Is that Bigfoot?

ghille suit

     Ever wanted to resemble a giant, hairy creature popularly known as “bigfoot”? Well this is your chance!


The Bass Pro camo department has recently (within the last few months) received Ghillie Suits! For years, I have had customers asking me for them and have never had them in stock. Well now we have them, and not just one kind but two!

    The colors are woodland- a green army color and desert (the sandy one, not ice cream) a brown army color. They are a thick mesh fabric with a bunch of stringy multi-colored tassles springing from every inch of the suit! It includes a jacket, pants and a fuzzy “sasquatch” looking face mask.

They come in the sizes M/L and XL/2XL. The Ghillie Suits come in a mesh bag with a carrying strap. 


ghillie suit     The suits DO come inside out though, so if you would like to size correctly to see what size you may need I would suggest getting a Bass Pro Associate. 

    At my store, we had a mannequin displayed for sizing and to let everyone see the texture and fabric without having to madly disassemble a bag. This is a huge help in getting the correct suit size as well as a perfect “photo shoot” spot for all the people passing. (Although some were really worried someone was hiding in it)

     These super bigfoot suits are only $99.99 which is a great price for the quality and are selling almost daily. I love seeing the responses people have towards the idea of running around like a huge, hairy, monster. (More so resembling the “Tar Monster” from Scooby Doo)

tar monster from scooby doo


 For more details you can find them on our website here:            Suit/product/120829053508537/  

  And while you’re at it check out the review from fellow buyers! (Even a gamer testifies that they are great for video gaming averages)



So, what all can you do with a Ghillie Suit?


  • Hunt- a perfect way to look like a bush and get that perfect forest appearance.

  • Go Squatching- Pretend to be a bigfoot and maybe you can become friends with one and get that “non-blurry” picture.

  • Run around yelling and waving your arms- because, well you know, these things are just plain awesome to be in.



For any and all camouflage questions contact me and I'll do the absolute best I can!


Ainsley, Camo Lead

at the Bass Pro

in Sevierville, TN 






RedHead Does It Again

Have you seen the new line of RedHead Dehydrators that we have in the store right now? 4 new styles have just recently come in and I want to take a minute or two to show you what we have.

First off, there the RedHead six tray for $69.99.  

This dehydrator has six stackable and removeable trays and is great for long or short, big or small batches of whatever you plan to dehydrate. There's a vented lid for controling the dehydration and all the trays, including the lid, are clear so you can see what's going on, while it's going on! With 1,233 square inches of drying space and 500 watts, you'll have that jerky ready in no time at all!

If you want a little bigger sized dehydrator, you might want to consider the RedHead 8 Tray Dehydrator for $159.99.

This is for the more serious of Dehydrators! You can dry just about anything you want in this machine. It has eight removeable trays for 1,200 square inches of drying space and 620 watt heating element. Rear mounted fan insures everything is getting the same amount of forced air to dry with. Also has an LED digital timer and a bonus of 2 mesh sheets.

Hold on, we're not done yet! We're gonna talk some serious dehydrators now! What would you say if I told you I have a RedHead 10 Tray Dehydrator for only $219.99? Well, it's true! A powerful 800 Watt heating element and rear mounted fan along with lightweight thermosplastic construction is perfect for making a variety of healthy snacks. There's 10 removeable trays, 1,700 square inches of drying space and an easy to use digital temperature controller along with 2 bonus mesh sheets.

But guess what?!?! I can do one better than that! Last but certainly not least, I have the RedHead 10 Tray Stainless Steel Dehydrator for only $299.99! Holy smokes in the morning! That's an awesome price for a STAINLESS STEEL Dehydrator!

Complete with a 1,000 watt heating element,10 removeable trays (2,300 square inches of drying space), a digital timer and an easy to use digital temerature controller. This gem also has overheat protection AND a bonus mesh ROLL...not just a sheet, but a ROLL! :)

  Come on in and let me show you these pretty new babies. I'm so excited about showing you what you can do with each one.

As always, Thanks for allowing me to share with you.

Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro Shops





September = Boy Scouts @ Bass Pro Shops


                                 Boy Scouts of America                           BPS     


This year Bass Pro Shops has partnered with the Boy Scouts of America for the entire month of September. We have an opportunity for you to donate to the BSA and be entered in a sweepstakes for a chance at a $500 Bass Pro Gift Card.

At all of our registers a $2 donation will land you a sweepstakes entry into our monthly drawing. First prize is a $500 Gift Card, Second prize is a $250 Gift Card and Third Prize is a $100 Gift Card ~ to your favorite outdoor store no less!!!!

We will also be offering classes for the scouts to work toward earning their fishing and shooting merit badges.

Classes will be offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 pm during the month of September. You will need to register as class size is limited~ call 865-932-5600 or email to register your scout for their class or if you would like additional information.



                                    fishing merit badge                                             Rifle Shooting



  • Tuesday, Sept 3                       Fishing
  • Thursday, Sept 5                     Rifle Shooting
  • Tuesday, Sept 10                    Rifle Shooting
  • Thursday, Sept 12                   Fishing
  • Tuesday, Sept 17                    Fishing
  • Thursday, Sept 19                   Rifle Shooting
  • Tuesday, Sept 24                    Rifle Shooting
  • Thursday, Sept 26                   Fishing





Gayle Chesney

Special Events Coordinator

Sevierville, TN



Now you see me, Now you don't...

eastern screech owl

  Do you know your camouflage patterns? Well, do you? Most of the people I meet in a day have the same, simple answer to this question: No!

Why is this? Camouflage is the second most important thing for hunting. Why second? Because a weapon would have to be first for hunting! (No bear wrestling please)

Regardless, camo is important because it literally  HIDES you from what you're hunting, like a forest ninja. So I am going to give you the quick shortcuts and tips to picking out your camo outfit for the best advantage in hunting.

     There are several different types of camouflage, but there are two basics to begin with that are highly recognizable. The two are Realtree and Mossy Oak. After these two titles will come your sub categories, for example, Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity. See how it started with the title and then broke it down? This is how it works in the camo world.

                                               New realtree symbol

















Starting with Realtree Brand the newest patterns this year are Realtree Xtra and Realtree Xtra Green. These patterns are replacing the common camos like AP and APG. Below is a picture of Realtree Xtra, how can you tell? The huge golden leaves. Yes, that's it!

realtree xtra

rt xtra

     Now the next, Realtree Xtra Green. The only difference between it and the Xtra is the big greenleaves that spring out of the branches and replace the golden leaves. See the white that is spotted on the branches? This is there to help break up your figure since deer can't see this very well along with the pattern. These are great Realtree patterns to use for Deer, Bear, and general hunting

     Since these patterns are brand new they are still transitioning from the AP and APG colors. AP is like Xtra only no golden leaves. This is similiar with APG since it is just like Xtra Green only the greens are a little bit lighter and not as "HD" looking. 

    These are great patterns for all year since you can transition from the browner looks for the upcoming fall and winter with Realtree Xtra and with Realtree Xtra Green get that perfect spring and summer blend. 

                                           mossy oak

  Now for the other Camo "branch" ( Ok, no more puns) Mossy oak is the other huge pattern we carry in our hunting apparel department at Bass Pro.  

    Mossy Oak is a bit darker in their camos but it is just as efficient for hunting.





To start there is Mossy Oak Break Up and Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity. Mossy oak break up (MOBU) is a very dark and white spotted pattern. The tell tale is the bluish-gray color you can see along with the muted leaves.




The second to discuss is Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity (MOBU INF) This pattern is similar but instead of themobu inf blue tint there is more of a gold-green tint to give it that "sun lit", woodsy appearance. These are also great patterns to use for hunting all year round and can be found in our camouflage department.









The last Mossy Oak pattern I will discuss is Mossy Oak Obsession. This pattern is PERFECT for turkey season and I would recommend it for turkey and early spring season only. It works to blend even better since turkey can see color and it is the best pattern you can get for turkey season. It is easy to pick out since it is always the brightest, with lots of green leaves and white in their branches and through out the pattern.




Hopefully these few tips can help make your hunting experience better and easier! You can challenge yourself with your pattern knowledge at as well as see the new hunting apparel and patterns we are getting all the time at our Bass Pro!  What camouflage patterns can you pick out?  

For any and all camouflage questions contact me and I'll do the absolute best I can!


Ainsley, Camo Lead

at the Bass Pro

in Sevierville, TN 






Happy Happy Happy

The craze nowadays is Duck Commander and here at Bass Pro Shops we aim to please!

 We want to help you deck out your vehicle "Duck Style"! Let's start at the bottom and work our way up----

First, we gotta keep our floors clean and dry so why not put in a couple of Duck Commander floor mats...? Our 3D mats are heavy duty rubber with raised edges to keep the dirt, water, etc from spilling over onto the floor. They are cut to fit and come in sets of 2 for $29.99. Each floor mat has the duck pattern mud grabbers and come with either a pink or a yellow duck logo. Front floor only for now.Duck Commander® 3D Floor Mat - Set of 2

Next is the trailer hitch plug. This is a heavy duty black plastic and it protects and conceals your hitch when it's not in use. It fits most receivers and comes in black with either a yellow or pink duck logo and is only $14.99.Duck Commander® Trailer Hitch Plug - Black/Pink                                                                             Duck Commander® Trailer Hitch Plug - Black/Yellow

Working our way up, we have the ever important license plate frame. Most people have a license plate of some sort on the front of their vehicle and if you're like me, you always notice everybodies. This will surely get you noticed! They are black ABS plastic with the "Duck Commander" logo at the top and the duck logo on the bottom in your choice, (you guessed it) either pink or yellow. That's a bit of bling for only $9.99Duck Commander® License Plate Frame - Black/Silver

What about inside the car. Well, I can certainly help you there too! Universal seat covers are a must!  I have 2 styles to offer you---bench and bucket. The bench seat is only $44.99 and the bucket is $34.99 each. The bucket seat covers fit either the drivers side or the passenger side seat. Both styles are made from water repellant polyester, made to fit adjustable or molded head rests and with or without integrated seat belts. Guess what colors they come in? Black with a yellow duck logo and black with a pink duck logo!Duck Commander® Universal Bench Seat Cover - Black/Pink                                                                     Duck Commander® Universal Bucket Seat Cover - Black/Yellow

Movin on up, let's cover the steering wheel. They are universal, fit most steering wheels and are made of neoprene. $14.99 will get you black with yellow "Duck Commander" logo or black with pink "Duck Commander" logo.Duck Commander® Neoprene Steering Wheel Cover - Black/Pink

Lastly, your ride needs to smell good so let's put in an air freshener. I have 3 different colors/scents for you to choose from and they are $2.99 each.  Duck Commander® Automotive Air Freshener - Strawberries                                                                     Duck Commander® Automotive Air Freshener - Ice

Duck Commander® Automotive Air Freshener - Vanilla



Now you can have the "Brothers of the Beard" with you everywhere you go!


Come see me and let's talk Duck.


As always, thanks for allowing me to share with you.


Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro



Fishing with Lures in East Tennessee

top water fishing


 Many people enjoy fishing each and everyday all over the world. Believe it or not most people who fish use live bait and for good reason-it works. Each and everyday I encounter more and more people trying to learn how to fish using lures or artificial baits. The trick to selecting and using a lure efficiently is to know what lives where you fish. If you are fishing in a pond full of big bass that has a large population of frogs that could be a valuable bite of information when selecting lures. Also color plays a big roll in your selection of lures. Be it plastic worms, crank baits, jigs, etc.- you want to match the color of the food where these fish live.

If you find yourself fishing a lot of small rivers for small mouth bass and there are a lot of crawdads present in that water that is a key fact to know. Now lets say we know there are a lot of crawdads in our river the next thing to match is there color and size. So a pumpkin colored tube at around three inches may be the lure that catches that wall hanger.

Green pumpkin tube teaser

Next we need to consider the conditions in which we fish this selection of water. If you only fish the river or lake when it’s a nice clear day and the water is clear you should select lures that are lighter in color. Lets say that it’s a clear blue bird day and you are fishing that same river for small mouth bass. In this situation you may want to add some chartreuse to that same pumpkin tube either with dye or simply buy them pre-dyed

Spike - it Glow


On the other side of things lets say its an overcast day and the water has been muddied by rain. Then you may want to throw a darker bait with a larger profile.



For instance a black and blue jig in our river may be ideal for a dark colored bait to mimic our crawdads. To make this bait have a larger profile is simple. You can take a twin tail grub and add this to your jig and it instantly looks bigger and more appealing to a fish.

blue black enticer jig




Theses are just a few ideals to keep in mind next time you find your self shopping the isles of Bass Pro Shop looking for that perfect lure.





Johnnie G

Fishing Lead


Pop it while it's Hot

Hello and welcome to our Bass Pro Shops blog from your store in Sevierville, TN! The rains in our area have slacked off recently and the typical weather associated with the hot dog days of summer has finally set in. This time of year, the trout fishing slows due to low water and higher temperatures but is still good in the higher elevations. It is often a different story when it comes to fly fishing for bass and bream in lowland rivers. Many people overlook our local rivers during the late summer. Flying For BIG Bass

The Pigeon, Holston, and Nolichuky rivers offer some of the best smallmouth fishing there is to be had in the state! Smaller rivers such as the lower ends of the Little river and Middle Prong of the Pigeon river are well worth exploring also.



My favorite way to go after smallmouth and bream is top water. I love to see a smallie crush a popping bug or watching a giant bluegill slowly rise up to suck down a fly is just plain fun! Poppers, sliders, and divers are the most popular baits. No special tackle is needed, a 5-6 weight rod with 7ft 2X leader and a handful of flies will have you out on the river in no time. Don't be intimidated by color and fly selection. Black, yellow, white and chartruese are the basic color selections. Black and yellow being my most productive color pattern followed by white. The size of your fly should be determined by the type of fish you want to pursue. For bass, stick with sizes 1/0 to #4 and #4 down to #12 for bream.Popping Bug Bonanza A popper/dropper rig is deadly on bream. Any good, buggy-looking nymph such as a Hare's Ear will elicit a bite.


There are 2 basic retrieves I use (the first being most successful). Once you've made your cast allow the popper or fly to settle and sit for a moment, gather your slack line and make a quick jerk with you rod in order to make your popper spit and pop and allow it to settle again. Repeat this throughout the retrieve while varying the pause between pops and you should have a tight line in no time. The other method I recommend is simply dead sticking. Basically cast out your fly and let it sit or drift naturally with the current. This should get you out on the water and hunting for your next bite. If you would like to learn more about this overlooked and underrated resource, come visit us back in the fly shop! Good luck and tight lines!




Seth French

Bass Pro Shops

Sevierville, TN



NEXT Generation On-Target Challenge!!!

Don’t miss the last weekend of the Fall Hunting Classic!!

MORE Daily Specials on Friday and Saturday, Binocular and Rangefinder Trade-In Days (August 14-18) and our NEXT Generation Weekend!!!

What is NEXT Generation??? It is the way Bass Pro engages our youth to get involved in the outdoors.

It includes a TV show on The Outdoor Channel that shows our youth the fun and challenges of hunting and fishing. Children are our future and establishing a healthy love for being outdoors is extremely important to us.

Our On-Target Challenge Events this weekend will include; archery, BB guns Range, crafts, downloadable photo, and seminars - all absolutely free!!! All activities will be noon-5 pm both Saturday and Sunday, August 17-18.

Try out our new BB shooting range (12-5 pm) and learn 10 Safety Tips with firearms - presented in cooperation with Daisy. Seminars will be held both Saturday and Sunday at 1:30 PM, 3 PM and 4:30 PM.

What better way to safely introduce your child to firearms???


next generation

Get ready for the fall hunting season with our turkey or deer ornament craft.

Kids get a FREE 4x6 photo download and On-Target Certificate for completing the BB Shooting Range and Archery activities.

Plus the first 100 kids to complete all activities each day get a FREE collapsible water bottle!!


Hunter Appreciation Weekend


Hunters Appreciation Weekend


This weekend we will host our Hunter Appreciation Weekend.... August 9-11.

We have Daily Specials, Scope Trade-In Days, and seminars geared just for the hunter in mind!

If you need to update your gear our Scope trade-in days are what you have been looking for….

 August 8-13 bring your old scope in and you will save $$$ on your new scope purchase! All donated items will benefit area Boy Scout and Outdoor Youth Outreach programs.

Scope Trade In

Be sure you check your ad or our Facebook page for your Daily Specials on Friday and Saturday (August 9-10) Pistol cases, binoculars, blinds and treestands... OH MY!!!!!

If that’s not enough to get your hunting juices flowing the 3 days of FREE hunting Seminars given by our local Red Head Pro Staff should be enough to give you BUCK FEVER!!!

Starting Friday Night, August 9 we begin our Hunter’s Appreciation Weekend Seminar Series……

Be one of the first 25 customers to attend a seminar each day and receive a FREE BPS Gift Bag and a lanyard license holder.

August 9

      6:30 pm     Tips for Bowhunting

      7:30 pm     Tactics for Hunting Deer

August 10

      1:30 pm     Shed Hunting: How to Successfully Hunt for Sheds

      2:30 pm     From the Field to the Table; How to Fry a Turkey

      3:30 pm     Join Local Pro, JR Adkins for Hunting Tips and Techniques

      4:30 pm     Exploring the Shooting Sports: Introduction to Competitive Handgun

                          Rifle, Shotgun and 3- Gun Shooting

      5:30 pm     Now you see Me, Now you Don’t: Choosing Correct Camouflage Clothing

August 11

      1:30 pm     Exploring the Shooting Sports: Introduction to Competitive Handgun, Rifle

                          Shotgun, and 3 Gun Shooting

      2:30 pm     Tactics for Hunting Deer

      3:30 pm     Join Local Pro Larry Self for hunting Tips & Techniques

      4:30 pm     What’s New in Scent Control

      5:30 pm     Choosing the Right Optics



Hope you can make plans to attend our second weekend of The Fall Hunting Classic!!!!!


The Largest Hunting Sale of the Season!!!!

Whether you need hunting gear or just stay on top of the latest trends..... Bass Pro Shops Fall Hunting Classic is the place to get you ready for the season!!!

Our annual Fall Hunting Classic is August 2-18, if you have hunting fever already this is where you need to be. 

If you need a new bow, scope, rangefinder or binoculars be sure to check out our trade-in days.....

Bow Trade-In is August 2-7

Scope Trade-In is August 8-13

Binocular and Range Finder Trade-In is August 14-18

That's just the beginning, August 2-11, we have 2nd Amendment Instant Savings on guns and safes. You will save your taxes on the purchase of any in-stock gun or safe and you use your Bass Pro Shop Credit Card to pay. If you don't have a credit card yet from your favorite outdoor store stop by the stand with the blue lights at our front entrance and those lovely ladies can help you out.... plus new cardholders may also save 10% off their entire first purchase after the rebate is applied.

On August 3rd, don't miss out on our Hunting University. We will have special guests Phillip Vanderpool from Hunters Specialties National Pro Staff/ Host of "Dominator 365" TV Show at 1 pm and The First Lady of Hunting - Brenda Valentine at 2 pm. They will be spending the day with us so stop in and say hi.

Phillip VanderpoolBrenda Valentine



The second weekend will be just as action packed as the first. August 9 kicks off our Hunter Appreciation Weekend..... Seminars and Daily Specials are just a few things we can mention.....

        Friday, August 9
    6:30 pm    Tips for Bow Hunting
    7: 00 pm    Tactics for Hunting Deer

        Saturday, August 10
    1:30 pm    Shed Hunting
    2:30 pm    From the Field to the table- how to fry turkey
    3:30 pm    Hunting Tips and Techniques
    4:30 pm    Exploring the Shooting Sports
    5:30 pm    Choosing the Correct Camo Clothing

        Sunday, August 11
    1:30 pm    Exploring the Shooting Sports
    2:30 pm    Tactics for Deer Hunting
    3:30 pm    Hunting Tips and Techniques
    4:30 pm    What’s new in Scent Control
    5:30 pm    Choosing the Right Optics

FHC CalendarThe last and final weekend is the best of all.... Next Generation Weekend. We are getting the kids involved in an on-target challenge with our Daisy BB Gun Tent and Archery Range. We will also have free crafts and a photo you can download. Our  Red Head Pro - Staff Team will teach 10 Safety Tips to our next Generation at 1:30 pm, 3 pm and 4:30 pm on both Saturday and Sunday, and they will get a free Next Generation collapsible waterbottle.... all FREE. 

So come on in to your favorite outdoor store and enjoy all three weekends of seminars, talk with pros and vendors, let the kids play and save some money too!!!


Camping With Technology

Are you one of those people that refuse to go camping because there's no place to charge your iPhone or iPad or whatever the latest and greatest gadget is that you simply can't live without? Now there's no least you can't use THAT one anymore thanks to Thermoelectric Technology. The Bio Lite Camp Stove converts heat to electricity which powers a fan for a more efficient flame AND it has a built-in USB port so you can charge that phone that seems to be permanently connected to your ear. :) Charge for 20 minutes and get 60 minutes of talk time all while cooking supper!

This eco-friendly cooking source is easy to pack because it's only 8.5"x5" and weighs a mere 33oz. The best part is, there's no reason to pack fuel because you use any biomass such as twigs, leaves, pinecones, etc for fuel and it boils water in 4.5 minutes! Also, the Bio Lite Camp Stove provides that same fire output as white gas stoves but without the addition of fuel canisters in the landfills and on the trails. This is a fantastic addtion to your emergency pack so you can cook and charge even when the power is out.

BioLite CampStove is only $129.99 and you can even use the box it comes in for a fuel source.

There's more though- How about we add 55 square inches of cooking space? That's enough room for 4 burgers or 6 hotdogs. You can do this by adding the BioLite Portable Grill to your stove.With 3 settings of low, medium and high, you can cook anything on here that you would cook on a regular grill and you can do it out in the middle of nowhere! The steel grill suface comes with a durable plastic cover for easy transport. It also has a built-in fuel intake lid which allows you to refuel without disrupting the food or the charging time.

Folded, this grill is 9.5"x12"x3.5". Unfolded; 9.5"x12"x10.5" and only weighs 2.64 lbs. Cost is a mere $59.95

As the package says, "Feed yourself. Feed your fire. All at the same time."

Just a couple of my new gadgets here in the Camping Department. Come see me and I'll show you all about these nifty little items.

As always, thanks for allowing me to share.


Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro Shops




Great News For Coffee Addicts

Coffee has come a long way over time dating back to the early thirteenth century according to Wikipedia. Legend has it that people saw how the animals were acting after having eaten the strange berries from certain bushes, so they tried them. Being too bitter, they tried cooking them only to have them be too hard to eat. So, after boiling them and drinking the liquid result, coffee was born! Or so the tale goes....

The first coffee press was patented in 1929 most likely by a Frenchman, since they are known as French Coffee Presses. Even those have been changed many times over the centuries. Used to be you had a plunger and rod gizmo you had to try and use without spilling your coffee, but now, it can be as simple as putting one cup inside another. Allow me to introduce to you the new GSI Outdoors Commuter Java Press aka; portable french coffee press. Instead of the aforementioned rod and plunger gizmo, you have an inner mug that creates  double wall insulation. The spill resistant flip top seals in heat and eliminates sloshing and spilling then conveniently unscrews to add cream, sugar or other flavorings or to simply stir.

The PLUS Foam sleeve adds even more insulation and adds a soft and secure grip. Add to that a non slip foot and a slim profile and your good to go with your new Java Press in your cars cup holder. The Commuter Java Press holds 15 oz and only weighs 10.4 oz.

To use, simply add 2-5 tablespoons of your favorite course ground coffee, depending on how strong you like it. Add 15 oz of water that is 200°, stir and allow to sit for approximately 4 minutes. After that, insert the inner mug, gently pressing the inner mug with the stainless screen filter down into the water until it stops. Remove the lid, add any flavorings, stir, replace the lid and enjoy! How much more simple can it be?!?!

I'm really excited about this little gadget and I know you will be too. Come on by here and let me show you just how simple and easy it is to use. Priced at only $19.99  it's a bargain you can't afford to pass up!

As always, Thanks for allowing me to share with you, what's new in the Camping Department.

Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro Shops



Professional Bull Riding is coming to Sevierville!

Professional Bull Riders is paying  a visit on July 27-28 to your favorite Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville.

We will have it all- ropin, ridin, crafts and even a live PBR Bull !!! Yep, you heard right PBR is bringing out their Bull Trailer for us and one of their prize bulls on Saturday, July 27 12-4 pm.

So come on out and join us 12-4 pm for a fun free family event like no other.

  • Stick Bull RidingPBR
  • Bull Roping
  • Make a FREE Leather Wristband
  • See a Live PBR Bull - Saturday, July 27 only
  • Cowboy and Cowgirl Contest- Sunday, July 28 only

               * One winner will receive a $50 Bass   Pro Shops Gift Card. Judging begins at 2:30 pm

               * Gift Card awarded at 3 pm


Free Cowbell to the first 100 customers each day!

And this year we aren't waiting until Labor Day to start our Summer Clearance deals!

Starting July 20-28 we are having a storewide sale and clearance event - just look for all the deals under the tent located on our boat pad.


Family Firearms Safety Training and Family Fun Competition

Whether you hunt, sport shoot, or maybe just own a firearm; AND you have a family THIS is the class for you.

It is official, the event everyone has been waiting for . . . Ages 6 and up will enjoy SFWA's Family Firearms Safety Training and Family Fun Competition!

There are two dates available for this exclusive class:

July 20, 2013           1-5 pm

August  24, 2013    1-5 pm

These is an exciting exclusive opportunity for family members as young as 6 years old to experience SFWA quality hands-on firearms safety training and then compete as a family team in a fun shooting competition against other participating families!

Points covered include:

* Rules of Safety

* Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun Operation

* Ammunition, Loading and Unloading

* Cleaning and Storage

* Passing a Firearm Safely

* Home Defense for Families

* Shooting Sports

Family Registration is $39 (which includes the first family member) and then you register each additional family member for only $7 each! The family will begin the course upstairs in the conference room at Bass Pro Shops with (rifle, shotgun and handgun) comprehensive hands-on firearms safety training presented by SFWA Instructors and then finish the day by competing outside at Bass Pro Shops as a family unit against other participating families in a fun live fire competition with Crosman air guns! Prizes will be awarded in different categories providing opportunities for everyone to test their skills!

Successful completion of this course, plus approval of SFWA Instructors, will permit family members to register for an advanced family firearms training course that includes live fire at the shooting range with handguns, shotguns and rifles suited to each individual's level of ability.

If any family member has participated in a State Certified Hunter Safety Course, please bring your card with you!

IMPORTANT: At least one family member must have taken an SFWA course or have a valid Handgun Permit to enroll their family in this course. Please email any questions to and allow 48 hours for a reply.

All minors MUST be accompanied by a PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN -- grandparents and other family members must provide a written waiver form signed by the parent (provided by SFWA upon request) of a minor if the parent will not be attending with the minor child.

SFWA reserves the right to prohibit participation by any family member who exhibits unsafe behavior at any time.

Everything you will need to participate in this course is provided for you! You are permitted and strongly encouraged to bring any firearms owned by family members to the class. They MUST BE UNLOADED and be locked for safety. (Locking devices will be put on all firearms brought to the class unless they are in a locked case.) SFWA is dedicated to introducing families to firearms in a safe manner.



Bass Pro White River News


White River Fly Shop



Greetings from the Bass Pro Outdoor World White River Fly Shop in Kodak (Sevierville), Tennessee.


It has been a couple of glorious fly fishing days in the Great Smoky Mountains.  Perfect weather, perfect water, cooperative fish.

After drenching rains over the weekend that caused Little River to rise to over 900 CFS, the flow dropped quickly to relatively normal levels of around 200 CFS.  To my mind this is "just right" for fishing the Little River and its tributaries; infinitely wadeable, but enough water to keep the fish happy and feeding.

But first I headed up to fish the area above and below Chimney Tops.  The Little Pigeon River is medium sized through this stretch, and one of my favorites.  With the warm temperatures, both air and water, wet wading was the order of the day.  Really nice to have your feet in cool clear mountain water as the thermometer rises with the sunshine.  My Yellow Elk Hair Caddis was met with little enthusiasm so I switched to my old standby, the Parachute Adams.  Things started to pickup and I was rewarded with a good many small to medium rainbows.  Starting in the Chimneys Picnic area and continuing upstream is decent brook trout (spec's as they are also known) territory.  I didn't get any this time around, but judging by a red flash or two in the water I think I managed to catch the attention a couple of them.

GSMP trout

By mid-afternoon I headed off to claim my reserved home for the evening at the Cade's Cove Campground (this time of year the campground is on a reservations only status).  With my one-person tent erected a midst the massive motor homes and some time to kill before dinner, I wandered over to fish Anthony's Creek.  Running through the Cade's Cove picnic area this is small water and frequently overlooked.  However, this little creek is chock full of rainbows.  Within an hour I had caught 25 fish without even leaving the confines of the picnic grounds.  Yes, they are small, but surprisingly enough there are a few 10 to 12 inchers in that little creek and I caught several of them.

I was up early the next morning to bike ride the Cade's Cove loop road which is closed to vehicles on Wednesday and Saturday mornings until 10AM through September.  While not exactly easy, there are a few lung-busting hills, the ride does have its rewards.  Today those rewards included a number of black bear sightings, the most exciting of which was a mom and four cubs no more than 20 feet off the road.

Breaking camp I headed to Tremont, one fine fishing destination.  I put in just before the first one-lane bridge, tossing the Yellow Elk Hair Caddis yet again.  A couple of pools later with few hits and fewer takers prompted me to switch to a Royal Wulff, a fly that is easy to see in the dark shadowy pools where trout lurk.  Results improved somewhat with a number of small rainbows, but not what I would have expected under such excellent conditions.  Continuing to play "fly roulette" I switched to a Yellow Stimulator and immediately got some really nice hits by, apparently, pretty good sized fish.  However, a couple of pools later the action faded.  Somewhat mystified, I switched to the old standby, Parachute Adams.  This is my year-round go-to fly and always (mostly always) seems to draw out the trout.  This day was no exception and over the next several hours I managed to work my way upstream collecting (and releasing) a good number of rainbows ranging from small up to a few rod-benders in the 10-12 inch range.  At one point, and MUCH to my surprise, I looked up from my concentrated fly watching to see a fair-sized black bear directly across the stream from me.  Luckily he was working his way downstream and I was headed up, so with a mutual nod of our heads we went our separate ways.  Definitely the first time I've shared the stream with a bear.

By mid afternoon, under darkening skies, I decided I was tired of fishing (no, that's not possible....I was just tired) and headed home through one of the east Tennessee afternoon thunderstorms - lightning, thunder, and torrential the-wipers-can't-keep-up downpours.  All-in-all a good couple of days of outdoor adventuring.

Around the fly shop we are restocking shelves after a busy couple of weeks supplying visitors with equipment and local fly fishing information.  If you have not fished the national park before or if it's been a long time, please stop by.  Thanks to the national park staff we have a supply of the park's fishing brochure that includes all the rules and regulations as well as a map of the park's rivers and streams.  We will be happy to show you some fine fly fishing destinations, including the ones mentioned in this report.  Also, remember that this Sunday is Father's Day and it's not too late to drop a few hints about that coveted piece of fly fishing gear that has captured your eye.

Fishing in the park


Bass Pro Outdoor World

White River Fly Shop

3629 Outdoor Sportsmans Place
Kodak, TN 37764


NC VS TN 704 Outdoors/Bass Pro Shops Archery Shootout Series!



With archery season a couple of months away, we have decided to dust off the ol' 3-D targets and set'em up out back for an old fashioned North Carolina vs Tennessee shoot out! We are teaming up with our sister store in Concord Mills and 704 Outdoors for a battle between states.....we need to show them who's #1! BASS PRO SHOPS in Sevierville- of course!

So grab your bow and arrows boys and girls and get ready !!!!

There will be 4 Tournaments in this series- 2 here and 2 at the BPS Concord Store.

The dates are as follows:

Bass Pro Shops Sevierville Location- June 8th & August 3rd

Bass Pro Shops Charlotte Location- June 15th & August 17th

Championship Shootout at Bass Pro Shops Charlotte Location- August 31st


 The Top shooters will be invited to shoot in the Championship Shootout hosted at Bass Pro Shops Charlotte Location!

For Bass Pro Shops Charlotte Location:

* There are 4 classes: Men’s Class, Women’s Class, Traditional Class and Youth Class

* Registration starts at 10am. Cut off for registration is 8pm, however we will shoot until the last shooter has completed their session.

* Registration is $10 per session (You can shoot as many sessions as you want to better your score)

* There are 2 rounds within each session, the first round will consist of five 3D Pop Up targets and the second will have five 3D Pop Up targets with one stationary target. The stationary target must be shot sometime after the first 3D target pops up but before the last 3D target falls.

* It is an indoor range, all shots are within 25yds.


For Bass Pro Shops Sevierville Location:


* There are 4 classes: Men’s Class, Women’s Class, Traditional Class and Youth Class

* Registration starts at 10am. Cut off for registration is 8pm, however we will shoot until the last shooter has completed their session.

* Registration is $10 per session (You can shoot as many sessions as you want to better your score)

* There are 2 rounds within each session, the first timed round will consist of five 3D targets and the second timed round will have five 3D targets, with one motion target. The motion target must be shot sometime within the timed session.

* It is an outdoor range, all shots are within 25yds.


The prizes for each shoot will be announced before each shootout. We are getting different prizes from different sponsors so they will not be the same each shootout! Keep checking in to see what prizes are going to be awarded the Friday before each shootout! As for the Grand Prizes, you MUST attend 2 of the 3 regular Shootout Series before the Championship Shootout in order to be eligible for the Grand Prizes. The Grand Prizes for the 704 Outdoors/Bass Pro Shops 3D Pop Up Archery Shootout Series are:

Option one for Men’s, Women’s & Traditional Class: Georgia Hog Hunt with 704 Outdoor’s Hog Dogs! We will take care of your permits, licenses, food and all! You will get to hunt with us, using our Hog Dogs. We will take care of everything you need for the trip.

Option two for Men’s, Women’s & Traditional Class: 3 Day North Carolina Archery Deer Hunt with 704 Outdoors. We’ll take care of your food and lodging while you get to hunt with us in some of our hot spots here in NC! Dates to be worked out with the winner of the Championship.

Option three for Men’s, Women’s & Traditional Class: 3 Day North Carolina Archery Hog Hunt with 704 Outdoors. We’ll take care of your food and lodging while you get to hunt with us in some of our hog sites here in NC! We will furnish all the lights, bait and gear needed to lower the boom on a nice NC Wild Hog! Dates to be worked out with the winner of the Championship.

Youth Class Grand Prize NC Youth Turkey Hunt with 704 Outdoors. We will take you and your guardian on a youth turkey hunt. We will take care of the food, lodging and transportation to and from the places we will run & gun those thunder chickens!


Bass Pro Shops Sevierville, TN Location Information:BPS SHOOT OUT

3629 Outdoor Sportsman Pl

Kodak, TN 37764

Phone: (865) 932-5600



Bass Pro Shops Charlotte, NC Location Information

8181 Concord Mills Blvd

Concord, NC 28027

Phone: (704)979-2200





The Oakley Big Bass Tour


oakley Big BAss


We have 5 months until the next BIG fishing event comes into Bass Pro Shops, Sevierville and Douglas Lake!!!!

The OAKLEY BIG BASS TOUR will be here October 19-20 for the Rusty Wallace Big Bass Classic.....

If you missed it last year make sure you get in this year. All you need is one BIG FISH!!!!!

If you haven't fished an Oakley Big Bass Event before let me tell you- THIS is what fishing is all about!!!! This is an all amateur tournament, all about having that one big bass. There are hourly weigh-ins and HUGE payouts.

Grand Prize

2013 Nitro Z7 with Mercury 150 HP motor, tandem axle trailer with dual console

Hourly Prizes

1st       $1000

2nd      $500

3rd       $300

4th       $200

5th       $150

*Hourly payouts based on 400 entrants


First 100 two day entrants to register early online receive a free custom Quantum rod. Value $149 *** 50 rods remaining ***

Thursday October 17th 4-7 PM Bass Pro Shops, 3629 Outdoor Sportsmans Place
Kodak, TN 37764
Friday October 18th 12 - 7 PM The Point Resort, Restaurant & Marina
122 Boat Dock Drive
Dandridge, Tennessee 37725

Safe light

Hourly Big Bass

The Point Resort Lake Suites, Restaurant & Marina 122 Boat Dock Drive Dandridge, Tennessee 37725

8-9, 9-10, 10-11, 11-12, 12-1, 1-2, 2-3


Visit  for all rules and regulations to register.


Oakley Tour


Summer Family Camp


Summer Family Camp


It’s now my favorite time of year- SUMMER!!!

We all have memories of long, lazy days and warm summer nights- catching fire flies. Do you remember going camping with the family??? When you made homemade ice cream, slept under the stars- even if it was just in your backyard? Or maybe all the fun times you had at summer camp? This summer, Bass Pro Shops offers you the chance to recapture some of those great summer memories and share them with your kids, absolutely free!!!

It all begins on June 8 and continues thru July 14 at the Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville, Tn. The Bass Pro Shops Summer Family Camp features free activities and workshops where families can learn the skills they need to enjoy great outdoor adventures that will last a lifetime.

Every Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 12-2 pm kids will enjoy free craft activities like designing their own compass,making Dad a bobber key chain, coloring their own slap bracelet, designing a lizard door hanger, creating a popsicle stick fish and painting a deer track- a different craft every week- while supplies last.Crafts














Free Summer Family Camp Workshops will occur hourly 12-4 pm every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The entire family will enjoy learning the basics of camping, fishing, archery and hunting.  Other workshops will include bird watching, wildlife exploration, and water safety, backyard exploration about plants and insects and outdoor discovery showing the importance of conservation. All workshops are about 20 minutes long and the kids will get a free lanyard and then earn a free, collectable pin for every workshop completed.

Seminar Schedule

Extra special events will be available the first two weekends, June 8-9 and 15-16- including the catch and release pond and even a souvenir photo made 12-5 pm on Saturday and Sunday only. All of the other activities will be up and ready throughout the event- casting targets, archery, Daisy BB gun range and even the Wildlife Carousel!

Each Saturday, throughout the event, enjoy the great tradition of homemade ice cream from 5-6 pm.

So get together as a family this summer and make some great outdoor memories and traditions beginning with the Family Summer Camp at Bass Pro Shops!


Fish for a Great Cause!!!!

Bass Tournament



Cast your line for the Goodwill Bass Tournament on June 8th!!!

Bass Pro Shops in Kodak has teamed up with Goodwill Industries of Knoxville and Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Ott DeFoe in the 1st Annual Goodwill Bass Tournament.

The tournament will be held Douglas Lake and will blast off from The Shady Grove Ramp in Dandridge, Tennessee. It will start at safe light and weigh-ins will begin at 3 pm. Anglers may register any day from now until June 7th at 4:30 pm. The registration fee is $100 per boat; late registration is available on the morning of the tournament for $125 per boat. Departure times are determined by order of registration.

The grand prize will be $1,200. Pay out for prizes will be one place for every six boats, based on a field of 40 boats.

Anglers interested in a chance to practice with Ott or to be his partner in the tournament should visit and enter for your chance to win!  Ott will donate all proceeds to Goodwill Industries-Knoxville, Inc.

Sponsors for this tournament include Ott DeFoe, B.A.I.T., Bass Pro Shops, the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, Pro Fishing Management, Onyx, Stowers, Swiftwick, WIVK and WVLT.

Proceeds raised from this tournament will support Goodwill’s mission of providing vocational training and employment opportunities to individuals with barriers to employment.


Visit Goodwill of Knoxville for a complete list of rules and regulations.


A Bucket of Food

In todays world, you never know what's going to happen or when it will happen, so it's always a good ideal to be prepared for anything. People prepare for different things in different ways. Some have a rainy day fund where they put money aside for when the day comes that they need their car repaired, they have the money to do it. Some prepare for getting married where they accummulate items to use in their new home. Alot of people ran to the bank and withdrew all of their money when we came upon Y2K...they were preparing for every computerized system to go down. Many times, people have been told that the end of the world is coming on a particular day, so they gather all they would need.....I'm not so sure where they intended to use it if, in fact, the world ended, but nonetheless, they were prepared. Of course there was the news about a "Zombie Apocolypse". I'm really not sure what to say about that, so I'll just leave it there.

I'm sure you have heard about the Wise Food Company. They are the company that specialize in Prepper supplies such as food and medical supplies. Recently, Bass Pro has started to carry a couple of their food products. We now have in the store the Wise Prepper Packs which contain 52 servings. That's 24 meals total ( 16 lunch/dinner and 8 Breakfast meals). The 16 lunch/dinner meals contain 4 servings each of Chili Macaroni, Tomato Basil Soup, Stroganoff and Pasta and Vegetable Rotini. The breakfast meal choices are, 4 servings each of Apple Cinnamon Cereal and Brown Sugar Multi Grain Cereal. You also have 2 drink choices; 16 servings of Orange drink mix and 12 servings of Whey Milk alternative. All of these items are contained in a bucket of sorts that only weighs 4.9 lbs with everything in it. Easy to store and easy to carry wherever you need it to be. These food and drink items have a shelf life of 25 years! Of course, you can still enjoy this food after 25 years, it won't make you sick, it just loses nutritional value. They are very easy to prepare when you need them. All you have to do is add the recommended (on the back of each package) amount of water and wait for 12- 15 minutes, then open and enjoy! You don't even have to use hot or boiling water. Cool water will work just fine, although you will have to wait for 20-30 minutes for it to "cook".

Wise Foods takes great pride in their products and not only do they freeze dry their food products, but also dehydrate them as well to help preserve as much flavor as possible. Each bucket with 52 servings is only $64.99 and is available only in the stores right now. Hopefully soon, you'll be able to to view and purchase online as well.


Thank you,
Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro Shops