Venison Taco Pie

Wondering what to do with this year’s harvest?

The whole family is sure to enjoy this and its super easy.

Venison Taco Pie


         Venison Taco Pie Recipe


          1 lb ground Venison

          1 can (11 ounces) Mexicorn, drained

          1 can (8 ounces) tomato sauce

          1 envelope of taco seasoning

          1 tube refrigerated buttermilk biscuits

          1 cup (4 ounces) shredded cheddar cheese


In a large skillet, cook venison over medium heat until no longer pink; drain. Stir in the corn, tomato sauce, and taco seasoning; keep warm


For crust, press biscuits onto the bottom and up the sides of an ungreased 9- in pie plate.

Bake at 350 degrees for 5 minutes. Spoon venison mixture into crust. Sprinkle with cheese. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until filling is bubbly and biscuits are golden brown. Let stand for 5 minutes before serving. Yield: 6 servings




It's the "Catch of the Day" at Uncle Buck's Grill

 Uncle Buck's Grill

Connected to the 130,000 square feet Bass Pro Shops is Uncle Buck’s Grill. The grill is named after Bass Pro Shops founder- Johnny Morris’s Uncle Buck, aka John Willey. Uncle Buck’s Grill is the ultimate outdoorsman’s dining experience…. Everything from burgers to gator, visit to view the full menu. The grill hosts a 13,000 gallon salt water reef aquarium with an array of aquatic species swimming around in front of you while you relax at the bar with the beverage of your choice and one of our “Catch of the Day” dining specials.

 Lion fish


      Burger Your Way         $6.95

Fresh Steak Burger topped with your choice of two toppings and served with lettuce, tomato and fries. Topping Choices are Cheese, Sautéed Onions, Sautéed Mushrooms, Bacon, Crisp Fried Onions or Jalapenos.


      Sirloin Steak                 $10.95

  Make your Tuesday feel like the weekend with this indulgent USDA  Choice Top Sirloin.


                                                                       Uncle Buck's Grill                  All-You-Can-Eat Catfish Fingers     $13.95

Tender strips of catfish hand-breaded in seasoned cornmeal and served until you say to STOP!


      10 Shrimp for $10

Large shrimp butterflied and hand breaded in panko breadcrumbs are “shrimply” delicious!


      All-You-Can Eat Fish Fry            $13.95

Beer-battered flaky whitefish is our signature dish and today it keeps on coming...

           The Lodge Dining Room

If you are looking for a light snack, swing by Uncle Buck’s Coffee Shop. The coffee shop is located across from the main aquarium/waterfall for your convenience. You can get fresh fudge, roasted nuts, muffins, cookies and of course your favorite cup of coffee.

Next time you are shopping at Bass Pro Shops stop in at Uncle Buck's Grill and check out our "Catch of the Day".

Whether you are looking for a meal or a snack Uncle Buck's has you covered.

Eat. Drink. Go Shopping.


Take a Kid Outdoors!


I received this email at the beginning of December, I am so proud of my Pro-Staff here at Bass Pro Shops. One of our fishing Pro-Staff Team members, Nathan Light, donated a fishing trip to a fundraiser to auction off. The winning bidder was Bud Wingfield. Bud is a seasoned outdoorsman and expert fishermen/hunter. Uncle Bud saw a chance to share his passion for the outdoors with his nephew, Elijah.Uncle Bud and Elijah

Elijah, Bud and Nathan set out on a fishing trip to Cherokee Lake. It was a cold morning and the fish weren’t in the best of moods to say the least, but they caught enough to capture the moment.

Nathan was able to get Elijah started out right with some new fishing gear provided by some of  3B Outdoors sponsors, that made Elijah’s day.

In the email I received from Nathan he wrote” Sometimes in the big scheme of things, I lose sight of what’s really important. Trips like these bring back my childhood memories of the first fishing trips and those adults who took time to take me fishin'

The trip was designed to be all about Elijah and in reality; I was the one blessed and need to take more kids fishin’!”Elijah Crawford

We all have those memories of the first time we went fishing or hunting. Who took you?

My dad had three girls, but he made sure we knew how to fish, sometimes whether we wanted to or not. Looking back now those were some of the best days we shared.

I challenge each of you to take a kid fishing and/or hunting. You don’t have to be a professional sportsman, go outside and have fun! It’s all about the quality time together. Yeah fishing/hunting are fun too, but enjoy the time together in the outdoors.

Elijah and his NEW gearElijah Fishing   Hookin the fish     


The Great American Boat Show!

Cabin fever got you down??? Can't wait for those long, lazy days at the lake? Head on over to Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville and start dreaming about spring during our Great American Boat Show going on February 8-17.

Our BPS Fishing Pro Staff will be available to answer all your questions and get you started fishing. Join our local pros: Mark Mauldin, Nathan Light, Brad Burkhart, DeWayne Wilson and Joe Lee on both weekends for our FREE boating and fishing seminars.

Saturday, February 9, 16The Great American Boat Show
1 pm  Movement of Fish
2 pm  Using the Latest Electronics
3 pm Local Fishing Tips

Sunday, February 10, 17
1 pm How to Properly Fish a Structure
2 pm Fishing Techniques, Presentations and Retrieve Speeds
3 pm Local Fishing Tips

 On February 9 at noon don't miss the opportunity to get valuable insider tips from 7- time B.A.S.S. Champion & 12 - time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier, Edwin Evers.
On February 9 and 10 at noon pick up some key pointers from Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, Dennis Tietje.

Then if you are in the mood to buy a boat, it's a great time to save thousands of dollars. With any boat purchase you will receive a VIP Owner's Discount Card for up to 20% discounts on Bass Pro Shops product for two years! Buy a 2013 boat model and you will receive a complimentary maintenance plan for 12 months or 100 hours, whichever comes first (select models apply, see store for details). Plus, when you buy select boat models you can receive up to 20,000 points on your Bass Pro Shops Rewards Points Card!

Boating is a great sport for the entire family, so bring them with you. The kiddos can sign up for a free class to teach them how to bobber fish (class size is limited to the first 20 that register). Please call 865-932-5600 to Pre-Register for the class. They will also love the Casting Challenge where they can test their aim and win a prize. There is fun for Mom and Dad too- adults will want to put their prop changing skills to the test where they can also win prizes!

Register to win a free Ascend Kayak, retail value $499.99 that will be given away both Saturdays, February 9  & 16 or a $200 Bass Pro Shops gift card that will be given away on both Sundays, February 10 & 17. Winners will be announced both weekends at 5 pm each day.

Where else but Bass Pro Shops can you go to have so much fun for FREE on a cold winter's day??? For more information regarding The Great American Boat Show please visit


Time's running out! Hurry!

Hold on! It's almost here and over with! That's right, in about a week or so, Christmas will have come and gone. Are you ready?

I, for one, am one of the last minute shoppers. That, or while I'm here at Bass Pro Shops working, I call my husband and tell him what he needs to get and for whom to get it for. Hey, I deal with crowds of shoppers all day while I'm here. I certainly don't want to trade in one crowd for another!

It seems that every kid, and alot of men, want a flashlight. Well, I have the perfect one to get and it's a great little light for very little money. It's a Camo 9 LED 3" long flashlight and it's only $4.99.

Then there's the girl in your life that just can't get enough of the camo pattern. A real country girl! We have some camo auto accessories to choose from. Camo with pink trim seat covers and steering wheel covers. You can accent those with the pink Browning rearview mirror hanger and a Browning pink air freshener. Not enough you say? Then add to this with a Browning pink keychain.

Let's not forget Mom! She could possibly be a coffee drinker so why not get her a GSI Outdoors stainless steel percolator. We have then ranging from 6 cups to 14 cups. Also we have the blue enamelware percolators that hold 8 cups. The starting price on these wonderful items start at $29.99.

Lastly, I have everything a hunter would need to process their "winnings". Slicers, grinders, dehydrators along with many many different spices and seasoning and marinades.

So, what are you waiting for? Time is running out! Now that I've told you about some good Christmas ideas, I think I'm gonna have to go get a few myself!

Is it too early to be thinking about New Years Resolutions??

Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro

Prayers for all those who lost their lives in Connecticut on Friday....Peace be with your families...




Twas a Few Nights Before Christmas

 Twas a Few Nights Before Christmas


Twas a few nights before Christmas and all through Bass Pro,

The employees were scurrying all to and fro,

Great gift ideas throughout all the aisles,

In hopes these gifts would bring holiday smiles,


With toys for children and moms shopping at will,

Dads were in hunting dreaming of a big thrill,

Mom with her rifle and dad with his too,

All bundled up in warm camo suits,


Waiting patiently at breaking dawn to see,

If a great prize would come through the trees,

When out from the trees came a sudden noise,

Mom and dad both raised their rifles with poise,


Dad was jolted from his dream by a little voice,

Saying daddy, daddy look at these toys,

Let’s go see Santa they say he’s here,

Let me tell him what I want this year,


Off to Santa’s Wonderland quick we flew,

We were awed and amazed at all the free things to do,

With crafts and rides and free games to play,

And of course there was Santa to save the day,


With the children all happy in Wonderland,

Dad runs back to hunting as fast as he can,

Rifles, shotguns, and handguns too,

Not to mention shooting a new bow in the archery tube,


Remingtons, Brownings, Benellis, and more,

Bass Pro’s gun counter has guns galore,

What in the world is a man to do,

There is no way to choose just one or two,


Mom came with the children to drag dad away,

Dad took one last look and shook his head with dismay,

As they walked past Wonderland heading to the parking lot,

Santa caught dad’s eye with a wink and a nod,


All of a sudden dad felt his spirit lift,

And he started dreaming of his Christmas gifts,

With everyone’s wish list carefully written,

Mom knew Bass Pro would supply a good Christmas,


As the family left through the door,

They knew they had experienced a true Christmas store,

The last thing they heard as they walked ouf of sight,

Was Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


Merry Christmas!!!

From the Bass Pro Hunting Department

Sevierville, TN





Stocking Stuffers for $20 or Less!

Christmas time is a comin'! Do you have all your stocking stuffers ready to go yet? Let me tell you, We have all your going to need to stuff the stockings of every member of your family and for under $20.

Let's start with the camper in your life; Bass Pro has an assortment of goodies that will make their life alot easier. If you want to keep them safe out in the cold, we have the  Coghlan's Thermal Blanket that is only $19.99.   Maybe a fire starter is what they want. We carry a magnesium fire starter for only $7.99.

Perhaps you're a crafter and you want to make your camper/hiker a survival bracelet. We have 3 different colors of 550 paracord. It's all 100 ft lengths and is either black, olive drab or camo and is only $9.99 each. I know that's not a big assortment of colors but not every hiker is going to want a brightly colored bracelet. I have an idea! You can get them a snazzy canteen from Texsport for only $9.99 and use the paracord to make a lanyard to keep the canteen attached to either their belt or their pack.

Perhaps you have a grill chief in your family. I know it's not exactly grilling season right now, but we're having a hard time keeping in stock the....meat puller apart know, some people refer to them as bear claws or just plain ol' meat claws. Charcoal Companion provides us with a set of Stainless Steel meat claws for only $14.99. We also have a very nice assortment of spices, the Better Breader and even different sizes of the Bubba Mug to sip from while they're grilling.

Batteries!! Every Christmas for the past 23 years my kids have gotten a huge assortment of toys that require batteries of various sizes (thank goodness we're almost out of that stage!). We have you covered! We have everything from AAAA - D, cr123, CR2, 1016,1025 and 1032 button batteries. There's so many different ones, I just know I have forgotten to list a size or two. But come see me and I can hook you up with what you need.

Every year at this time, one of the biggest sellers for stocking stuffers is our Pink Pepper Spray. At $12.99, if we don't sell completely out, we come close to it. I think we have plenty to cover everybody this year though. Plus, $1.00 of every sale goes to the Breast Cancer Foundation!

Another huge supply of stocking stuffer ideas are located in the auto accessories section. We have keychains, rearview mirror hangers, decals and air fresheners galore!

Lot's of stuff for your stockings and all under $20.00!

Come see me and I'll show all the goodies we have here. I know you'll find something for everybody on your list.

I want to wish you and your families a VERY Merry and Blessed Christmas!

Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro Shops


Tis the Season

Did ya have a good Thanksgiving? A big turkey dinner with all the trimmings and lots of family gathered all around? It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving has been celebrated since the 1600's.

Did you take my advice and deep fry your turkey? If you did, I'd love to hear how it turned out! Although not very healthy, a deep fried turkey is just about the best thing going! If you didn't get a chance to fry yours, guess what? Christmas is coming and you can do it then!

Ahhh....Christmas....although this time of year has been commercialized so much, it still has deep roots to the true meaning. Here at Bass Pro, where we're ALL family, we try our best to remember what those deep roots are and also keep tradition alive by  all the decorations, music, Santa's Wonderland and even Santa himself! There is truly nothing better than Christmastime at The Bass Pro Shops.

I didn't forget to mention all the good stuff we have on sale did I? Listen, if you can't find it at Bass Pro, you don't need it! We have EVERYTHING you could ever imagine or want. When you pull in our parking lot, please don't be deterred by the crammed packed, over filled, bulging at the seams parking lot. Come on in anyway, I promise you won't be sorry you did. Once you walk in the front door and take a look at our ginormous Christmas tree in the lobby, you'll be glad you came in.

Any associate in this store will be glad to help you in whatever you might need help in. So, what are you waiting for? I know I'm here waiting on you to come on by and see me.

Here's to hoping you had a VERY Happy Thanksgiving and to hoping you have a VERY Blessed Christmas.

Just spreading some Christmas cheer...

Camping Team Lead


It's Almost Turkey Frying Time!

Can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving? This year has absolutely flown by for me!

So, with Thaksgiving comes a turkey. How are you going to prepare yours? Some folks like to do it the old fashioned way and bake it....for hours and hours. I have even heard that some put it on the grill and cook it that way. Then there's the best way, and unfortunately not the healthiest of ways, deep frying!  If you haven't had one cooked this way it is something you have to try.  They are delicious!

First of all, you need your turkey and your deep frying unit...of course. Right now, here at Bass Pro Shops, we have a 30qt Turkey Frying Kit for just $49.97 .  It has 58,000 BTU's and also a 20 minute timer. No your turkey won't be done in 20 minutes, but this safety feature shuts off the flame after 20 minutes in case you forget about it or have something else you're doing at the same time. All you have to do is reset the time and restart the flame. Simple.

Bass Pro Shops® 30-Quart Propane Turkey Fryer$49.97

Next you'll need to determine how much oil to use. Do this by placing your turkey in the pot and filling it with water to the appropriate line on the inside of the pot. That should tell you how much oil to use. Then just take out your turkey, dump the water and refill with oil to the same line as the water was at. Set the timer, start the flame, insert the thermometer onto the pot and wait until it gets to 350°F.


Unwrap your turkey and clean out ALL of the cavities. Trust me, there are more cavities with hidden items in a turkey than you might think.  Wash Tom Turkey off really well and dry it off. Next, you'll want to inject it with some marinade.

Cajun Injector® Marinade Injector Kit from $4.49- $24.99


Cajun Injector has provided us with many flavors to choose from. We have everything from hot to sweet to smokey flavored....the choices are almost endless. When injecting your bird, try not to put alot of holes in him. Remeber, the more holes he has, the more marinade will come back out and we don't want that to happen. Insert your injector needle into a meaty part, like the breast, thigh or even drumstick. Shoot some marinade in and then pull it back out slightly and reroute the direction of the needle and give it a little more marinade. I usually use the entire jar, but if you don't know if you will or not, I suggest pouring some of it in a bowl. That way you don't contaminate the entire jar. Perhaps shake a little seasoning around the outside and inside of the bird.

When the temperature of the oil reaches 350°, place the turkey on the rack that comes with your frying kit. I would suggest putting on an oven mit or some type of long gloves for putting the turkey into the hot oil. most importantly... SHUT OFF THE FLAME AT THIS POINT! I promise you will thank me later for saying that. With the hook provided, grasp onto the rack and SLOWLY...oh so VERY SLOWLY, lower your turkey into the hot oil. When the cold of the bird hits the hot of the oil, instantly it will start boiling up and over if your not careful. This is why I suggested turning off the flame beforehand. If you think it may boil over, then just raise the bird up a little until it goes back down. It may take you a little bit to be able to fully emerge it in the oil, but it's better to be safe than sorry, right?

When you finally get him in and unhooked, you may restart your flame at this time and the timer. I have always used 3 1/2 minutes per pound of turkey when cooking mine. This seems to work pretty well. Another way to tell if its done is if it floats. If it's floating before 3 1/2 minutes per pound is up I'd either check with a meat thermometer or wait out the time. It may look as if it's burning, but that's just the seasoning on the outside.

Remove this yummy goodness from the oil when it's done and let it drain and rest for about 5 minutes. Then carve away!

When the oil cools completely, you can return it to the container or another container with a lid and reuse it the next time....if your unsure if it's still good to use, take a little taste or even smell of it.

I can smell 'em frying now!

Let me know how your turkey turns out! Happy (and safe) frying!

Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead (and Chief Turkey Fryer @ Bass Pro)



Goal Zero Promotion

lanternI am pleased to announce that Goal Zero is running a promotion from November 1st through November 15.


It is Goal Zeros' mission to help the east coast receive power and get back to normalcy after Hurricane Sandy.


The have started a campaign named the You Buy One, We Give One Relief Program.  Any Goal Zero product we sell in these 15 days, they will match the sales, sending the same amount in relief via Goal Zero products. 


What we sell as a store, and all other BPS stores, will be donated to the relief effort in the stores name.  If a customer would like their name included, they need to send a copy of their receipt to


Please get the word out and get the North East up and running again.  God Bless Goal Zero for helping out many people that need assistance at this time.



Santa’s Wonderland: The Magic Returns!


Do you remember when Christmas was magical? We can all get back there again; beginning on November 10, 2012 at 5 pm Santa will arrive at Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville. Join us at 4 pm outside for carols, hot chocolate and cookies while we await the arrival of the jolly old elf. Santa will arrive by boat, of course, at 5 pm for our kick-off event. 

As soon as Santa arrives we will start our festivities; magical tree lighting, carolers, unveiling of Santa’s Wonderland and Santa will even be giving away a $25 Gift Card to one luck winner every half hour (5-7:30 pm). There will also be a Special Preview Night Free Craft from 6-8 pm - color your own Santa shaped stocking *while supplies last.

And of course get your free studio quality 4x6 photo with Santa from 6-8 pm.

We have fun for the whole family- laser and soft gun arcades, moving trains, slot car racing, remote control trucks and The Wildlife Carousel!

Come out and enjoy the magic of Christmas with us inside Santa’s Wonderland...

 Check out for a full schedule of all activities.

                                                        Santa's Wonderland


 * There is a misprint on page 218 of the Bass Pro Shops Christmas Catalog. The ad states that the 2012 Santa’s Wonderland will be opening on November 3rd at 5 pm. This is a misprint and should read the opening date of November 10th at 5 pm. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. We look forward to seeing you during our 2012 Santa’s Wonderland Season.


Winterizing Your Boat

lubeThe boating season is winding down.  Its time to start thinking about winterizing your boat and getting it ready for next spring.  The best place for your boat to be during the colder weather is out of water, under cover and in a climate controlled area.

You should first check your owners manual to see what their recommendations are for winterizing.  Make a list of all the items you will need.  Head to your nearest BPS store to gather everything on your list.  If you don't feel confident in doing it yourself, please make an appointment with a professional.

Inboard Engine - Run the engine and change your oil out while it is warm.  Change your oil filter at this time too.  Flush your engine with water.  Circulate antifreeze throughout the manifold.  Restart your engine until water starts exiting the exhaust..  Change fluid in your transmission at this time too.  Remove your spark plugs and use fogging oil to spray each cylinder.

fogflushOutboard Engine - Flush engine with fresh water using motor flushers.  Wash engine down with soap and water.  Disconnect fuel hose and run engine until it stops.  Use fogging oil in the cylinders to lubricate the walls and pistons.  Apply water resistant grease to prop shaft and threads.  Change the gear oil in the lower unit.


Fuel - Make sure you fill your tank up to avoid condensation over the winter months.  Add a fuel stabilizer.  Change the fuel filter and water separators.

fuelBilges - Clean your bilges out with soap and hot water.  Once clean and dry, spray with a moisture displacing lubricant and add a bit of antifreeze.

Interior - Remove all valuables from your boat.  Any electronics, fishing equipment, vests, extinguishers etc.  Also remove battery and recharge it every 30-60 days.

Pressure wash your hull, clean barnacles off props, shafts, struts and trim tabs.  Clean all thru-hulls.


Following these steps will help you take care of your boat for the season.  Again, please follow your owners manual and if unsure, seek a professional.  Now comes the hard part of waiting for spring to arrive.  Happy boating!

Ginger Bridges

Marine Team Lead

Bass Pro Shops

Kodak, TN


Some of God's Greatest Blessings

When you think of all the blessings in your life, do you just think of the personal blessings? Of how you have a roof over your head, a job to pay for your roof, food on your table and a healthy, happy family? Most of us do think that way. But think about this; God gives us four different times of the year where He creates a whole new life of sorts. I'm talking about the seasons; Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.

Let's start first with Spring. That's the time of year that everything is renewed. New grass, new flowers, new leaves on the trees and alot of people spring clean, giving their homes a new look on life. People also start their first of many camping trips in the Spring.

Trees in the Spring     flowers

Then comes Summer. I absolutely love Summer! Mostly I don't care how hot it gets, as long as it's NOT cold :). With Summer comes cookouts, swimming at the lake, boat rides, and vacations. The kid's are out of school so there's more time to enjoy the beautiful days. Just an all around time to enjoy this particular Blessing we've been given.

summer    summer vacation

For a few reasons, Winter is my least favorite season, although I do still see it as a Blessing. As you know already, I don't like to be cold...never have...never will. I hate the snow and ice that sometimes comes this time of year. I hate when school has been cancelled due to cold and snow and ice. Its ok, you can admit that you hate that part too! :) But think about this; there's a different kind of beauty in the Winter months. All the critters have gone into hibernation so it's quite "still" and quiet outside. We're about ready to start this whole renewal thing over again by this time.




I saved the best for last, Fall!  I just have to sigh even when I think about this time of year. The new is wearing off of everything. 
It's amazing to see how "life" goes by so quickly right in front of your eyes and falls to the ground and dies away. I'm talking about the life of trees of course! Fall is the opposite of Spring. You "spring forward" and then you "fall back" to the ground again. The hot of Summer is cooling off by now and everything just seems so crisp outside: the air, the grass, the leaves....everything. It's time to bring out the hot chocloate and take long walks in the woods or cuddle up on the deck and light up the fire pit.

Fall also means it's Football Time! Tailgating parties and all! Hey I can hook you up here at Bass Pro with the ideal tailgating accessories. From grills, to seasonings, to coolers, to canopies, I've got it here waiting for you to come on by.

helmet  Go Vols!





The pictures above are ones that I took from my back yard.  So, when everyone else is driving miles on end to see the "turning of the leaves", I just step out my back door, take a deep breath and say a silent thank you for the beauty and the blessings of yet another season.

Thanks for allowing me to take a few minutes of your time to help you remember that we are Blessed beyond our usual thoughts and processes. He blesses us with every single season!

Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro
Kodak, TN




Bass Pro Shops East Tennessee Fly Fishing

Welcome to Bass Pro Shops and our East Tennessee Fly Blog! The fishing is much like the weather that we have been experiencing as it has been equally great! Leaves are in full color and so are the trout, especially the brook and brown trout. The temperature has been chilly over night and into the morning but has been warming quite nicely by mid afternoon. As November approaches, the temps will gradually become cooler, however, a mild winter has been predicted. So get out there and blue line while the weather and leaves allow it!




Fishing in the Smoky Mountains has been good, but not great. Yet, it is better than it has been in some time. Waters are still and gradually falling so look for your trout to be hiding the riffles and deeper runs. Until we receive some rain to increase the flow of our mountain streams, you may want to consider fishing some of the higher elevation streams. These streams offer classic plunge pool fishing and give trout cooler water temps, more oxygenated water, and more places to hide. Fishing will probably be best in the afternoon once the sun has slipped below the horizon. As seen above, the brookies will be showing off their fall colors and make prospecting these streams worth your while. Dry flies are working as well as nymph patterns. Stick with yellow/orange caddis and stimulators for dries and a Caddis Assortmentparachute Adam's would be a good choice also. For nymph patterns I would suggest green weenies, hares ear, pheasant tails and Tellico nymphs. Around here, it isn't as much about having the right fly pattern as it is presenting the fly in the right way so be certain to make that first cast count and get a really good drift!




Tail waters of the area are fishing good as well. Smallmouth in the lowland rivers should be active and can likely be found in the deeper runs and pools. Reports from the Clinch River are saying that the only bugs present are midges, scuds and occasional sulphurs. Midge fishing is a constant producer on the Clinch. The water temp should be falling and putting the brown trout on the move so we should see some fish begin to make their way upstream closer to the dam. For fly patterns, I would suggest olive, red, and black midge patterns. Try to find something that will stand out rather than blend in with thePheasant Tail water color. A size 16 pheasant tail would be a good choice too and maybe even with a flashback. Be sure to have sulphur patterns in your box in case you're on the river and a hatch begins to take place. I haven't heard any reports on the Holston River, but I would venture to guess that conditions are about the same as the Clinch. You probably won't see any sulphurs there. Don't overlook terrestrial patterns such as ants, beetles, and San Juan worms. These can be good producers this time of the year on bigger rivers.


Thanks for being here with us and tight lines!

Seth French


Gen 2 HDS 7 Touch Screen

The anticipation is over! Well at least for some, with the new 7 inch Gen 2 HDS Touch Screens.


hds7The units have built in Broadband Sounder, Structure Scan HD, and Side and Down Scan capabilities.  Moving from sonar to scan to chart is pretty easy.  You can even customize your own screen!  If you want just one picture up of structure scan, you can.  Or you can split it 4 different ways.


All units come preloaded with InSight USA inland.  You can also purchase a HotMaps or Navionics chip if you prefer.  The 7 has one SD slot while the 9 and 12 have two SD slots.


These units are capable of SonicHub marine audio server and Sirius satellite weather/radio receiver.  It has 3D perspective view for the built in Insight USA.  These three new units will launch us into a new dimension of fishing and boating.


It has been interesting watching people use it and play around with it.  People really seem to like it.  Their smiles tell me quite a bit!  Stop on over to the Marine department and check one out.  Its well worth it!



Ginger Bridges

Marine Lead

Bass Pro Shops

Sevierville, TN


Tackle Organization: A Simple Way to Increase Success

Often times, success or failure is determined by the existence and quality of efficiency.  This seems to hold true in the workplace, the home, or even out on the water for a day of fishing. The ability to be efficient and productive is increasingly crucial to success in today's hectic society and should also not be ignored when looking for ways to become a more successful angler!

Tangled Fishing Lures  Messy Tackle Box

There is nothing more frustrating, tiring, or discouraging than being unable to find a lure or tackle that you just know you possess somewhere in your collection. I have listed just a few helpful products and tips below that may help you begin on the path to becoming a more efficient and organized angler.


Utility Boxes

Utility Boxes have been a staple in the fishing industry for generations, but have become much more specialized of late. As an example, there are now many of these boxes produced by Plano which are designed specifically to effectively and securely store spinnerbaits, crankbaits, line, or terminal tackle such as hooks and sinkers. A small portion of utility boxes are also being offered in waterproof versions which are great for storing valuables or simply for prolonging lure life! Also, don't forget to throw some silica gel packs or Flambeau Zerust Plastabs in those boxes to soak up excess moisture and prevent rust!  A wide variety of utility boxes are available at Bass Pro Shops and I have displayed a few options below.

Bait Bucket Topper  Medium Crankbait Organizer  Leader Spool Box


Utility Box Labeling & Racks

After organizing the utility boxes to the point of satisfaction, be sure to label each one so that you can quickly grab the one you require when filling your tackle bag or reaching for that go-to bait while on the water. This will prove incredibly beneficial in both conserving time and saving you from the frustration of being unable to find exactly what you need. Also, if you store extra boxes of lures in your home or garage, be sure to put them in a utility box cabinet or rack for safe and convenient storage. I have linked an option below along with utility box labels made by Bass Minder.

Utility Box Rack    Bass Minder Box Labels


Rod & Reel Organization

The most difficult component of fishing tackle to organize and transport is definitely the rod & reel combo. These are the most costly pieces of fishing tackle and can be very difficult to transport outside of a boat rod locker. Reel Covers and Rod Socks are vital to the longevity of a rod and reel regardless of where they are stored. Combo caddies, rod wraps, and rod totes are great for transporting several combos to the water as a co-angler or to your favorite private pond. The practice of regularly swapping line on spools is also pivotal to success and simply knowing what line is on each reel is the key starting point. Bass Minder's Line Labels are incredible for this as they reserve a spot for date, type, and test of line for each reel. Below, I have listed a few options to assist you in organizing and transporting rods and reels.

Combo Caddy  Rod Tote  Reel Tote


These are just a few simple ways in which to improve the organization of your fishing tackle and increase your efficiency on the water; whether you are a tournament angler or a novice fisherman. There are many other product options to increase efficiency such as lure wraps to reduce tangles and millions of tips such as writing diving depths on crankbait lips with a sharpie! There are so many other products and tips available from Bass Pro Shops and other anglers just like you that I encourage all readers to try these products and also develop ideas of your own to share with us as a part of this discussion. If you find yourself bored this upcoming winter, work toward the improvement of your fishing tackle organization! Also, adding products such as these to a Christmas list isn't a bad way to begin!


Tight Lines,

Gary G. Garver

Fishing Team Lead

Kodak, TN



What's new at the Gun Counter??

Nothing excites a gun enthusiast more than these two words, New Gun! The same thing applies to us who work at the gun counter at Bass Pro Store. A new gun, or long awaited gun, causes a lot of stir and excitement. Modern sport rifles caused a buzz when we got that category last year. With the anticipated arrival of the DPMS line, once again it was like Christmas time.


DPMS is a top quality AR made in the USA by America since 1992. Before that the company made accessories. They manufacture 500,000 per year, which represents 1/3 of the entire AR market. These guns come with a 3 yr warranty, 2 magazines, and the end of the barrel is custom cut. The receiver that Bass Pro sells features a hand anodized triple coat plus a Teflon coating which aids in scratch resistance. These firearms have many of the features of a custom made gun.  There are many different models and one for every budget. We will carry 7 models, 2 of which are C.A. compliant. All test firearms had different sight systems including open sights, Eotec, Acog, Nikon and Leopold. These guns sell themselves and will not last long.


All weapons are test fired 10 times to assure a quality product.  We actually put hundreds of rounds through all 7 models Bass Pro is going to carry and I did not see any misfeeds or jams. As a matter of fact, four of us ran through 600 rounds as fast as two guys could load them. Talk about Black Rain! By the way, if you will need someone to load when the Zombies come, you will want that DPMS rep with you! Wow he is fast!


Other excellent selections include the new Ruger 5.56, several Colts, Remingtons, Smith & Wessons, Bushmasters and Mossberg .22s. Most of these come in 5.56 / .223, and some come in .308. Remingtons are available in .243 also. At our Sevierville, Tennessee, Bass Pro store we also have Remington ARs that are camouflaged. They have fully floated and fluted barrels with hand guards.  Some even have adjustable stocks. They are perfect for hunting and super accurate. All of our Colts come with Magpul accessories already on them, including their popular Law Enforcement model. But, if that isn’t enough, we carry a full line of aftermarket goodies including Magpul, Tapco, Blackhawk, Promag and others.


While our firearm selection has always been top notch, the addition of ARs has increased our variety of great hunting, target, and self-protection guns. Bass Pro is a leader in all categories of firearms due to our in store selection of available guns and the ability to special order anything from the manufacturer. Go to to see the great selection that we carry or call 865-932-5600 and ask for the gun counter.



Where are the Deer? Follow the Food!

   The Great Smoky Mountains- Fall Color

With the weather getting cooler, hunting season is underway. Most hunters’ thoughts turn to that looming question, “Where are the deer?” Well, I’m not sure about where you are hunting, but here on the farm, the deer have LOTS of food to choose from this year.  There is a doe that hangs around here, usually with twins. I have seen her eating green leaves off of bushes and trees on the edge of the woods. That seemed odd, considering the huge variety of available food that she had to choose from back in the woods and the nearby fields. But, then I remembered that young buds and leaves of maples, dogwoods, viburnums, and sumac are preferred high quality food for deer. Also, there is still growing clover, rye grass, wild roses, pokeweed, blackberry, and honeysuckle along the fields at the edge of the woods.

Recently, my wife and I went for a walk in the woods behind the house. With all the recent coyote activity, we each packed a handgun for protection. She had her Smith and Wesson .357 and I had my FNH 5.7. (Just in case!) This hike led to the discovery of more available food for the wildlife

Wild Persimmon Tree

 The wild persimmons are ripe and falling to the ground. They provide food for many animals such as raccoons, skunks, opossums, coyotes, deer, turkeys, and also the horses

The acorn mast is so enormous and the oaks and chestnuts have dumped so much on the ground that it is like walking on marbles in the woods. Also, our ancient Buckeye trees have dropped a substantial number of excellent buckeyes on the ground. Don’t forget that those buckeyes are poisonous to humans, cattle and most animals. But, sometimes the squirrels will eat them. Let’s not forget the hickory nuts, which normally do have a good mast. They also have a record number of nuts on the ground.


Well, with writing this I realized two things - one good, one bad. The good thing is that the animals have a lot of feeding opportunities close by. The bad thing is that there is a massive amount of food deep in the woods which may keep the animals out of sight.

While asking neighbors if they have seen many deer lately, only one said he had. This guy has 100 acres of standing corn in his field and he said that “the deer are wearing it out.” So, until he harvests his crop, we know where the deer are.

After his harvest, all feeding patterns and travel routes will change. We will be ready for that with technology.  That’s right...trail cameras! I can hear some of you now, “That’s what I’m talking about.” But which camera is the best?  That’s an excellent question.  We have a good selection here at the Kodak, Tennessee Bass Pro. You can look at them online at   A great subject for my next blog…. Come and see us and we will show them to you or give us a call if you have any questions about them at 865-932-5600. Ask for the hunting department.





The Next Generation.....

Here we are in the middle of October. The leaves are changing colors, days getting shorter, and the weather is turning cooler. Before long, it will be the best time of the hunting season; The Rut!

The does will be running around and the bucks will be chasing them and letting their guard down. This is THE best time of the season to be in the woods.

This year I challenge every adult hunter out there to take a kid hunting. We all need to pass on our hunting heritage to the next generation. If we don't it could be taken from us. There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing the look in a child's eyes when they see their first deer from a stand or blind. I have hunted since I was a boy and harvested more deer than I can remember. But some of my favorite hunts were ones when I had my kids with me, especially when I watched my son harvest his first deer. 


Take a kid hunting

My children are grown now and have kids of their own. I am so looking forward to taking my four grandchildren on their first hunts. The child you take hunting doesn't have to be related to you. It could be a child that you know that doesn't have a father figure to introduce them to the wonders of the outdoors. Please do yourself a favor and take a child on a hunting trip this season. I promise you that you will get as much, if not more, enjoyment our of it as they do. We owe it to the next generation to pass it on like our parents did for us. Be safe, shoot straight and Happy Hunting!!



Willis Arnett

Hunting Lead                                       The Next Generation

Sevierville, TN


It's The Great Pumpkin!!!!

Gather all your ghosts and goblins and bring them out to Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville. Beginning October 19- 31 you can have your photo taken with the Peanuts gang, crafts, grab an apple activity, scavenger hunt and trick or treating.

Oct 19 and 26   5-8 pm

Free Photo

Coloring Sheets

Trick or Treating

6-7 pm   - Costume ParadeHalloween Event


Oct 20 and 27, Saturday   12-5 pm

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1-3 pm    Grab an Apple

1-4 pm    Free Craft

Oct 21 and 28, Sunday   12-5 pm

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Coloring Sheets

1-3 pm    Scavenger Hunt

1-4 pm    Free Craft


Oct 22-25, 29-30

5-8 pm   Free Photo

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Oct 31  5-8 pm

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