Hibernating Your Boat

Colder weather is fast approaching.  With this comes the time to winterize your boat.  Winterizing your boat will lessen the chance of any damage happening to your boat.

Without proper preperation, and if the boat has been stored in below-freezing temperatures, major damage could result.

Step 1:  Fill the fuel tank and add STABIL gas stabilizer for each 5 quarts of gasoline.

stabilStep 2:  Operate the boat for 15 minutes in the water or use a flush system.

Step 3:  Remove bilge drain plug once you have taken boat out of water.  Do a general wash of the boat and raise the bow higher to drain as much water as possible.

Step 4:  Clean the hull, deck and interior of the boat at this time.  Be sure to let it dry completely to prevent mildew.

Step 5:  Detach the prop shaft coupling.  Coat with waterproof marine grease.

Step 6:  Flush engine cooling system with clean water.

Step 7:  Add a fogging oil slowly into the engine while the engine is idling.  Then cut the engine off.

foggingStep 8:  Turn the fuel supply line to Off.  Perform all scheduled maintenance,  Tuning the engine, changing the oil and filters.

mystikfilterStep 9:  Remove the drain pluf from the lower part of the engine.  Flush all old antifreeze out before adding new antifreeze.


Step 10:  Remove the negative battery cable from the battery.  Charge the battery to full or remove it completely.

Step 11:  Clean all traces of dirt, oil and grease from the transmission and engine.

Step 12:  Coat the length of the prop shaft with corrosion-resistant metal protectant.

Step 13:  Finally, cover your boat with a boat cover.cover


If you aren't sure that you are able to do this on your own, please have a professional dealership, like Tracker Services, winterize your boat for you.


Ginger J Bridges

Marine Lead

Sevierville, TN


Ready for the Rut?

Are you ready for deer season??DEER HUNTING

I know bow hunting is already in full swing – with only a few days left before muzzle loader opens up.

If you feel like you need some advice on how to bag that monster buck this season come on out to your favorite outdoor store on November 2-3.

Our Red Head Staff will be on site to help answer your hunting questions and get you geared up for the season.



Our Outdoor Skills Workshops will feature JR Adkins and Larry Self, from our Red Head Field staff. Workshops will be both November 2-3 at times listed:

Game Cameras                                           1 pm

  • Our experts will help you to select, operate and set up the right game camera to fit your needs.

Selecting the Optics for Your Hunt               2 pm

  • Our experts will help you find the perfect scope, rangefinder or pair of binoculars for you next hunt. We’ll match product to fit your specific needs.

Treestand Selection and Placement           3 pm

  • Our experts will walk you through our selection of treestands and help you select the right stand for your hunting needs.

Muzzleloading Basics                                  4 pm

  • Our experts will help you get a jump-start on the season with blackpowder rifle hunting. Learn about the variety of models and accessories available.


Hope you have a great hunting season!!!

Visit us in store or on-line at www.basspro.com


Gayle Chesney

Special Events Coordinator

Bass Pro Shops~ Sevierville




Liven Up Your Game with Livingston Lures!

As an associate of the fishing industry, I'm fully aware of numerous marketing tactics that are used to entice fisherman to purchase vibrant new baits and must have new gear that practically makes the gamefish jump into the boat! I do, however, fall prey to several of these hare-brained schemes and gimmicks like a river smallie repeatedly seems to do with a wacky rigged Stik-O.


Sometimes, a new lure company or bait design comes along that I just know that I should try simply for product knowledge reasons. Product knowledge being one of my many, many excuses for falling for the aforementioned tactics that every lure manufacturer uses from time to time. The latest lure manufacturer to employ new technologies that actually increase strikes by imitating injured baitfish is Livingston Lures.


Livingston Lures


Livingston Lures are designed to "call" fish to the bait which basically enlarges the strike zone and therefore generates more strikes from aggressive fish. This line of baits appropriately includes options covering surface fishing with the Pro Sizzle and Pro Sizzle Jr. down to 20 feet deep with the DiveMaster 20 crankbait. These options, along with various jerkbait, rattle bait, and crankbait options covering the water column between, create a lineup of colors, sizes, and designs that can catch fish across the world including Saltwater conditions.


The Livingston Lures lineup features several incredible features such an advanced rattle system, hand painted finishes, weight transfer systems, and premium ABS plastics. These features are a solid foundation for fishing success, but the greatest new technologies included in these baits are the LED lights and the EBS ( Electronic Baitfish System ) sound chamber. The lures actually emit a sound imitating an injured baitfish when immersed in water. The DiveMaster 14, DiveMaster 20, Pro Wake, and Pro Sizzle also feature a 4 second LED glowing light with a repeating cycle to further increase the number of savage strikes! These features are powered by an internal battery that functions for approximately two years!


LivingstonPro Sizzle BassIf you are looking to break away from the norm this Fall, I highly recommend that you give the Livingston Lures lineup a shot! I have already had the pleasure of catching several fish on the Dive Master series and the Pro Sizzle series! The bass to the left was caught on a Pro Sizzle from my Ascend FS128 kayak! There are many of these baits now available at your local Bass Pro Shops and also on our website www.basspro.com.


Tight Lines,

Gary G. Garver

Fishing Team LeadBass Pro Shops

Kodak, TN



It's The Great Pumpkin!!!

Happy Halloween



The Great Pumpkin returns to Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville on October 19.





Bring all your ghosts and goblins down to the pumpkin patch and get their picture made with Linus, Lucy, Snoopy and Charlie Brown. 

Get your FREE 4x6 photo with The Peanuts Gang in the pumpkin patch.

  • Other photo packages available for purchase and instant print at the store
  • Weekends                  12-5 pm
  • Weeknights               5-8 pm
    • Weeknights 5-8 pm ONLY- the first 100 kids to have a photo taken will receive a Halloween wristband and a Halloween pin.
    • Oct 31 the first 100 kids will receive a Special flashing pin

FREE Crafts

  • Weekends                             1-5 pm                        Create a Lollipop Spider
  • Weeknights                           6-7 pm                        Make a Friendly Monster Craft
  • Halloween Night Only          6-8 pm                        Color a Ceramic Jack-O-Lantern

Costume Parade       

  • Saturdays Only                     4 pm                Kids 12 yrs and under - Participants will receive a flashing Halloween necklace

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

  • Sundays Only                        2-3 pm            find all the Halloween items throughout the store and win a flashing spider


  • Weeknights                           6-7 pm

October Events




What Does Family Mean To You

I usually talk about new little gadgets we see here in the Camping Department, but lately my heart has been heavy about family and just what it means to different people.

What is your definition?

The Oxford Dictionary says family means a group of people related to one another by blood or marriage. I have the same definition with a few added extras. I think its all of the above PLUS alot more than just bloodlines and marriage. For instance, people consider their pets as family, whether it be the usual dog, cat, bird, goldfish or some of the ones we see here at BPS monkeys, beavers and the occassional snake. But what about the great friends you have that you would absolutely give your life for? I even consider my ex-inlaws family still (although I'm sure some people would NOT!)  I also consider the people here at the Sevierville Bass Pro my family. We've gone through everything a blood/marriage family would go through...marrriages, births, divorces, death, sickness and all kinds of other struggles that life sometimes hands us. We are all always here for one another.

You may be wondering why I chose to write about this (or you may not be) but the reason is because of a recent tradgedy that happened not too far from this store. There was a horrible bus crash on the interstate just up the road where 8 people lost their lives. Even though none of us actually knew anyone in that crash, it still affected us in some way. Some of us wondered if they had stopped here at "our house"  before they headed back home to North Carolina. Did we give them the customer service that each and every person that comes through the door deserves? Were they excited about being here and experiencing all that we have to offer? I dont know, and never will know, if they were here, but one thing is for sure, if they were, we absolutely treated them like family! We don't know any other way!

I don't mean to ramble on endlessly and/or bore you. I just wanted to take a moment to remind you just how inportant family is, albeit blood, marriage, pets, friends, coworkers or even those sometimes dreaded inlaws. Chersih your time with these individuals because we never know when or where we will no longer have that priveledge.


I think about the survivors of that deadly crash, the families that lost loved ones and even my own family. Have we all shown them our love and appreciation enough that they will feel it even when we're not around? Have we left words unsaid, feelings unchecked and were there lives unfinished that day?  I try my best everyday to make sure my love and appreciation shows. I don't ever want anyone to wonder about that.


My family here at Sevierville Bass Pro has always been there to pick each other up when we are down. That's why this is truly the best place to work! We try to always treat each other AND each customer like they're a part of our family.


So, hug your kids and your spouse, call your parents and siblings and visit that old friend you parted ways on bad terms with and let them know just how much they mean to you. Life is way too short to put it off any longer. We are not promised another day, so waiting could be the costliest mistake you'll ever make.


Thanks, as always, for allowing me to share with you. I hope to see you and your family here at my Bass Pro home soon.


Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro Shops.


Hard Hat Anniversary

October 10, 2013 marks my 8 year anniversary with Bass Pro.  I was one of the originals,  I was, what we lovingly refer to as, the hard hat crew!  I remember every bit of the process.  The three interviews, meeting at the hotel across the street for Orientation and the anticipation of getting into the building. 


Then the day came when we met in the parking lot of the store and we were going to be allowed in.  You could literally feel the excitement in the air.  We each were handed our own hard hats and we proceeded up the back fire escape stairs.  Even though everything was still in progress building the inside, heavy equipment everywhere, canvases draped here and there, the noise, debris it was a sight to behold.  We formed teams and put this store together!  One of my favorite memories of opening day, hearing an employee say on the radio, "For the love of God, somebody please help me!"  I still chuckle to this day over that!


I have worn many "hats" here at store 29.  I started off as a part time employee in the Footwear dept and went to full time.I became the stocker and was in charge of the WMANs..  Then I went to the Receiving dept and became a stocker.  Early mornings, unloading trucks and working freight.  I thrived on this. Next came the fishing dept where i was in charge of all the RAID and merchandising.  Loved this dept and all that it held.  Merchandizers dream and/or nightmare.  Was a challenge to see where I could fit things and move things around.  Then came Marine Lead.  This is the position that I still hold to this day.  


I've been lucky enough to help 5 stores set up their footwear depts, travel to Destin for the Fishing/Marine University and am signed up to be able to travel again.  I have experienced many lasting friendships here, friends illnesses, births, deaths and weddings.  This is a family here at store 29!  Great store manager, who I wouldnt trade for the world, and an excellent management staff.  I am a long way from any of my family and the people here have taken my kids and I under their wing.  I am grateful to be part of this store and all that it holds.  Heres to many more anniversaries to myself and the others of the  "Hard Hat Crew"!


Ginger Bridges

Marine Lead

Sevierville, TN



Elite 5 HDI Triple Crown Bonus

elite 5The new Lowrance Elite 5 HDI has arrived!  It has a 5" color display with high-resolution.  This will be basically the same unit as the Elite 7 HDI just on a smaller scale. The Elite 5 HDI will have

- Hybrid Dual Imaging

- DownScan Imaging

- Advanced Signal Processing

- Built in GPS antenna w/US map

- Trackback

- DownScan Image overly

- Includes HDI transducer

The mapping system has more than 3,000 lakes and rivers already preset to the unit.  It also has coastal contours to 1000 feet.

A microSD card slot can also be used to add to the already preset lakes.  It can accept Navionics Gold, HotMaps Premium, Fishing Hot Spots and Lake Insight.

Our new ad features our Elite 5 HDI and our Elite 5x HDI.  When you purchase either one of these units, you will also receive your Triple Crown Bonus!  Triple your Reward points, free installations from our Power Pro Team in Tracker and you get a Gear Guard Warranty on your unit!  What a deal this is!  Just one aspect of this Triple Crown Bonus is worth it- But you don"t receive one, you receive all three!  This is a great deal and a great promotion to be had by new fisherman and the seasoned veterans.  This offer ends October 31, 2013.  Come on in and let us help you with your new Lowrance Elite 5 HDI or Elite 5x HDI.

Ginger Bridges

Marine Lead

Sevierville, TN



This month @ BPS Sevierville


October is a busy time in East Tennessee; hunting, fall fishing and of course - the leaves!!


TLocal Heros Monthhis month we would like to thank ALL of those who risk their lives to protect us every day!

October is Local Hero Discount Month!

Members of law enforcement, fire, and emergency response receive a 10% discount on regular priced merchandise purchased in the store. Some exclusions apply. Must show ID to receive discount!

 Offer valid October 1-31 on regular priced merchandise only. Good for purchases at Bass Pro Shops retail store locations. Not valid with any other offer.



Our October Conservation Partner this month is Ducks Unlimited.

Ducks Unlimited is the world's leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation.Ducks Unlimited

DU got its start in 1937 during the Dust Bowl when North America’s drought-plagued waterfowl populations had plunged to unprecedented lows. Determined not to sit idly by as the continent’s waterfowl dwindled beyond recovery, a small group of sportsmen joined together to form an organization that became known as Ducks Unlimited. Its mission: habitat conservation.

You can donate $2 to Ducks Unlimited when you visit Bass Pro Shops Sevierville this month. Your $2 donation will also enter you in a drawing for one of 10 $500 gift cards! Donate at any cash register when you check out or at the Customer Service counter.




Happy Halloween

Stay tuned.......... It's the Great Pumpkin at BPS !!!! October 19-31





Gayle Chesney

Special Events Coordinator


Cornhole for Conservation ~ Oct 12, 2013

NWTF Tournament



Join us on Saturday, Oct 12 in our parking lot for a game of cornhole.


We have joined up with NWTF for a Cornhole for Conservation Tournament.



            Bass Pro Shops



        October 12, 2013

            Registration begins at 8 am

            Bags fly at 10 am


**Pre-Registered Players MUST Check in by 9:30 am






            $50 Pre-Registration

            (If registered by 10/1/13)

            $55 Pre-Registration

            (If registered between 10/1-11/13)

            $60 Registration

            10/12/2013 by 10 am

  • Teams will consist of 2 players.
  • Teams will be slotted at random.
  • Please check in by 9:30 am on 10/12/13 at the info desk in the parking lot for the tournament


            1st Place- $1000

            2nd Place- $500

            3rd Place- $250

All proceeds will go to NWTF.

What is the NWTF?

The National Wild Turkey Federation is a national non-profit organization and is the leader in upland wildlife habitat conservation to North America. Founded in 1973, the NWTF is headquartered in Edgefield, SC and has local chapters in every state and Canada. The NWTF is dedicated to the conservation of the wild turkey and the preservation of our hunting heritage.

For more information or to register contact Tim Yates at  tyates@nwtf.net or 423-463-4260

Gayle Chesney

Special Events Coordinator






Chilly Weather Calls For A Buddy!

We just got in our newest Buddy....Buddy heater that is.  Take a look below at what we have here in the store, then we'll walk through them one by one.

Let's start with the Mr. Heater Little Buddy. Everybody needs a little buddy...the human form and the warming form. This Little Buddy is only $69.99 and is FULL of great features! Actually ALL of the Buddy Heaters we have in the store have almost the exact same features no matter how big or how small. The only differences are the BTU's and runtime.Talk about convenience.

Little Buddy puts out 3,000 BTU's per hour and heats up to 100 square feet with a runtime of 5 1/2 hours of continuous heat. This heater is great for workshops, tents, campers, etc. because it is indoor safe. How can that be you may be asking me. Let me tell you how; it has low oxygen and accidental tip over shut off features. Runs off of a 1 lb propane cylinder or a 20 lb bulk tank. However, the 20 lb tank MUST stay outside so the fumes can't get to you.

Moving on to the Portable Buddy. The Portable Buddy is priced at $99.99 and like it's smaller counterpart, it's full of those same great features! BTU's are at 4,000 on low and 9,000 on the high setting and you can heat up to 200 square feet for a nice 110 hours. This particular heater has a single control for starting and heat adjustment. Again, this heater will run off of a 1 lb propane cylinder or a 20 lb bulk tank as well. Lighting this baby is easy with a built in Piezo lighter and the fuel connector swivels out for easy access. As always, there's the low oxygen and accidental tip over automatic shut off.

Our newest addition to the Buddy line is the Hunting Buddy. Priced at $129.99 is a great deal especially since it's CAMO! 2 heat settings give you either 6,000 (low) or 12,000 (high) BTU's. Perfectly safe for those small hunting blinds, tents, campers or wherever you want to use it at. There's storage on one side of it for an extra 1 lb cylinder or anything else small enough to go in there. Electronic ignition, heavy duty burner guard and all the fittings are included to take it from a 1 lb propane cylinder to a 20 lb bulk tank. Whatta deal!

Last, but certainly not least is the Big Buddy. The Big Daddy!  This heater gives you so much heat, you won't believe it! 4,000 BTU (low), 9,000 BTU (medium) and 18,000 BTU (high). Heats up to 400 square feet with a continuous runtime of 220 hours. Just like the other heaters, there's the low oxygen and accidental tip over shut off feature. The Big Buddy runs on either 1 lb propane cylinder (or 2 if you prefer) or a 20 lb bulk tank. The big difference between this heater and the others? Big Buddy has a fan that blows the heat.The fan runs off either an AC adapter or 4 D cell batteries (neither of which are included).

Any one of these heaters would be a great addition to your Emergency Preparedness package you may have. During the winter months, who knows if and when or for how long the power will go out.

Come on in here....you know you want to check them out! And I will be super excited to show you each and every one of them myself!


Stay warm and as always, thanks for letting me share my goodies with you!


Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro Shops


Tis' The Season To Go Backpacking

It's that time of year again, when the true outdoorsmen (and women) don their backpacks and head off into the wilderness for a day or so. If you have ever gone on a hiking trip, you'll know that every ounce counts, even if it was just a day hike. So today, I'm going to help you out on eliminating some weight from your pack without eliminating something crucial.

Katadyn has come out with THE perfect backpacking stove! It's called the Katadyn Optimus Crux. This little stove is awesome and is the perfect weight for any hike.

It's ultra light weight....only 2.9 ounces but it has a very high output...10,200 BTU/3,000 W and is a measley 3.2x2.2x1.2 inches which makes it hotter and lighter than any other stove out there! There's a very large burner and it has serrated pot supports to keep your pot just where it needs to be.

Let's say you want to boil some water to fix one of your backpacking meals that you brought along. Pour your water in your pot (up to a liter) and in as little as 3 minutes you have boiling water! No wait...no worries! What about cooking multiple meals...? The Optimus Crux will burn for 60 continuous minutes at high output, so absolutely no worries at all!

The fuel you need to use for this stove is pretty simple. Propane/Butane.

So, when your finished cooking and your stove has cooled, just fold it flat, put it in the stuff sack that comes with it, hang the strap of the stuff sack around the neck of the fuel canister,store it snugly in the base of the fuel canister for easy carrying and it virtually disappears!

The Katadyn Optimus Crux was built to last and could possibly be the last backpacking stove you will ever buy.

Want to take a closer look at it? Just come on in to the Bass Pro here in Sevierville, TN and I will be more than happy (excited actually) to show you the Optimus or any of our other fantastic camping needs.


As always, thanks for allowing me to share with you.

Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro Shops









Fall Fishing Event

Fishing is not just for spring and summer anymore...

Join us in September at the Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville and  plan your fall fishing around the changing season.  Our Fall Fishing Event will include seminars from our knowledgeable Fishing Pro Staff and Nitro Team members, as well as kid and family activities. Make your plans now to attend- September 21-22 & 28-29.


      Saturdays, Sept 21 & 28

            1 pm   Fish Hatcheries; From Hatcheries to Lakes

                        Learn information about fish hatcheries and how they stock our lakes

            2 pm   What You Should Know About Fishing Using Electronics

                         Learn how to use your GPS to find the best catch

            3 pm   Best Baits; Baits that Work for Successful Fall Fishing

                         Visit with experts on what’s hot in baits for fall


      Sunday, Sept 22 & 29

            1 pm    Area Fishing; What You Should Know

            2 pm    Expert Tips; Best Fall Fishing Practices

                        Learn about local fishing and selecting the right equipment

            3 pm    Changing Water Conditions; How it Affects Fishing

                        Water conditions change when weather shifts. Learn the effects

**FREE FISHING TOWEL GIVEAWAY- to the first 50 customers who attend the 2 pm seminar each day**

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ JUST FOR KIDS!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


12-1 pm     Free Beginning Fishing Workshop

                    Learn the basics to get started fishing.

This class will include hands-on casting instructions. Free giveaway and BPS Kids Fishing Team Certificate to the first 50 kids who complete the workshop each day.


12-4 pm     Catch and Release Pond- filled to the rim with bluegill!!!Fall Fishing 2013



12-4 pm     Free Photo Download!!

 Visit our photo area for this photo opportunity free digital download- you can print or email your friends.









Fall fishing 2



      1-3 pm       Crafts- Color your own Tackle Box


DeLorme inReach Satellite Communicator

DeLorme has come out with their new inReach SE.  This new inReach is far superior than the old one.  The new benefits are a color screen, virtual keyboard and a long lasting internal lithium battery. 

delorme inReach SE is the only satellite communication device that can both send and receive texts.  inReach SE can also be used in conjunction with an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to access topo maps and NOAA charts.

The inReach SE uses the Iridium satellite network which provides global two-way satellite communication anywhere on Earth.  It has tracking intervals from 10 minutes to four hours, plus real time follow me/find me tracking.  Because of this, family and friends are able to follow your journey.  By logging onto MapShare, they can follow a detailed breadcrumb trail and can send messages to the owner of the unit.

The inReach SE has multiple levels of subscriptions.  They start out at $9.95 per month and can range up to $64.95 for the seasonal plan.

This unit is great for anyone.  The hunter, hiker, camper, extreme sport person or just anyone going out for a drive or on vacation.  The SOS feature is one of the first of its kind that when you hit it, someone will respond back to you via text letting you know they received your distress signal and that help will be on the way.  It also gives the rescuers capabilities to ask you questions about your situation.  This way they know what type of rescue and supplies they might need. They can find out if a helicopter is able to land there or if they need to proceed by ground.

Please take a moment to read about the inReach SE and the benifts that it can provide to you and your family through safety and peace of mind.


Ginger Bridges

Marine Lead

Sevierville, TN


Fall Boating

The fall is a wonderful time to be out boating.  Crisp air, beautiful leaves and scenery make it a fun time out on the water.  But you need to be careful due to the ever changing weather and cooler air and water temps.  Follow these tips to make your boating experience enjoyable and fun.

fall boat


Make sure you always dress for the water and not the weather! Layering is important.  Always better to be able to take off clothing then not to have enough and to be cold.   Rain gear is extremely important while you are out on the boat. At Bass Pro Shops our 100MPH Rain Wear is one of the best choices.         

100 mph bib100mphThis rain suit is for extreme weather conditions.  It is 100% Gore-Tex and Wind Proof.  You never know when the weather will change.  Storms can pop up at any time, temperatures drop and the water can become very dangerous if you fall in.


Make sure you always tell someone when you go out on the water boating.  Give them an expected return time also.  Its always better to be safe than sorry.


Always keep your eyes on the sky and keep track of the weather.  Drops in air and water temperatures can make storms twice as worse.  Bring your boat back into shore once you see the weather is turning.  Live to boat another day.


To be on the safe side, inspect your bilge pump, engine, safety equipment, and any type of communication devices you have.  This needs to be done before you head out onto the water and while you are out there.


Safety needs to be first priority before heading out on the water.  Take your time to go over these measures and you will be able to enjoy fall boating.


Ginger Bridges

Marine Lead

Sevierville, TN


Is that Bigfoot?

ghille suit

     Ever wanted to resemble a giant, hairy creature popularly known as “bigfoot”? Well this is your chance!


The Bass Pro camo department has recently (within the last few months) received Ghillie Suits! For years, I have had customers asking me for them and have never had them in stock. Well now we have them, and not just one kind but two!

    The colors are woodland- a green army color and desert (the sandy one, not ice cream) a brown army color. They are a thick mesh fabric with a bunch of stringy multi-colored tassles springing from every inch of the suit! It includes a jacket, pants and a fuzzy “sasquatch” looking face mask.

They come in the sizes M/L and XL/2XL. The Ghillie Suits come in a mesh bag with a carrying strap. 


ghillie suit     The suits DO come inside out though, so if you would like to size correctly to see what size you may need I would suggest getting a Bass Pro Associate. 

    At my store, we had a mannequin displayed for sizing and to let everyone see the texture and fabric without having to madly disassemble a bag. This is a huge help in getting the correct suit size as well as a perfect “photo shoot” spot for all the people passing. (Although some were really worried someone was hiding in it)

     These super bigfoot suits are only $99.99 which is a great price for the quality and are selling almost daily. I love seeing the responses people have towards the idea of running around like a huge, hairy, monster. (More so resembling the “Tar Monster” from Scooby Doo)

tar monster from scooby doo


 For more details you can find them on our website here: 

 http://www.basspro.com/Hot-Shot-Deluxe-Ghillie-            Suit/product/120829053508537/  

  And while you’re at it check out the review from fellow buyers! (Even a gamer testifies that they are great for video gaming averages)



So, what all can you do with a Ghillie Suit?


  • Hunt- a perfect way to look like a bush and get that perfect forest appearance.

  • Go Squatching- Pretend to be a bigfoot and maybe you can become friends with one and get that “non-blurry” picture.

  • Run around yelling and waving your arms- because, well you know, these things are just plain awesome to be in.



For any and all camouflage questions contact me and I'll do the absolute best I can!


Ainsley, Camo Lead

at the Bass Pro

in Sevierville, TN 






RedHead Does It Again

Have you seen the new line of RedHead Dehydrators that we have in the store right now? 4 new styles have just recently come in and I want to take a minute or two to show you what we have.

First off, there the RedHead six tray for $69.99.  

This dehydrator has six stackable and removeable trays and is great for long or short, big or small batches of whatever you plan to dehydrate. There's a vented lid for controling the dehydration and all the trays, including the lid, are clear so you can see what's going on, while it's going on! With 1,233 square inches of drying space and 500 watts, you'll have that jerky ready in no time at all!

If you want a little bigger sized dehydrator, you might want to consider the RedHead 8 Tray Dehydrator for $159.99.

This is for the more serious of Dehydrators! You can dry just about anything you want in this machine. It has eight removeable trays for 1,200 square inches of drying space and 620 watt heating element. Rear mounted fan insures everything is getting the same amount of forced air to dry with. Also has an LED digital timer and a bonus of 2 mesh sheets.

Hold on, we're not done yet! We're gonna talk some serious dehydrators now! What would you say if I told you I have a RedHead 10 Tray Dehydrator for only $219.99? Well, it's true! A powerful 800 Watt heating element and rear mounted fan along with lightweight thermosplastic construction is perfect for making a variety of healthy snacks. There's 10 removeable trays, 1,700 square inches of drying space and an easy to use digital temperature controller along with 2 bonus mesh sheets.

But guess what?!?! I can do one better than that! Last but certainly not least, I have the RedHead 10 Tray Stainless Steel Dehydrator for only $299.99! Holy smokes in the morning! That's an awesome price for a STAINLESS STEEL Dehydrator!

Complete with a 1,000 watt heating element,10 removeable trays (2,300 square inches of drying space), a digital timer and an easy to use digital temerature controller. This gem also has overheat protection AND a bonus mesh ROLL...not just a sheet, but a ROLL! :)

  Come on in and let me show you these pretty new babies. I'm so excited about showing you what you can do with each one.

As always, Thanks for allowing me to share with you.

Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro Shops





September = Boy Scouts @ Bass Pro Shops


                                 Boy Scouts of America                           BPS     


This year Bass Pro Shops has partnered with the Boy Scouts of America for the entire month of September. We have an opportunity for you to donate to the BSA and be entered in a sweepstakes for a chance at a $500 Bass Pro Gift Card.

At all of our registers a $2 donation will land you a sweepstakes entry into our monthly drawing. First prize is a $500 Gift Card, Second prize is a $250 Gift Card and Third Prize is a $100 Gift Card ~ to your favorite outdoor store no less!!!!

We will also be offering classes for the scouts to work toward earning their fishing and shooting merit badges.

Classes will be offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 pm during the month of September. You will need to register as class size is limited~ call 865-932-5600 or email gchesney2@basspro.com to register your scout for their class or if you would like additional information.



                                    fishing merit badge                                             Rifle Shooting



  • Tuesday, Sept 3                       Fishing
  • Thursday, Sept 5                     Rifle Shooting
  • Tuesday, Sept 10                    Rifle Shooting
  • Thursday, Sept 12                   Fishing
  • Tuesday, Sept 17                    Fishing
  • Thursday, Sept 19                   Rifle Shooting
  • Tuesday, Sept 24                    Rifle Shooting
  • Thursday, Sept 26                   Fishing





Gayle Chesney

Special Events Coordinator

Sevierville, TN



Now you see me, Now you don't...

eastern screech owl

  Do you know your camouflage patterns? Well, do you? Most of the people I meet in a day have the same, simple answer to this question: No!

Why is this? Camouflage is the second most important thing for hunting. Why second? Because a weapon would have to be first for hunting! (No bear wrestling please)

Regardless, camo is important because it literally  HIDES you from what you're hunting, like a forest ninja. So I am going to give you the quick shortcuts and tips to picking out your camo outfit for the best advantage in hunting.

     There are several different types of camouflage, but there are two basics to begin with that are highly recognizable. The two are Realtree and Mossy Oak. After these two titles will come your sub categories, for example, Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity. See how it started with the title and then broke it down? This is how it works in the camo world.

                                               New realtree symbol

















Starting with Realtree Brand the newest patterns this year are Realtree Xtra and Realtree Xtra Green. These patterns are replacing the common camos like AP and APG. Below is a picture of Realtree Xtra, how can you tell? The huge golden leaves. Yes, that's it!

realtree xtra

rt xtra

     Now the next, Realtree Xtra Green. The only difference between it and the Xtra is the big greenleaves that spring out of the branches and replace the golden leaves. See the white that is spotted on the branches? This is there to help break up your figure since deer can't see this very well along with the pattern. These are great Realtree patterns to use for Deer, Bear, and general hunting

     Since these patterns are brand new they are still transitioning from the AP and APG colors. AP is like Xtra only no golden leaves. This is similiar with APG since it is just like Xtra Green only the greens are a little bit lighter and not as "HD" looking. 

    These are great patterns for all year since you can transition from the browner looks for the upcoming fall and winter with Realtree Xtra and with Realtree Xtra Green get that perfect spring and summer blend. 

                                           mossy oak

  Now for the other Camo "branch" ( Ok, no more puns) Mossy oak is the other huge pattern we carry in our hunting apparel department at Bass Pro.  

    Mossy Oak is a bit darker in their camos but it is just as efficient for hunting.





To start there is Mossy Oak Break Up and Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity. Mossy oak break up (MOBU) is a very dark and white spotted pattern. The tell tale is the bluish-gray color you can see along with the muted leaves.




The second to discuss is Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity (MOBU INF) This pattern is similar but instead of themobu inf blue tint there is more of a gold-green tint to give it that "sun lit", woodsy appearance. These are also great patterns to use for hunting all year round and can be found in our camouflage department.









The last Mossy Oak pattern I will discuss is Mossy Oak Obsession. This pattern is PERFECT for turkey season and I would recommend it for turkey and early spring season only. It works to blend even better since turkey can see color and it is the best pattern you can get for turkey season. It is easy to pick out since it is always the brightest, with lots of green leaves and white in their branches and through out the pattern.




Hopefully these few tips can help make your hunting experience better and easier! You can challenge yourself with your pattern knowledge at http://www.basspro.com/Hunting-Clothing/_/T-12600004000 as well as see the new hunting apparel and patterns we are getting all the time at our Bass Pro!  What camouflage patterns can you pick out?  

For any and all camouflage questions contact me and I'll do the absolute best I can!


Ainsley, Camo Lead

at the Bass Pro

in Sevierville, TN 






Happy Happy Happy

The craze nowadays is Duck Commander and here at Bass Pro Shops we aim to please!

 We want to help you deck out your vehicle "Duck Style"! Let's start at the bottom and work our way up----

First, we gotta keep our floors clean and dry so why not put in a couple of Duck Commander floor mats...? Our 3D mats are heavy duty rubber with raised edges to keep the dirt, water, etc from spilling over onto the floor. They are cut to fit and come in sets of 2 for $29.99. Each floor mat has the duck pattern mud grabbers and come with either a pink or a yellow duck logo. Front floor only for now.Duck Commander® 3D Floor Mat - Set of 2

Next is the trailer hitch plug. This is a heavy duty black plastic and it protects and conceals your hitch when it's not in use. It fits most receivers and comes in black with either a yellow or pink duck logo and is only $14.99.Duck Commander® Trailer Hitch Plug - Black/Pink                                                                             Duck Commander® Trailer Hitch Plug - Black/Yellow

Working our way up, we have the ever important license plate frame. Most people have a license plate of some sort on the front of their vehicle and if you're like me, you always notice everybodies. This will surely get you noticed! They are black ABS plastic with the "Duck Commander" logo at the top and the duck logo on the bottom in your choice, (you guessed it) either pink or yellow. That's a bit of bling for only $9.99Duck Commander® License Plate Frame - Black/Silver

What about inside the car. Well, I can certainly help you there too! Universal seat covers are a must!  I have 2 styles to offer you---bench and bucket. The bench seat is only $44.99 and the bucket is $34.99 each. The bucket seat covers fit either the drivers side or the passenger side seat. Both styles are made from water repellant polyester, made to fit adjustable or molded head rests and with or without integrated seat belts. Guess what colors they come in? Black with a yellow duck logo and black with a pink duck logo!Duck Commander® Universal Bench Seat Cover - Black/Pink                                                                     Duck Commander® Universal Bucket Seat Cover - Black/Yellow

Movin on up, let's cover the steering wheel. They are universal, fit most steering wheels and are made of neoprene. $14.99 will get you black with yellow "Duck Commander" logo or black with pink "Duck Commander" logo.Duck Commander® Neoprene Steering Wheel Cover - Black/Pink

Lastly, your ride needs to smell good so let's put in an air freshener. I have 3 different colors/scents for you to choose from and they are $2.99 each.  Duck Commander® Automotive Air Freshener - Strawberries                                                                     Duck Commander® Automotive Air Freshener - Ice

Duck Commander® Automotive Air Freshener - Vanilla



Now you can have the "Brothers of the Beard" with you everywhere you go!


Come see me and let's talk Duck.


As always, thanks for allowing me to share with you.


Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro



Fishing with Lures in East Tennessee

top water fishing


 Many people enjoy fishing each and everyday all over the world. Believe it or not most people who fish use live bait and for good reason-it works. Each and everyday I encounter more and more people trying to learn how to fish using lures or artificial baits. The trick to selecting and using a lure efficiently is to know what lives where you fish. If you are fishing in a pond full of big bass that has a large population of frogs that could be a valuable bite of information when selecting lures. Also color plays a big roll in your selection of lures. Be it plastic worms, crank baits, jigs, etc.- you want to match the color of the food where these fish live.

If you find yourself fishing a lot of small rivers for small mouth bass and there are a lot of crawdads present in that water that is a key fact to know. Now lets say we know there are a lot of crawdads in our river the next thing to match is there color and size. So a pumpkin colored tube at around three inches may be the lure that catches that wall hanger.

Green pumpkin tube teaser

Next we need to consider the conditions in which we fish this selection of water. If you only fish the river or lake when it’s a nice clear day and the water is clear you should select lures that are lighter in color. Lets say that it’s a clear blue bird day and you are fishing that same river for small mouth bass. In this situation you may want to add some chartreuse to that same pumpkin tube either with dye or simply buy them pre-dyed

Spike - it Glow


On the other side of things lets say its an overcast day and the water has been muddied by rain. Then you may want to throw a darker bait with a larger profile.



For instance a black and blue jig in our river may be ideal for a dark colored bait to mimic our crawdads. To make this bait have a larger profile is simple. You can take a twin tail grub and add this to your jig and it instantly looks bigger and more appealing to a fish.

blue black enticer jig




Theses are just a few ideals to keep in mind next time you find your self shopping the isles of Bass Pro Shop looking for that perfect lure.





Johnnie G

Fishing Lead