentage of strikes that end up in the boat.  The softer tip section also helps landing fish that aren’t hooked great.  This shock absorber will keep these fish hooked up without tearing off.

If you need some evidence, check out footage of the 2014 Bassmaster’s Classic on Lake Guntersville.  Bass Pro Shops professional angler Edwin Evers led the event after two days, eventually finishing in 3rd place.  He caught almost all of his fish on treble hooked lures using, you guessed it, Bass Pro Shops Crankin’ Sticks.

The 5.5:1 gear ratio of the Curado is perfect for fishing these lures.  This speed gives you the power to pull big plugs all day, or work shallower baits effectively through cover.  This reel contains 4 shielded stainless ball bearings and 1 roller bearing.  It also contains super-stopper infinite anti-reverse, and 1/8th turn-key internal access which allows the user to set it up for any types of lures.

We have a couple of these combos set up for you to get the feel of.  We will have this special available until we run out of reels!  So don’t wait!

See any of the associates in the fishing department for more information.




Game Camera Basics

What is the best game and trail camera? What is so great about the $ 250.00 camera compared to the $79.00 one?  Which one gives me the best value for the buck? All common questions regularly asked here at Bass Pro.
Here's my first question and comment to almost everybody. What are you using it for? Is it wildlife, security, or both?  What is your budget?  My first comment is a reality check. This is technology. It changes every year, so buy the best that you can afford and plan to have the camera for 3-5 years. Mine is a Moultrie D-40 that still works and is at least 5 years old. It has virtually none of the features of today's cameras, but still is a well built camera. Common features : all are water resistant, have the ability to turn off flashes, some type of battery power, SD card, a port, and the most important feature,  ease of use.     
Most cameras are getting smaller. Moultrie has a variety of sizes from the Panoramic to the A5 providing a camera for every budget. Primos has the smallest camera and most extensive battery pack. This 24 AA pk. coupled with a 32gb SD card gives the user the ability to leave the camera alone and not contaminate the viewing area with human scent. Other manufacturers offer large battery packs or rechargeable batteries with solar chargers.
The size of megapixel is always a question. The larger the megapixel, the better the clarity, but at 5 megapixels your clarity is great even at night. Clarity at night is reduced with a digital camera, so that's why you see so many 8 mp or 12 mp cameras. Remember, animals aren't bothered by flashes, but a flash will show poachers or trespassers the location of your camera in the dark or in low light situations.


At this time of year, more cameras are sold for security reasons. They work great for this purpose. We sell cameras with a black out lens that do not give out any flash and have good low light capability. Other cameras have a low glow feature that works when the flash is off.


Trigger speed is important for getting pictures of animals on the move. If a deer walks by, 1 second is too slow. The faster trigger speed, the better. To capture the deer fully, try setting the camera at 3 or 5 frames per trigger. 3 frames at a time seem to work the best for me.


Moultrie, Primos, Cuddeback, Stealthcam, Bushnell, Eyecon, Wildgame, Reconyx, and Plotmaster will all be adding new and improved cameras at affordable prices between now and August. Once again with technology you get what you pay for. From the basic camera to the top of the line, you can be assured we here at  are here with quality and some of the newest cameras on the market, year in and year out.


HS Fishing Tournament Challenge #1 - Cherokee Lake


8 am - March 22, 2014 on Cherokee Lake 43 boats blasted off and began the first of the three part tournament series in the inaugural Bass Pro Shops High School Fishing Tournament Challenge.

We will have three tournaments, March 22, April 19, and May 10. The playing fields will be Cherokee and Douglas Lakes. We will take the top 25 winners with the most weight from those tournaments and have a final Challenge on Douglas Lake on May 24, 2014.

Blast offWe are really encouraged by the number of entries and enthusiasm that these kids are showing. We have 9 schools participating in our first year with a total of 86 kids in the entire program so far. We hope to keep increasing those numbers with each tournament.

They blasted off at 8 am and fished until 2 pm. It was a beautiful, cool, sunny spring day in East Tennessee, perfect for fishing.

After weigh-in was complete the winning team was awarded a trophy and got to split a $400 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card. The 1st Place team was Craig Wilson and Trevor St. John from Campbell County High School. In 2nd Place was Paten Sweeney and Tavon Russell from Maryville High School, 3rd place team was Tyler Lawson/ Kaleb Dople from Jellico High School, and finally the 4th place team was James Miller/ Cody Langlen from Cumberland Gap High School.

I would like to thank the following schools for being open to participating in our first tournament series-

Campbell County, Jellico, Anderson County, Grainger County, Maryville, Wartburg Central, Karns High School, Cumberland Gap and Seymour High School.

And a HUGE thank you to BAIT Fishing Trail!!!


For more information on the High School Series .... email


Turkey Talk (No, it's not Thanksgiving)

Since the beginning of time, men have hunted. Whether it be for dinosaurs, deer, or squirrels, we have always loved the rush of being able to take a wild creature home as a trophy. It's simply in our nature to want to seek out adventure and take a challenge, like hunting, hands on.

The most current season would be the ever growing turkey hunting period of the year. Adults, as well as children, love this time of the year due to the enjoyment that comes out of a turkey hunt! You get to use fun (and bizarre) calls, use expandable decoys, and of course, sit on your tush all day! (The sitting part is my favorite too) So to cover all things "seating wise" I'll show you some of our best vests for your next turkey hunting trip!

The first vest to look at, and in my humble opinion, one of the best is the RedHead Striker Vest.

This vest is our number one seller and has a plethora of features. This vest has multiple call pockets from mouth calls to box calls as well as space to store and carry your decoys (or turkey!). Everything is easily accessible and fitted for maximum comfort along with a padded seat that snaps back on to your vest. 

Another great vest is the RedHead Classic Turkey Vest:

This vest features multiples pockets and slots and has a comfortable fold down padded seat. One Customer review states:

"i bought this about a week ago for my first turkey season. i thought id go for it because it was a decent price and i didn't know how much i would use it in the field. i soon found out that your vest is your best friend from holding all your equipment to saving your butt and back on the ground with the fold down pad. i would recommend this product for a first timer or a small kid learning to hunt. for an experienced hunter spend the extra ten to twenty bucks and get one with a few more pockets so your calls aren't rattling around while your walking. i know i will definitely be upgrading to the redhead strut zone turkey vest for next season. but overall its a great product for the money."
Bass Pro offers a wide selection of vests to cover any need you may have when it comes to turkey hunting. With such a wide selection it is nearly impossible to not be able to help every turkey hunter that comes into the camo department find that perfect vest to suit their needs and leave them happy!
Don't Forget!
Check out this blog on how to select the perfect Turkey Camo to disguise yourself:
Ask any of our hunting associates about what the best choices are to give your next hunt its most successful shot! (literally)
Ainsley Marie
Hunting Clothing Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro

Spring ahead in Ascend Style!



Ladies, Spring is here finally !!!!

Ascend has not disappointed me this year with their spring line of active-wear.

There is something for everyone! Shorts, capris, skorts, dresses- whatever you are doing outdoors you can look great in this season hottest colors and styles!





Ascend’s Burnout Tunic for ladies delivers comfort, style, and a great fit. This soft, stretchy burnout t-shirt features an intricate design with burnout detailing, short sleeves, and a hidden zip pocket in back to store essentials. $38.00






Stay ready for adventure in these Ascend Ripstop Active Shorts for ladies. Featuring classic 5-pocket styling and a 2-button waist, these durable shorts move with you, ensuring an excellent fit and superior mobility. $38.00





Our Ascend Sleeveless Hooded Travel Dress for ladies equips you for busy days on foot, train, or plane. Made of 47% cotton/47% modal/6% spandex, this sleeveless dress features a crossover neckline, an attached hood, and a built-in shelf bra. Raw edge detailing at the waist adds style while a right zip pocket stows essentials. The Ascend Sleeveless Travel Dress delivers a soft, supple fit for all-day–and into the night–comfort.$54.00



These are just a few of my favorite styles for this season. You can see the whole Ascend Spring Collection by visiting .