Ascend Kayaks - FS12 + D12

Hello Kayakers!

Last week, we received the next generation of Ascend Kayaks and I am proud to say they have shocked the Gulf Coast in ingenuity and comfort! With 2 separate sizes of Kayaks and 5 colors to choose from these new kayaks are awesome for sport, leisure, and fishing!

Structure and Design

Both the Ascend™ FS12 Sit In Angler Kayak  and the Ascend™ D12 Deluxe Sit In Kayak  are both built with a brand new Custom crafted tunnel hull design, enabling the kayaker enough stability to stand. The hull provides a solid directional tracking system for easy paddling and higher speeds. All the storage compartments are located within reaching distance from the seat and are made to store milk crates, five gallon buckets and a battery recess. Max Weight 350lbs. Size 12'L x 29"W; 75lbs.

Making a Kayak stand out above the rest is a difficult feat when you have so many brands to compete against but accessories help the cause. I have shown many customers the new seat installed in the Ascend 12 footers and I have to say its the greatest part! First off, its removable so you can take it out and sit on the beach with it! Made of neoprene and mesh, its comfortability is awesome.
Other great attributes of the new model are its dry bag storage and the sealable compartments in front.
On the FS12, Ascend installed an anchoring system including a Sea-Lect Folding 5lb Galvanized Grapnel Anchor Kit and 20ft of flotation line.

I cant wait to get my FS12 and hit the water myself! Its perfect for any novice or experienced kayaker! Come take a ride in one of them in our kayak pool arriving in May!

Clark Brownlie-Carey
Bass Pro Shops
Camping Staff
Spanish Fort, AL

Comments for Ascend Kayaks - FS12 + D12

Name: Terry Bair
Time: Thursday, April 7, 2011

Can you tell me the cockpit size? Are these available in the Harrisburg, Pa. store yet? If not, when? I definitely want one! Thanks!

Name: Jeremy Angle
Time: Sunday, August 14, 2011

Can you provide any information on where i can purchase the seat out of the FS12. I currently own an A10 and would like to upgrade the seat. I feel comfortable that i would be able to rig it to work if it does not "drop in". Thanks in advance.

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