Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Shrimp

Traditionally, Yo-Zuri lures have been on top of the Saltwater competition which continues still today with there newest addition to their hard-bait series. The Crystal 3D Shrimp is a Ultra Premium Hard Shrimp Lure with very realistic attributes. The 3D enhanced frame, quivering arms, and 3 1/2" body makes it the most realistic Shrimp copy the Red Fish and Speckled Trout have ever seen! It is amazingly effective in shallow salt water and could also be used as a Crustacean imitator in freshwater. Coming in a variety of colors and glows, you have a large selection to best fit your waters!


Holographic UV Chartreuse Purple, Holographic Ghost Shrimp, Holographic Olive, Holographic Hot Pink, Holographic Pearl Blue, Holographic UV Rootbeer, and Luminescent Aurora Chartreuse are the colors out today.

Come visit our Spanish Fort Bass Pro Shop for our low price of $13.99 and check out our very knowledgeable fishing staff.

Shop online with our direct link : http://www.basspro.com/YoZuri-Crystal-3D-Shrimp/product/10215425/231836

Also check out our Yo-zuri Crystal 3D Minnow Deep Diver for similar results with a larger variety of sizes and styles!


Clark Brownlie-Carey

Bass Pro Shops Fishing Dept.


Traveling Soon? Bob Timberlake luggage is for You!

Hey Y'all,

We are quickly approaching spring and all the great springtime weather! It's a great time to plan a trip you have been wanting to do for awhile and explore your state or even go on an adventure to a foreign country! Either way you might be looking for some new luggage and we have just that!
Bob Timberlake Luggage                Bob Timberlake Brief Case

Bob Timberlake Luggage ranges from all shapes and sizes with a variance of different affordable costs. Being crafted of a heavy-duty 22-oz cotton canvas or of a Top-grain oiled pull-up leather you know it will have the look and durability you need. Starting as small as your personal Toiletry Kit climbing all the way up to your 42" Drop-Bottom Wheeled Duffel you can pack everything you need and travel with leisure and style! 
                             Bob Timberlake Brief Case
For all of you business folk that choose Bob Timberlake Luggage for daily use we have a large variety for you as well! The Standard Briefcase is handy, roomy, and also very professional as well as it will last you for years to come. We also carry the Wheeled Attache` which includes a computer case and a removable accordion file folder perfect for travel from home to the workplace! Bob Timberlakes' leather only looks better with age and stays durable through almost any weather.

Take a look at some of our luggage when you search "Bob Timberlake" from the Basspro.com website.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to visit our store soon!

Clark Brownlie-Carey
Bass Pro Shops
Camping Dept.
Spanish Fort, AL

Summertime Bowfishing 101

Bowfishing is the practice of shooting fish with a specialized bow and barbed arrow with a a special line and reel connecting the two.

Bows Most people use the traditional long and re-curve bows to fish, but more and more are beginning to use the compound bow. Crossbows can also be used. Sights although not common can be used. Most look down the arrow in a line-of-sight shooting style.

Arrows Bowfishing arrows are heavier and stronger than regular hunting arrows. They are made out of fiberglass, solid aluminum, carbon fiber, and carbon fiber reinforced fiberglass. You don't use fletchings on bowfishing arrows because they are not needed for the short distance shots, and they can cause the arrow to flare off when they hit the water.

Line Bowfishing line is braided nylon, Dacron, or Spectra. 80-400lb test is the more common weights used. 600lb test is recommended for shooting sharks and alligators.

Reels There are three types of reels used in bowfishing. A hand-wrap is a custom made spool that sits on the front of your bow that allows your line to free spool off after a shot. You have to wrap your line back on the spool by hand.  A spin-cast is a big version of a push button reel on the front of your bow. Make sure that before you shoot using a spin-cast reel that you "Push the Button" so that the line releases from the reel. The retriever is a reel made specifically for bow-fishing. It allows the line to come freely out of a bottle when shot. It also has a stopper to stop or slow down the line being pulled out of it by a fish. This type of reel is recommended for big fish.

Glasses in night time or day time a pair of polarized sun glasses to cut the glare, from sunlight or halogen light, off the water is essential.

Boats Any boat that is made for shallow water or has a platform for shooting can be used for bow-fishing. Air-boats, Jon boats, and Canoes are typically used for freshwater bow-fishing.

Aiming When bowfishing you are shooting in water. The water refracts light. This makes it seem like the fish is higher in your field of view than it really is. But no worries, by using the aiming tip you will become a more successful shooter. Aim 4 inches low for every 10 feet of lateral distance you are from the fish, and add 3 more inches for every foot of water in depth the fish is in. This might be difficult to pick up at first, but practice makes perfect, and shooting is the fun part.

Fresh water Bowfishing Species
Common Carp, Bighead Carp, Silver Carp, Grass Carp, River Carpsucker, Longnose Gar, Shortnose Gar, Spotted Gar, Alligator Gar, Paddlefish, Threadfin Shad, Frog, Bigmouth Buffalo, Smallmouth Buffalo, Freshwater Drum, Catfish, Tilapia, Snakehead, and American Alligators.
Saltwater water Bowfishing Species
Southern Stingray, Cownose Ray, Bullshark, Barracuda, Redfish, Flounder, Sheepshead

Check with you local marine police or game warden to see what species is legal to shoot in your state.

Some key items to checkout are:
Bow-Bear Archery Super Grizzly Recurve
Rest-AMSBowfishing Wave Bow-fishing Arrow Rest
Arrow-Muzzy Carbon Mag Bowfishing Arrow with Carp Point, Safety Slide and Uninock
Line-Muzzy Extreme Bowfishing line
Reels-Bohning Bowfishing Reel (Hand Wrap), AMSBowfishing Retriever Pro Bowfishing Reel (Retriever), Zebco 808 Bowfishing Reel(Spincaster).
Kit-AMSBowfishing Fish Hawk Compound Bow Bowfishing Package
Glasses-Sea Striker Sunglasses
Boat-Grizzly 2072 Jon

Remember have fun, be safe, and may God lead your way.
Richard Justin Louhier


Time Away From the Hustle and Bustle

Hello Readers,

 Last week was opening week of the 2011 Spring Turkey Season here in the great state of Alabama. Turkey hunting is truly a passion of mine and has been since my dad introduced me to the sport as a small boy in the southern part of the state. I have chased the elusive "Thunder Chickens" for some time now. However, for the past few years, my outdoors experiences have been limited to a few school holidays and select days away from work. Being a full time student and also working at Bass Pro Shops, I do not get to spend the amount of time in the woods I would obviously like to.

This past week I was lucky enough that my spring break happened to fall smack on opening week of the season. With a quick check with the boss, I was off to the hunting camp for the entire week. The week was a total blast, and had some good times making memories with family and friends. We were lucky enough to take several birds, catch a few fish, and still find time to relax.

All of my hunting gear was from Bass Pro Shops.

"It's spring time turkey hunters, Gobble Gobble Gobble!"


Ascend Kayaks - FS12 + D12

Hello Kayakers!

Last week, we received the next generation of Ascend Kayaks and I am proud to say they have shocked the Gulf Coast in ingenuity and comfort! With 2 separate sizes of Kayaks and 5 colors to choose from these new kayaks are awesome for sport, leisure, and fishing!

Structure and Design

Both the Ascend™ FS12 Sit In Angler Kayak  and the Ascend™ D12 Deluxe Sit In Kayak  are both built with a brand new Custom crafted tunnel hull design, enabling the kayaker enough stability to stand. The hull provides a solid directional tracking system for easy paddling and higher speeds. All the storage compartments are located within reaching distance from the seat and are made to store milk crates, five gallon buckets and a battery recess. Max Weight 350lbs. Size 12'L x 29"W; 75lbs.

Making a Kayak stand out above the rest is a difficult feat when you have so many brands to compete against but accessories help the cause. I have shown many customers the new seat installed in the Ascend 12 footers and I have to say its the greatest part! First off, its removable so you can take it out and sit on the beach with it! Made of neoprene and mesh, its comfortability is awesome.
Other great attributes of the new model are its dry bag storage and the sealable compartments in front.
On the FS12, Ascend installed an anchoring system including a Sea-Lect Folding 5lb Galvanized Grapnel Anchor Kit and 20ft of flotation line.

I cant wait to get my FS12 and hit the water myself! Its perfect for any novice or experienced kayaker! Come take a ride in one of them in our kayak pool arriving in May!

Clark Brownlie-Carey
Bass Pro Shops
Camping Staff
Spanish Fort, AL