New Moultrie M-80 Game Camera

Moultrie M-80The new Moultrie M-80 is going to be a hit for this coming hunting season. Moultrie not only made a long battery life camera but they also made it in a smaller package. The camera is about the same size as your hand!!! This camera has a boatload of features for a low price. It has great megapixels at 5.0. A really impressive trigger speed and range. The M-80 boasts new infrared flash which has extended its range from other Moultrie cameras in the past. It not only flashes farther but lights up the ground, surrounding objects, and animals better than I have ever seen and has amazing clarity. The New M-80 camera runs on 4-8 AA batteries which has taken battery life to the extreme with up to a year battery life!! Another new great feature of the camera is the plot mode. This mode will allow you to set the camera up on an area that you can see a long distance in, such as a food plot or field, and will take a picture without movement at a desired time interval. This will allow you to see animals coming and going at a distance that you would not be able to pick up on a regular game camera that just triggers by movement. Not only will it do regular movement camera mode and plot camera, you can set it to do both at the same time!! This feature will allow you to conserve battery life and still use plot camera to your advantage. You will be able to hit the times of greater movement such as dusk and dawn with the plot mode, and have a regular trigger camera mid day and night. This is a great camera with awesome battery life, flash, size, features and durability at an incredible price!! There will be several of these little guys in my arsenal of scouting tools for deer season.

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Time: Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It looks great, I hope they will be available in my area soon

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