Find MOre Fish

The Missouri Department of Conservation has  developed a new app that can help take your fishing to new level. Better still—It’s free!

The free app displays a map of Missouri with all the locations of public boat ramps in the major lakes, rivers and streams. Using the map, you can also see the location of underwater fish structures developed by the Missouri Department of Conservation . These fish attracting structures act as habitat for fish.

The app also has a geo-location feature. This allows you to steer your boat right up to a fish attractor and start fishing. Plus, you get driving directions from/to boat ramps and fish attractors in the app.

Android and iPhone users have given the app very high reviews; saying that is a great tool and easy to use. The app for these devices has been receiving 4 to 5 stars per review.  However, the app does not seem to work as well for Blackberry users who have said there are disappointed and have only given the app 1 star.

To download the app follow the link for your phone listed below.

For iPhones:

For Android:

For Blackberry:

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