Winterizing Your Boat

Winterization of Your Boat


The weather is turning cool, the leaves are changing.  With that, comes the time to put your boat up for the season.  Winterizing your boat, lessens the chance of damage.  Without properly storing it, costly damage can occur.

Step 1:  Fill your fuel tank and add STABIL gas stabilizer for each 5 quarts of gas.

Step 2:  Operate the boat for 15 minutes in the water or use a flush system.

Step 3:  Remove bilge drain plug once you have taken the boat out from the water.  Do a general wash of your boat.

Step 4:  Clean the hull, deck and interior of the boat at this time.  Dry completely.

Step 5:  Detach the prop shaft coupling.  Coat with waterproof Marine grease.

Step 6:  Flush engine cooling system with clean water.

Step 7:  Add the Fogging Oil slowly into the engine while the engine is idling.  Then cut off.

Step 8:  Turn the fuel supply line to off.  Perform scheduled services.  Tune the engine, change the oil and filters.

Step 9:  Remove the drain plug from the lower part of the engine.  Flush old antifreeze out before adding new in.

Step 10:  Remove the negative battery cable from the battery.  Charge the battery to full or remove it completely.

Step 11:  Clean all traces of dirt, oil and grease from the transmission and engine.

Step 12:  Coat the length of the prop shaft with corrosion-resistant metal protection.

Step 13:  Then cover your boat with a boat cover.

If you are unsure, please have a professional do this for you.  If done incorrectly, it could cost quite a bit of money in the long run.  Tracker Parts and Service would be more than willing to winterize your boat for you!

Ginger J Bridges

Marine Lead

Sevierville, TN            


Fall Flannel Fest !!!


What’s our favorite fall fabric?

 Well, FLANNEL of course!!!

Flannel is a staple of the Fall season- and you know the best place to get yours is Bass Pro Shops! We have a wide selection from all of your favorite brands; Ascend, RedHead, Natural Reflection, Bob Timberlake, Carhartt, Columbia and more!!!

This season we are proud to introduce Fall Flannel Fest!!!

On October 24 we welcome you to Flannel Friday; we will give the first 100 customers in the store a FREE Fall Flannel Fest Car Coaster- a stoneware coaster to put in your car’s cup holder to soak up minor spills and condensation.

Come experience Fall Flannel Fest. Only at Bass Pro Shops!!!

Don't forget to post all your flannel fan photos to #FlannelFest !!!



It's time to "Hunt for a Cure"


October is one of my favorite months…. The leaves are changing, the weather is cooler and you have Halloween thrown in there too. 

In recent years October has also taken on a new meaning- It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And whether we like it or not, A LOT of us have been touched in some way by this horrible disease.

For me, my mother-in-law was diagnosed over 15 yrs ago and she won! She is still with us today and going strong!

Take a look around at your friends and family – how many have had their own battle with breast cancer?

It’s time we find a cure!!!

This month Bass Pro Shops is joining the bandwagon on finding a cure.  We are introducing 3 brand new t-shirts and a hoodie designed for that outdoors woman in all of us.


Make sure you stop in and get yours today before they are gone. A portion of all proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation®



The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyways!

With the weather cooling down it's always a good idea to throw some Hot Hands in your pockets, but did you know the other uses where these can come in handy? Events like late Football Games, Camping, Hiking, etc. I know in our local area it is popular to visit DollyWood in the winter and enjoy the lights, but it can definitely get cold fast when you're walking around the mountains for hours at night.

These are always something I bring along and throw in the toes of my boots and my winter coat pockets because they last for HOURS! In the camo department we sell a two pack (one for each hand, or foot) for $2.00 but the perfect time to find them, and when I always purchase mine, is now-when the bulk packs come out. They're $9.99 and you get twenty, which is perfect for me and my all-the-time-freezing self!

A lot of people who come into the store are reliant on these things and practically use them for every winter purpose you can imagine. Motorcycle rides, Cutting wood, walking the dog, hunting, or even taking a stroll through a "winter wonderland".

So what's the breakdown of these simple heat producing devices? The pouches are extremely thin and activated by air, or in other words, shake it! The friction causes a heat-creating reaction that lasts for about 10 hours. They're safe and easy to use, and can be snugly put about anywhere. You can see the bulk pack online with this link

In the camo department here in Sevierville, we even sell accessories that have pockets sewn into them specifically for hot hands use. There is a variety of items ranging from ear bands, to hats, to gloves, to neck gaitors, and even more and each has three colors to choose from; blaze orange, camo, and black. All having a fleece texture and warm,cozy feel.

Hot Hands come in both the single and bulk packs, as mentioned, but are also featured in a Cold Weather Pack and Footwear and boots pack specifically. The Cold Weather pack features an emergency space blanket which reflects up to 80% of body heat and can be seen here

Make sure to stop by and see our awesome Hot Hands deals and accessories and don't let the cold get the better of you this winter!



Local Hero Discount Days Coming this October!



October in East Tennessee is one of my favorite times- Fall Fishing, hunting, camp fires, football- and the leaves change.

It is a busy time of the year gearing up for the upcoming holiday season but Bass Pro Shops doesn’t want to forget all of those who make it possible, the ones who protect us every day!

The entire month of October we would like to say THANK YOU to our Local Heroes!!!

Members of law enforcement, fire, and emergency response receive a 10% discount on regular priced merchandise purchased in the store. Some exclusions do apply. Must show ID to receive discount.


Terms & conditions: Offer valid October 1-31 on regular priced merchandise only. Must show valid ID to receive discount. Good for purchases at Bass Pro Shops retail store locations. Not valid with any other offer. Void where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law. Discount not available on gift cards, all firearms and ammunition, safes, fishing and hunting licenses, golf clubs, ATVs taxidermy, optics, electronics, boats, motors, Mercury motors, any TRACKER boat product/services, store restaurant food or drinks, and vendor outlets within the store. Applicable taxes must be paid by bearer. Discount not available at or catalog call center. See store for details.



Hunting Time in Fall Y'all

With the weather cooling down and slowly progressing into winter, it is time to prepare for the chilly and crisp hunting days ahead of us. Being the "connoisseur" of camo that I am, I always suggest the Red Head Silent Hide Shirt and Pant outfit.  This set is the perfect hunting outfit for a cold weather transition. The shirt and pant is created from a 60/40 cotton and polyester blend and is fabricated to be the perfect outfit to be quiet in the woods. This material is soft and warm but durable enough to stand up to burrs, tree limbs, and anything you get into in the woods.

The Silent Hide shirt comes in an array of camo patterns and sizes ranging from Small to a 6XLT. The shirt has reinforced elbows and features a button down collar and two chest zippers. This shirt is also very affordable for its quality with a price starting at 39.99. We also carry a variety of youth sizes in this top for the "little hunters" as well. You can see this shirt in action with this link

The "bottom" part of this set is the Red Head Silent Hide pants. These pants are built with reinforced knees, seat, and kick plates. This fabric is also constructed of 60/40 polyester and cotton mix creating the perfect blend of quiet for your outdoor hunting trip. It comes in matching camo styles as the shirt, and is also available in youth sizes as well. These pants also start at 39.99, making it easy to get a complete set. You can find this item on our website here

These items are a great stand alone for fall hunting and can be used in the winter as well. Simply layer with bibs and a coat available in the Silent Hide outfit set or wear a set of our Red Head base layers underneath to stay warm.

I have customers daily asking for and shopping for this item. It is an outstanding product and lives up to expectations. As one customer stated," Purchased these on sale as an alternative to my scent locking pants. Great value, Had on no base layer and stayed warm and quiet in cold temperatures, also held up well when pushing through brush."

Be sure to look for this item next time you visit our stores! Also check out more of our blogs here:



There's A Snake In My Boot!

Unless you're a cute animated toy from a Disney Movie, this is NOT something you want to be shouting in the middle of the woods. Snakes are everywhere you hunt, hike, or travel and can have quite the bite when not properly prepared. (There is no bark). Looking towards this fall, it is important to use the right protection when walking through tall grasses, forests, and leaf piles, to avoid snake bites. At Bass Pro we carry various lines of great snake protection. The two I will talk about is the ForEverLast Snake guard shields and chaps.


The ForEverLast Snake guard shields are one of our top sellers at our store for snake protection. They are knee length and are made with adjustable straps to fit any size leg. The chaps themselves are made of a tough 900d nylon composite shell and high density polycarbonate insert. These are $39.99 and exclusively printed in Realtree APG. You can find these items online here

The second pair we carry from ForEverLast is the Snake Guard Chaps. These chaps are a lightweight canvas like material that protect from briars and bushes and snakes from the knee down. The snake protective portion is constructed of a firm nylon.  The chaps adjust around the calf and belt loop for a proper fit. These are featured in APG and are priced at $49.99. The link for the item on our website is

Make sure to check out our full line of snake protection products at Bass Pro ranging from chaps to full length boots in our footwear department.

"Snake in My Boot" Photo Credit


Lowrance New Elite 3X and X-4 Pro


Lowrance has a new product called the  Elite 3X and its hit Bass Pro Shops with a bang!  It’s their new price conscious color fish finder.  Lowrance will soon be consolidating the X4 and X4 Pro into the new design of the Elite 3X. It has the same price point as the Pro at $99, but adding color to the screen. 



The features include:

  • 3” LED-back-lit color display
  • Easy to read in sunlight
  • Broadband Sounder
  • Dual frequency at 83 or 200 kHz
  • Advanced Signal Processing
  • Quick release disconnect
  • Tilting swivel mounting bracket


The Elite 3X is a great fish finder for the fisherman that is just starting out.  With its easy to read and functionality, its hard to find one that compares.


The Lowrance X-4 Pro is a unit that Lowrance will soon be discontinuing.  The original price was $99.99 and has now dropped down to $69.99 at Bass Pro Shops! This is a great starter out unit because of its easy ability to read.  Most of our Tracker boats have come equipped with this unit.


The features of the X-4 Pro are:

  • 4” Super twist LCD display
  • 83/200 kHz dual search skimmer
  • Up to 120 degree angle
  • 1,500 peak power with depth to 1,000 ft
  • 4 Level gray scale
  • Fish ID
  • Sonar Alarms

Ginger J Bridges

Marine Lead

Sevierville, TN



Fall Fishing Event

><>         ><>        ><>        ><>        ><>       ><>        ><>         ><>        ><>        ><>        ><>        

                          Fishing is not just a sport for summer anymore….


Fall is almost here and the weather is starting to cool down a bit. Dove season is in full swing here and all the hunters are back out in the fields. But wait, I know there are still fishermen out there on the water every day. The seasons are changing and it does have an effect on the water.  Luckily, we will be hosting our Fall Fishing Event again this year.

It will be September 27-28 right here at your Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville, TN.


Fishing Seminars        ><>        ><>         ><>        ><>       ><>        ><>         ><>        ><>       ><>   

September 27

1 pm    Where did the fish go?

            Expert advice on following fall fish movements

2 pm   Which fishing rod and reel?

Experts will help you select the rod and reel that works best for various fishing situations

3 pm   Local Fishing Areas

            Local fishing experts will explain area fishing   opportunities

September 28        ><>        ><>         ><>        ><>       ><>        ><>         ><>        ><>       ><>       

1 pm    Fall Fishing Tackle Box

            Learn the key baits and presentations for fall fishing

2 pm   Fall Weather Transition and How it Affects Fishing

            Learn how fall weather changes affect water and fishing conditions

3 pm   Preparing Your Boat

Our experts will show you ways to be more productive on the water by setting up your boat correctly

><> ><> Collapsible water bottle giveaway to first 25 customers to attend 2 pm seminars each day ><> ><> 

We haven’t forgotten our Next Generation in this event either….

September 27-28

  • Beginning Fishing for Kids Workshop       12-1 pm

Learn the basics to get started fishing. Kids who complete the class will receive a fishing certificate along with a folding fishing hat.

  • Craft  1-3 pm

Color your own Mini Tackle Box



Cornhole for Conservation



Last year I had our Regional Director from NWTF come to me with an idea for a fundraiser that was different than anything he had ever done before….. A Cornhole Tournament.  For our first tournament we had around 40 teams – an outstanding turnout I thought. We had such a great time we thought hey let’s do it again!

This year we have changed a few things- we added a social team division. That way everyone regardless of their comfort level is welcome to come have fun and help raise money for this conservation group.

What is the NWTF?

The National Wild Turkey Federation is a national nonprofit organization that is the leader in upland wildlife habitat conservation in North America. They are dedicated to the conservation of the wild turkey and the preservation of our hunting heritage.

So for a great cause join us at Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville on Oct 18, 2014. Registration will begin at 8 am and bags start flying at 10 am.

There will be two divisions to compete in this year:

  • Competitive Cornhole Teams (Open division)
  • Social Cornhole Teams



For any questions or to register please contact: Tim Yates at or call 423.463.4260


September Rewards

Do you already have a Bass Pro Shops MasterCard account?

If your answer is yes I have a deal for you! Reward yourself and a friend by visiting a Bass Pro Shops retail store beginning September 1st, 2014, and referring your friend to apply for the Bass Pro Shops MasterCard credit card.


Here’s how it works:

  • Stop by any Bass Pro Shops retail store from September 1-30 with a friend who is not a Bass Pro Shops Master Card credit card customer.
  • When you show your Bass Pro Shops MasterCard credit card to a BPS team member, in conjunction with your friend applying for a new account, you will receive a $20 coupon good for that day in store.
  • Your friend will be eligible, if approve, to use their new account that day and receive their choice of $15 or 10% off a purchase up to $1500 ($150 max discount)


**The $20 coupon must be used the same day of the referral. The coupon will be presented at the registered and used in conjunction with the Bass Pro Shops MasterCard credit card**                                                                                                                        



Your passion is now your reward to share with a friend!



Oakley Big Bass Bash!



The biggest and best amateur fishing tournament will making a stop here on October 4-5, 2014. Oakley will be hosting its annual tournament on Douglas Lake from The Point Marina.

Entry Fees are per Angler: $100 for one day entry and $150 for two day entry.

Weight in Site: The Point Resort 122 Boat Dock Dr. Dandridge, TN 37725

Registration: Friday October 3rd 3 - 7 PM Bass Pro Shops 3629 Outdoor Sportsman Pl. Kodak, TN 37764 — If you have previously registered/paid online then you have an official entry into the tournament and are NOT required to attend any registration/meeting on Friday.  Friday's registration is ONLY for anglers who have not already entered/paid for the tournament.  We will have door prizes for those who attend on Friday from 3-7pm. (You must be present to win) *If you qualified to receive an early online entry rod (see below), then you may pick it up Friday from 3-7pm or Sat/Sun after 3pm. Free rods are for the first 150 anglers to register early ONLINE.  Only two day entries are eligible for the free rod. 

Start Time:  Due to the varying times of year that we host our tournaments, we will notify everyone of the start time on the Friday before the tournament.  We will notify you via text message and/or email.  Start time (first cast) for each tournament will be safe light and set by the tournament director.  You may launch and be on the water but you may not begin fishing until we notify you of first cast.  Please do not call our offices related to start time. 

Weigh in Times: 8-9am, 9-10am, 10-11am, 11-12pm, 12-1pm, 1-2pm, and 2-3pm.

Free Quantum custom rods to the first 150 online entrants.  Early entry promo rods may be picked up at Friday registration from 3-7pm or after 3pm each day of the tournament.  Please do not call our offices related to early entry rods.  We will notify anglers on this page when rods are gone along with the cutoff date.  If you registered on or before the cutoff date then you will receive a rod.  If you register after, you will not. *Your co-angler may pick up your rod for you if you're unable to be present.




It's Hometown Festival Time at Bass Pro Shops !




The last event of the summer is here…..

Celebrate Labor Day with us in Bass Pro style…. It’s Hometown Festival!!!!!

We would like to take this time to honor our hometown heroes; OUR Firefighters, Police, Veterans, Military Personnel, Soldiers, Paramedics and Teachers. THANK YOU for all you do!!!

On August 30, 2-4 pm we will have hourly drawings:

2 pm      $50 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card

3 pm      Maui Jim Sunglasses - $250 value

4 pm      YETI Cooler- $300 Value

**One winner each hour … must show valid ID**

Join in on our FREE Family Activities on August 30-31, 12-5 pm.     



  • Free Duck Pond

            Try your luck pick a duck for a chance to win a LED flashing lanyard!


  • Free Casting Buckets

            Hit the target for a prize


  • Free Face Painting


  • Free Crafts

            Color an Owl Backpack Clip


  • Free Metal Detector Treasure Hunt

            Can you find the hidden treasure?


  • Free Photo Download

            Unique photo opportunity with Tony Stewart’s #14 Bass Pro Shops car


  •  Free Homemade Ice Cream Samples     4-5 pm


  • Free Hot dogs and Food Samples and Fish Fry Samples


**First 100 kids to complete a punch card will receive a free drawstring bag**




1:30 pm          Stoked to Smoke: How to Smoke Meat Right

2:30 pm         Backyard Chef Picking the Right Grill

3:30 pm         Going Dutch: Dutch Oven Cooking Made Easy


It's hard to be sad that summer is gone while we are having all this fun! Check us out on facebook and our website for event updates.






2nd Amendment Instant Savings

Back by popular demand during the Fall Hunting Classic celebrate the 2nd Amendment~ your right to bear arms! Join us from August 1-5 and again on August 13-17, 2014 for 2nd Amendment Savings. Customers using their Bass Pro Shops Credit Card to purchase a gun or safe will receive an instant savings of up to $150.00 equal to the value of their sales tax. Offer is valid on in-stock guns and gun safes ONLY. The purchase price will be reduced by a percentage of equal to the applicable state tax rate. All applicable sales tax will be added to the reduced purchase price and collected from the customer, in accordance with applicable law.  Total Amount must be charged to customer's Bass Pro Shops Credit Card. Not available on catalog or internet purchases. Maximum Discount of $150.00. So swing into your Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World and let us help you save some money with your 2nd Amendment Rights!


Scouting Events in September!

The month of September will be dedicated to our conservation partner Boy Scouts of America. On Tuesday and Thursdays throughout the month the Boy Scouts can work towards earning their Fishing and Rifle Shooting Merit Badges by attending classes taught here. Classes will be taught in our Seminar Room beginning at 6 pm. Please register by calling 865.932.5600 or email, class size is limited to 10 Scouts.


Tuesday, Sept 2                                Fishing

Thursday, Sept 4                              Rifle Shooting

Tuesday, Sept 9                                Rifle Shooting

Thursday, Sept 11                            Fishing

Tuesday, Sept 16                             Fishing

Thursday, Sept 18                           Rifle Shooting

Tuesday, Sept 23                             Rifle Shooting

Thursday, Sept 25                           Fishing


Trade-In Your Gear and SAVE!


Are you tired of your old hunting gear? Gear up this August, donate your old gear and you get the savings toward the purchase of this seasons newest hunting accessories…..

Applies to prices marked. Limit 1 coupon per new item. Donate all working bows and crossbows August 1-6, working binoculars & rangefinders – August 7-12, working scopes August 13-17 and receive a discount coupon to be used toward the purchase of a new bow or crossbow (August 1-6 only) , new binoculars or rangefinders (August 7-12 only) and new scopes (August 13-17 only). All trade-ins will be inspected to ensure good working order, and then donated to a local youth organization to help with their outdoor education programs.  Check out this seasons best here at your Bass Pro Shops !




Time to get a lil' cooler...


One of the disadvantages of summer is being outside with hot can of soda….. right?

No longer will I face this dilemma now that I have my Bass Pro Shops Camo Can Cooler!

They come in two shades of camo- Mossy Oak Break-Up / Pink Camo or Mossy Oak Break-Up Camo. Made of lightweight neoprene, this can cooler insulates cups, cans and bottles for long lasting beverage refreshment. They also hold a standard 12 oz can~ all at a cost of only $3.99. This cooler makes a great gift, souvenir and dare I say stocking stuffer!

  Stop in at your Bass Pro Shops and get yours NOW !




Fall Hunting Classic 2014




Join us for the largest hunting sale of the season- the FALL HUNTING CLASSIC!!!!

This year will be bigger than ever with great sales, great pros seminars and a fantastic Next Generation Weekend!!!

We will kick off our Hunting Classic with a FREE Hunting University - learn hunting techniques from some the industries finest .

This year our guests will be host of "Turkey Man" Eddie Salter and Host of BPS "King of Bucks" and "Winchester Rack Masters" Allen Treadwell.







Class Schedule

7 pm     Eddie Salter        

          Tricks on How to Kill Deer

8 pm     Allen Treadwell     

          How to Pack for a Successful Hunt





Trade in your old gear and save on the seasons newest trends

August 1-6      Bow and Crossbow Trade-in

August 7-12    Binocular and Rangefinder Trade-in

August 13-17  Scope Trade-in





The second weekend of the classic is dedicated to the Next Generation of hunters. August 9&10, 12-5 pm will be FREE Kids Activities- Daisy BB Gun Shooting Range, Free Photo Download, Crafts (12-4 pm) and a Free Kids; Workshop at 2 and 4 pm " Fall in The Outdoors". Starting at noon the first 100 kids that complete all activities will receive a free fox drawstring backpack.














We have a brand new addition this year.... Women's Hunting Workshop!!! Have you always wanted to hunt but didn't know where or how to begin? Be here on August 9 at 3 pm and join our Red Head Pro Staff- they will show you.




The third and final weekend stars our own Red Head Hunting Pro Staff- Larry Self and JR Adkins with their tips and seminars.........

August 15

7 pm    Big Game Are All Around You

August 16 & 17

1 pm    Autumn Hunt: New Approaches to Fall Success

2 pm    Tender Venison? It's Easier than You Think

3 pm    Does Camo Pattern Really Matter?

4 pm    Why Should You Be Hunting Coyote?

5 pm    How to Integrate Your Game Camera with Mobile Devices.


Don't miss it!! Come on in and visit us here at your Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville.... Your Hunting Adventure BeginsHERE!


~ The Events Team




Don't Hate Me Because I'm a Little Cooler

 Get it?? It's a "little cooler"!!

 .....Okay, quiet the crickets.

You don't need to be a weatherman to know that this summer has been HOT. With all the things to do outdoors, such as camping, hiking, and fishing, it's important to stay well hydrated! The best way to pack up cold drinks would be in our Red Head insulated coolers! They come in an assortment of shapes and sizes and are an extremely cheap price!

The largest cooler is our 24 can cooler. It is large enough for 24 cans, or even cold food to take on a large family picnic! This time of year is perfect to head up to The Chimneys, in our mountains, and have a fantastic day enjoying and exploring nature. Make sure to pack all the necessities for a trip like this (and you're allowed to forget your cellphone for the day) This cooler is also a perfect buy at 14.97!

Secondly is our "little cooler"; the 8 can RedHead branded cooler. It is a much smaller cooler as it holds just 8 cans. The unique thing with this cooler though, is the fact that it can double as a perfect lunchbox! Whether it be for your children to pack their PB&J's in and carry to school or for that perfect work sack (like most of our own associates use), it is the perfect traveling size and still keeps all your items cold! This munchkin bag is only $8.97!

We also have the 6 can stick cooler. This cooler features a carrying strap and elongated insulated cooler to keep your drinks cold and is ideal for hiking! This Cooler is $7.99!


Last, but definitely not least, is our wonderfully crafted belt cooler. Yes, it's a belt with insulated cup holders. Not sure how else you can top This nifty cooler is $9.99 and features 6 can holding capacity. It is a hit at parties and is rated 5 out of 5 stars!

As one of our top reviewers wrote online:

"I call it the heine-belt. It does keep my canned beverages, both regular and adult, cold, even when opened. It has kept them cold for about 2 hours, that is how long it took to finish them. Not only does it keep drinks cold, it is a great holder for the open ones, no more looking for a place to put them and you don't have to worry about knocking it over. Would make a great gift."
You can check out all these awesome coolers on our website here: or swing by your local Bass Pro Shops and talk to one of our members of staff in the hunting apparel department!


    So maybe that's the last thing you want to be yelling as you jump from a bridge held by only a piece of bungee cord. It's not exactly an everyday word (unless your The Doctor)

But it is something that many thrill seekers like to do- jump. Jump out of planes, jump off of bridges or jump out of a cake. There are TONS of adventures out there for the wild spirits that grace this planet- therefore, there are many things that can go wrong on such dares. Such as getting lost, or being trapped. In these instance it is smart to have something that can come in handy pretty quickly! A growing popular item is emergency paracord threaded throughout clothing. It comes in a variety of colors, and items such as bracelets, hats, belts, and even knives.

  Our two items in the Hunting Apparel department are the RedHead Camo Paracord cap for 14.99 and the Straw Paracord Hat for 24.99. Both these hats feature and extended paracord rope with a clasp that attaches straight to the hat. At Bass Pro Shops we also sell a multitude of color Paracord bracelets ranging anywhere from 14.99-17.99 as shown below:

You may be asking yourself, "How do I even use something like this to survive?" The Site Survivor Geek breaks down multiple uses for the simple string! You can see the list at their website here:

Bass Pro Shops carries a wide variety of Paracord and devices to be used with them. Emergency Paracord is becoming an item that everyone should carry on them because of the vast things it can do, and it may just save your life.

Just remember, the next time you're cliff diving, skydiving, or on a wildly crazy adventure: look down at your paracord bracelet, and shout geronimo!


Come check us out!


Camo Lead

Sevierville  Bass Pro Shops