Turkey Talk (No, it's not Thanksgiving)

Since the beginning of time, men have hunted. Whether it be for dinosaurs, deer, or squirrels, we have always loved the rush of being able to take a wild creature home as a trophy. It's simply in our nature to want to seek out adventure and take a challenge, like hunting, hands on.

The most current season would be the ever growing turkey hunting period of the year. Adults, as well as children, love this time of the year due to the enjoyment that comes out of a turkey hunt! You get to use fun (and bizarre) calls, use expandable decoys, and of course, sit on your tush all day! (The sitting part is my favorite too) So to cover all things "seating wise" I'll show you some of our best vests for your next turkey hunting trip!

The first vest to look at, and in my humble opinion, one of the best is the RedHead Striker Vest.


This vest is our number one seller and has a plethora of features. This vest has multiple call pockets from mouth calls to box calls as well as space to store and carry your decoys (or turkey!). Everything is easily accessible and fitted for maximum comfort along with a padded seat that snaps back on to your vest. 

Another great vest is the RedHead Classic Turkey Vest: http://www.basspro.com/RedHead-Classic-Turkey-Vests-for-Men/product/11100805013011/

This vest features multiples pockets and slots and has a comfortable fold down padded seat. One Customer review states:

"i bought this about a week ago for my first turkey season. i thought id go for it because it was a decent price and i didn't know how much i would use it in the field. i soon found out that your vest is your best friend from holding all your equipment to saving your butt and back on the ground with the fold down pad. i would recommend this product for a first timer or a small kid learning to hunt. for an experienced hunter spend the extra ten to twenty bucks and get one with a few more pockets so your calls aren't rattling around while your walking. i know i will definitely be upgrading to the redhead strut zone turkey vest for next season. but overall its a great product for the money."
Bass Pro offers a wide selection of vests to cover any need you may have when it comes to turkey hunting. With such a wide selection it is nearly impossible to not be able to help every turkey hunter that comes into the camo department find that perfect vest to suit their needs and leave them happy!
Don't Forget!
Check out this blog on how to select the perfect Turkey Camo to disguise yourself:
Ask any of our hunting associates about what the best choices are to give your next hunt its most successful shot! (literally)
Ainsley Marie
Hunting Clothing Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro

Spring ahead in Ascend Style!



Ladies, Spring is here finally !!!!

Ascend has not disappointed me this year with their spring line of active-wear.

There is something for everyone! Shorts, capris, skorts, dresses- whatever you are doing outdoors you can look great in this season hottest colors and styles!





Ascend’s Burnout Tunic for ladies delivers comfort, style, and a great fit. This soft, stretchy burnout t-shirt features an intricate design with burnout detailing, short sleeves, and a hidden zip pocket in back to store essentials. $38.00






Stay ready for adventure in these Ascend Ripstop Active Shorts for ladies. Featuring classic 5-pocket styling and a 2-button waist, these durable shorts move with you, ensuring an excellent fit and superior mobility. $38.00





Our Ascend Sleeveless Hooded Travel Dress for ladies equips you for busy days on foot, train, or plane. Made of 47% cotton/47% modal/6% spandex, this sleeveless dress features a crossover neckline, an attached hood, and a built-in shelf bra. Raw edge detailing at the waist adds style while a right zip pocket stows essentials. The Ascend Sleeveless Travel Dress delivers a soft, supple fit for all-day–and into the night–comfort.$54.00



These are just a few of my favorite styles for this season. You can see the whole Ascend Spring Collection by visiting www.basspro.com .



Easter @ Bass Pro Shops

Spring has sprung and Easter is on its way to your Sevierville Bass Pro Shops …..

The Easter Bunny will be here for FREE photos, crafts for the kids and even an old- fashioned Easter egg hunt.



FREE 4x6 Photo with the Easter Bunny

  •                 Saturdays and Sundays                 April 12-13 & 19-20           11 am -4 pm
  •                 Monday-Thursday                          April 14-17                        6-8 pm
  •                 Friday                                           April 18                            2-7 pm



FREE Easter Egg Hunt    

           Saturdays and Sundays               

           April 12-13 & 19-20          2-3 pm

Kids that find five eggs can return to registration and

exchange their eggs for candy.



Another fun activity includes  free holiday crafts for the kids, including:

                         Color a plaster Easter Egg

             Saturday and Sunday,

             April 12-13     1 p.m. - 4 p.m.




                       Scratch Art Bunny Craft
                     Friday, April 18      4 p.m. – 7 p.m.






Color a Bunny Frame                                                            

Saturday and Sunday                                    

April 19-20       1 p.m. – 4 p.m.




Head to Bass Pro Shops April 12-20 where families can enjoy making special Easter memories. For more information visit http://www.basspro.com/easter/


Will you be the one to catch this elusive creature?

Deep in the woods lives an animal that is highly intelligent and grotesque. It's known for it's edgy, feathered body, it's long pointed snout with red flesh hanging off it's face, and the extensive claws that branch out like roots. There are many who have spotted the monstrocity and some have even had a chance to take aim and claim one for the taking. What is this dangerous sounding creature? It is called Meleagris gallopavo or better know as, 

The Turkey.

These creatures are worth the time and effort to hunt; the rewards being capturing a beautiful wild bird, the story of the hunt, and of course, a turkey sandwich for your lunch break.

Turkeys have amazing eyesight, including being able to see colors, ultra violets and have perfect vision. This makes it near impossible to be able to hide yourself from these birds, making the hunt even harder but all the more worth it. An extensive blog that can be found online discusses all the bits and pieces making up their eyesight, and can be found here:


This page shows all the makings behind how it's vision is structured and how you can prepare for it.

My best advice, working in the camo department, is to go with the best pattern to hide from a turkey: Mossy Oak Obsession.

This pattern easily distorts a turkey's field of vision because it contains so much white. Adding this white into the branches and leaves gives the hunter a "3D illusion" making your figure impossible to see directly. This pattern also contains many shades of green helping blend you into the spring time scenery.

Here is a photo of this pattern in action:

Our RedHead brand carries many items in this pattern specifically designed with turkey hunting in mind. Here are a few of the best items we offer to help conceal you during your exciting hunt!




A very good site to check out as well is:


It shows you tips and tricks to get the best luck out of your hunt!

Ainsley Marie

Camo Lead

Sevierville Bass Pro Shops



Local Pro Fishing Tips and Seminars

Join us this weekend for our FREE FISHING SEMINARS with our local Pro-Staff !!!


Spring Seminars

We will have many of our local pros on site to present these seminars and answer any questions you might have. Please visit www.basspro.com for a listing of all events.


March 7

   7 pm    Bowfishing for Beginners/Rigging for Bowfishing       

March 8                     

11 am   Locating Bass in New Waters

1 pm    Topwater Techniques for Bass

2 pm    Spinning Reel Tactics for Bass

3 pm    Does the color of your Bass Lure Matter?

4 pm   Become a Smallmouth Specialist

5 pm    Choosing the Right Soft Plastics for Bass

March 9

11 am   Locating Bass in New Waters

1 pm    Topwater Techniques for Bass

2 pm    Spinning Reel Tactics for Bass

3 pm    Does the color of your Bass Lure Matter?

4 pm   Become a Smallmouth Specialist

5 pm    Choosing the Right Soft Plastics for Bass

Local Pro Staff



Spring Turkey Hunting Seminars

    Wild turkey       

I know spring is on the way….. As I sit in my office right now I can hear the one thing that is on everyone’s mind up here. AND NO it’s not fishing-




On March 22, join our Red Head Field Staff as we help get you ready for spring hunting.

Advanced Spring Turkey Calling                1 pm

You’ve learned the basics; now learn advanced tips on the use of your turkey call and selecting the right call for your hunt.

Selecting the Right Turkey Decoys             2 pm

Our experts will help you make the right choice in turkey decoys and placement tips to help you bag that trophy turkey!


Attend either of these seminars and register for a chance to win a free Avian-X Turkey Decoy!

Drawing will be held at the completion of the last seminar at 3 pm. Must be present to win.

Visit basspro.com/stores for additional event information.



Spring Fishing with Flicker Shad


With warmer weather rolling in Walleye anglers are hitting the water and the new Berkley Flicker Shad is helping them catch more fish.  The Flicker Shad is a minnow imitating lure that can be cast or trolled.  Trolling is by far the most popular technique for Walleye fishermen when using the Flicker Shad.  The bait has a tight, subtle action that is very effective with the cooler water temperatures now in the area.  These baits also have rattles, and many of the color patterns that are standard are perfect Walleye colors.   Bass Pro Shops has four sizes and a very large selection of colors to choose from, 11 of these colors are Bass Pro Shops exclusives selected by Walleye pro Gary Parsons. 

berkley flikr shad


Studies have shown Walleye will target small Shad even if they have larger forage available.  Therefore, this has made the Flicker Shad one of the most productive baits of our time.  With top of the line components you get a bait that will run correctly out of the package,  featuring strong hook attatchments and a wide range of colors.   On sale now for $3.97, and continuing through the Spring Fishing Classic,  plus an additional rebate available from Berkley, make the Flicker Shad a must have lure for springtime fishing.  Stop by our Fishing Department and see one of our dedicated Associates to help you stock up on all your Walleye Fishing needs.



Additional information on the colors and sizes available in the Flicker Shad, as well as all of the details on the many Berkley rebates, can be found at  basspro.com, or by calling us at the Sevierville, TN location.  We look forward to seeing you during our upcoming Spring Fishing Classic, February 28 – March 16.

flikr shad



Good fishing,


Jonathan Dyke

Fishing Team Lead


Spring Fishing Classic



Are you ready for Spring Fishing???

I know I am!!

The official beginning of the season is coming soon. THE SPRING FISHING CLASSIC will begin on February 28, 2014. This is the biggest fishing event of the year!

March 1, 2014 we will welcome some of the best anglers in the industry to our store for BASSMASTER University. These three guys are some of the best- Tracy Adams, Jason Quinn and Boyd Duckett.


                 BASSMASTER University


BASS MASTER University Seminars

Tracy Adams   1 pm    Shallow Water Jig Fishing

Jason Quinn   2 pm    Topwater Versatility

Boyd Duckett   3 pm    Proper Combinations of Line, Reel, and Rod


March 7

                7 pm    Bowfishing for Beginners/Rigging for Bowfishing

March 8-9

2-4 pm  Fried fish Sampling

11 am   Locating Bass in New Waters

1 pm    Topwater Techniques for Bass

2 pm    Spinning Reel Tactics for Bass

3 pm    Does the color of your Bass Lure Matter?

4 pm   Become a Smallmouth Specialist

5 pm    Choosing the Right Soft Plastics for Bass

March 15-16

Next Generation Weekend  12-5 pm

  • Free Kids Fishing Workshop                        2:30 and 4:30 pm
  • Free Crafts                                                       1-4:30 pm
  • Free Catch and Release Pond                    12-5 pm
  • Free photos                                                     12-5 pm

*Free Giveaway – to the first 150 kids that complete punch card each day


March 15

3 pm    Women’s Fishing Workshop- Women’s beginning fishing workshop

*Free giveaway to the first 50 women to attend this workshop Must be 18 yrs or older


There are so many Daily Specials on March 7-8 & 14-15 that I can’t mention them all!

Grab your sales ad, go to basspro.com- make your list ! Whatever you do make sure you check out all the great deals!




Spring Cleaning ..... Getting Ready to Fly


Fish that is. It's time. Yes, I know that the thermometer still hovers somewhere in the vicinity of the Arctic Circle and you may need to call in an ice breaker to get on your favorite trout stream, BUT the return of outstanding fly fishing is getting so close we can almost taste it. To ensure you're prepared for that first miracle day when the temperature rises, the water flows, and you have the day off, you need to get things ready now.

If you have been lusting after a new fly rod, now is the time to acquire it. A new rod is a great way to start the season and the perfect excuse to go fishing, as in “I have this new rod I really need to go try out” The same “excuse” works for that rod you got as a gift that has been sitting in the corner taunting you all winter.

If your “old favorite” rod and reel have been waiting patiently since you put them away last fall, they probably could use a little attention. A bit of candle wax rubbed on the male ends of the rod segments will refresh the joints and help that rod fit together snugly.

Having spent the past couple of months wrapped around the reel the line has likely acquired a bit of memory. Find yourself a smooth pole (like a basketball pole, not a tree… too rough). Spool off your line around the pole, grab both ends and walk back to the point where you’re stretching the line; not too taut, just enough to straighten it out. This works best on a reasonably warm day with the line at room temperature.

This is also a good time to inspect and clean that line. If your line is more than a couple of three years old it may be ready to be replaced. Look closely for cracks or breaks in the plastic. Damage such as this will let water into the core and the line will not float very well, if at all it deserves to be retired (I usually relegate my old lines to the rod I use for pond fishing for bluegill and bass). Assuming the line looks to be in decent shape, a good cleaning will ensure it’s ready to go.

I have heard many different perspectives on how to clean and treat a fly line. For some (like me) a simple cleaning with a damp rag and dishwashing soap (a gentle detergent) seems to work just fine. Others, afraid the soap will remove the secret-sauce line coating, wipe off the line with clean water and then treat it with one of the many line conditioners available. Should you have any questions about how to clean and treat your particular line; most line manufacturers have recommendations for their products on their websites. Backing, unless it’s about 100 years old, rarely requires any attention or maintenance (as long as you didn’t put that reel away soaking wet which will cause the backing to acquire a nice coating of mold and mildew).

It is likely that your leader needs refreshed. By the end of the season the last one I used looks pretty sad; short broken sections with wind knots, abrasions, and long pieces of tippet tied on the end (hey, the fish were rising, no time to tie on a new leader!). A fresh new tapered leader will get you started right this year.

Now is also a great time to review your outfit. No, I’m not suggesting you reassess your sense of style, but rather the great load of tools, supplies, and implements of destruction we carry forth each time we head for the water. By the end of the season I seem to have added enough stuff to my kit that when fully outfitted in my waders and chest pack I look like a haz-mat team from the waist down and hardware store from the waist up.

Clearly we need a few things. Extra leaders, some spools of tippet, and the basic tools- nippers, forceps, and a zinger to hang them on- are of course required. Dull nippers are nothing more than a frustration. Some nippers may be sharpened, others should simply be replaced. Forceps last forever. Zingers, however, do tend to wear out and will break at the least convenient and most overlooked times. I don’t know how many times over the years I’ve looked down only to discover my favorite and most needed tools have disappeared on the end of a broken zinger. Give them a good look to see if they are frayed and worn.

Rummage through all the pockets of your vest or pack to see what treasures may be lurking there unnoticed. That granola bar you stashed last July may need refreshing; if you find a Twinkie it’s probably still good to go. Strike indicators, split shot, floatant, and other miscellaneous supplies may need refreshed or discarded depending upon how often you actually used them. A lighter load makes you a more nimble angler.aquaseal

Waders and wading boots usually require a bit of attention. That annoying little leak was probably tolerable last September, but will feel pretty uncomfortable in April’s 50 degree water. Small leaks, either punctures or in the seams, may be repaired with products such as Aquaseal. Simply clean the areas with rubbing alcohol, let it dry, and apply a small amount of AquaSeal. Rubbing in the sealant with a q-tip works well on leaky seams. Larger rips or tears are harder to repair and may necessitate replacement.

Wading boots can take quite a beating. Check-out your laces and replace as necessary. Synthetic laces, not the cotton ones designed for hiking boots, work best and will not deteriorate in the water. If you notice any seams that have separated on your boots, there are still a few cobblers about who can repair them at a reasonable cost (there is a great old-time shoe repair place in Fountain City-they do great work). If the uppers of your boots are in good shape but you’ve worn off the felt soles, these may be refreshed by grinding off the remaining felt and installing felt sole replacements. I’ve done this a couple of times and, if you follow the instructions provided with the repair kit, it works really, really well. For those with studded soles, check to see if the studs are worn or missing. Replacement packs of the screw-in studs are readily available. Then again, it may be time for new boots.

Last but not least, you need to take stock of your supply of flies. Remember what worked best last year?? Do you have enough?? If not...get busy tying. If you don’t tie your own, get to the store sooner verses later...once the fishing turns-on the fly shops tend to run out, at least temporarily, of the most popular flies fairly quickly. You don’t want to hit the water for the first time this spring without your favorite flies.

And there you have it, from rod to reel and head to toe, the things we all should be doing to get ready for the best fishing of the year that’s lurking somewhere just over the horizon. If you have any questions about the state of your equipment or what flies to acquire, just stop by the shop...we’ll be glad to look things over and offer suggestions. While I wouldn't go sit by the stream fully wadered with your fly rod in hand just yet - we do need to live through the rest of February - its close enough we need to READY!

Local fishing continues to be challenging, although tail water fishing has improved of late. The Clinch River has seen some favorable generation schedules on the weekends and we’ve talked with quite a few anglers who planned to take advantage of the opportunities. The Holston has also been fishing well with wader-friendly schedules. Remember you can check the tail water schedules, updated around 6:00PM every evening, by looking at the TVA Website.

The national park waters were bone-numbing cold, but the rains over the past weekend have warmed the streams a bit. Unfortunately, we got a little too much rain and the streams were pretty blown-out. Little River rose from about 200 cubic feet per second to near 4,000 this past Monday (it’s down to 904 right now-still too high to fish). Unable to fish the park waters I headed to one of the stocked catch-and-release streams and managed to catch a few big dumb rainbows...not exactly the same as catching a wild trout, but in February sometimes “ya just gotta catch a fish”, if for no other reason than to keep your spirits up.



Bass Pro Outdoor World

White River Fly Shop

3629 Outdoor Sportsmans Place

Kodak, TN 37764







Bass Pro Shops High School Bass Fishing Challenge



Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville, TN would like to invite all surrounding high school fishing teams to compete in a new tournament series created just for them, The BPS HS Tournament Challenge!  Cherokee and Douglas Lakes will be the playing fields for 3 qualifying fishing events. In the end, the teams in the top 25% in points standing will qualify to compete in the first ever- 2014 BPS HS Fishing Challenge Championship!!!!

  • No Entry Fee!!!
  • Weigh-In at Bass Pro Shops- just like the pro’s do!!!
  • Over $6,000 will be awarded throughout the series in prizes and gift cards!!!

All present and prospective fishing team coaches are urged to attend the introduction meeting on Jan 28, 2014 for all info and to answer any questions that you may have. Meeting will be at 7 pm located in the Lodge Room of Uncle Buck’s Grill.

If your school doesn't have a team but you are interested in starting one - join us on Tuesday, January 28 at 7 pm and find out how much fun and rewarding it can be for you and your school!!

Please email gchesney2@basspro.com or call 865-932-5617 to RSVP.



Preparing For What Winter Can Bring

I recently visited www.ready.gov to see what they think we should gather up to prepare for whatever type of "disaster". With the weather here in east Tennessee as unpredictable as it gets, I thought I could help you get started on your kit, should you get snowed in or lose power during these upcoming cold months.

Ready.gov lists the following items;

  • Water, one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days, for drinking and sanitation
  • Food, at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food
  • Battery-powered or hand crank radio and a NOAA Weather Radio with tone alert and extra batteries for both
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • First aid kit
  • Whistle to signal for help
  • Dust mask to help filter contaminated air and plastic sheeting and duct tape to shelter-in-place
  • Moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation
  • Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities
  • Manual can opener for food
  • Local maps
  • Cell phone with chargers, inverter or solar charger

Now, please allow me to show you just how Bass Pro Shops can help you with these items.

1. Water- 3 gallons per person per day. How about the 7 gallon Reliance Aqua Tainer for only $17.99. That's enough water for 2 people for 3 days and it's BPA free!

 Reliance® Aqua Tainer™ Water Jug

2. A 3 day per person supply of non-perishable food. Why not try out some of our Mountain House dehydrated food. Prices start at 3.99 and they really are delicious!

Mountain House® Freeze Dried Beef Stroganoff with Noodles Entrée                                                                                                                              

3. A hand crank or battery operated flashlight. We have that too! It's a Nebo Wind-Up flashlight for only $14.99.

Nebo Wind-Up Flashlight

Of course we have regular battery operated flashlights as well and they start at $4.99 and go up in price from there.

4. If you choose to go the battery powered route, you'll need a supply of batteries. Our XPS Extreme batteries start at $4.99.

Bass Pro Shops® Extreme AA Alkaline Battery 8 Pack

5. First aid kit. You really need one of these around the house anyway because any day of the year could find a need for one. Our First aid kits start at $5.99 and go up to $125.00 depending on how big you want.

Sportsman Series Grizzly Medical Kit

6. A whistle to signal for help. Our 5 in 1 whistle will absolutely do the trick and for only $8.99.

Bass Pro Shops® 5-in-1 Emergency Whistle

7. Manual can opener. While I don't carry a normal household manual can opener in the camping Department, I do have something I think some of you will be familiar with and it's only $2.99.

Coghlan's Can Opener

8. Local maps. I don't have local maps per se but I do have area maps and Atlas', with maps starting at $11.95.

9. Cellphone charger. Now, if you find yourself without electricity, a charger isn't going to do you a bit of good! What I have to show you though, is a multi-tool of sorts. You can cook with it, heat by it and also charge your phone. It's the BioLite Camp Stove and is only $129.95. You can burn anything in this stove....doesn't have to be a type of liquid fuel. It can actually burn pinecones! The best part of all??? It has a USB port to charge your electronics!

BioLite CampStove™

The BioLite Stove also has a grill attachment so you can even cook meat on it. It retails for $59.95.

BioLite CampStove™ Portable Grill

While everything on the ready.gov list can't be purchased here at Bass Pro, we sure can get you started! If there is anything else you would like to add to this list, by all means, make it your own and customize it to your needs and desires.

Come on in and allow me to help you with thoughts and ideas of what you would like to put in yours!

As always, thanks for allowing me to share my goodies with you. Hope to see you soon!

Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro Shops




crappie madness



We are starting 2014 in a big way at Bass Pro Shops ... With CRAPPIE MADNESS!!!!


Whether you are a crappie fisherman or just want to know more about how to get started, join us for two weekends of Crappie Madness!




Fridays- Feb 7 and 14

5-8 pm            FREE Photo download - You on the cover of Crappie Magazine!

7 pm                Pro Crappie Seminars

                         Learn tips and techniques of various styles of Crappie Fishing from local and top professionals!

                         FREE GIVEAWAY- to the first 25 people to attend seminars!!!!


Saturdays- Feb 8 and 15

11am & 2 pm   Pro Crappie Seminars

                           Learn tips and techniques of various styles of Crappie Fishing from local and top professionals!

                           FREE GIVEAWAY- to the first 25 people to attend seminars!!!!

12-6 pm            FREE Photo download- You on the cover of Crappie Magazine!

1-5 pm              Catch and Release Pond

2-5 pm              Fried Fish Demo  


Plus! Seminar attendees enter for your chance to win a Crappie rigged 2014 Tracker Pro Team 175 TF!


Local Hero Night


Santa's Wonderland


This holiday season we are taking time out to salute our Local Heroes..... We will host a special after hours event on December 15, 7-10 pm.

 Local Heroes include Police, Fire Fighters, Paramedics, War Veterans, Soldiers and Military Personnel, those that put their lives on the line everyday for you and me.

Just bring your ID with you into the store and you get 10% off on regular priced items (some restrictions apply).

The first 100 Heroes will receive a FREE Santa's Wonderland Bass Pro Shops Holiday Ornament.

In Santa's Wonderland we will have a special FREE craft for the kids- while supplies last!

And get a FREE photo with Santa from 7-9 pm, plus you will save 10% on all photo packages that evening.

We will also have a drawing for a $25 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card every 30 minutes from 7:30-9 pm - be sure to register while you are in Santa's Wonderland....

So come on out on Dec 15, and get a Free ornament, the kids can visit with Santa~ finish your holiday shopping all while saving 10%, and maybe you will snag one of those gift cards.

Thank you for your service, for protecting us ~ every day!

Merry Christmas!

Gayle Chesney

BPS Special Events Coordinator




Toys for Tots.....

                                                     Toys for Tots

Join forces with Bass Pro Shops and Toys for Tots this holiday season…

Saturday and Sunday, November 30 & December 1, for one weekend only –

Bring in a new toy to donate to Toys for Tots and receive a coupon good for 1 free Special Toy Donation Photo Package valued at $20.

The free photo package includes:

  • (2) 6x8 prints
  • 5x 7 Prints
  • (2)4x6 Prints
  • Digital Download




What a great way to get the family involved in our community efforts to make sure everyone has a Happy Holiday Season!

Santa Hours

November 27     3-8 pmSantas Wonderland

November 28     10am-5pm

November 29     10am-8pm

November 30     10am-8pm

December 1        12-5 pm



Santa's Wonderland 2013

                                                                          Santa's Wonderland

The most wonderful time of the year is almost here!!! A time to visit Santa’s Wonderland inside Bass Pro Shops. Gather the family and come to experience the joy of a classic Christmas. Stay for FREE games, crafts and activities that celebrate the season.

And don’t miss the FREE photo with Santa!!!

It all begins November 9 at 5 pm!
Santa’s Wonderland will be open daily from November 10- December 24 during regular store hours.

FREE 4x6 Photos with Santa

  •     Monday- Friday     3-8 pm
  •     Saturday        10 am -8 pm
  •     Sunday        12-5 pm

FREE Crafts

  •     Monday-Friday    5-7 pm
  •     Saturday        12-5 pm
  •     Sunday        12-5 pm

FREE Games and Activities

  •     Laser and Soft Gun Arcade
  •     Moving Trains
  •     Slot Car Racing
  •     Remote Control Trucks
  •     Wildlife Carousel (available during Santa photo hours only)

A Bass Pass provides a designated time during the day to return to Santa’s Wonderland for your photo with Santa.
Once you have a Bass Pass, you have the freedom to explore the store while waiting in a virtual line until your designated Bass Pass return time arrives. When it’s time to return, line up and get ready to share your Christmas wished with good ole St. Nick.
This is why your may not see lone lines in Santa’s Wonderland, because our Bass Pass system is in place with several people ahead of you in their own virtual line.
Bass Passes are available on a first come, first served basis each day. Once they are gone they are gone.
For you convenience, Mondays- Thursdays are typically days with shorter wait times to see Santa.


It's The Great Pumpkin!!

Happy Halloween



The Great Pumpkin returns to Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville on October 19.





Bring all your ghosts and goblins down to the pumpkin patch and get their picture made with Linus, Lucy, Snoopy and Charlie Brown. 

Get your FREE 4x6 photo with The Peanuts Gang in the pumpkin patch.

  • Other photo packages available for purchase and instant print at the store
  • Weekends                  12-5 pm
  • Weeknights               5-8 pm
    • Weeknights 5-8 pm ONLY- the first 100 kids to have a photo taken will receive a Halloween wristband and a Halloween pin.
    • Oct 31 the first 100 kids will receive a Special flashing pin

FREE Crafts

  • Weekends                             1-5 pm                        Create a Lollipop Spider
  • Weeknights                           6-7 pm                        Make a Friendly Monster Craft
  • Halloween Night Only          6-8 pm                        Color a Ceramic Jack-O-Lantern

Costume Parade       

  • Saturdays Only                     4 pm                Kids 12 yrs and under - Participants will receive a flashing Halloween necklace

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

  • Sundays Only                        2-3 pm            find all the Halloween items throughout the store and win a flashing spider


  • Weeknights                           6-7 pm

October Events




Ascend Rainwear for the Hiker and Fisherman

Our Ascend rain wear located next to the Marine Dept is a great line of men's and women's rain gear.  ascendThe Water Shield 2.0 jacket is 100% waterproof and breathable.  It is wind resistant and made with a two layer design.  Both outer and inner shell is made from Polyester with the inner being mesh.  It has three exterior pockets and one interior chest pocket.  The men's line comes in four different colors and the women's line has 3.  The 2.0 line is reasonably priced at $79.99.womensd

They also have the Watershield 2.0 Pants in this line.  They are made with 2 layers of waterproof/breathable/windproof fabric, with tapered seams.  The legs have zippered openings for easy access.  The waistband is elastic with an adjustable drawstring for a snug fit. They retail at $59.99.

  The next step up from the Watershield 2.0, is the 2.5LJ Bone-Dry.  This is an ultra-lightweight rain jacket.  It is made with the Bone-Dry 100% waterproof technology.  It also has a breathable, wind proof membrane.  All seams are 100% waterproof.  These jackets will fold into the hood for ease and convenience.2.5  This is an ultralight, tear resistant nylon outer shell. The price of the 2.5 jumps a bit to $149.99, but is well worth it.pant

The Ascend line is the perfect line for the hiker or fisherman.  Stop in and check out our entire line of Ascend rain wear and Ascend Men's and Women's clothing.




Ginger J Bridges

Marine Lead

Sevierville, TN



Hibernating Your Boat

Colder weather is fast approaching.  With this comes the time to winterize your boat.  Winterizing your boat will lessen the chance of any damage happening to your boat.

Without proper preperation, and if the boat has been stored in below-freezing temperatures, major damage could result.

Step 1:  Fill the fuel tank and add STABIL gas stabilizer for each 5 quarts of gasoline.

stabilStep 2:  Operate the boat for 15 minutes in the water or use a flush system.

Step 3:  Remove bilge drain plug once you have taken boat out of water.  Do a general wash of the boat and raise the bow higher to drain as much water as possible.

Step 4:  Clean the hull, deck and interior of the boat at this time.  Be sure to let it dry completely to prevent mildew.

Step 5:  Detach the prop shaft coupling.  Coat with waterproof marine grease.

Step 6:  Flush engine cooling system with clean water.

Step 7:  Add a fogging oil slowly into the engine while the engine is idling.  Then cut the engine off.

foggingStep 8:  Turn the fuel supply line to Off.  Perform all scheduled maintenance,  Tuning the engine, changing the oil and filters.

mystikfilterStep 9:  Remove the drain pluf from the lower part of the engine.  Flush all old antifreeze out before adding new antifreeze.


Step 10:  Remove the negative battery cable from the battery.  Charge the battery to full or remove it completely.

Step 11:  Clean all traces of dirt, oil and grease from the transmission and engine.

Step 12:  Coat the length of the prop shaft with corrosion-resistant metal protectant.

Step 13:  Finally, cover your boat with a boat cover.cover


If you aren't sure that you are able to do this on your own, please have a professional dealership, like Tracker Services, winterize your boat for you.


Ginger J Bridges

Marine Lead

Sevierville, TN


Ready for the Rut?

Are you ready for deer season??DEER HUNTING

I know bow hunting is already in full swing – with only a few days left before muzzle loader opens up.

If you feel like you need some advice on how to bag that monster buck this season come on out to your favorite outdoor store on November 2-3.

Our Red Head Staff will be on site to help answer your hunting questions and get you geared up for the season.



Our Outdoor Skills Workshops will feature JR Adkins and Larry Self, from our Red Head Field staff. Workshops will be both November 2-3 at times listed:

Game Cameras                                           1 pm

  • Our experts will help you to select, operate and set up the right game camera to fit your needs.

Selecting the Optics for Your Hunt               2 pm

  • Our experts will help you find the perfect scope, rangefinder or pair of binoculars for you next hunt. We’ll match product to fit your specific needs.

Treestand Selection and Placement           3 pm

  • Our experts will walk you through our selection of treestands and help you select the right stand for your hunting needs.

Muzzleloading Basics                                  4 pm

  • Our experts will help you get a jump-start on the season with blackpowder rifle hunting. Learn about the variety of models and accessories available.


Hope you have a great hunting season!!!

Visit us in store or on-line at www.basspro.com


Gayle Chesney

Special Events Coordinator

Bass Pro Shops~ Sevierville




Liven Up Your Game with Livingston Lures!

As an associate of the fishing industry, I'm fully aware of numerous marketing tactics that are used to entice fisherman to purchase vibrant new baits and must have new gear that practically makes the gamefish jump into the boat! I do, however, fall prey to several of these hare-brained schemes and gimmicks like a river smallie repeatedly seems to do with a wacky rigged Stik-O.


Sometimes, a new lure company or bait design comes along that I just know that I should try simply for product knowledge reasons. Product knowledge being one of my many, many excuses for falling for the aforementioned tactics that every lure manufacturer uses from time to time. The latest lure manufacturer to employ new technologies that actually increase strikes by imitating injured baitfish is Livingston Lures.


Livingston Lures


Livingston Lures are designed to "call" fish to the bait which basically enlarges the strike zone and therefore generates more strikes from aggressive fish. This line of baits appropriately includes options covering surface fishing with the Pro Sizzle and Pro Sizzle Jr. down to 20 feet deep with the DiveMaster 20 crankbait. These options, along with various jerkbait, rattle bait, and crankbait options covering the water column between, create a lineup of colors, sizes, and designs that can catch fish across the world including Saltwater conditions.


The Livingston Lures lineup features several incredible features such an advanced rattle system, hand painted finishes, weight transfer systems, and premium ABS plastics. These features are a solid foundation for fishing success, but the greatest new technologies included in these baits are the LED lights and the EBS ( Electronic Baitfish System ) sound chamber. The lures actually emit a sound imitating an injured baitfish when immersed in water. The DiveMaster 14, DiveMaster 20, Pro Wake, and Pro Sizzle also feature a 4 second LED glowing light with a repeating cycle to further increase the number of savage strikes! These features are powered by an internal battery that functions for approximately two years!


LivingstonPro Sizzle BassIf you are looking to break away from the norm this Fall, I highly recommend that you give the Livingston Lures lineup a shot! I have already had the pleasure of catching several fish on the Dive Master series and the Pro Sizzle series! The bass to the left was caught on a Pro Sizzle from my Ascend FS128 kayak! There are many of these baits now available at your local Bass Pro Shops and also on our website www.basspro.com.


Tight Lines,

Gary G. Garver

Fishing Team LeadBass Pro Shops

Kodak, TN